Chapter 225: Lost Phoenix Valley

Each floor of the tower was like its own separate world. As one went deeper inside, the separate worlds became increasingly vast.

The seventh floor of the tower was a mountain that hovered in the sky countless meters above the ground. When looking downward, one could only see a boundless sea of clouds like a big white dragon tumbling around.

This mountain stretched for nine thousand miles. Dangerous steep peaks drilled into the blue sky. Cypress trees as big as dragons grew on this land of straight precipices as if they were about to fall into the sea of clouds and down into the mortal world.

In the far distance, a thin layer of mist bathed a particular spiritual peak. White cranes around three feet tall soared into the sky and dived down into the lush vegetation on the peak.

This was a scene in the land of the immortals; it was as if this mountain was from another world.

Feng Feiyun followed the girl in black walking through this peak. Along the way, they found several ancient traces of life. An old, rusting greatsword could be found pierced in a cliff. There were extremely gigantic chess boards suspended above the peak. All of this made it too clear; this used to be a place for cultivation, but it has now become deserted.

The girl in black entered a desolate valley full of dense fog and rich worldly energy, making it seem as if this was the secret dwelling of a deity.

The girl became much more cautious after entering, and her pace slowed down by quite a bit as well. Feng Feiyun also felt that there was a vast yet faint aura inside, an aura that carried a trace of harshness as if they were entering a land of the dead.

“Whoosh!” A weeping gust came from within the valley as if it was the cry of a beast.

Feng Feiyun quietly gasped and suddenly stopped. The wind blew away a layer of mud on the ground to reveal a piece of crimson bone the size of a palm.

This bone was as red as blood and had a thin layer of light flowing on the outside. Upon closer inspection, it was as tough as a divine stone.

Although it was only protruding a bit above ground, the aura erupted from it was extremely hot, causing the surrounding temperature to slowly rise.

The girl in front also felt that something was amiss and immediately turned around to gaze at this crimson bone on the ground.

“Phoenix’s bones!” Feng Feiyun felt his own bones tremble as if he was feeling the pain of kin.

“The name of this place is Lost Phoenix Valley. A phoenix had died here as its blood stained the entire area. It is normal for some bones to be lying around.” The girl in black casually said.

Even a phoenix had fallen here. It was clear that an earth-shaking event had occurred here, but the girl didn’t want to tell Feng Feiyun lest he opts out in fear.

“Do not touch that phoenix bone. Its temperature is frightening and will turn you into ashes once touched.” The girl reminded him.

She also didn’t dare to do so since she couldn’t withstand the heat either.

Much to her amazement, Feng Feiyun picked up the bone around the size of a palm from the ground then cleaned the mud off of it before putting it into his spatial bag.

The girl in black’s jaws almost dropped to the ground as she stared at him and said: “You drank phoenix blood before?”

“Never.” Feng Feiyun’s heart was heavy. A senior phoenix had fallen here, leaving him with an indescribable feeling. The name of this valley was Lost Phoenix Valley, and there was an invisible force that restrained all phoenixes in this location.

The girl frowned and felt a bit puzzled, but she didn’t pry any further and pressed deeper into the valley. The ground became redder as they infiltrated this area. Sharp and dazzling glints shot out from the air like heavenly blades; if one wasn’t careful, these lights would rupture their skin.

Lost Phoenix Valley — these three words were carved on a shattered monolith by using the blood of a phoenix. It was twisted in a strange fashion and was as pretty as flames.

“We are here!” The girl stopped right outside of a cave shrouded in thick, black fog while cautiously gazing inside.

She stood there with a cold and serious vibe. The black dress on her body was fluttering from the cold chill that emanated from within the cave and completely sketched out her wondrous body.

The corpse palace inside Feng Feiyun’s dantian also shook. The power of the Good Corpse from inside erupted and filled Feng Feiyun’s body. This power was holy and pure, resulting in a sacred white light enveloping his body.

The girl in black slowly reached out with her slender arm, and a claw came out from her hand. This was formed from spiritual light, and it explored the cave.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a terrifying wave from inside the quiet cave shattered the girl in black’s scouting claw.

“The Self is dead yet it is still so powerful!” The girl took two steps backward and scowled. She then directly turned into a black ray and rushed into the cave.

Feng Feiyun didn’t follow along and stood guard outside instead.

After entering the valley, he had an uneasy feeling the entire time. It was as if a shadow of death was looming over him.

“What are you worried about?” The Good Corpse’s voice rang in his head. Her voice was clear and pleasant like the melodious harmony of spring water running over pebbles, causing others to forget the troubles of life.

Feng Feiyun shook his head. He naturally couldn’t tell her that he was a phoenix in his previous life. After seeing the blood of his kin, he felt a great pressure. Even though she was the Good Corpse, he still absolutely couldn’t tell her.

“I think that since both the Good and Evil Corpses have cultivated their own sentience, the dead Self might have formed its own sentience as well after so many years.” Feng Feiyun said.

“Rumble!” A roaring explosion came from the cave, causing the entire valley to tremble. The earth split and boulders rolled down the cliffs. A black ray escaped from the cave.

The girl in black was pale and held her chest; she was heavily wounded.

“The Self has its own intelligence. After being stained by the blood energy and demonic energy of the phoenix in the valley, she is even more bizarre than the Evil Corpse!” The girl uttered with fear lingering in her heart.

“Boom!” A black blast mixed with boundless blood energy blew out from the cave.

“We have to work together to suppress her and erase the intelligence from her body!” Feng Feiyun’s body was filled with the Good Corpse’s power. He took out the stone saber from his spatial pouch and channeled energy into his arm. A considerable amount of white light immediately rushed into the saber’s body.

One Evil Woman was terrible enough, so if another appeared, what would happen then? A mighty power unleashed by Feng Feiyun and the girl in black assaulted the cave at the same time.

This cave was full of blood energy as fiery sparkles flew in the air. An ordinary person walking in would instantly turn into ashes.

“Why do I sense a demonic aura that can only belong to a phoenix?” Feng Feiyun’s heartbeat accelerated every three steps he took.

“The Self has lied here for 30,000 years. The phoenix blood had penetrated her body, resulting in quite a terrifying power. However, her intelligence is still quite low. As long as we can stop her, I will be able to quickly enter her body and erase that strand of intelligence, thus obtaining the body.” The girl in black had a serious expression. She was the divine intent of the real body, so naturally, the Self was also her body.

Deep inside the cave was a stone bed filled with cold energy. A graceful and delicate woman lied there; she had been sleeping for countless moons. She was motionless as if she was a carving made out of jade or ice.

On the ground by the walls were tiny drops of blood filtering through the ground and gathering by her side. The drops slowly flowed into her body, causing her skin to become even more exquisite.

Was this the real body of Xiao Nuolan? There was no trace of life or evil energy on her body.

However, when Feng Feiyun was ten paces away from her, the tender body that was lying quietly on the stone bed suddenly emitted a terrifying wave of power. Her pretty eyes suddenly opened and an endless amount of flames rushed out from within, encompassing the entire cave.

Such a dazzling brilliance surrounded the scene, making it so that people couldn’t even open their eyes.

“It won’t be so easy for you to use the phoenix blood for rebirth.” Feng Feiyun threw the phoenix bone to block the endless flames and directly attacked the Self.

The girl in black followed right after Feng Feiyun with a quick step. Her bright pupils carried some suspicions regarding his identity.

The Self’s stiff hand rose. A corpse raising its hand was truly too scary. Did this signify her awakening?

A wave of flames gathered on her hand and directly blew the phoenix bone away into a wall.

With the stone saber, Feng Feiyun broke through this wave of flames and ferociously pressed forward. He finally made it next to the stone bed!

He recalled the phoenix bone and used it to wash the flames from the Self’s body. At this moment, he could clearly see the woman lying on the stone bed. Her features were exquisitely perfect. She was curved and thin and had long eyelashes as well as an amazing figure, especially her protruding chest that was even plumper than the Evil Woman’s or the Good Corpse’s. Such a slender waist... Her thighs were as white as snow yet still so slender…

“What are you looking at?” The paled girl in black was very unhappy with Feng Feiyun. After all, it was her body. She especially gritted her teeth after seeing the blood dripping from his nose.

“What do I have to do to seal her veins to prevent her fire rebirth?” Feng Feiyun put on a solemn expression as he wiped the blood from his nose. He uttered such words without any embarrassment.

The girl forcefully restrained her anger and asked: “You think we can prevent a fire rebirth?”

“We can try it once.” Feng Feiyun had no hesitation. If they waited a bit longer, the Self would awaken completely. At that time, a second Evil Woman would come into being. It would be extremely troublesome if that happened.

A mighty force rushed out from the Self, but it was suppressed by Feng Feiyun and the girl in black’s combined effort, so she couldn’t move.

What made the girl in black even more angry was that after finishing his words, Feng Feiyun immediately touched the Self’s white cheeks with both of his hands in an incredibly beautiful motion. This drove her so crazy that she had to grind her teeth!

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