Chapter 233: The Person Inside The Coffin

“This voice…” There was a slight ripple in Feng Feiyun’s mind since he thought about a certain someone. This voice was very familiar, but how could that be possible?

The phoenix bone as crimson as bloodjade emitted a faint flame to counter the corrosive aura from the coffin, so his body was safe from rotting away.

Not even a grand achievement God Base could survive this terrifying aura from the coffin. It was likely that their flesh would be corroded to the point where they became a skeleton. Although this person’s voice was feeble, his vitality remained strong. His life force was like a small stream that continued to flow to stop this evil aura. This cultivation was truly remarkable.

“Who are you?” Feng Feiyun wanted to find out the answer to this question in his mind.

After hearing Feng Feiyun’s voice, a considerable power erupted from within the coffin like a flood or magma pouring out from the gaps of the earth. It came out from the coffin and went straight towards Feng Feiyun.

This person was full of hatred and unleashed this blow in anger since they believed that Feng Feiyun was in cohorts with the mysterious master.

This person was still so fierce despite being trapped in the coffin!

“Dragon King’s First Slash!” With one hand holding the phoenix bone, he took out the saber with the other. He stabilized his stance then unleashed a white blade ray to split apart the oncoming attack.

“Rumble!” This force was too powerful and caused Feng Feiyun to stagger back more than three steps. His body was pushed into the cold-as-ice chains before he managed to stabilize himself.

Just a leak of their aura of fury was so powerful, could it really be him?

Feng Feiyun’s stone blade was too big. It cut apart several chains on the ground. The coffin that was tightly shut had loosened quite a bit.

“Boom!” The chains above the coffin were moved by a power from inside and began to scatter one by one. The lid started to shift and issued more ear-piercing screeches.

However, there was another formation from within that prevented the person from escaping. Three green arrays from the lid came crashing down straight onto the coffin, causing the person inside to scream continuously.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The three arrays were like three divine hammers slamming down onto the person inside, causing their bones to break completely while mangling their flesh.

“I… hate…” The person spoke through gritted teeth.

Feng Feiyun could sense this boundless hatred!

The coffin became silent again. It seemed that the person was scared and didn’t dare to revolt anymore. They also didn’t attempt to escape.

“Let me help you!” Feng Feiyun quickly stepped forward and placed both hands on the lid of the coffin. He once again pushed it, causing the gap to become bigger and bigger. The finger wide gap grew to an entire palm, then it became a foot wide… More cold energy rushed out and was about to fill the entire space underground.

The phoenix bone then illuminated a corner of the coffin.

This scene was like a grave robber holding a lamp to look inside a coffin from the earth.

“Feng Feiyun, it is you!” A surprised and spirited voice came from the coffin.

Feng Feiyun had never seen such a miserable state before. This man was huddled in a corner of the coffin. His silk robe was in complete disarray and he was soaked in dried, black blood. Then on top of that was a layer of fresh blood while his flesh was scattered about all over the coffin.

Nine rings were latched onto his chest at the nine great meridians. They were connected to nine chains that pierced his chest cavity completely. These chains were nailed to the Black Tortoise Coffin.

Outside of this, both his hands and feet as well as his clavicle were nailed with iron pins that sealed all of his power.

His bones broke in too many places to count. His flesh had been battered numerous times so his state was as miserable as humanly possible.

Only when one saw through his messy hair would they be able to see a face that was handsome to the extreme, but it was covered in dried blood.

“Flawless… Young Noble Flawless!” Feng Feiyun couldn’t dare to believe his own eyes. This was the most handsome man in the world? Completely unblemished and immaculate, Young Noble Flawless?

He was one of the eight Grand Historical Geniuses. Feng Feiyun had seen him fight Dongfang Jingshui before. At that time, mountains were razed to the ground. His cultivation was extremely terrifying. If he wanted to escape, then even a half-step Giant wouldn’t be able to stop him. But now, he was imprisoned in this place. How could Feng Feiyun accept this reality?

The best looking man in the world had fallen into such a sorry state!

“Haha!” The young noble laughed bitterly while displaying an incomparable sadness: “Flawless, so ridiculous, so ironic…”

“Why are you imprisoned here? Who did this to you?” Feng Feiyun touched the Boundary Spirit Stone on his belt. This was a treasure that belonged to the young noble, but it fell into the hands of the mysterious master who then gave it to him.

At that time, Feng Feiyun would never have believed that the mysterious master was Young Noble Flawless’ match. But now, after seeing him here, he started to believe that claim.

“Haha…” The young noble continued to laugh as if he was all alone in this world.

“Was it the person wrapped in the crimson flame that defeated you?” Feng Feiyun wanted to know who the mysterious master was.

“Have you seen her?” The young noble became agitated. His monstrous fury and hatred filled the entire coffin.

“Yes.” Feng Feiyun answered.

“Have you seen her face?” The young noble became even more stimulated.

“Not yet.” Feng Feiyun said.

“That’s good, that’s good, you will still have a chance to live if you haven’t seen her face, still a chance to live…” The young noble kept on murmuring to himself.

Feng Feiyun frowned and asked: “Does she have a special identity? Will she try to kill anyone who has seen her real appearance?”

Many big shots had several identities, and some had to remain in secrecy. Once found out, they would try their best to eliminate those who knew.

“It is her face that is unfathomable. If I hadn’t seen her face, then I wouldn’t be in this sorry state. I have truly fallen; I thought I could rely on my face and charm to cause all the women in this world to kneel as servants before me, but… but… when I saw her face, I found myself becoming the servant instead…”

Feng Feiyun didn’t understand what the young noble was saying at all. He thought that the young noble was confused due to his slurred speech; he assumed that flawless had been trapped in this place for too long. His mind must be in shambles after enduring the torture.

His words were too shocking and completely demonized the mysterious master.

Feng Feiyun understood this feeling very well. A victim who suffered grave indignance would have great hatred in their heart. They would consider whoever did it to them to be more terrorizing and monstrous.

The young noble was most likely suffering from the traumatic experience.

Feng Feiyun couldn’t be blamed for misunderstanding the young noble. From start to finish, he had considered the mysterious master as a man. During their past conversations, the master spoke in a male voice, thus Feng Feiyun subconsciously viewed him as a man.

This being the case, he had a different interpretation of the young noble’s words. Of course, he was a very cautious person as well and took note of the warning. Before having sufficient strength to fight the mysterious master, he would never look at his real appearance.

“I’ll get you out.” Feng Feiyun took out his stone saber and slashed the chains on the young noble’s body. Sparks flew everywhere, but the chains were undamaged. On the contrary, his hands were jarred as if needles were poking into them.

“It is no use. These chains are made from Black Tortoise Steel and have fifth-rank formations carved onto them. Maybe not even a Spirit Treasure could break them.” The young noble reminded Feng Feiyun: “You should leave this place quickly. If she finds out, you will end up even more miserable than me.”

Suddenly, Feng Feiyun’s divine intent felt movement from above. Someone was coming.

The young noble felt it as well and quickly spoke: “If you really want to help me, then there is only one way. Use the Second Dark Hell Flame to unlock the fifth-rank formations and melt these chains. Then I, Su Jun, will owe you a debt. If you are ever in trouble in the future, I will come running and aid you with all of my abilities no matter how far you may be.”

Feng Feiyun was not a good person, but in some cases, promises would be made in an instant.

“Wait for me!” Feng Feiyun closed the coffin, then he quickly left the coffin. He shot out a black ray from his finger, causing the ground to close again.

All became the same as before. This was still an old room full of dust on the ground.

‘This world is so unpredictable. Such a scion was imprisoned in a coffin. It seems like Young Noble Flawless is really too powerful; otherwise, the master wouldn’t have used so many different methods to seal him. Buried underground as well as creating this Black Tortoise coffin in addition to sealing his nine main meridians and locking his limbs… Only a Grand Historical Genius would be able to withstand such torture. Others would have had a mental breakdown and died already.’ Feng Feiyun thought.

Suddenly, a sweet fragrance came from behind Feng Feiyun. It was too sudden and came without warning. Feng Feiyun didn’t notice her presence before she got into the room.

Feng Feiyun shifted three feet away then unleashed a palm strike.

A red shadow emerged and the palm that contained boundless murderous power from Feng Feiyun barely managed to touch a corner of her sleeve. She gently descended to Feng Feiyun’s side and placed her jade-white hand on his shoulder while enchantingly speaking: “It’s me.”

“Xue Wu!” Feng Feiyun heaved a sigh of relief.

This was a tall and slender woman with a plump and attractive figure. She wore a thin gossamer red dress that caused her proud white breasts to be faintly discernible, resulting in endless temptation.

So it was her, the third-ranked lady from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, the Temptress. That explained the great cultivation from this new intruder.

“Don't you know where this place is? I can’t believe you actually intruded here, this is very dangerous.” Xue Wu solemnly stared at Feng Feiyun, yet her demeanor couldn’t cover her eyes’ seductive shade.

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