Chapter 224: Supreme

Feng Feiyun could feel that a strange flow was moving inside the girl in black’s body. He activated his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze and could see that her body was not real, it was only a divine intent.

Once a cultivator reached grand achievement God Base, they would have ten divine intents. The higher the cultivation, the more powerful their divine intents would be. Once they reached a certain level, their divine intent would actually be able to assume the form of a human and have their own, independent intelligence.

This girl in black was a divine intent of Xiao Nuolan. The other nine divine intents had been obliterated by the Immeasurable Tower, so only one remained. She originally had Xiao Nuolan’s emotions and thoughts, but now, this intent had cultivated its independent thought.

She was initially stopped on the fourth level by the tower and couldn’t reach the real body, but by borrowing Feng Feiyun’s aura to hide herself, she was able to reach the sixth floor.

After absorbing the evil moon’s power, she forcefully opened a passage to the seventh floor.

“The corpse palace is in your body, so the Evil Woman will come sooner or later to find you, and that day will be your doom. If you want to stop her, the Good Corpse and the Self must work together, so we are on the same side right now.” The girl in black said as she stood on top of the portal in the sky. A bright light flashed from her body. Her attitude had changed quite a bit. At the very least, she stopped attacking Feng Feiyun.

The Evil Woman was the Evil Corpse. The person inside the corpse palace was the Good Corpse. This girl in black was a strand of divine intent.

All three were separated from Xiao Nuolan’s body, but after thirty thousand years, all three had cultivated their own intelligence and independent will. Even the Xiao Nuolan of the past wouldn’t have expected this.

All three had their own selfish thoughts and wanted to — once again — combine the three parts to slay the heavenly dao in order to obtain the supreme dao fruit.

“Is the Self in the seventh level of the tower?” Feng Feiyun felt his scalp tingling after seeing three different Xiao Nuolans, and now there was a real body on top of that to make it four in total.

The girl in black gently nodded and said: “Help me seize my real body and I will help you stop the Evil Woman from seizing your future.”

Feng Feiyun smiled and shook his head to say: “Even if you and the Good Corpse combined… I’m afraid it still wouldn’t be enough to stop the Evil Woman.”

Although the girl in black was strong, there was still a big gap between the two.

“If I can take back the real body, then it is not certain that I won’t be able to stop her.” Her cold glare and oppressive aura were comparable to the Evil Woman’s, but she was not as heartless as her.

Ultimately, the Evil Woman was an Evil Corpse and had erased all good thoughts from her body. A person without any good thoughts — how frightening was this?

This girl in black, as the last remaining divine intent, could still be considered Xiao Nuolan, so she was the most qualified to take back the real body. After fusing with the real body, she would be the true Xiao Nuolan and her power would multiply several fold, so she would actually be able to fight the Evil Woman.

However, she alone wouldn’t be able to take the body, so she needed Feng Feiyun and the Good Corpse’s help. She entered the seventh floor’s portal.

“We’ll go with her! If the real body actually comes out, then maybe it will really be enough to stop the Evil Woman.” The Good Corpse’s voice, once again, rang in Feng Feiyun’s mind.

Feng Feiyun’s biggest crisis right now was the Evil Woman. All of these women were so powerful, so if all of them were left loose, this world would fall into chaos. However, since all of them wanted to take over each other, maybe they would mutually restrain the others.

After thinking this through, Feng Feiyun followed the girl in black into the seventh portal.

Another bright light descended as the portal to the seventh floor closed.

Outside of the Immeasurable Tower… “Boom!” The initially dark sky now had a blue light that soared all the way to the nine firmaments, causing half of the sky to turn blue.

The ancient mirror above the huge stone monument lit up for a long time. This dazzling blue light caused the dark night to become bright. In the far distance, the sound of a large bell could be heard and ruthlessly broke the silence of the night.

“Clank, clank, clank!” Three large bells echoed across the world as if it was telling the lands that another genius had entered the seventh floor. Only when a true genius actually entered the seventh floor would this bell automatically ring. This would not happen for experts from the past generations.

Within just one month, the spirit bell had rung twice.

Was another genius about to rise?

There were geniuses from all over the place at the base of the tower. At this moment, they all woke from their cultivation in shock and felt a pressure. In the near future, there would be someone using their heaven-defying talent to challenge them.

This was especially true for those at the top of the Pagoda’s Hundreds List; they felt the most pressure. They were all geniuses that could almost reach the Grand Historical level, but they felt that someone was about to change the list completely.

“Is a new era of war and competition about to come? Countless battles shall wage in the future.”

“The victors shall live and the losers shall die; in order to become a hero of an era, one must climb up a mountain of bones.”

All of these heaven-defying geniuses quickly closed their eyes to begin cultivating once more. They were not afraid of battle. If another Grand Historical Genius was about to appear, then the victor shall be king.

Of course, there were also those who could not remain calm.

“To actually… be able to reach the seventh floor... He is only of the God Base realm!” Some quivered right outside of the tower, either from excitement or fear.

“Another Grand Historical Genius is about to appear?”

“No, although Feng Feiyun’s talents are formidable, there is still a gap between him and a Grand Historical Genius!” No one knew when, but a scholar dressed in white appeared right outside of the tower.

The young man was cultured and refined. With a scholarly hat, his hair was tied by a calligraphy pen made out of bronze, and his sleeves were swaying to the wind. This young man was smart and handsome with a literary air.

It was as if a scholarly immortal had descended from above, ready to tour the north ocean all the way to Jiuyi Mountains.

His knowledge and self-restraint were invincible in this world; his calculations and schemes had no peers. The plans of the heavens supersede our own, but the scholar knows the will of the heavens! From this phrase, one could see just how great his wisdom was.

“The number one seer of the pagoda, the Heaven Calculating Scholar! So he also came out from the Bell Tower.” Many disciples raised an eyebrow, including Princess Luofu. The scholar’s reputation was too great.

“If Feng Feiyun is not at the Grand Historical level, then how could he reach the seventh floor?” Many people were unconvinced, such as Ji Feng and Shi Yelai.

The scholar hid his hands in his white sleeves, appearing as elegant as a crane. He stood still while lightly saying: “There is a strand of heavenly dao power inside the tower that conceals all of the aura inside, thus I cannot answer this question. However, one thing is for certain. Feng Feiyun’s willpower is stronger than any of yours, and his talent is infinitely close to the Grand Historical level. It is not strange for him to be able to reach the seventh level; perhaps his fortune is also greater than yours.”

“Fortune?” Shi Yelai remained unconvinced.

The scholar glanced at him and said with a smile: “A person without a certain destiny will not be able to go far on the road of cultivation. Good fortune is also another manifestation of one’s ability.”

Although there were still those who didn’t accept the scholar’s words, no one could refute him.

No matter the reason, Feng Feiyun had actually reached the seventh floor. He was the seventh genius at the God Base realm to reach the seventh floor of the Immeasurable Tower!

The commotion caused by this storm first spread throughout the entire Wanxiang Pagoda. There were also countless jade talismans flying in the sky, sending this message all over the dynasty.

The appearance of a supreme genius would always break the balance of power of the future cultivation world. Moreover, two actually appeared this time.

On a spiritual mountain inside a certain palace, a sect master held the talisman and emotionally said: “The Feng Clan actually wanted to defy the heavens or something! Luckily, the Feng Clan Master drove the son of the demon away from his clan. Otherwise, just one hundred years later, the Feng Clan would reign over the entire dynasty under the leadership of the two demons.” [1. Two demons here are the little demon and Feng Feiyun.]

“The son of the demon actually made it to the seventh floor... This talent is already comparable to the eight Grand Historical Geniuses, no, I should call it the nine Grand Historical Geniuses now. I’m afraid some people will not be able to sit still any longer.”

“I’m afraid the Feng Clan Master is extremely distraught from regret right now! Haha!”

On this day, many people across the dynasty received this message. Some laughed their hearts out while others grimaced with murderous intent in their eyes. They wanted to kill Feng Feiyun while he was still young.

Ancient Jiang Prefecture, Heaven Worship Division. [2. Formally known as the Feng Tian Bu, changed to Heaven Worship Division.]

This was an ancient mountain full of animal screams mixed with dark miasma. It gave the feeling of a savage, primal land.

The gray-haired Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng with a black robe was standing on top of an altar towering at several hundred meters high. His dried hand was holding a magical basin.

His wrinkled eyes were sunken deep inside their sockets. He stared at the vast world in the basin and could see different rays of light soar across the sky, one stronger than the other. Each of these rays represented a genius.

“Boom!” Suddenly, the stars in the sky started to tremble. More than ten bright stars swept through the sky and made their way to the Heart Mansion like ten divine swords, causing the constellations to go wild.

“The dragons will devour the sky while the Supreme protects.” The master’s wide eyes glared and shot out two blinding glints. “A new generation of heroes have come. In the near future, there will be even more Grand Historical Geniuses appearing in this world. This era will no longer be calm...”

Cultivators who knew how to observe the stars at the moment sensed an unusual atmosphere. Who on earth had appeared to cause changes to the stars in the sky?

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