Chapter 238: Mangled Flesh

The sky remained the same as before. In the night, a darkness shrouded the entire world as if even the everlasting time would never be able to change this truth.

Dongfang Mu’s spear had shattered and only a small section of it was left in his grasp. This was a top-level treasure, yet it was split into pieces by Feng Feiyun’s saber, reduced to scraps of metal.

“Already so powerful before reaching grand achievement God Base!” Dongfang Mu’s heart sank as he stood on the ground full of cracks. He threw the shattered spear to the ground.

“I am only using you to refine my blade!” Feng Feiyun was a hundred meters away from him. His momentum was still strong and the saber energy surrounded his body.

“Hmph! Don’t speak too soon. I’ll show you my Yin Gou Clan’s great technique, ‘Righteous Energy of the Dragon Lake’.” Dongfang Mu had never lost to someone with a lower cultivation than himself. Although his weapon was broken, his will to battle remained unperturbed.

Dragon Lake spans three thousand miles, the White Jade represents Yin Gou! [1. This is the phrase representing the Yin Gou Clan.]

Feng Feiyun had been wanting to see the righteous energy from the Yin Gou Clan since much earlier. He raised his stone saber again and took the initiative. Both his saber and his own body resembled a dragon.

Now, Dongfang Mu was wearing two iron claws ladened with scales. He reached out and a golden flash shot out from his body. The righteous energy echoed powerfully.

With this attack, a divine lake in the air easily shattered the saber energy in the form of a dragon that Feng Feiyun unleashed.

The second claw came quickly. The radiating golden lake came crashing down above Feng Feiyun’s head.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun slashed his saber downward after propelling himself into the air. One slash came out after another like the waves in a blue sea — the latter stronger than the former. They forced Dongfang Mu to continuously retreat.

“Dragon Lake’s Righteous Energy, level four!” Four golden waves of spirit energy shot out from Dongfang Mu and shattered the seventy-two dragon slashes.

Both the Dragon Lake’s Righteous Energy and Dragon King’s Saber Art carried a draconic affinity. One was righteous while the other tyrannical. The two of them caused dragon roars to echo across the sky. These two draconic energies continued to suppress and antagonize the other.

Feng Feiyun was immersed in training his saber technique earlier. His mastery of the first slash increased as his grasp on its essence grew.

Nangong Hongyan was standing on top of the carriage under the gentle moonlight. Even with her feeble body, her starry eyes could still see the thick clouds a hundred miles away as well as the golden righteous energy and white saber energy clashing in the air, creating frightening gusts of wind.

“Whoosh!” Beiming Tang suddenly appeared right behind her on top of the carriage. He had an excited glimmer in his eyes to the point where he was slightly shaking; he could smell her sweet fragrance that would make people go wild.

Just Nangong Hongyan standing there was more than enough to make his blood boil. A tremor emanated from his bones, forcing him to say: “Feng Feiyun is not worthy of you. Follow me, I will let you be the future mistress of the Beiming Clan.”

Beiming Tang didn’t ask for her permission before grasping the three strange yellow beasts’ reins. He controlled the carriage and flew towards the north under the bright moonlight.


Dongfang Mu started cultivating the Dragon Lake’s Righteous Energy from an early age. After thirty years of training, he had reached the fourth level of the technique. This was not something a person who had only trained in the saber art for two months like Feng Feiyun could compare to.

“Rumble!” The golden righteous energy shattered the clouds. He unleashed another fist, creating a huge fist-formed shadow as large as a room.

“Saber training is over!” Feng Feiyun suddenly withdrew his saber and glanced over at the carriage in the north. A murderous intent flashed in his eyes: “To actually dare to rob someone right in front of me... Beiming Tang, you court death!”

He threw down the huge stone saber and pinned it in the ground, making it look like a stone tablet.

He landed on the shaft and summoned the Infinite Spirit Ring. The power of the Spirit Treasure was instantly channeled. Six ancient images flew out from the ring with their great suppressive pressures. [2. “Dragon-Horse Mountain and River Diagram”, “Eight Trigrams Mysterious Language”, “Four Yang Ancient Cauldron”, “Netherworld Spirit Pagoda”, “Heavenly Flying King”, “Hundred Ghosts Banquet”, and “Ten Thousand Lights”.]

His cultivation was countless times higher after reaching the seventh floor of the Immeasurable Tower. Thus, his ability to use the Spirit Treasure’s power doubled as well.

The ring attacked and shattered the huge golden fist in the sky then pierced through Dongfang Mu’s righteous energy.

Dongfang Mu felt an overwhelming force strike his body as well as his chest. The blood inside his body seemed to be oozing out from his skin.

“Pluff!” The epidermis of his chest was torn apart as blood gushed out and splattered all over the ground. Dongfang Mu retreated seven steps back and eventually came to a stop with one knee on the ground. His hands were supporting his body.

The power of the Spirit Treasure was unstoppable. If he wasn’t at grand achievement God Base, then he wouldn’t have been able to stop it; he would have wallowed in regret in the afterlife.

“I have no time to play with you!” Feng Feiyun recalled his ring and carried his saber to pursue to the north. He stomped on the ground once and traveled three hundred meters instantly.

He was unsuccessful in killing Beiming Tang several times already. Now, this person dared to touch Nangong Hongyan. Today, he must kill him; no one will be able to protect him!

“Feng Feiyun, we’re not finished here!” As blood continued to drip from his body, a thick red smoke engulfed his body. Then, an endless golden light shot out from his flesh, creating a blinding domain.

“Dragon Lake’s Righteous Energy, fifth level!” Dongfang Mu gritted his teeth and unleashed another claw into the sky. This attack resembled a huge golden cloud that directly went towards Feng Feiyun.

He paid a huge price for using a forbidden technique. He crushed his own potential in order to unleash an attack of the fifth level.

Feng Feiyun looked up at the sky and noticed that the entire firmament seemed to have gained a golden hue. With continuous explosions, he saw a huge golden claw more than one hundred meters wide coming down straight for him.

“Fool, this is all the fifth level of the righteous energy can do?” The Infinite Spirit Ring flew out again and spun with haste. It caused all the wind in the vicinity to twist and turn into a huge black tornado with a ten-meter diameter to attack the golden claw.

“Pluff!” Dongfang Mu spat out a mouthful of blood. His body trembled like crazy and his eyes were wide open. He didn’t choose to back down and instead attacked even more ferociously.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Feng Feiyun’s body shifted and formed seven after-images. He quickly returned from three hundred meters away and slashed his saber down on Dongfang Mu’s shoulder. The cut spanned all the way from his shoulder to his chest. A fatal amount of blood splashed out from the wound as he fell to the ground.

Dongfang Mu’s body actually had an engraved cinnabar formation to block Feng Feiyun’s slash. Otherwise, that slash would have split him into halves.

Most heaven-defying geniuses from the great clans would be engraved with a cinnabar formation on their body by using blood from an expert of the Heaven’s Mandate level. This would accompany them for the rest of their lives to protect them before they were mature.

“Out of consideration for an old friend from your Yin Gou Clan, I’ll spare your life today. Since you said the loser would have to kneel for three days, kneel for me!”

Feng Feiyun lifted his saber then slammed it into Dongfang Mu’s thighs, causing his legs to bend before knocking him away. He ended it by slamming Dongfang Mu’s head down to the ground.

“Bam!” Dongfang Mu’s legs were one foot deep in the mud. His knees were shattered so could only prostrate on the ground.

He gritted his teeth and wanted to stand up again, but he was suppressed by a dark array and couldn’t move at all.

“Feng Feiyun, you actually dare to force a disciple from the four great clans to kneel? You have done it now! Our great clans’ disciples can be killed but not humiliated like this!” There was endless humiliation in Dongfang Mu’s heart as he let out a scream full of resentment.

“Really?” Feng Feiyun turned around then added another formation with the weight of 100,000 pounds on top of Dongfang Mu’s head. Now, he didn’t even have the strength to lift his head.

“Then go invite an expert from your Yin Gou Clan to come teach me a lesson, I’m ready anytime!” Feng Feiyun didn’t care for the threat and retrieved his saber before giving chase to the north in a cool and decisive manner.

“Shit, I’m not playing this crap. Your Highness, I’m not doing this. That son of the demon clearly has a Spirit Treasure. Even Dongfang Mu with his fifth level righteous energy was forced to kneel. Woe betides anyone who fights that guy.” Bi Ningshuai wanted to escape even if this meant not giving the princess any face.

“If you don’t do it, I can only inform Li Xiaonan from the Sacred Spirit Palace. Don’t forget that he has always been looking for you. You can imagine what he will do after finding out that you are hiding at the Wanxiang Pagoda…” The princess leisurely responded from the imperial carriage.

“Please no! Please no! My aunt, please don’t do it! Everything is negotiable!” Bi Ningshuai, who had already ran far away, obediently came back after hearing this. If Li Xiaonan actually came to the pagoda, then he would have no way to escape.


This Beiming Tang’s sexual urge truly made him courageous; he actually kidnapped Nangong Hongyan!

Feng Feiyun quickly gave chase while his murderous intent only grew stronger. Nangong Hongyan didn’t know cultivation and was only a weak girl despite being the prettiest in this world.

Since she was now his woman, other people absolutely weren’t allowed to touch her.

After chasing for five hundred miles, he finally saw the carriage floating in the air. He leaped up from the ground and landed on the carriage before being assaulted by the stench of blood.

An uneasy feeling arose within him.

Blood was everywhere on the carriage. The scared Nangong Hongyan was hiding in a corner of the carriage while curling her body in fear as if she had just witnessed something truly horrifying. She closed her eyes completely while repeating to herself: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…”

Feng Feiyun entered the carriage and saw even more blood inside. There was a cold corpse nailed to the carriage wall. Both of its eyes were removed and its tongue severed. Its hands were pierced with two nails as warm blood was still flowing out.

Although half of this corpse’s face was smashed and mangled, Feng Feiyun could still recognize the person… Beiming Tang.

This was a miserable way to go. Blood covered his entire body, causing Feng Feiyun to feel creeped out as well.

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