Chapter 226: Leaving The Immeasurable Tower

“What are you doing?” The girl in black was especially angry and stopped Feng Feiyun’s next move.

He was acting out of line so she had to stop him.

“I want to suck out the demonic phoenix energy from her body to seal her veins.” Feng Feiyun held the smooth face of the original body with both hands; his serious expression showed that he was not joking around. However, his jaw was firmly gripped by the girl in black, so he couldn’t get any closer.

She thought he was going way too far.

Feng Feiyun solemnly stated: “The demonic phoenix energy has completely entered her blood. If we don’t suck this energy out, we won’t be able to seal her veins. When she is reborn, both of us will die!”

The girl in black gritted her teeth and reluctantly said: “I’ll do it!”

“No! The phoenix tribe is one of the four great demon tribes, their energy is too overbearing. You are only a divine intent, so the energy will directly turn you into a demon.” Feng Feiyun cried out with a heroic aura as if he was ready to sacrifice himself! [1. The raw for this is “if I don’t go down to hell, who would?” It is a buddhist saying about self-sacrifice and taking the first leap.]

The power inside the real body became stronger and stronger as the flame became hotter. Even their combined strength couldn’t suppress it for long.

“We can’t wait any longer!” Feng Feiyun pushed the girl in black away then fiercely kissed the real body’s glistening lips.

Her lips were soft and red like a ruby. They were not as cold as ice and instead carried some heat. It was seductive and sweet to the extreme and would cause anyone to want to have a taste.

With both hands holding her head, Feng Feiyun seemed to be embracing her entire body. His actions were very fluid and skilled, and he seemed to be basking in the experience.

The girl in black, who was standing to the side, could see Feng Feiyun’s tongue entering the body’s mouth as he sucked to his content. He played with her sweet tongue, causing the girl in black to bite her teeth and clench her fists. If a glare could kill, then Feng Feiyun would have died ten thousand times over already.

Though she had yet to regain the body, it was still her body. But now, when Feng Feiyun was kissing it like this, it was as if he was indirectly kissing her.

Fortunately, Feng Feiyun’s hands were still very law-abiding and didn’t touch random places. Otherwise, she would not easily forgive him and would have already killed this bastard for taking advantage of the situation.

The demonic phoenix energy inside the body was very powerful. Anyone who was stained by it would be overwhelmed by its demonic essence and lose their mind. However, Feng Feiyun had the soul of a phoenix and could suppress it inside his own body. He was not just immune to its invasion, he could also refine it to strengthen his Immortal Phoenix Physique.

The energy continuously escaped from the real body. The body’s eyes spewed out flames once more and began to struggle to stop Feng Feiyun from “absorbing her.”

“Help me push down her hands!” Feng Feiyun used his divine intent to communicate with the girl in black.

She was feeling very conflicted and completely unwilling, but she still walked forward to hold down the real body’s hands.

“Help me hold down her legs.”

“...” The girl in black felt like cursing.

“Hold down her waist!”

“...” She lost the willing to curse and only wanted to kill Feng Feiyun right away.

“Her knee is hitting me, are you gonna do it or not? Ahh, her right hand is loose. She just reached into the back of my robes! I’m bleeding right now…”

Luckily, Feng Feiyun was using his own intent to communicate with the girl in black. Otherwise, if others were to hear this, they would think that Young Master Feng was beginning to force himself on innocent girls again, to commit even more heartless acts.

Moreover, there was even someone helping him!

The girl in black had such a thought in her mind at this moment. She was feeling as if she was helping the tyrant. To make matters worse, the abused victim was her own body.

The real body finally calmed down as all the demonic energy was swallowed by Feng Feiyun. Her soft and small hands finally let go of Feng Feiyun back, falling back down powerlessly. Her long, alluring legs also slowly straightened as if it was the collapse after the climax.

The phoenix blood that was initially flowing nonstop in her body also paused as if her veins had been cut off.

Feng Feiyun’s lips unwillingly departed from her own. He stood up and used his sleeve to wipe off the saliva. It seemed that some fragrance still remained.

He was truly very tired as sweat dripped down his forehead. The back of his robes had been torn in many different places, and many finger marks could be seen. He took a deep breath to fix his clothing and tightened his loose belt before tiredly saying: “Finally took care of her.”

The face of the girl in black was full of black lines. Right now, Feng Feiyun looked like a playboy that had just finished a very offensive act, smiling in satisfaction.

“I’ve sealed her veins so I’ll now leave it up to you.” Feng Feiyun noticed her unfriendly expression and didn’t dare to stay any longer. He quickly rushed out of the cave.

Although the real body had formed its own intelligence, it was still very fragile. Erasing it was not difficult at all, so Feng Feiyun didn’t need to worry about it.

Outside the cave, Feng Feiyun sat down in a meditative pose and began to refine the phoenix energy inside his body. It was very beneficial to his physique. He wanted to use this energy to break through to the fourth level of blood transformation, increasing his physique once more to become a genius of the Grand Historical level.

As the demonic energy flowed through his veins, it carried an extremely hot force, causing his blood to move even faster as if there were fiery sparks dancing inside.

Feng Feiyun channeled the physique incantation to cultivate, causing the demonic energy to continuously enter his blood, making the already-shining golden blood become even more spiritually threatening.

The quality of the blood steadily improved and became purer while it boiled. Suddenly, an evil presence was stimulated by the demonic energy in the depths of his blood and crazily entered his brain, affecting his reason.

This was the blood of the evil demon. It was partially awakened from the stimulation of the phoenix energy.

Two red rays shot out from Feng Feiyun’s eyes as dragon scales appeared on his arm. He became more muscular as a black, dense mist surrounded his entire body.

“Aooo!” His face became quite ferocious as he let out a roar like a wild beast.

A sense of bloodthirst and sexual lust awoke inside his blood. This was different from last time. His self-control was under attack by the evil affinity, and his thoughts became more chaotic. He felt his control over his body slipping away.

“Have to control it, I cannot be defeated by the evil demon blood at this moment.” Feng Feiyun slammed his fists into the ground as he tried to suppress the evil energy in his blood. However, he felt his reason drifting away as his head felt like it was splitting apart.

Suddenly, a gentle power flowed out and slowly suppressed the evil energy in his blood. Feng Feiyun’s mind calmed down as his body was restored.

After completely refining the demonic phoenix energy, he opened his eyes and said: “Thanks.”

“Evil blood flows inside your body, and it will become a disaster in the future. I can help you this time, but I might not be able to next time.” The voice of the Good Corpse came from the corpse palace. Her voice was still extremely gentle and soothing.

“Of course, I am aware of this.” In order to thoroughly deal with this problem, he must return to the Feng Clan to take the Nine Doves Sacred Gown left behind by his mother to suppress the evil blood.

After surpassing the sixth floor, a seventh divine intent condensed in his head. He was getting closer and closer to grand achievement God Base.

However, even after refining the demonic blood, he was still not able to finish the blood transformation. He was only a sliver away but couldn’t break through. He could only be considered a heaven-defying genius at this moment and not one at the Grand Historical level.

After seven straight days, the girl in black finally managed to possess the real body. She turned back into a divine intent and entered the real body before leaving the cave.

Now this was the real Xiao Nuolan.

After seeing her again, Feng Feiyun felt a bit embarrassed. He didn’t even know how to address her.

“Call me Xiao Nuolan.” Xiao Nuolan calmly looked straight at Feng Feiyun. After the divine intent integrated with the real body, both her temperament and character became a bit different. Her eyes carried an ethereal and transcendent nature as if she was a goddess from above.

However, when she saw Feng Feiyun opening his mouth, her lips couldn’t help but twitch as she had a slightly odd expression.

If Feng Feiyun wasn’t standing right there, she would have wiped her mouth ten times over.

Feng Feiyun was a thick-skinned man, so he smilingly said: “Congratulations to Fairy Xiao for being able to regain your real body!”

Xiao Nuolan couldn’t help but laugh and indifferently said: “It is time for us to leave, and it’s also the right time to meet the Evil Woman. I actually want to see just how strong she is right now.”

This mountain that was suspended in the sky was not the trial ground for the seventh floor. The real trial was in the world below the mountain. Feng Feiyun initially wanted to enter the seventh floor, but Xiao Nuolan didn’t give him the chance. She forcibly dragged him back to the sixth floor.

Feng Feiyun also knew that with his current cultivation, there would be no point in entering the seventh floor, so he could only leave the tower. There would be more chances in the future, so there was no need to rush right now.

Xiao Nuolan turned into a black stone doll again and entered Feng Feiyun’s spatial stone to avoid the sealing power of the tower.

After the mirror above the monolith dimmed, all the cultivators outside knew that Feng Feiyun was finally about to come out. All of their expressions changed as if they were about to celebrate a hero’s return.

There were several old geezers with extremely high statuses standing right outside. They were existences on the same level as the Divine King. They have waited outside for many days to steal the talented. All of these old geezers were now surrounded by aggressive and bloodthirsty auras; they seemed to be sending the message: “I'll kill you if you dare to compete against me!” It was truly frightening.

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