Chapter 241: Five Trials

Someone set up a trap and brought in three experts of the grand achievement God Base level — Mu Tantian, Mu Yuedi, and Bi Ningshuai — just to deal with Feng Feiyun.

Causing such a big commotion in the Wanxiang Pagoda without alerting the enforcement disciples was too illogical. It seemed like the person who planned all of this had an extraordinary position.

The truth was that Feng Feiyun’s real sense of crisis came from a dangerous aura that was undetectable ever since this whole chase began. For someone with a powerful spiritual sense and soul like him, this was very abnormal. A great wisdom master must be performing a forbidden law to secretly seal his five senses.

“Princess, my work is finished, may I leave now?” Scholar Heaven Calculating was standing on top of a great peak while holding a white-feathered fan. He instantly recalled a “Heaven Sealing Diagram” hiding deep in the sky.

The diagram rolled up into a bronze scroll and flew back to hang behind his back.

Four half-dragons were pulling the imperial carriage closer from the moon in the horizon. The eight inner-court experts that resembled celestial soldiers followed along right after it. This carriage emitted heavy noises due to it being a seven meter long bronze carriage traveling in the air. Draconic runes and golden scales were floating around it.

“Without the Heaven Sealing Diagram, this wouldn’t have tricked Feng Feiyun who has trained in the Grave Palace Treasure Record. We wouldn’t have been able to lead him into the trap. You are worthy of your title, Scholar Heaven Calculating.” Princess Luofu didn’t leave the carriage as she calmly spoke; her voice still traveled to the scholar who was far away.

“Feng Feiyun cultivates the Grand Change Art, one of the eight great arts. The moment he finishes training all five elements and combines them into the Minor Change Art, his spiritual sense would rise to a horrifying level. Even the Heaven Sealing Diagram won’t be able to suppress him at that time!” The scholar had a very elegant and refined atmosphere to him, one that resembled a wise sage during their youth.

The princess asked: “Is Feng Feiyun at the level of a Grand Historical Genius yet?”

The scholar vaguely replied: “A Grand Historical Genius might not come out each generation. They are real heroes with the power to make a great impact. If this wasn’t during a new reincarnation cycle, then there would be no way for the Godly Jin Dynasty to produce nine geniuses of this level; this is ten times more than other generations.”

With the addition of the Little Demoness, the Jin Dynasty had nine Grand Historical Geniuses at this moment.

Although he didn’t directly answer her question, she understood his implication. The clever did not need to speak explicitly.

The scholar looked at the sky full of stars and continued: “However, the heavenly images in the sky had been changing with stars going straight down, resulting in a ‘dragons devouring the sky while the Supreme protects’ phenomenon. If the heavenly images change, the earthly images will do so as well in the future not far from now. Perhaps three years, perhaps ten, or it might even be tomorrow when a generation of turmoil ushers forth. Those who are lacking only a little bit could seize this chance to reach the Grand Historical level. Or maybe, new geniuses will come out altogether.” The scholar gazed at the sky as if he could see through all the truths and lies of the world.

He reached out with one hand and a starry light fell into his palm. In high spirits, his body turned into a beautiful arc and flew into the horizon before disappearing into the darkness.


Feng Feiyun was holding the three True Mysterious Spirit Stones as if they were three burning hot potatoes. He couldn’t retort this time at all. Why did this shameless thief have to be so good at framing people?

“Feng Feiyun, we came tonight to catch a thief like you. You damned audacious thief, you actually dared to steal the Sky Jewel Bell and three mysterious stones from Young Noble Mu, you are really asking for a beating!” Bi Ningshuai cockily declared with an expression full of righteousness.

“I have millions of riches that rivals a whole nation, do you think I need to steal?” Feng Feiyun directly put away the three stones back into his pocket. ‘Motherfucker, since they were already in my pocket, there’s no point in giving them back.’ [1. The rich part is two idioms, not to be taken literally. They are just saying he’s really rich.]

Being framed is bad luck, but being framed without gaining any benefits would be the worst.

‘Such shameless, thick skin!’ Bi Ningshuai stared at Feng Feiyun who was putting away the stones and quietly assessed him once more.

He thought he was the only one who was shameless, he didn’t expect for Feng Feiyun’s face to be so thick as well.

Mu Tantian spoke: “Feng Feiyun, we are here because of orders, so we have to carry them out. If you can handle ten of my moves, then you will pass my trial.”

“If you can withstand ten of my moves, then you will pass the second trial.” Mu Yuedi declared as well while holding a treasure tree in her hand. Despite being a woman, her battle intent was matchless; she was full of confidence like a rainbow that pierced through the nine heavens.

Bi Ningshuai had done his job so he felt quite relaxed. He stood in the distance and smiled: “There are five trials tonight. If you can’t surpass all of them before dawn, then this Infinite Spirit Ring will change its name to Bi from now on.”

“And what if I pass all of them?” Feng Feiyun grimaced. He sensed a strange atmosphere; it seemed that the opponent didn’t actually want to kill him.

“Hehe! Today, only well-known characters on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List are coming. Each trial is quite arduous and dangerous. Even if you can get past the first four, you will definitely not make it through the fifth.” Bi Ningshuai spat out a light from his mouth. The ring flew out from inside and into his hand. He juggled it in the air and smiled: “Only two more hours until the sun rises. Hehe, I’ll go drink some wine with the prettiest girl in the world while you take your time with these trials!”

Bi Ningshuai immediately ran back the other way. He knew that the prettiest woman, Nangong Hongyan, was still in the carriage from before. Because he had to steal the ring earlier, he didn’t get the chance to see just how pretty she was. Naturally, he couldn’t miss this good opportunity.

There were only two hours left! [1. This part seems silly because it makes more sense to say one hour, but Chinese imperial system uses a 12-hour clock. So the raw is actually one hour, but I have to convert it to two hours in English.]

“Get back here!” Feng Feiyun unleashed a palm with seven powerful and gallant qilins as large as mountains.

“Your opponent is me!” Mu Tantian soared into the sky and also unleashed seven qilins worth of force.

“Rumble!” The impact caused both sides to shatter in the sky. Bi Ningshuai used this time to leap past a pavilion and turned around to make a face at Feng Feiyun as if he was saying: ‘Your daddy is going to have some fun with the prettiest girl in the world, you should just obediently fight your way through. As long as you make it and the princess is satisfied, then her royal highness will warm your bed for you.’

‘I am only doing you a favor right now to spare you from further misery. With a princess as your lover, who would still want to play with a courtesan? If Her Highness finds out you are all lovey-dovey with a courtesan, then you won’t be able to keep your life.’

Bi Ningshuai felt that he was a good guy doing Feng Feiyun a huge favor. This was his sacrifice to help out Feng Feiyun. It was a virtuous deed for endless karma.

‘Just let me deal with the number one beauty in this world, she is only a source of trouble anyway.’ Bi Ningshuai couldn’t wait any longer. He wiped the saliva from the corners of his lips and quickly galloped away.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes became heavy. He took out his huge stone saber and readied himself for battle. A thick murderous aura came out from his body, causing his eyes to turn a bit red. He unleashed a slash right away.

The saber energy took physical form and flew out for a hundred miles. It struck Bi Ningshuai’s butt. His loose pants were immediately cut off, leaving behind only his underwear as well as blood that dripped down.

“Feng Feiyun, you wicked motherfucker, you almost cut off my baby… I’m gonna go tell Nangong Hongyan that because you want to join the imperial family and become the emperor’s son-in-law, you are courting the princess instead and have abandoned her…” Bi Ningshuai’s voice became quieter and eventually became part of the wind. He was completely gone.

“Feng Feiyun, you don’t need to worry about Miss Hongyan. Bi Ningshuai has a fiancee with a great background. Even if you don’t castrate him, his fiancee will do so if he dares to touch another woman.” Mu Tantian noticed that there was something off about Feng Feiyun’s expression. The thick murderous aura left even a battle-hardened person like him in fear.

If Feng Feiyun’s demonic blood was to awaken, then who would come and take responsibility?

“If you keep on blocking my way, don’t blame me for no longer being reserved!” Feng Feiyun sternly glared at him.

Mu Tantian smiled and said: “Ranked 76th on the Hundreds List, grand achievement God Base! If you can withstand ten moves, I will give way to you.”

Although it seemed that Feng Feiyun was furious and had lost his mind, he was very calm at this moment and his thoughts were quite clear. Perhaps the demonic blood was still affecting his mood despite his efforts to restrain it.

No wonder why Mu Tantian was so confident and wanted to defeat Feng Feiyun within ten moves. He was actually 76th on the list, far stronger than Dongfang Mu! Moreover, he had a Spirit Treasure as well, the “Sky Jewel Bell”, while Feng Feiyun’s own was stolen by Bi Ningshuai. This meant that Feng Feiyun was at a complete disadvantage.

“I’ve seen your battle with Dongfang Mu. Your talents are above his, but the difference in cultivation was too high. Without taking out your Spirit Treasure, you didn’t even have a thirty percent chance of beating him.” Mu Tantian smiled: “Dongfang Mu has fought me before and lost within three moves when I wasn’t even using my Spirit Treasure.”

“You blabber too much!” Spirit energy was frantically pouring out from Feng Feiyun’s body and filled the entire stone saber. With one leap, he rushed forward more than seventy meters as his boiling murderous intent was sent forth. He chopped down with all his might.

The force of this slash wouldn’t be less than one million pounds!

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