Chapter 242: Sixty Percent Mastery

“This is the first move.” Mu Tantian turned into a blue cloud of smoke. The blue smoke made it seem as if his body has dispersed.

Feng Feiyun’s blade only slashed the cloud and couldn’t hit Mu Tantian. His body was fast like an illusion and couldn’t be grasped.

“Ba!” The blue smoke condensed and formed into Mu Tantian. He was seventy meters directly in front of Feng Feiyun.

“Second move, my turn.” Eighteen grand meridians emerged from Mu Tantian’s hands. His legs had thirty-six meridians while his body and had seventy-two.

It was a total of one hundred and forty-four meridians. He had forty-five more than Dongfang Mu’s ninety-nine. This was a gap of several times in cultivation.

“Boom!” His body dispersed into a cloud again. A powerful palm from the cloud slowly reached out and engulfed Feng Feiyun.

He used all of his strength without holding back for this strike. In other words, he was going all out for these ten moves. If Feng Feiyun were to die to him, then Feng Feiyun could only blame himself for being too weak.

This was the competition between the youths. Sometimes there were battles of life and death where the older generation would not appear to interfere. People who didn’t experience a near-death battle couldn’t embark on the road to become a real master.

Feng Feiyun held his blade and felt the pressure. His scalp was tingling with pain from the pressure of this attack; it was as if his head was about to be crushed.

Mu Tantian truly had the power to defeat Dongfang Mu within three moves.

With one hand grasping his blade, he pointed at the sky with one finger and channeled the wood energy from the forests and mountains to form the Verdant Wood Art.

The vegetation within a radius of several thousand meters instantly withered. Some trees were cracking as if they were being sucked dry.


A green ray with the diameter of a rice bowl shot out from Feng Feiyun’s finger and penetrated the gigantic blue palm. As the palm came closer, Feng Feiyun used his stone saber to make his way through the hole and rushed into the blue clouds.

Feng Feiyun unleashed three blades in the blink of an eye. All of them had the image of a dragon with a million pounds of force. Such a crazy attack could even massacre a Martial Army with one hundred thousand troops.

The blue clouds floated higher and higher. The two figures exchanged blows while shifting their vertical height continuously. While watching outside, one could see a figure with a stone saber dancing like a windmill.

“Crash!” The earth quaked nonstop. Eventually, there was a crack with a handbreadth width that ran for several thousand meters.

Another mountain seemed to be collapsing completely.

“Boom! Boom!” Two thunderous explosions resounded in the sky, causing eardrums to ache. The two figures finally came out from the blue clouds and landed in the forest.

Feng Feiyun still had his stone saber with a surging white ray on its edge. His hairband had been cut so his hair was disheveled. His eyes were crimson, showing off his great battle intent.

Blood was dripping from three slits on his arm. One of his fingers almost broke as well. The golden blood flowed down from the wounds to his fingers before dripping to the ground.

In just seven breaths, he unleashed a total of 210 slashes. Even the Immortal Phoenix Physique couldn’t withstand the strain, so many of his blood vessels were ruptured.

Feng Feiyun was not only practicing his saber technique, he was also condensing the blood vessels in his body. He wanted to undergo a blood transformation for the fourth time, allowing his physique to reach the origin level.

Stopping all of Feng Feiyun’s slashes in such a short period left Mu Tantian injured despite his great cultivation. There was a cut on his neck, leaving behind a faint bloodstain. The slash nearly cut his head off completely.

‘The guy is insane!’ Mu Tantian was still horrified. In the exchange earlier, he felt Feng Feiyun was going crazy. Although his cultivation was more than just one level higher than Feng Feiyun’s, he felt greatly pressured.

“That’s nine moves, one left.” Mu Tantian touched his neck with his finger. A blue light emanated from it and the bloodstain disappeared.

“One last move.” Feng Feiyun’s arm was still bleeding.

“This will be my strongest attack. If you survive, then you will pass the first trial.” Mu Tantian really liked Feng Feiyun’s cruel spirit and felt that he was deserving of being the Divine King’s successor. Nevertheless, he would still attack with all of his strength, leaving no room for mercy.

“Ding—ding—ding!” He summoned his Sky Jewel Bell. The stone bell around the size of a fist grew nine meters tall. The opening of the bell had a diameter of seven meters so anyone who stood below it seemed very small in comparison.

The power of the Spirit Treasure surged out from the bell. An ethereal image of the bell towered for ninety meters and kept on spinning as if it was sucking one’s soul away. It occupied half of the sky.

Compared to this image, people were ants that could easily be crushed into dust.

This was the real power of the Sky Jewel Bell. Earlier, Bi Ningshuai didn’t exert even ten percent of its power.

If he said he wanted to use a full powered attack, he needed to summon his Spirit Treasure.

Feng Feiyun knew the terrorizing power of these treasures more than anyone. His feet were pushed down to the ground by its pressure as if there was a mountain placed on his back. It was truly frightening.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Feng Feiyun’s stone saber began to move with increasing speed. The saber’s image completely covered his body and turned into a saber domain.

Ten slashes, twenty, thirty… one hundred slashes!

These draconic waves wrapped his body like a gigantic cocoon or a great spinning top rotating at an impressive speed.

The debris on the ground was all blown away, flattening the ground. The entire floor slowly sank!

The bell was approaching with its great power. It was being controlled by a grand achievement God Base so this power loomed over the entire area.

Ten scars immediately surfaced on the earth. One could easily see its power. A different grand achievement God Base cultivator’s body would explode from this suppression.

The bell and the one hundred dragon-shaped waves slammed into each other like a giant grind mill in the middle of the heaven and earth. The victims were the inhabitants of the world. If stuck inside, they would be reduced to bloody smithereens.

“Bam!” The saber domain was losing its form from the pressure. The one hundred draconic slashes began to shatter. The bell came crashing down on Feng Feiyun, aiming to grind him down.

“Dragon King’s Saber Art, sixty percent mastery!” A white heavenly slash came out from the ongoing saber energy. It slashed through the gigantic bell image and directly cut the real body of the Sky Jewel Bell.

“Boom!” This was a direct collision of two weapons made out of stone!

The Sky Jewel Bell was removed from the bottom of an ancient and large river. Rumor has it that it used to be a river-calming boulder that had suppressed this river for several thousand years.

The Mu Clan’s wise sages refined it for a thousand years before turning it into the Sky Jewel Bell.

The reason why it had this name was because the initial boulder had the ancient words “Sky Jewel” carved on it. It didn’t erode even after being washed by the river current for several thousand years.

Despite being refined into its bell shape, these words were still faintly visible on the bell’s body.

The stone saber also had an incredible origin. It came from the Immeasurable Tower. The mysteries of this tower were comparable to the eight Timeworn Ruins of the Jin Dynasty.

“Rumble!” The bell quaked hard and emitted more ringing sounds. Eventually, it flew back into Mu Tantian’s hand.

He was shuddering a bit from fear: “Just a bit of time and his enlightenment of the saber arc increased by one level to reach sixty percent mastery.”

The ground was oozing out blue smoke. Some locations were flattened completely with craters all around.

Feng Feiyun was covered in water vapor. He climbed out from a pitch-black pit with blood on his arms. He firmly spoke while holding his saber: “Ten moves!”

He was able to stop a Spirit Treasure while not having one of his own. Mu Tantian had a hard time accepting this. He could even kill a few grand achievement God Bases with this one move, but he failed to subdue this peak God Base cultivator after ten exchanges. On the contrary, the guy became even stronger in the face of adversity.

“You have passed the first trial!” He paused for a moment and bitterly said: “I apologize.”

For a proud heaven-defying genius, uttering the word “apologize” was nearly as difficult as kneeling.

“Don’t stand in my way next time.” Feng Feiyun glared at him before going back for Nangong Hongyan. He had made a promise with her so he must fulfill it no matter what.

Blood was still dripping from his arms, but he had no time for that. He simply wanted to go back right now.

“Swoosh!” A different figure descended in front of him and blocked his path.

Mu Yuedi held a treasure tree in her hand and stood with a straight posture while calmly declaring: “Second trial!”

Feng Feiyun didn’t stop. He continued forward while sliding his saber on the ground.

Mu Yuedi watched him coming closer step by step. A momentum from the earth erupted like five steep mountains giving him their blessings. This slow yet mighty approach made her want to retreat, but that was not an option.

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