Chapter 240: Undetectable Grasp

This black-faced Bi Ningshuai’s escape speed was as fast as a wild rabbit. Even Feng Feiyun, who was very confident in his speed, had trouble keeping up.

However, the gap became smaller and smaller. The initial hundred miles became seven or eight. In a short moment, he drew even closer.

Feng Feiyun lifted his finger and condensed a wooden essence from the forest into a green sword ray more than thirty meters long and unleashed it.

“Verdant Wood Art!” The five elements had five corresponding colors: water with black, fire with red, wood with green. [1. Don’t ask me why water isn’t blue.]

“Mommy, it's an attempted murder!” Bi Ningshuai took out a violet jade badge and countered the attack. This badge was a decent treasure with a formation carved on it. It was several times more valuable than an ordinary treasure and could be sold for several thousand gold coins. [2. Clarification is needed here. “Treasure” here is one level lower than spirit treasures.]

“Boom!” The Verdant Wood Art shattered this badge into six pieces that fell to the ground.

Bi Ningshuai used this chance to slip further away while continuing to shout for help.

Feng Feiyun smirked and pointed at him again. A peerless sword slashed through the air, causing the wind to howl.

“Spirit of the heavens, spirit of the earth! Myriad Sword Shadows, heed my call!” Bi Ningshuai had no choice but to summon a sword formation with eight ancient swords in total. Each of them was only as long as a hand, all of which were being carried on his back. After being summoned, eight streams of light suddenly rushed out.

The eight swords turned into a circular formation and soared from the ground to meet this next Verdant Wood Art.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Feng Feiyun, who was right behind him, pointed his finger seven times and rendered the eight ancient swords into dust.

“Not bad. That’s a lot of treasures, did you steal them all?” Feng Feiyun was quite surprised; this black-faced man was extraordinary. His cultivation was not bad, contrary to his behavior.

Even though Feng Feiyun seemed to have easily defeated these treasures, he actually had to use all of his strength.

A normal grand achievement God Base would not necessarily be able to stop one of Feng Feiyun’s Verdant Wood Arts.

“Ahem, I am always honest and have never done something like stealing before. I am just a romantic scholar of the Technique Tower.” Bi Ningshuai responded with a face full of righteousness. He didn’t blush at all. Of course, he couldn’t blush even if he wanted to with his black face.

“Hand the Infinite Spirit Ring over right now!” Feng Feiyun was now very annoyed.

“I didn’t take it, you can check if you want!” Bi Ningshuai freely said while standing on a hill.

“I’ll come take it then!” Feng Feiyun used this time to catch up. With the stone saber in hand, he unleashed an energy wave in the form of a dragon.

Dragon King’s First Slash!

A white ray emerged with the edge slashing through the ground.

“Fuck, this is how you want to take it back? Motherfucker, you are trying to take my life if anything!” Bi Ningshuai threw down a stone bell. It spun in the air and emitted ringing noises.

Meanwhile, he spewed out a red cloud from his mouth. The bell that was only as big as a fist continuously grew larger. Ancient dao runes on it began to flow as it turned into a three-meter tall bell. The name of this treasure was the Sky Jewel Bell.

Bi Ningshuai squatted down and hid beneath this Sky Jewel Bell before Feng Feiyun’s slash reached him.

“Clank!” The sound of stone and metal colliding resounded. A rippling wave from the saber’s edge and the Bell pierced the sky. It then traveled three hundred miles, causing even the ground to slightly tremble.

This huge bell was pushed into the ground by Feng Feiyun, leaving behind a huge hole. It seemed like a large well with yellow smoke seeping outward.

Feng Feiyun removed this 9,000 pound bell from the ground. Without the spirit cloud’s empowerment, it became the size of a fist again, yet it still weighed the same as before.

It was completely unscathed even after receiving a direct hit from the stone saber.

“Where is he?”

The hole was more than ten meters deep. It was visible, but there was nothing below, not a single trace of Bi Ningshuai.

Was this guy a mouse? Even four more grand achievement God Base cultivators wouldn’t necessarily able to catch him.

With one hand holding the saber while the other grasping the Sky Jewel Bell, Feng Feiyun activated the Verdant Wood Art again. His divine intents entered the wooden essences in the mountain. His five senses sharpened and his thoughts became even clearer.

This art was not only capable of finding treasures, it could also find people.

“Seven miles away already?” Feng Feiyun didn’t waste time thinking. He turned into a white shadow and crossed the landscape to give chase with haste.

The Infinite Spirit Ring was definitely not just a first-rank spirit treasure. The seven ancient diagrams must have a great connection to the Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel. Otherwise, the Dragon-Horse Diagram wouldn’t have come off of the ring to be imprinted on the vessel.

He absolutely couldn’t lose it. This was a part of a holy treasure. If enough spirits and souls could be put into it, its power would far exceed an ordinary spirit treasure.

“Shit, he’s catching up again.” Bi Ningshuai felt a chill behind his butt. Feng Feiyun was less than a hundred meters from him. He could even see Feng Feiyun’s dark smile; it sent a chill straight into his heart.

“Boom! Boom!” Two powerful strikes came from the left and right. Both contained the force of seven qilins.

These qilin images almost took physical shape. Each of them was as big as a small hill with a power that equated to 640,000 pounds.

Mu Tantian and Mu Yuedi both attacked at the same time from two different directions.

‘Not good!’ Feng Feiyun’s heart skipped a beat. He knew that he had fallen into an elaborate trap. It had been arranged in advance, they were just waiting for him to bite.

‘Starting with the black-faced youth stealing the ring, I have already stepped into the trap. Just who was scheming against me? Was it because I became the Divine King’s successor? Some felt uneasy because of this so they want to get rid of me?’ Feng Feiyun didn’t have time to think nor enough time to unleash a dragon slash. A feeling of suffocation rose, and even his skin felt a stabbing pain.

Fourteen qilins came crashing down on him like an army marching into battle. Tremors appeared on the ground.

Feng Feiyun directly rushed to the right with a dragon-like leap, then he used his stone saber to pave the way.

“Bam!” After slamming directly into the first qilin and accepting the damage, he unleashed six successive slashes to render the other six qilins into smoke.

He stabilized his stance right afterward and quickly punched to release a force of seven qilins towards the other seven. Both sides crashed together and turned into a thick puff of smoke.

“Feng Feiyun, we have been waiting for a long time.” Mu Tantian gently waved his right hand as eighteen spirit vortexes appeared. These were his main meridians; they were capable of channeling divine intents to perform techniques.

The stone bell that was on Feng Feiyun’s waist was activated by Mu Tantian’s divine intent. It violently shook before flying back into Mu Tantian’s hand.

The Sky Jewel Bell had been lost for so long, but now, it was back in his possession, causing him to tremble with excitement. This was a spirit treasure. If he truly lost it, then he would be severely punished by his clan and would miss out on a chance to become the clan master.

Mu Yuedi also came closer from the other side while holding a crimson root in her hand. There were four wisps of light floating around her as she blocked Feng Feiyun’s retreat.

“Sigh. My god, the two of you finally came out. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to hold onto this life!” Bi Ningshuai dropped his butt to the ground and kept wiping the sweat off his forehead. He was in a lot of pain after wasting several precious treasures from being chased by Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun stood there and slowly calmed down. Although he was surrounded by three grand achievement God Bases, he still calmly spoke: “So you two are in cahoots with that thief.”

“My ass, who is together with him!” Mu Tantian grunted. He was very angry at Bi Ningshuai. So it was him who stole the Bell! He had searched his body before but couldn’t find anything.

If Feng Feiyun didn’t force him to use the Bell to protect his life, maybe the Mu Clan’s defining treasure would have to change owners to Bi Ningshuai. This guy truly had bottomless greed and a black heart. The other three Mysterious Spirit Stones must have been stolen by him too.

Mu Tantian gritted his teeth. If it wasn’t for the princess’ order, he simply didn’t want to attack Feng Feiyun and would rather teach this bastard with sticky fingers a lesson.

Bi Ningshuai noticed Mu Tantian’s unfriendly gaze and immediately became unhappy: “What are you glaring at me for? I’m not a thief, the bell was clearly on Feng Feiyun’s body. He is the thief! If you don’t believe me, then take a look for yourself. Your three pieces of stones are also in his right shirt pocket.” He angrily spoke with an aggrieved expression.

Feng Feiyun was surprised. He touched his right pocket and actually pulled out three white spirit stones. Who knew when the guy put them in there? Feng Feiyun failed to notice it completely!

Bi Ningshuai was indeed amazing. He actually managed to escape Feng Feiyun’s great spiritual sense that was ninety times greater than an ordinary person.

If he could steal a spirit treasure without being detected, then placing three stones into Feng Feiyun’s pocket was child's play.

“Fuck!” Feng Feiyun felt like cursing. He had always been the schemer, but today, he was the victim to this on two different occasions.

‘Wait until I combine all five elements to cultivate the Minor Change Art. We’ll play again to see who’ll come out on top!’ The five elements would form a Minor Change Art. This would allow one to extract metals up to one hundred meters down via telekinesis. This wouldn't be lesser than Bi Ningshuai’s “undetectable grasp”.

Feng Feiyun was only missing the “Platinum Metal Art” and “Yellow Earth Art”. Once he gains the Minor Change Art, he would definitely scheme against this black-faced guy with an even darker heart to get revenge for today.

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