Chapter 239: A Black Face With An Even Darker Heart

This scene was truly shocking. It was just like when Feng Feiyun saw Young Noble Flawless back in the coffin. However, the young noble was still alive while Beiming Tang couldn’t be any deader.

Feng Feiyun’s stomach churned and he felt some acid in his throat.

The person’s eyes were gouged out completely. His tongue was severed while his eardrums had nails pierced through them. His nose was smashed and his heart was dug out as well; it was lying on the ground with blood and pus oozing from it. This brutal method of murder couldn’t be done by the average person.

He definitely suffered before death. Feng Feiyun could see that his muscles and veins were tense. This type of pain was even worse than being flayed alive.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…” Nangong Hongyan was quivering and hiding in the corner. Her pure white dress was stained with blood. It was clear that when Beiming Tang was being tortured, she was standing to the side. The blood splashing on her body gave her quite a scare.

“Hongyan, Hongyan, it’s me, Feng Feiyun.” Feng Feiyun felt sorry as well. This was a visceral experience since he was infected by her emotions.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…” She tightly closed her eyes while her long eyelashes trembled as she kept on shaking her head.

“I’m Feng Feiyun, who killed Beiming Tang?” He crouched down next to her and gently touched her shoulder in order to calm her down. Her soft body quivered as she wailed pitifully.

The tears flowing out of the corners of her eyes were like raindrops, accentuating her pitiful and weak appearance.

“Young Noble Feng, you are finally here. I’m so scared…” She opened her beautiful, watery eyes. Her fragile and soft body rushed into Feng Feiyun’s embrace, hugging him tightly just like someone drowning trying to grasp onto a life-saving straw.

“I’m scared… I was really afraid that he would kill me… That cruel monster, the way he kills… Wahh…” She hugged him tightly and buried her head into his strong chest, still trembling like before. Her words were incoherent due to the nightmarish experience. Her mind couldn’t erase the brutal images.

In both of his lives, this was the second time a girl took the initiative to jump into his arms. The first was Shui Yueting. Back then when she hugged him, he felt his heart beating for the first time and was at a loss.

Now, when Nangong Hongyan hugged him as well, his heart accelerated once more; he became lost again.

“I assure you, as long as I am here, no one in this world will dare to touch a single hair of yours or else they shall die.” Feng Feiyun hesitated for a moment before reaching out to gently embraced her with one hand placed on her head.

Nangong Hongyan’s tears could melt the toughest glacier in this world. Before her teary eyes, even the most ruthless butcher would drop his knife.

Even a man who hated women would change because of her.

“I’m still afraid, men normally just lie to fool women…” She nestled in his embrace just like a meet kitten. As time passed, she stopped crying while rubbing her extremely pretty face on his chest. Her hands that resembled beautiful jade lotuses held him tightly as she softly spoke: “Do you dare to swear?”

Her enchanting voice penetrated his heart. Her arms as warm and gentle as flowing spring water was about to melt Feng Feiyun.

A different sweet figure appeared in his mind, but it was only a momentary flash. He answered: “If you believe the vow of a man, I…”

“I believe you!” She rested on his strong chest with her eyes closed. She felt an unprecedented sense of security while indecipherably murmuring to herself in a daze.

Feng Feiyun had never been so lost before, he had never felt this before since he didn’t know what he was afraid of. He felt a looming crisis gradually approaching, the feeling of dread before an inevitable disaster. He couldn’t see it or grasp it, but it was a tangible feeling that instilled a primal fear in him.

Feng Feiyun said: “I swear, as long as I am here, no one in this world will dare to touch a single hair of yours or else they shall die.”

“I’ll remember!” She was still resting with her eyes closed and quietly snuggled against him. It seemed that she had fallen asleep and was merely sleep talking.

The body hanging on the carriage’s wall was still dripping blood. One could hear the trickling of water, yet the other corner was quiet and beautiful. The two of them hugged and could hear each other’s heartbeats and breaths. This feeling… was truly magical.

Eventually, she woke up but still nestled in his embrace and gently spoke: “It was the master who killed Beiming Tang. I saw him being murdered and his blood dyed my eyes. I thought that I would be murdered as well. He only glared at me… When I looked into his eyes, I became really scared… really scared…”

More clear and shiny tears ran down her cheeks as she recalled the events.

“That was my guess.” This cruel practice was the same that happened to Young Noble Flawless. No one could be this vicious except the mysterious master.

Suddenly, Feng Feiyun grimaced. His ears slightly twitched; he could hear the air moving outside. Although it was very weak, it couldn't elude his hearing.

“Who?” Feng Feiyun comforted Nangong Hongyan then went out of the carriage to stare at the darkness.

“Swoosh!” A shadow fell from the sky to the top of the carriage. This was a person without a face. No, it was not that he didn’t have a face, it was because it was too black, just like the bottom of a kettle pot.

One really couldn’t see his face in the dark. Only when he smiled could one see his two rows of white teeth.

“Haha, Brother Feng, I’ve been looking for you for a while and finally found you.” Bi Ningshuai smilingly walked forward with his black face as if he had just come out of a coal mine. He had short and messy spiky hair. He acted without any reservation as if he was very familiar with Feng Feiyun. Unfortunately, it was difficult to compliment his smile despite his friendly effort.

“Who are you?” Feng Feiyun also smiled while being discreetly cautious.

“I am Bi Ningshuai, of course. The young romantic of the Technique Tower, number one on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List.” He was still laughing loudly while rubbing his palms — that were even darker than his face — together. He really thought that his laughter was quite amiable.

If it wasn’t for the princess’ threat, he would have ran long ago instead of coming here to mess with Feng Feiyun. After all, Dongfang Mu’s result was as clear as day for all to see.

At this minute, he could only persevere onward.

Feng Feiyun asked: “You are number one on the list?”

“Ahem, let me finish. The number one on the list once had a wonderful time together with me, hehe.” He naturally wouldn’t tell Feng Feiyun that he stole the millennium spirit flower that was grown by the number one expert of the list. He was chased for nine days and nine nights and ran frantically for more than 37,000 miles, almost losing his life in the process.

“Why are you here?” Feng Feiyun still felt that something was wrong with this black-faced young man’s eyes. He kept on looking at his Infinite Spirit Ring with the gaze of a villain that had just been released from prison, staring at a beautiful young woman.

“I, I… Master, please accept me!” Bi Ningshuai suddenly dropped on the ground and grabbed Feng Feiyun’s legs. He bawled with both tears and saliva running over Feng Feiyun’s thighs, then he sobbingly cried out: “Master Feng, I have been a big fan of you for a long time; you have been my role model and idol ever since. When I was still in my mother’s belly, I swore that when I grew up, I would be a heroic man like you. Taking care of people while walking with an indomitable heroism… We can work together to do bad things…”

“Ahem, Master, please take me in as your disciple and teach me your great demonic techniques.” He finished.

Feng Feiyun frowned exasperatedly. This bastard actually used his pants to wipe his tears away, causing a huge area to be wet. Feng Feiyun really wanted to kick this bastard flying.

Where did this guy crawl out from?

“I’m still not fifteen yet.” Feng Feiyun coughed and revealed the truth.

Bi Ningshuai stopped crying for a moment before wailing even louder than before, as if he was a pig being butchered: “Master Feng, please accept me and teach me your heaven-defying youth-restoration technique!”

Feng Feiyun was clenching his fist and ready to beat this guy up. The person was even more scoundrelly than him and quite difficult to deal with. Knocking him out with one punch was the best way to solve this problem.

Right when Feng Feiyun grinned and was about to do it, Bi Ningshuai who was bawling on the ground suddenly stopped as if nothing had happened. He patted the dirt on his clothes and said: “Brother Feng, may we meet again in the future. Goodbye for now.”

With that, he flew into the night curtain and disappeared.

He went from a moment of heart-wrenching cries to getting up and leaving right away.

His arrival was a mystery and his departure was even more baffling.

Feng Feiyun was puzzled. He looked at the dark night and wondered about the origin of the black-faced young man.

Suddenly, his expression quickly changed. The Infinite Spirit Ring on his thumb had disappeared all of a sudden. There was nothing on his thumb anymore.

It was a Spirit Treasure with a great connection to Feng Feiyun as master and servant. Even if a cultivator of the Giant level wanted to take the ring away from him, he should still have been able to feel it.

That black-faced young man must have stolen it earlier.

“Fuck!” Feng Feiyun loudly cursed. He took his stone saber and frantically gave chase into the dark night while channeling his divine intents to communicate with the ring.

As long as the ring was still within one thousand miles of him, he would be able to call it back at any time. However, there was not the slightest response from the ring. Someone had forcefully severed the connection and sealed the spirit inside the ring.

“Help! Help! It’s an attempted murder! The son of the demon has gone mad and wants to kill me now!” Bi Ningshuai was running while constantly crying for help as if Feng Feiyun wanted to rape him. He ran so fast that he left behind a trail of smoke.

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