Chapter 236: Princess’ Arrival

A man who says no to a woman was definitely not a good man, whether it was a proposition in bed or a desperate plea.

Not to mention that this was from the most beautiful woman in the world.

Feng Feiyun had some qualms against women, but he was also definitely a good man. At the very least, this was what he thought.

“Well, the mysterious master is a shared enemy, so even if you didn’t ask me, I would still end things with him sooner or later.” Feng Feiyun answered then began to cultivate again. He used his phoenix physique to suppress the poison in his body and condensed his blood to break through to the next stage.

Nangong Hongyan’s eyes were full of gratitude. A teardrop fell down like a delicate flower in the rain.

The three strange birds hauled the carriage across the sky towards the Martial Tower as if it belonged to an immortal.

“Boom!” Among the clouds in the sky, a huge yellow sword slashed down from above like a waterfall spilling down from the nine heavens.

Feng Feiyun opened his eyes and rushed out of the carriage. He raised his huge stone saber and also unleashed a vertical slash to break this endless sword energy.

The two forces collided, causing the carriage in the sky to fall sharply. All three birds cried out while a huge amount of feathers were blown off from their bodies.

“Who is in my way?” Feng Feiyun was standing on top of the carriage, saber in hand, with a proud stance while gazing into the faint sky.

Two figures came riding on their flying swords. They were Beiming Tang and Dongfang Mu.

“Feng Feiyun, you are only a fool abandoned by your clan with the wretched status of an insect. You are not qualified to have the number one beauty in the world.” Beiming Tang was standing on his sword with his Northern Profound Ice Armor activated, giving off a murderous aura.

Everyone wanted the prettiest girl in this world, but she had fallen into Feng Feiyun’s hands and became his woman. Naturally, there would be those who were unconvinced. This was even more unforgivable than him becoming the Divine King’s disciple.

Everything good had been taking by Feng Feiyun, so of course there would be people coming to cause trouble.

Feng Feiyun had the saber propped up on his shoulder as he leisurely laughed: “Haha, if I am not qualified, then how can someone who lost to me like you be qualified?”

Beiming Tang was relying on Dongfang Mu as his backer, so he dared to come here to mess with Feng Feiyun. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be challenging Feng Feiyun again even if he was ten times more courageous.

“Feng Feiyun, do you really think that you can do as you please with the Divine King as your backing? If you provoke the four great clans, even the Divine King would not be able to protect you!” Beiming Tang erupted.

“Is that so? But it seems to me that the one starting everything has been you?” Feng Feiyun’s eyes turned serious as he responded in a deep tone.

Dongfang Mu, who had been quiet the entire time, finally spoke: “Feng Feiyun, I don’t care about your feud with Beiming Tang, I just want to fight you right now. If you lose, Miss Hongyan will belong to me. If I lose, then I will kneel for three days as an apology.”

“Kneeling for three days!” Feng Feiyun raised his brows.

To a top level expert, nothing was more precious than one’s dignity. Proposing to kneel for three days showed just how confident Dongfang Mu was in himself.

“Do you dare to fight me?” Dongfang Mu opened all 99 meridians in his body. All the surrounding spirit energy rushed towards his location and into his body.

On the other hand, Feng Feiyun appeared to be much calmer. He shook his head and smiled: “No.”

“Are you so afraid to fight?” Dongfang Mu aggressively pressed on.

“There is nothing to gain from fighting you, what’s the point of watching you kneel?” Feng Feiyun was not that bored. If everyone wanted to use this method to fight him, then he wouldn’t be able to cultivate at all. There would be a line of challengers waiting for him each day. If this was the case, it would be strange if he didn’t die from fatigue.

“You’re going to fight even if you don’t want to!” With a black spear in hand, Dongfang Mu crossed the sky while riding a golden sword around nine feet long. An image of a black tiger towering at one hundred feet tall blotted out half the sky.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes narrowed. This Dongfang Mu was too overbearing!

On the other side of the sky, a law-enforcement officer adorned in silver armor while riding a silver bird flew by with his silver spear, shouting: “Fighting is prohibited in the Wanxiang Pagoda!”

Feng Feiyun smiled. This was the most favorable scenario for him; he didn’t have to waste his time and energy.

“Scram!” Dongfang Mu threw his black spear and pierced the silver bird the officer was riding. Blood ran along the entire spear.

“Just a little officer dares to interfere with a disciple from the four great clans? Courting death.” Dongfang Mu attacked without any hesitation and slashed down with his spear once more. It shattered the officer’s silver armor and blew him away.

The law-enforcement corp was made out of excellent disciples from the Wanxiang Pagoda. However, Dongfang Mu was even more powerful than them. He was ranked 92nd on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List. Just one move alone was enough to gravely injure the enforcer who just slammed into a mountain.

This was too badass, he even beat up someone from the corp! Feng Feiyun was admiring his boldness just a little.

“Feng Feiyun, I want to pierce through your body with my spear to show that you are not worthy of being the Divine King’s successor. You’re also definitely not worthy of having the number one beauty!” Dongfang Mu was determined at this time, no one could stop his will.

On one hand, he was a disciple from the four clans. His great status made it so that no one could stop him.

On the other hand, he became very bold due to Nangong Hongyan’s beauty. A cowardly man would only be viewed in disdain by a beauty.

“Worthy or not, it is not up to you to decide.” Feng Feiyun’s energy slowly came out as well. With someone provoking him to such an extent, if he didn’t rise to the challenge, he would be looked down upon by others.

With both hands gripping the stone saber, he lunged one hundred feet forward then slashed down with the momentum of his entire body. A white slash came out from the blade.

“Dragon King’s First Slash!” A white dragon soared forward with its fangs ready to sink into the black spear before it. Both sides were violently shaking. The black and white energies intertwined and covered the sky.

Dongfang Mu was indeed overbearing, but he had the strength to act this way. He was at grand achievement God Base with ninety-nine opened meridians in his body.

“Rumble!” Feng Feiyun swung his blade around. Countless dragon shadows flew out with their roars echoing across the sky. They gathered to form an entire horde.

Dongfang Mu also unleashed the top technique from the Yin Gou Clan. His black spear was like a heavenly black pillar that swept through all directions, intending to shatter the dragon shadows.

This was a great battle. Just the residual energy alone was enough to turn huge trees to into smithereens.

Under the moonlight, Nangong Hongyan came out from the carriage in her snow-white dress; her skin was even whiter than her dress. She watched the battle between the two. Her cute eyes were relaxed, making her seem like a goddess visiting the mortal world.

“Whew! Whew!” Two shadows rushed along the mountain peaks then stopped before reappearing on another mountain. Eventually, they both stood on top of two different mountains and looked at the ongoing battle in the distance.

“It is the Dragon King’s Saber Art.” Mu Tantian smirked.

“The son of the demon is actually cultivating this art. It seems like the Divine King truly wishes to train him to be the successor. No wonder why Princess Luofu can’t sit still.” Mu Yuedi also leisurely smiled.

Mu Tantian was male and Mu Yuedi was female. Both of them were top hundred geniuses on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List. After hearing the news about Feng Feiyun cultivating the saber art, both of them ended their closed cultivation sessions.

A disciple of the Divine King cultivating this saber art was vastly different compared to a disciple who was not; they were two entirely different concepts.

And it wasn’t just them, many others on the list also came out due to this matter. They would certainly come to find Feng Feiyun in a short amount of time.

“The first challenger is Dongfang Mu, ranked 92nd on the list. I wonder if he has reached the fifth level of the Dragon Lake Righteous Energy from the Yin Gou Clan yet?” Mu Yuedi wondered as she looked at the sky with a pair of eyes as cold as frost.

“I actually don’t want Feng Feiyun to lose to him, it would be too disappointing being the successor of the Divine King.” Mu Tantian smilingly responded.

“Rumble!” The night sky was restless as spirit energy surged like tidal waves. An imperial carriage rushed forward with eight grand achievement God Base cultivators on both sides for protection.

Eight Steps Dragon Carriage — this was Princess Luofu’s carriage. Outside of the eight experts, Shi Yelai, who was ranked 10th on the list, also came along.

Mu Tantian and Mu Yuedi glanced at each other then bowed their heads at the same time while respectfully saying: “Welcome, Princess Luofu.”

Both of them knew that the princess was definitely coming. After all, if Feng Feiyun was truly cultivating the Dragon King’s Saber Art, then he would be related to the imperial family in the future. As a daughter of the imperial family, it would be strange if she didn’t come to check out such a grand matter.

“It really is the Dragon King’s Saber Art.” The princess’ voice came from the carriage. After a moment of silent, she said: “The two of you, rise.”

Mu Tantian and Mu Yuedi finally straightened their bodies at this time.

“Your Highness, is it possible to not make a huge commotion tonight?” Mu Yuedi was a bit worried.

In the end, this was the territory of the Wanxiang Pagoda and fighting was not allowed. If the older generation of the pagoda decided to pursue this matter, no one could afford to bear the responsibility.

“It’s fine. I have met Nalan Wushuang from the law-enforcement corp. They will take the long way around this area tonight and avoid it altogether.” The princess frowned afterward: “Why did Dongfang Mu take action first?”

“If Princess says something, he will definitely back down obediently.” Mu Tantian smilingly answered.

“No need, I actually want to see to what level Feng Feiyun has reached with his saber art, to see if he is qualified to be the Divine King’s successor or not.” The princess came tonight just for Feng Feiyun. She secretly planned out many things and invited seven to eight experts from the top 100 of the pagoda. Many came running, and Mu Tantian and Mu Yuedi were among them.

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