Chapter 228: Grand Chancellor

The Martial Tower used to be the sacred ground with the strongest fighting force in the Wanxiang Pagoda. Unfortunately, they didn’t produce any talents in the past century. There were very few young disciples who were able to enter the Hundreds’ List, resulting in the tower’s gradual decline from its former glory.

The hundred-level was majestic and magnificent. The bright sunlight shone down with a metallic luster.

This was a place that used to produce many superb experts that swept over the world. Each level had engravings left behind by the seniors regarding their best cultivation methods. This could be said to be a real sacred ground for martial arts cultivation.

After being taken by Zhang Badao to be the Divine King’s disciple, Feng Feiyun immediately became the junior brother of the Martial Tower Lord. Although he was the son of the evil demon, no one dared to gossip now that he has the Divine King as his master.

One month later.

“So what if he is the son of the demon? It’s none of your goddamn business! Motherfucker, say one more word and see what I’ll do to you!” Zhang Badao was standing atop the Martial Tower berating three officials below like a rude woman at the market. He even slammed his shoes down on the three’s heads.

These three wearing official clothing had great identities. They were all officials of the earl level in the Jin Dynasty. They came riding panthers. The one in front had an official order with flashing black light that was seemingly made from onyx gold.

Their cultivations were amazing as well. All of them were quite spirited with eyes like shining stars. Their official clothing was green with three golden scales hanging by their waists. Three imposing auras emanated from their bodies that would cause Spirit level cultivators to kneel before them.

The three panthers towering at five meters high stood on a square paved with white pebbles outside of the tower. Their noses were puffing out white smoke. It was clear that they had traveled a very far distance for even strange beasts like them to be exhausted.

The three officials carried an order as they stood at the base of the tower. The one standing in front took a step forward and held the order that belonged to the Grand Chancellor up high: “The son of the evil demon is the messenger of the Evil Woman, and she is attacking as well as taking over the dynasty’s territory. She is our enemy! The status of the son of the demon is special, so under the order of His Excellency Chancellor, we came to this place. I hope the Divine King will reconsider this matter.”

They were in the same camp as the Chancellor who was quite influential in the dynasty. They would never bow before anyone outside of the Chancellor and the Jin Emperor.

“The Grand Chancellor’s Order… Haha! This is just a piece of crap, yet you still dare to bring it here to scare the Divine King? Truly courting death.” Zhang Badao roared with his hair standing straight up just like a golden lion.

The three officials started to feel their blood pumping after being shouted at by him. They could feel their inner organs shaking, so they had to attack at the same time. Each of them unleashed nine waves of spirit energy that turned into a powerful current to break the roar.

Nevertheless, they were still forced ten meters back from the shock before they could steady themselves.

“Hmph, does the Divine King not care for the dynasty’s prosperity? Does he wish to conspire with the Evil Woman and bring chaos to the world?” Another official shouted.

“The Divine King is the number one king in the dynasty. He should lead by example and hand over the son of the demon to us. When we bring him back to the capital, we will give credit to the Divine King when we meet the Jin Emperor.” The third one added.

They came prepared. With the chancellor as their backing, they were completely fearless. Moreover, “reason” was on their side, so they didn’t think that the Divine King wouldn’t listen.

The three of them bravely stood beneath the Martial Tower in high spirits. A cold smile hung on their faces as they waited for the Divine King’s answer.

The Divine King came out from the tower and shouted his command without batting an eye: “Beat them!”

Zhang Badao had already wanted to beat them up, so after hearing the command, he instantly grinned and spat on his palms before rubbing them together. He took out a large iron rod and jumped down from the tower.

The three officials were shaken after seeing Zhang Badao jumping down with such aggressiveness. They staggered a few steps back; one of them pointed at him and spoke while quivering: “We are the chancellor's people!”


“That’s exactly who I want to beat up!” Zhang Badao reached the ground and slammed his rod onto this person’s back, sending him flying. Before his body could reach the ground, Zhang Badao added another kick right on his rear.

This earl was ruthlessly stepped on by Zhang Badao, causing his face to directly meet the floor. His nose was broken and he lost three teeth as well.

“Zhang Badao, you actually dare to hit the chancellor’s people… Ow ah!! My face…” Before this official could finish speaking, Zhang Badao had already gifted a rod to his face, dislocating his jaw and leaving behind a red print.

This was Zhang Badao taking it easy on him, or else his face would have burst like a watermelon.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” Series of hits resounded at the base of the Martial Tower and mingled with the wails of the three officials. It was just like three old virgins being raped by a herd of bulls. This scene was very bloody and violent — no spectators could possibly bear to watch this.

Feng Feiyun was also standing at the top of the tower. He felt cold sweat dripping down his forehead while watching the carnage below. These three were earls and were at the same level of a county lord. Normally, they would act as they pleased, and countless peasants would kneel down before them. But now, they were being beaten into pig-heads and crying for their mothers.

This was too ferocious! This Senior Brother Zhang Badao was such a badass!

The Divine King was strong enough and simply didn’t need to be considerate of the chancellor. He gave the chancellor zero face after beating the official the chancellor sent. One would be hard pressed to find someone else in the entire dynasty that would oppose the chancellor like this.

“Master, who is this Grand Chancellor?” Feng Feiyun inquired.

With a profound gaze, the Divine King smiled: “The Grand Chancellor is no ordinary character. He is one of the three ducal ministers. In terms of influence, he is number two in the dynasty. One-third of the eighteen marquis were all groomed by him, so you tell me.”

The eighteen marquis were in charge of the dynasty’s army. Each of them had reached the Giant level and had millions of troops under their command. They watched over the eighteen provinces and were the real big shots of the dynasty.

And yet, a third of them were under the chancellor’s banner. This type of force was unimaginable and could instantly destroy a top cultivation clan like the Feng Clan.

“Most importantly, he is also the current master of one of the four great clans, the Beiming Clan!” The Divine King laughed.

“Beiming Clan...!” Feng Feiyun murmured.

The four great clans of the Jin Dynasty were all behemoths. They were ancient with a great foundation and power. Some had been established for more than ten thousand years — prior to even the founding of the dynasty itself!

Any one of them had the power to shake the foundation of the dynasty. Even the Jin Emperor wouldn’t thoughtlessly offend them. If the government was a palace, then the four clans were the four supporting pillars; the collapse of any of them would cause the entire palace to shake and suffer a grievous blow.

“This old fox, Beiming Moshou, only wants to use this turmoil caused by the Evil Woman to remove his opponents and maneuver his troops to expand his influence and power. The first person he wants to kill is me. You are only an excuse for him to take action.” Although the Divine King had been living reclusively at the Martial Tower for a long time, his influence within the dynasty was extraordinary and even comparable to the chancellor’s.

The Evil Woman affected the entire Grand Southern Prefecture and made things chaotic for all the powers. Many groups had plans to use this opportunity to seize even more benefits.

“So what is our course of action?” Feng Feiyun mused.

“Since he has moved against us, we naturally have to answer back. I have not shown up in the cultivation world and the dynasty for a long time now. Perhaps some people have forgotten who I am.” The Divine King was imposing even without being angry. He stood at the top of the tower, seemingly capable of plucking the stars with a righteous momentum like a rainbow across the clear sky.

The Wanxiang Pagoda did not belong to any power. It was a sacred ground for learning. All the geniuses from the dynasty came here to train.

And the Martial Tower was the place for masters. In the present, many top masters in the dynasty had trained at the tower before and were its students. Just imagine how terrifying the power in their grasp must be!

Although they had left the Martial Tower to become the tyrants of their own domains, they viewed the Divine King as their wise teacher. Some of them were saved by him as well. With a single word from him, these people would not hesitate to risk their lives or shed their blood for his cause.

Feng Feiyun knew that his current cultivation was too low. He was but a little shrimp before these true big shots. He had no weight and had no say in the matter.

The only thing he needed to now was to constantly improve his cultivation.

After another half a month of training at the Martial Tower, the mysterious master came to find him.

Ever since Feng Feiyun entered the Martial Tower, this mysterious master never showed himself again. It was clear that the master was afraid of being found out by the Divine King and Zhang Badao.

Today, when Feng Feiyun was sitting by himself on a peak to meditate the Eight Arts Manual, the master decided to show himself. However, it wasn’t his real body that arrived.

“Whoosh!” A crimson wisp that wrapped a green-jade talisman flew forward like a bloody cloud.

“Meeting tonight at the Genius Mansion. I have a mysterious gift and I guarantee Brother Feng will love to have it. Please come on time.” This was the message on the talisman.

Feng Feiyun crushed the talisman as he gazed towards the horizon with a slight frown.

With the blood bracelet on his wrist, he was deprived of his freedom and could only be manipulated. This sensation made him upset, but he couldn’t not go to the party before taking off the bracelet.

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