Chapter 223: Three Corpses To Slay The Dao

Sixth floor of the Immeasurable Tower. The full moon shining down from up in the high sky resembled a mirror.

The girl was dressed in black and stood proudly in this world. With a unique charm, she gave others the sense that she was like an immortal lotus flower traveling throughout the nine firmaments or a mustard seed traveling down the Yellow River. Just by standing there, she gave others a visceral fear.

This was the fear a mortal man would experience if they saw a grim female ghost.

Feng Feiyun also felt a cold chill rising from within. The girl in black standing below the moonlight had a wonderful appearance. Although she was shrouded by fog, one could still tell that her features had changed completely. Of course, she did not change into a ferocious ghost.

However, in Feng Feiyun’s eyes, it was even more difficult to accept than if she had turned into a ferocious ghost.

It was actually somewhat similar to the Evil Woman, but just a bit similar.

“Who the hell are you?” Feng Feiyun glared at her with a cold, firm gaze.

The girl in black was still absorbing the moonlight as her pretty eyes closed. She lifted her head, revealing a beautiful neck that was as white as a swan’s. It was as if she didn’t hear what Feng Feiyun said at all.

“Boom! Boom!” A series of quaking noises came from Feng Feiyun’s dantian. It started off light but soon became more violent as if something wanted to break through his dantian and rush out of his body.

The Evil Woman’s corpse palace was stimulated by something as it crazily shook up Feng Feiyun’s dantian. Corpse energy dispersed alongside the corpse flame as the corpse palace tried to break out of his body.

A powerful force slowly rose from the corpse palace and filled Feng Feiyun’s entire body. This corpse energy crazily channeled itself around his body, creating a layer of gray light around his skin that caused a suffocating atmosphere.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a white sacred light destroyed this gray light and densely covered his body, allowing his exhausted self to become full of energy. A huge power capable of suppressing all existences then flew inside his dantian.

The white light floated around as a body emerged like a flawless immortal.

Feng Feiyun didn’t dare to enjoy this power at all because this power was also devouring him as if it wanted to take over his body.

“Good Corpse, are you imprisoned by the Evil Corpse?” The girl in black stopped absorbing the moonlight. Step by step, she approached Feng Feiyun. Her face was beautiful like jade and her eyes were as bright as the stars.

Her sharp fingers took the form of a claw and tried to grab onto Feng Feiyun’s dantian at lighting speed. These slender fingers were like five swords. With flashing glimmers akin to immortal edges, they aimed to break through his dantian to reach the corpse palace.

“Boom!” A force circulated around Feng Feiyun’s body like electricity as his eyes shot out two blinding rays. One of his fists became as hard as steel and became bright. He unleashed this fist on the wrist of the girl in black and pushed her back.

This force that came from the corpse palace in his dantian was now running rampant throughout his entire body. It didn’t want to take over his body and instead only wanted to borrow it to fight against the girl in black.

A wound appeared on the girl in black’s wrist, but in the blink of an eye, a layer of white light glossed over it and immediately healed the wound without leaving a scar behind.

She no longer took action. The earlier exchange made her realize that even if she tried again, she wouldn’t be able to gain anything from it.

“Good Corpse, so you are actually able to cultivate your own intent and finish your fourth corpse transformation.” The girl in black gazed at Feng Feiyun, and her pretty eyes became fixated on his dantian.

These words were obviously spoken to the existence inside the corpse palace.

Although Feng Feiyun didn’t know what was going on, as the chieftain of the demon phoenix race, he was able to notice a clue or two. There was a saying within the daoist doctrine: slay the three corpses to achieve the primordial dao.

The three corpses were referring to the Good Corpse, the Evil Corpse, and the Self.

By slaying all three corpses, one would be able to attain the primordial dao fruit.

However, these were only writings left behind from the daoist forefather’s ancient scripture. Since the ancient times, no one had ever tried to do so. When one person slays their own Good Corpse, at the very least, they would become an evil lord.

However, if they also slay their Evil Corpse, then this person would lose all emotions and desires; they would neither be good nor evil. If they didn’t become a foolish person, then they would become a saint.

However, if they would even slay the Self, then how could they continue to live on?

Because of the reasons above, no one had ever tried to attempt this method. Although the primordial dao fruit might be wonderful, the cost of it might also be fatal.

Could it be that someone was actually cultivating this daoist method? The Evil Woman was the Evil Corpse, so was the fairy-like girl that he had seen inside his corpse palace the Good Corpse?

When tracing back to the origin, they were both the same person.

The Good Corpse was trapped by the Evil Corpse inside her corpse palace, then who was this girl in black before him? Why did she appear inside the Immeasurable Tower?

Could she be the Self, the true body?

No, that couldn’t be because if she cultivated the daoist method of slaying the three corpses, her three corpses couldn’t be separated. After all, how could they be separated without being destroyed?

Feng Feiyun felt that he had even more questions than before.

“You are thinking about the Dao Decapitating The Three Corpses, but Xiao Nuolan cultivates the Three Corpses Decapitating The Dao, a reversal method. First, one has to separate the three corpses then combine them and use this power to cut out an entirely new heavenly dao that belongs to oneself.” The Good Corpse’s voice came from the palace inside Feng Feiyun’s dantian and directly communicated with his mind.

It seemed that she could see through his thoughts, so she was able to answer him in this fashion.

“Three Corpses Decapitating The Dao!” Feng Feiyun was in disbelief; someone in this world actually dared to kill a heavenly dao!

“Obey the heavenly dao and win the grand dao; rebel against the heavenly dao and obtain the heaven and earth.” The voice of the Good Corpse answered again.

Feng Feiyun asked: “You’re saying that Xiao Nuolan divided herself into three parts, the Good Corpse, the Bad Corpse, and the Self. Then, she will combine all three into one again to slay the heavenly dao?”

“This was her plan after obtaining the ancient daoist scripture, but something unexpected happened.” The Good Corpse responded.

“What happened?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“Thirty thousand years ago at the Western Bull Continent, the ancient scripture of the daoist forefather was stolen. A Holy Saint of the daoist doctrine summoned the Supreme Immeasurable Tower across an entire continent to suck Xiao Nuolan inside. Along the way, another mysterious existence took action from a different continent and attacked, causing the Supreme Immeasurable Tower to fall into this barren land.” The Good Corpse recalled an ancient secret. Each word resounded as loudly as thunder, causing Feng Feiyun to shudder.

“Are you saying that this land is the Western Bull Continent?” Feng Feiyun was a bit shaken.

The Good Copse didn’t know why Feng Feiyun was so startled. She thought that Feng Feiyun had limited knowledge, so she slowly explained: “The Western Bull Continent is extremely vast and spans for hundreds of millions of miles. The Godly Jin Dynasty is only located at a barren corner of this continent; it is like a drop of water versus the entire ocean. Being born in the Godly Jin Dynasty... Perhaps you think that the world is already extremely vast and there is no way of getting from one end to another, but this is only the shallow knowledge of a frog at the bottom of a well.”

How could Feng Feiyun not understand this logic? His view of the world was far beyond ordinary people, and he knew that this dynasty was only a small portion. He knew the existence of the Western Bull Continent, but of course, there were things that he would not reveal, so he stopped asking.

He had already witnessed the extraordinary characteristics of the Immeasurable Tower. This whole matter was actually related to an ancient secret that even involved a Holy Saint of the daoist doctrine.

Holy Saints — these were the top existences of the world and infinitely close to the heavenly dao. They lived in seclusion and might not necessarily appear even once in every ten thousand years. Even Feng Feiyun, in his past life, had never seen a Holy Saint.

“The Immeasurable Tower fell into this land, and Xiao Nuolan was almost completely destroyed. However, at that time, she successfully dissolved her cultivation and divided into three to, once again, tread on the path of the Three Corpses Decapitating The Dao. 1,800 years ago, a genius of the Buddhist faith entered the Immeasurable Tower, and the Evil Corpse turned into a black stone doll, wishing to borrow him to escape the tower.”

Feng Feiyun inquired: “Did this Buddhist genius eventually become the abbot of the Mortal Life Temple?”

Legend stated that since the ancient times, only six people were able to defeat the sixth floor of the tower at the God Base level. All of them had amazing talents and incredible fortune — did this have something to do with Xiao Nuolan?

Then, Feng Feiyun thought about his own situation as his eyes swept over the girl in black. She wanted to escape from the tower and might have to borrow him to hide her aura, or else the tower would continue to seal her within.

“Then why did Xiao Nuolan die?” Feng Feiyun thought about Jing Huan Mountain and when the Evil Woman was born. He still felt chills whenever he thought about how he almost died in her hands.

The Good Corpse had always been inside the Evil Woman’s palace, so there was no way she didn’t know what the Evil Woman had experienced.

Feng Feiyun defiantly said: “Aizz! When a monk forgets to chant because of a woman and forgets the dharma, then even if he was wise for an entire lifetime, he would still become stupid.

“When a nun forgets to chant because of a man and forgets the dharma, I’m afraid she won’t be any better off than the monk.”

“I can only say that the monk named Mu Song used his life to help the Evil Corpse complete her fourth transformation. However, the Evil Corpse might not even be able to remember his name right now. Perhaps, she even completely forgot what he looks like. They were only mere passengers in each other’s lives, so why the need to be so lovesick?”

“Hmph! Another poor person tricked by a woman!” Exclaimed Feng Feiyun.

“The Evil Corpse never used him. She also looked down on doing such a thing, it was only the stupid monk’s one-sided wish. Her evil nature reigned supreme, and its creed was to use force to suppress people. Why would she need to take advantage of him?”

“So it was another pitiful person with his one-sided love!” Replied Feng Feiyun.

“Why do you have so many grievances against women? Moreover, why are you adding the word ‘another’ each time?” The Good Corpse was perplexed.

“Because I have been tricked by a woman before, and it was also one-sided.” Responded Feng Feiyun.

The Good Corpse became quiet inside the corpse palace.

Meanwhile, the girl in black stood beneath the moonlight like a ghost welcoming the rays. She stretched out her jade-like hand higher than even the heavens as if she wanted to pluck the bright, full moon in the sky.

The moonlight condensed and, with a dazzling brilliance, a portal was forcefully opened by her in the sky. It was three hundred meters high and appeared to be the pathway to the heavens. Inside was a void with no end in sight.

This was the portal to the seventh floor of the Immeasurable Tower. She actually borrowed the power of the moonlight to forcefully open a path to the seventh floor!

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