Chapter 231: Dongfang Mu

He used his best spirit technique and summoned ten cauldrons made from mud and stone. All of them were three feet high and hovered in the air while emitting a violet light that had traces of a metallic golden sheen.

Grand achievement God Base cultivators were no joke; peak God Base cultivators couldn’t compare to them. These cauldrons were refined with violet steel despite the base foundation being mud and stone. They occupied more than half of the space.

Everyone could feel a terrifying force permeating the air. One could only fight it head on since escape was not an option.

“Dragon King’s First Slash! The Dragon King’s First Slash…” Feng Feiyun mustered all of his strength, causing lights to erupt from his body. He unleashed ten slashes in a row. Ten white arcs flew out from the blade’s edge and cut the ten cauldrons into pieces.

Ten explosions came about. The shattered cauldrons turned back into yellow mud. The ten white dragon arcs came together and lunged towards the grand achievement God Base. The Dragon King’s Saber Art was unblockable since it gathered the royal energy of the world, giving it a tyrannical power.

‘Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” The shocked old man continuously let out dazzling spirit energy while retreating backward. However, the spirit energy couldn’t stop the ten slashes. The tenth slash broke his technique and went straight down across his chest.

His chest cavity and ribs were torn asunder while his inner organs were affected by the saber energy. His body turned into mincemeat as his remains fell on the ground, forming a puddle of blood.

“Oh my god!” Even a grand achievement God Base had died under Feng Feiyun’s blade! The Dragon King’s Saber Art was truly unstoppable!

Everyone stared in horror at the young man before them. He was still seated in his chair. He didn’t move a single step, but the blood of three experts from the previous generation had all been rendered into puddles on the ground.

Beiming Tang was astounded, especially after seeing the three corpses on the ground. He quivered and wondered when Feng Feiyun became strong to this extent. He suddenly felt a sense of death as Feng Feiyun raised his blade again and unleashed another slash towards him.

This was going to take his life!

“No, I cannot die!” Beiming Tang screamed out and once again condensed his cold energy from the profound art. He was ready to fight till the very end.

“Pluff!” His northern profound cold energy couldn’t stop the blade energy in the form of a dragon. His armor was completely shattered!

“My cousin is one of the eight grand historical geniuses, Beiming Baitian! You can’t kill me!” An uncontrollable fear surged in his mind as he howled.

“I’ll end you!” A second slash came forth after the first successfully destroyed the ice armor; he wanted to finish off Beiming Tang!

“Hmph, the son of the demon is really arrogant. You dare to kill people from our four great clans? If I don’t teach you a lesson right now, people will start to provoke our four clans.” The man who had been sitting there the entire time suddenly stood up. His figure shifted like a ghost and appeared three feet away. He raised his hand that held a steelclaw decorated with tiny scales.

“Bam!” The claw rushed through the sky and became several meters wide before crushing the dragon-shaped saber energy.

He guarded Beiming Tang with his luminous hands and glared at Feng Feiyun with his crimson eyes.

“You are also from the four great clans?” Feng Feiyun withdrew his saber and cautiously examined this man.

The man snorted and stood there arrogantly while speaking with disdain: “Feng Feiyun, there is still a big gap between you and the true experts of the younger generation. Do not be so arrogant.”

The eldest son of the Heavenly Tiger Marquis used his divine intent to secretly send a message straight to Feng Feiyun’s mind: “This person is a leading member of the Yin Gou Clan’s younger generation.”

The third prince sent a message as well: “His name is Dongfang Mu, a top five genius of the Yin Gou Clan. His talents are right behind one of the grand historical geniuses, Dongfang Jingshui.”

“A Yin Gou Clan disciple!” Feng Feiyun’s expression shifted.

The reason why these two reminded him was that they were afraid that he would offend both the Beiming Clan and the Yin Gou Clan at the same time. No one would dare to offend two great clans; even the Divine King would need to think it over.

The four great clans were amazing. They were all cultivation clans with great heritages and frightening reserves. Their vast influence stretched to all the corners of the Jin Dynasty and they could blot out the sun with their hands.

The Beiming Clan was in charge of one-third of the military power in the world. The Yin Gou Clan was the richest by being in control of half of the wealth of the dynasty. Rumor has it that they were even more bloated than the state’s treasury.

Offending both clans at the same time was definitely not a wise move.

Feng Feiyun furrowed his brows and snorted: “What is so special about the Yin Gou Clan? If Dongfang Jingshui was here, I would give him some face. But as for you, Dongfang Mu, there is too big of a gap.”

Too overbearing and arrogant!

“Feng Feiyun, you don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth.” Dongfang Mu raised his voice: “Your cultivation is not worth mentioning before me.”

His crimson eyes carried a bizarre ray while his ninety-nine meridians around his body also lit up. All the energy nearby instantly rushed into his body. This was a very high-level technique among grand achievement God Base experts. He was dozens of times stronger than the old man who died to Feng Feiyun earlier.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes also turned serious as he focused the energy all over his body to face the oncoming blow.

“Gentlemen, this is the master’s abode. If you two keep fighting, it will be very disrespectful.” An old man completely shrouded in a black robe appeared between Feng Feiyun and Dongfang Mu. A black energy screen came from his hand and directly suppressed the forces from both of them.

This was a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator, one of the attendants of the Genius Mansion. He hid his aura as well as his appearance behind the dark robe. It was obvious that he wished to keep his identity hidden.

The mysterious master’s abilities were truly amazing. He even had Heaven’s Mandate cultivators under his control to call him master.

This old man was definitely a famous figure in the cultivation world, someone with a great identity. There had to be many secrets here at the Genius Mansion.

After an attendant of the Heaven’s Mandate level had appeared, Feng Feiyun and Dongfang Mu naturally stopped attacking.

Despite the protection from the many geniuses present, the damage to the building wasn’t trivial. The ground was crushed with blood staining the floor. There was no sign of a feast anymore, it was more like a battlefield.

The mysterious master would definitely unleash their fury after seeing this scene. No one would be able to bear this responsibility. The old man in black quickly asked all the geniuses to leave the building before he ordered more than twenty servants to clean the bloodstains on the ground. He hoped that everything would be restored before the master’s arrival.

After doing so, he went along a path to enter the depths of the mansion. The Genius Mansion was large. This palace hosting the feast was only one corner of the estate.

Feng Feiyun stood to the side and converged his aura while looking at where the old man went. His brows slightly puckered; could it be that the master was hiding in the mansion right now?

He touched the Blood Seal Bracelet on his wrist. There were only two ways to remove this bracelet so that he could escape the master’s control.

The first was to drip a drop of the master’s blood onto this bracelet, then it would naturally come off.

The second was to find the person who created the bracelets. Whoever crafted them definitely had to be a grand blacksmith master, and he could be hiding in the mansion as well.

“Brother Feng, what are you looking at?” The marquis’ eldest son came and looked at the same direction as Feng Feiyun. His eyes turned grim as he spoke: “You noticed it too?”

Feng Feiyun was slightly startled!

“I have received some intelligence prior to this. The master of this mansion is very mysterious, there are many secrets here in the mansion.” The eldest son whispered.

The marquis’ camp was a great power, so it naturally had its own intelligence agency and could keep up with developments all over the place.

“What do you mean?” Feng Feiyun asked.

The elder son replied: “The previous owner of this mansion was a Heaven’s Mandate senior. However, two months ago, the ownership suddenly changed while this senior disappeared without a trace.”

“Really now!” Feng Feiyun was somewhat taken by surprise.

The elder son added: “On the day when the mysterious master entered the mansion, someone saw a coffin made from Black Tortoise Steel being moved out from here as well. It was from the southern border, around ten feet long and four wide.”

“A coffin leaving the mansion, could a corpse be inside? Wait, what did you say? A coffin made from Black Tortoise Steel?” Feng Feiyun was slightly shocked.

The elder son nodded: “Yes, this is absolutely true. One of the heaviest metals in this world, Black Tortoise Steel. Just how heavy would such a big coffin be?”

“At least five million pounds.” Feng Feiyun turned serious: “One has to at least be a seventh-ranked blacksmith master to make such a coffin.”

“The key is that it was a seven hundred year old strange beast pulling the coffin. This beast’s cultivation is definitely no weaker than a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator, so only a seventh-ranked beastmaster would be able to tame it. Just what is the status and identity of this master, and what method did they employ to have high level masters and great experts work for him?” The elder son mused.

Feng Feiyun took a deep breath and said: “I’m actually a bit curious to know what is inside this five million pound coffin.”

The elder son was astounded: “What are you going to do? There is danger looming everywhere here with several Heaven’s Mandate cultivators guarding the premises. If you’re not careful…”

“I’ll tread cautiously!” Feng Feiyun had to explore this mansion if he wanted to unlock the bracelet. Plus, he also wanted to find out just what kind of person this mysterious master was.

Perhaps the answer could be found deeper within the mansion.

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