Chapter 235: Most Beautiful Woman In This World

Nangong Hongyan, the number one lady of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. Her plaque was situated at the front of the pavilion and remained untouched for three long years.

Back at Fire Beacon City, someone even said that death was nothing if they could meet Nangong Hongyan once.

Feng Feiyun was actually able to see her at this time. Although she was a lady lost in the mundane world, Feng Feiyun didn’t see the least bit of inelegance from her. On the contrary, there was an otherworldly transcendent aura that forced people to look at her twice.

“Miss Hongyan’s beauty is unsurpassed. Your zither play was wondrous and created an incredible tune, but you are more beautiful than both.” Feng Feiyun felt that he was being blasphemous against a goddess when Nangong Hongyan was kneeling before him.

“Thank you, Young Noble Feng.” She softly responded and slowly stood up with the zither still in her embrace. She sat down next to Feng Feiyun and was as quiet as an orchid flower in a desolate valley.

Everyone had a surreal feeling. Such a beauty was given to Feng Feiyun by the mysterious master. She was a hundred times more precious than any Spirit Treasure or Spirit Medicine!

Many of them consciously moved away. It felt sacrilegious to be too close to her.

“Whoosh!” A white ray crossed the night sky. A scholarly young man descended into the Genius Mansion. This was the wisest seer in the Wanxiang Pagoda, “Scholar Heaven Calculating”.

It was as if nothing in this world could elude his gaze.

He had a simple jade scroll in one hand with a bronze brush in the other. He went inside the hall and his eyes fell on Nangong Hongyan. With an expression full of disbelief, he gasped before exclaiming: “Wow.”

Then he stated: “The number one beauty in the world, Nangong Hongyan.”

Although these words were spoken so flatly, it caused quite a stir since it came from him. One could already imagine that these words would spread across the world tomorrow.

Nangong Hongyan was the new number one beauty in the world.

Although he had only seen half of her body since her face was hidden under the white, silky veil, no one dared to question the authenticity of this claim.

He carefully wrote several words onto the scroll with his brush. Nangong Hongyan, first place in the “Heavenly Beauty List”.

After writing her name on top of the list, he once again rode the clouds and disappeared into the endless night.

Everyone stared at Feng Feiyun with envious eyes. The mysterious master had gifted Nangong Hongyan to him. From now on, the number one beauty was his.

Of course, there was also greed and jealousy in some people’s eyes. They could only temporarily hide it for now. Of course, to try to seize this beauty before everyone was the same as provoking Feng Feiyun and opposing the Divine King.

Feng Feiyun felt several murderous intents. He wryly smiled and wondered whether the number one beauty was a blessing or a disaster. It seems like there will be some battles not far in the future because of her.

From start to finish, Nangong Hongyan silently sat on the spot. Her lovely eyes divulged that there was something on her mind, a trace of sorrow and weakness. Many people could only sigh in empathy.

“She must be dejected because the master gave her to the bastard Feng Feiyun, she has to be heartbroken right now.” Many people had this thought. The glares directed at Feng Feiyun became unfriendlier by the second.

Many people here had no grievances against him in the past, but now, it seemed that they had an irreconcilable feud and wanted nothing more than to mince him to pieces and grind his bones into dust before letting this go.

Feng Feiyun naturally felt that the atmosphere had gone awry. If he continued to stay, the crowd would team up against him. Thus, after three rounds of wine, he quickly made an excuse to leave.

A flowery carriage with an older design had already been waiting outside. It was built with gold and engraved with spirit stones. Three strange beasts of four hundred years of age were pulling it. They had wings at seven feet long with a golden glimmer on their feathers.

“Young Noble Feng, over here.” Xue Wu was on the carriage and called for Feng Feiyun in the distance.

Feng Feiyun gallantly walked ahead while Nangong Hongyan, in her unstained white dress with a zither in her embrace, gently walked right behind him with her head down.

Feng Feiyun came over and asked: “Xue Wu, what are you doing?”

“I’m here to give you the carriage of course. Young Noble Feng, my big sister has had a tough life since youth, please treat her well.” Xue Wu jumped down from the carriage and pleaded.

Nangong Hongyan and Xue Wu were both from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. Hongyan was ranked first and Xue Wu was third, so this was why Xue Wu called her big sister.

Feng Feiyun revealed a serious expression and said: “I see her as a friend and definitely won’t treat her like a servant.”

“Then I am relieved.” With tears in her eyes, it was clear that Xue Xu was reluctant to say goodbye to Nangong Hongyan. If it wasn’t for the mysterious master, they wouldn’t be items to be casually gifted away.

Feng Feiyun and Nangong Hongyan boarded the carriage and began their departure. The three golden birds spread their wings and flew to the sky. The carriage turned into a golden beam as it flew through the mountain ranges of the Wanxiang Pagoda.

It was very quiet in the carriage.

After going inside, Feng Feiyun sat cross-legged and calmed his mind. A layer of light moved through his body and continued to assault the three wounds on his neck.

These wounds were caused by the mysterious monster underground. After his body was infected by its poison, he had not been able to expel it. At this time, he began to try and refine the poison away.

Nangong Hongyan quietly sat in a corner on top of a red, fox-furred blanket. Her flawless hands hugged her zither while she curiously gazed at Feng Feiyun. She wanted to come close several times but decided against it.

Eventually, she couldn’t help but softly ask with a tinge of concern in her voice: “Are you poisoned?”

Feng Feiyun turned paler by the minute. The wounds on his neck wouldn’t close and it seemed that the poison had entered his bloodstream, rendering him unable to refine them.

This was the first time this had happened. Even the mighty Immortal Phoenix Physique couldn’t refine this poison. Just what the hell was that monster? Why was it so terrifying?

Feng Feiyun slowly opened his eyes and glanced over at Nangong Hongyan’s wrist. He saw that her wrist as white as jade also had a Blood Seal Bracelet. It appeared that she was also under the control of the mysterious master.

“Yes, I am poisoned.” There was no need to hide since they were fellow sufferers.

Moreover, Feng Feiyun could see that her aura was very weak. It was apparent that she had no cultivation and was no threat to him.

“I have a third-ranked Antidote Pill, perhaps it can cure your affliction.” Nangong Hongyan put down her zither and slowly took out a cute jade bottle then handed it to Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun didn’t accept it. A third-ranked Antidote Pill had incredible value. It could be described as an immortal antidote. How could he accept such a precious thing?

Nangong Hongyan quickly explained with sadness in her eyes: “This was given to me by a sixth-ranked pill master. Right now, I myself am yours, so this pill naturally belongs to you as well.”

Feng Feiyun shook his head and smiled: “Hongyan, we can be friends, there is no need for you to act like this.”

He paused for a second before continuing: “If you want to leave, I won’t stop you.”

He chose not to accept the pill and channeled his physique once more to slowly refine the poison in his blood. In his opinion, this was perhaps a good chance to cultivate his physique even further.

Perhaps he could use the threat of the poison to break through to the fourth level of Blood Transformation, Origin Restoration.

“Leave? Where will I go after leaving?” Nangong Hongyan shook her head and bitterly said with droplets in her eyes: “The master has incredible means, no one can escape.”

She was truly lovely. Each of her words was so charming. Her mood could influence everyone around her; her happiness was their joy and her sadness made them silent…

“Have you seen the mysterious master?” Feng Feiyun was also affected by her mood, and it made him a bit dejected.

This feeling scared him. Luckily, she was a nice and weak girl. Otherwise, her beauty could cause chaos in this world. No man could resist her wondrous looks.

Nangong Hongyan slightly nodded and spoke with fear: “He is really a devil!”

Feng Feiyun instantly asked: “Who is he?”

“I don’t know. The only thing I know is that he is very old with gray hair and a body withered like an old tree.” Her body gently quivered as if she was quite terrified of the master.

“Then can you draw his appearance?” Feng Feiyun had no love for the master. He felt that this person was definitely a great character. If he handed the drawing over to the Divine King, perhaps the Divine King could help him eliminate this master.

If the master was killed, the bracelet naturally wouldn’t be able to control him any longer.

She shook her head with tears streaming down her eyes: “I only caught a glimpse. His aura is too powerful so he can’t be depicted with a brush. However, if I see him again, I can definitely recognize him.”

Feng Feiyun closely stared at the sight of her crying — full of sorrow and regrets.

“Is there something on your mind?” He was once again affected by her mood. Although he made an effort to restrain his emotions, he couldn’t help but sigh after her.

This feeling really wasn’t good.

“I want… want to kill him, but I don’t have the courage… Will you help me?” She pitifully glanced at Feng Feiyun. Her delicate eyes were adorable to the extreme.

As long as the person was a man, they would never be able to refuse her!

Feng Feiyun was also a man. He paused for a second before asking: “Why do you want to kill him?”

Her fingers tightly pinched her sleeves while she constantly murmured while quivering: “He took my big sister and sold her to the Beauty’s Smile Pavilion. He is a devil, a devil...”

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