Chapter 221: Endless Killing

Although the Little Demoness had been defeated on the seventh floor, not even the slightest wound could be found on her body, causing others to suspect that she was actually strong enough to pass the seventh floor.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun and Shi Yelai were still killing on the sixth floor. This was a fierce battle. If either of them could pass the sixth floor, then perhaps they would be bestowed the title and become the tenth Grand Historical Genius.

Of course, a character of this level would not emerge so easily in this world. Relatively speaking, it was more likely that they wouldn’t be able to defeat the sixth floor.

Feng Feiyun felt his strength slowly being sapped away from his body, and the God Base in his dantian became dimmer and dimmer. The flow of his blood throughout his veins slowed down. The only thing that increased was his continuous and ragged panting.

The battle had gone on for four hours already. The exchanges were not with ordinary opponents, they were all God Base cultivators. There was no room for distractions.

Even though Feng Feiyun’s body was extremely powerful, he was still completely fatigued by having to fight against so many powerful opponents. His spirit energy was less than twenty percent of its peak, so his actions were delayed by quite a bit as well.

The sky was becoming darker as the sun fell below the city walls. A cold chill that carried the stench of blood came about, signaling the arrival of night.

Right when Feng Feiyun thought that his defeat was assured, the sun completely disappeared beyond the horizon as the entire world fell into darkness.

A peak God Base cultivator that had made his way before Feng Feiyun dissipated into green smoke the moment the sun disappeared.

“What is going on?” Feng Feiyun thought to himself.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” All the God Base cultivators disappeared inside the ancient city and turned into smoke; they disappeared without a trace and became one with the air.

Even those who had died under Feng Feiyun’s stone saber were no exceptions.

After all of his enemies disappeared without a trace, an indescribable fatigue took over his entire body. It had been quite dangerous earlier, so his nerves were fairly tense, not daring to be the least bit careless. But now, when the danger temporarily disappeared, a wave of tiredness and sleepiness came, making Feng Feiyun wish that he could just drop down to the floor and have a good night’s sleep.

However, he absolutely couldn’t sleep at this time!

This peace was only temporary. The moment the sun rose again on the horizon, these God Base cultivators would appear once more and assault him in waves. This was Feng Feiyun’s speculation.

Although he didn’t want to lift even a single finger, he still sat in a meditative pose and began to condense his spirit energy. Only by restoring his energy would he be able to deal with the next test.

Vast amounts of spirit energy came to him and entered through his pores, then it spread to his veins and meridians. From there, the energy went into his dantian. All of the cells in his body were like farms that had experienced a drought for many days; they greedily drank all the energy.

His six divine intents ran around his body. One flew into his dantian. The once-vast dantian was now running dry on spirit energy. Even the God Base was almost shattered; it was countless times weaker than during its prime.

The Evil Woman’s corpse palace floated inside his dantian, but after the first time Feng Feiyun’s intent went inside, the four gates all closed.

If this wasn’t the case, then Feng Feiyun would only need to borrow the corpse flame from the palace to easily pass the sixth floor.

Spirit energy crazily poured into his body and towards the God Base, causing the God Base that was only the size of a rice grain to become bigger as it slowly recovered.

The energy in his blood also recovered as well. A bright golden light appeared along with roaring explosions. Now, there was also a stony white spirit energy strand inside his blood.

During the day, Feng Feiyun didn't have time to check what stimulated his demonic blood, but now he had found the culprit.

“This stony energy is the same as the stone saber’s energy. Could this be caused by the stone saber?”

The night’s curtain was as thin as silk, coming down from above to encompass the entire world.

Feng Feiyun sat on top of a stone platform with the stone saber pierced into the ground before him. It was simple and unadorned, but with a more careful look, one could see faint, bloody runic lines moving. These lines were indiscernible to the naked eye.

Moreover, the saber was gently shaking as well. However, this fibrillation was extremely tiny so others couldn’t notice it. It was as if the stone saber had a heart and was matching Feng Feiyun’s heartbeat.

Feng Feiyun had fifty-seven wounds on his body. Among them, two were almost fatal, but at this moment, these wounds were starting to slowly heal and scars were beginning to form. His internal organs were being cured by the spirit energy as well.

Before dawn, Feng Feiyun’s spirit energy within his body had been replenished and was even more potent than yesterday. His cultivation had increased by a considerable amount.

The blood on his clothes had dried, so as he gently shook, the dried up blotches fell down to the ground. Although he had reached his peak state again and was even stronger than before, Feng Feiyun couldn’t relax since he knew that tomorrow’s test would be even more brutal.

Just a measly four hours from yesterday had completely exhausted him, but today would be a full day; this would be more than three times longer than yesterday! He must withstand twelve hours of onslaught before the sky darkens again.

This will be a hard fight, so he had to prepare in advance.

While it was still dark, Feng Feiyun prepared formations in all directions. After an hour had gone by, he had carved out 72 second-rank formations. With these defensive formations in place, Feng Feiyun became a lot more confident.

When the morning sun rose, the entire city became rowdy once more. There were shadows everywhere and waves of murderous intents looming in the air. Some flew above houses while others ran along the old street towards Feng Feiyun.

In this chess game, the enemy had an entire army while Feng Feiyun could only rely on himself.

“Boom!” The first intermediate God Base cultivator jumped more than ten meters high and unleashed a force of four qilins that had a green shade, carrying a mighty power.

Feng Feiyun immediately invoked his formations. This cultivator was immediately overwhelmed by the formation as he lost one of his arms. The force of four qilins could only destroy a corner of the formation.

After the first was killed, all the cultivators behind him promptly rushed forward. The 72 formations couldn’t stop their advance, not even for an hour. All of them were completely destroyed; of course, there were also sixty more corpses lying on the ground. They were dismembered by the formations.

“Pluff!” With the stone saber in his hand, Feng Feiyun plunged it into one of the approaching cultivators.

In order to preserve his strength and spirit energy, his actions had become quite controlled. Moreover, he was only using pure power and didn’t touch his spirit energy reserve.

After an hour when his strength weakened, he began to utilize his spirit energy as the main offensive in order to regain his physical strength.

It was another murderous day with more than three hundred bodies lying around the ground. Each of them was a God Base cultivator, so such a battle record was quite frightening.

However, because these cultivators were born just for fighting and killing, their intelligence couldn’t match real God Base cultivators even though their combat capabilities were comparable to them.

If Feng Feiyun was fighting in the real world against more than three hundred God Base cultivators, then some old foxes would have sneaked in some attacks and killed him already; there was no way he would have been able to replicate this task outside. Even a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator couldn’t do so.

Feng Feiyun continued to persevere until nightfall!

“Thud!” The stone saber fell on the ground. His injuries were even worse than yesterday, resulting in him directly falling down to the ground. After a long time elapsed, he struggled to get up by using both of his hands while biting his teeth. Using his last trace of energy, he forcefully called out his true potential and forced himself to train once more by condensing spirit energy.

His entire body had become numb from the pain. Tired and haggard, he only wanted to close his eyes for a minute and rest. However, he knew that he must not do so because once he closed his eyes, he would become unconscious. By the time he wakes up, it would already be dawn. Then, he could only accept defeat and leave the sixth floor.

He was unwilling to accept defeat, thus he used his strong willpower to tough it out.

This was a test of willpower beyond the ability of most others. One needed a strong soul and will far beyond ordinary men.

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