Chapter 234: Gift

“Why are you here?” Feng Feiyun asked with a smile.

Xue Wu glared at him and dragged him out of the house to another place at the back: “I obviously went to find you. Everyone is present except for you.”

“Then how did you know I was here?” Feng Feiyun was still smiling.

The front of the mansion had become quite lively already with a fair number of people.

Xue Wu suddenly stopped and snappily quipped: “Your fearless self knows no bounds. Plus, you can’t control your curiosity. It would be strange if you didn’t try to delve deeper inside the Genius Mansion!”

Feng Feiyun felt much better now that he was outside, so he teased: “You worry so much about my well-being, is it because you want to marry me?”

A seductive fragrance came from her body. She laughed while hiding her lips with her pretty fingers, causing her enchanting breasts to gently sway in the process: “Young Noble Feng is so forgetful. Have you forgotten that the master said that as long as you reach the seventh floor of the Immeasurable Tower, I would be yours?”

Feng Feiyun became slightly stunned!

“Haha, Young Noble Feng is the successor of the Divine King right now. You could even inherit this title in the future. To marry you as a concubine is a blessing culminated from several past lifetimes.” Xue Wu gently posed like a dancing butterfly with her red dress fluttering everywhere. This was indeed a kingdom-toppling temptress who was deliberately inciting Feng Feiyun’s lust.

He stood there as the demonic blood in his body began to stir once more. He felt a fire burning in his lower area as his mind became slightly dazed as if there was a supreme beauty lying naked below him.

He truly wanted to carry Xue Wu into bed and show her who’s boss.

She also noticed that there was something strange. From looking at his eyes, his thoughts became blatantly obvious. She quickly withdrew her charming posture since she was also afraid that his demonic blood would be awakened. Even if she wanted to give herself up, this was not the time.

“Haha, come! Master’s mysterious gift is here, it is waiting for you to come pick it up.” Xue Wu smiled naturally and led the way to the other hall.

Feng Feiyun suppressed the demonic blood that was riling up in his body. He took a deep breath and cursed while looking at Xue Wu’s back: “What a scary seductress! Almost lost to her again.”

This was a woman at the Heaven’s Mandate level who could hide in a brothel. She was extremely smart and had great looks, so how could she easily give her body up to Feng Feiyun like this?

It was best not to be involved with this type of woman.

Inside the main hall, all the corpses on the ground had been taken away and the blood was removed from the now glossy floor. All the geniuses were still there; no one had left.

The eldest son of the Heavenly Tiger Marquis and the third prince of Dazhi came from afar to chat.

“Brother Feng, you are back. I thought you were playing around with some girl right now, haha!” The eldest son clearly knew that Feng Feiyun wanted to search the mansion, so he said this to give him an excuse.

“Haha, which girl would be so lucky?” The third prince also laughed before pulling Feng Feiyun over to their spot.

After sitting down, Feng Feiyun whispered: “Is the mysterious master here?”

The elder son pointed to the highest position in the hall. Feng Feiyun looked over there to see that a red jade curtain was hung over there to block everyone’s sight. No one knew what was beyond this curtain.

At this moment, Xue Wu was standing to the right of the curtain and smiled. Her smile became even more radiant when she stared at Feng Feiyun; this was a smile that was about to steal the souls from some of the geniuses present.

People would be willing to lose ten years of life just to spend one night with her.

Meanwhile, an old man dressed in black was standing on the left like a ghost. Whoever he looked at couldn’t help but take a step back as if they were being trailed by a poisonous creature.

Xue Wu smiled and said: “Master’s feast today is to celebrate Young Noble Feng for becoming the Divine King’s successor. Today, Young Master Feng is the master of the mansion.”

“When is the master coming?” Someone asked. This was something everyone wanted to know.

Xue Wu slightly frowned and smiled at the speaker, causing him to lose his mind. He couldn’t help but lower his head in embarrassment while wiping away the blood from his nose with his sleeve.

“Haha.” Xue Wu smiled: “The master has a very important matter to attend to today and can’t be here. However, the gift from him to Young Noble Feng has arrived.”

A gift from this person must be great. Feng Feiyun became a bit curious too, so he asked with a smile: “Don’t tell me this gift is a spirit treasure?”

“Although spirit treasures are rare and worthy of being the jewels of a sect, they are not unique enough.” Xue Wu responded.

“Unique, can it be a thousand year old spirit medicine?” The eldest son from the tiger mansion was startled.

Xue Wu shook her head again: “Young Noble Feng is the successor to the Divine King so it won’t be hard for him to obtain one thousand year old medicines in the future. The master naturally wouldn’t prepare such a gift.”

Everyone became interested now. If both spirit medicines and spirit treasures were not good enough, then just what could it be?

Feng Feiyun slightly peered deeper into the curtain and smirked: “Don’t tell me that the master will gift you to me?”

“Haha! I would want nothing more, but the master has prepared an even better present than myself.” Xue Wu mysteriously smiled and gently clapped three times.

“Ba! Ba! Ba!”

“I have a song to present, would Young Noble Feng like to listen?” A pleasant and elegant voice came from behind the curtain.

The voice was low but extremely captivating. It was also cute and delicate with a touch of sadness. This sadness immediately filled the air, causing everyone to become sentimental just like her. Some couldn’t help but become teary as well.

They all asked this question: ‘For what reason am I feeling sad?’

The entire hall became quiet in the blink of an eye. Some people even held their breaths. How could there be such a soft and beautiful voice in this world?

One could already imagine the level of the beauty behind the curtain just from her voice. It made people want to protect her for the rest of their lives.

“I’m all ears!” Feng Feiyun was moved as well and channeled his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze to see through the curtain. He wanted to see just what kind of girl would have such an amazing voice.

However, it was blocked by an invisible barrier. He could only see a graceful outline that was exquisite to the extreme.

The zither started to play its heavenly tune!

“In the south rises trees without branches,

affording no shelter.

By the Han are girls rambling about,

but it is useless to solicit them.

The breath of the Han

cannot be dove across;

The length of the Jiang

cannot be navigated with a raft.

Many are the bundles of firewood;

I would cut off the thorns [to form more].

Those girls that are going to their future homes,

I would feed their horses...” [1. Praise the lord that this was translated already or I would have died. This is some super archaic/poetic language that would have killed me. It is from the Book of Songs.]

The zither tunes seemed like an immortal song gracing the mortal world, but her voice was even more divine; it was without equals in this world.

Suddenly, colorful butterflies were attracted by her singing and danced inside the hall between the window frames and ceiling beams.

The atmosphere grew colder with snowflakes quietly condensing in the air and fluttering down. They stopped on the glazed roof tiles and on the wings of the butterflies.

Such a song made snow fall at the right time during late autumn. Brilliant lights danced on the snow, causing the entire mansion to turn into a land of immortals.

“At first, when we set out,

the willows were fresh and green.

Now, when we return,

the snow will be falling from clouds.”

The singing quickly changed as it became sadder. The zither also added a touch of grief. The entire hall became sentimental as everyone’s emotions were led by the tune. Some started to cry while others kept on wiping their tears away with their sleeves.

Eventually, the sound of the zither came to an end, but her crying started to blare!

The abrupt end to the song was like the severing of everyone’s emotions, causing many to feel as if their heart had just been cut into pieces. They couldn’t help but scream.

Her crying made more than half of the geniuses here cry as well. Even the eldest son of the tiger marquis and the Third Prince of Dazhi, both with great cultivations, began to inadvertently cry.

Feng Feiyun let out a long sigh and commented: “This zither tune is the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. This gift from the master is indeed unique and fantastic. It alone is worth more than any spirit treasure or medicine.”

Her beautiful voice came from behind the red curtain: “Young Noble Feng has misunderstood. This tune was meant for your entertainment, but Hongyan couldn’t help but think of the past and became a bit sentimental, causing everyone else to be downtrodden as well.”

Feng Feiyun asked: “Then the gift from the master is…?”

“It is me! From tonight on, Hongyan belongs to you.” Nangong Hongyan lifted the curtain and came out while carrying a zither made from sandalwood.

She was wearing a simple white chiffon dress without a trace of dust. She was slender and gentle like early morning mist or smoke by the pond in the celestial world. She gave off an aura as if she did not belong to this world.

Her hair was as black and beautiful as a waterfall — dark and glossy with a sectional bun tied by a simple white jade hairpin. There were two small earrings gently swaying and emitting the melodies of wind chimes.

There was a thin white veil on her face to cover her supreme features. However, her figure and temperament alone were more than enough to defeat all the other women in the world.

“Tender lady of sixteen moons; her smile causes the whole world to swoon!” Someone couldn’t help but recite a poem on the spot.

A great expert of the younger generation spoke: “I thought I had seen the most beautiful woman in this world already, but right now, I feel as if all of them combined isn’t as pretty as a single finger of Miss Hongyan.” This was not mere flattery as it came from his heart.

Nangong Hongyan’s hidden face couldn’t hide her supreme charm. She walked to the front of Feng Feiyun and bowed her head while softly saying: “Hongyan greets Young Noble Feng.”

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