Chapter 220: The Ninth Grand Historical Genius

Inside an ancient city full of armored cultivators, even the weakest among them were at early God Base and numbered in the thousands. Auras filled with battle intent soared into the air, frightening even the sky and causing the earth to tremble.

A world-shaking sound emanated along with miserable wails and moans. The fire of war raged on for several days without end as if a great army was massacring the citizens in the city.

However, the only combatant in the city was the blood-soaked Feng Feiyun.

This was an eternal war with non-stop killing. It was as if they would kill until the end of the world and destroy everything until all returns to the primordial beginning.


While standing on an old stone platform with his hands raising the huge sword, Feng Feiyun channeled an immense force to shatter the black armor of an intermediate God Base cultivator. The stone saber remained unharmed, but sparks flew off the armor; the body was smashed into pieces as well.

This was a horrific battle. The ground next to the boulder he was standing on contained piles of corpses; at least seventy to eighty percent of the ground was covered. The evil mist around Feng Feiyun’s body became thinner as his spirit energy was consumed as well. His crimson, bloodshot eyes gradually returned to normal.

After all, the evil and demonic blood in his body had only woken up a little. When he exerted a huge amount of spirit energy, of course it would die down then hide inside his veins until it gets stimulated again.

Feng Feiyun held his saber with both hands while gasping for air. A powerful sense of fatigue struck him, but he still stood with his chest proudly puffed out. He didn’t bend over and instead looked down at the countless opponents below.

“If you want to fight, then we’ll keep going!” Although he had no hope for passing the sixth level, Feng Feiyun’s battle intent did not diminish in the slightest. Under continuous battles, he could feel his cultivation increasing at a rapid pace; this rate of growth was nearly three times the ordinary cultivation rate.

Battling was the fastest shortcut to becoming powerful!

A life or death fight could stimulate the unlimited potential in one’s body.

Feng Feiyun’s hands were drenched with blood as the saber handle became wet as well, causing it to be quite sticky. The huge white saber made out of stone had also been dyed in a bloody shade. A white saber would enter a body and a red saber would come out afterward.


He cut down one more cultivator, but another left a frightening wound on his back with a slash. The area that was sliced now had a finger-wide gash with blood dripping out, slowing taking his life away.

“Go to hell!” Feng Feiyun forcibly turned around and endured the severe pain. With the saber in his hands and his bones issuing crackling sounds as his muscles tensed up, all the force in his body moved into his hands as he slammed down this saber that weighed 35,000 pounds, turning this early God Base cultivator into a puddle of blood. Even the bones were crushed into a pulp.

He would keep on fighting as long as there was a sliver of strength left.

Until now, only six people were able to reach the seventh level of the Immeasurable Tower at the God Base realm. All six were Grand Historical Geniuses, but it wasn’t guaranteed that each generation could produce one, so it was not shameful at all to not be able to pass.

“An hour has elapsed, but Feng Feiyun still hasn’t been defeated?” Those waiting outside the tower were attentively watching the three mirrors on the monolith. Two hours had gone by, but the lights from the mirrors did not dim at all. This was completely outside of everyone’s expectations.

Many had thought that Feng Feiyun, at best, would only last for fifteen minutes before being defeated, but two hours have now gone by and he showed no signs of defeat; he was still fighting inside the sixth level and has now lasted eight times longer than Ji Feng.

Meanwhile, the Little Demoness and Shi Yelai, who had entered the sixth level before Feng Feiyun, still haven’t been defeated. Of course, they still hadn’t reached the seventh level and were still killing in the sixth.

One disciple asked the wise seniors in the vicinity: “How does one surpass the sixth level of the tower?”

All of the wise seniors here had entered the tower before. Because their cultivations became increasingly stronger with time, the floor that they reached also far exceeded the sixth level. For example, the Martial Tower Lord, Zhang Badao, had entered the ninth level before. Talents was a part of it, but so was cultivation.

Zhang Badao spoke in an austere manner: “If we were to divide the qualities needed for the floors in the tower into ten parts, then one’s talents takes up four, intelligence takes up another four, cultivation is another one, and lastly, there is luck.”

High talents, great intelligence, considerable cultivation, and a fortunate fate — one with these qualities would, of course, reach the lower depths of the tower. Among them, talents and intelligence were the most important.

“The sixth level not only tests a person’s talents and intelligence, but also their willpower and luck. Many are stopped at this level not because they are lacking in talents or cultivation, but because their luck is not good and their willpower is not strong enough.” Zhang Badao said.

Long Chuanfeng smiled and added: “A person might not necessarily need supreme talents to become a master. As long as their willpower is strong enough, they might be able to prove their dao.”

Those who had never been to the sixth level only knew that these words made sense, but they couldn’t truly understand the meaning behind them.

“Boom!” One of the three mirrors emitted a bright green light once more. This time, it was even more beautiful and dazzling and looked like a pillar rising into the sky, causing half of the dome to become green.

This development was truly grand. The Spirit Bell on top of the Bell Tower also had to emit three thunderous sounds that travelled for several thousand miles, causing countless cultivators to wake up from their cultivation sessions.

This meant that someone had used their heaven-defying talents to reach the seventh floor, so the bell emitted three sonorous sounds to tell the world of the event.

On top of the 99th level of the Bell Tower high in the clouds, a white-robed scholar leaned against a balcony to look at the sea of clouds, towards the distant Immeasurable Tower. He gently moved his hands out of his sleeves and slowly calculated with his fingers before putting his hands back inside.

A person who relied on using their hands to make ends meet naturally treated them more preciously, always hiding them in their sleeves. Ultimately, this was safer than revealing them.

At the very least, Scholar Heaven Calculating believed so. Those who know to hide their hands were the smartest people.

“The ninth Grand Historical Genius has appeared!” The moment this white-robed scholar finished his sentence, a bronze pen that was pinned in his hair automatically flew out and wrote a ninth name on the wall of the tower.

He didn’t need to use his hands. The words written by this pen were as smooth as clouds and wind. They were written in a grand and natural manner and seemed even more transcendent than the work of a famed calligraphy expert.

“It is the Little Demoness! How scary, she has yet to reach twelve years old but has reached the seventh level. Since the start of time, those with talents comparable to her can be counted on one's fingers.”

The first person to reach the seventh level was the Little Demoness. This little girl, in terms of talents, completely surpassed Feng Feiyun and Shi Yelai.

Of course, after reaching the next level, she was still pressing forward with a strong momentum. Could it be that she wanted to reach the eighth level?

Reaching the eighth level at the age of twelve would shame a lot of people to death.

“I don’t think it will be that surprising. The Little Demoness is definitely at the Grand Historical level, and her cultivation is indubitably at Heaven’s Mandate. Her battle prowess, I’m afraid, can already rival the other eight Grand Historical Geniuses, so she might be able to reach the next floor.”

“She is truly unreasonably strong. She’s only twelve years old, twelve years old!” A prodigy lamented repeatedly and felt that he was not worthy of being called a prodigy before Little Demoness.

“She is able to pass the sixth floor because she is at Heaven's Mandate. Although this speaks volumes of her peerless talents, this is still using a powerful cultivation to forcefully push through. On the contrary, I actually feel that if Feng Feiyun or Shi Yelai could beat the sixth floor, it would be even more shocking. In the end, they are only God Base cultivators, especially Feng Feiyun who is only at the peak level.”

Many in the crowd gently nodded and felt that these words made a lot of sense. Talents could be interpreted in two different ways; having a high cultivation at a young age could be construed as one type of genius, and the other was to be invincible within the same realm.

The former belonged to the fast-growing type while the latter strengthens their foundation before breaking through.

One was like a bright star streaking through the sky while the other was the slow rising sun.

The stars and sun were the same, and no one could say which one was stronger. As long as a person could be part of either categories, they would be considered a heaven-defying genius.

However, when one had a fast cultivation speed and was also untouchable within the same realm, then they would be able to obtain the title of “Grand Historical Genius”.

And now, the Little Demoness had become a Grand Historical Genius. Meanwhile, unless Feng Feiyun could cultivate the Immortal Phoenix Physique to the fourth level of blood transformation to return to the origin, he would remain one step behind. If he could reach the fourth level of blood transformation, his physique would reach the next level and he would become a Grand Historical Genius.

In the end, the Little Demoness couldn’t surpass the seventh level and left in defeat.

“I’m not playing anymore, not playing… Not fun at all, it hurts so bad…” The Little Demoness emerged from the tower and her clothes were still as neat as before. She wore a little red dress with a white kitty in her hands. She was clutching her little finger while continuously calling out in pain.

Others who left the tower would either be mortally wounded and covered in blood or battered to the point where they couldn’t walk anymore. However, the Little Demoness, after returning from the seventh floor, didn’t have a single drop of blood on her body. Her clothes were still tidy and she was in high spirits. She seemed just like a little girl returning home after playing in her neighbor’s house with her kitten.

Although she cried out in pain while holding her finger, the other cultivators were completely astonished and dumbfounded after seeing this: “Don’t tell me she fell to the ground and hurt her fingers like that?”

“Little cousin, are you hurt?” Feng Lingji came out and asked with concern. He was defeated on the fourth level and almost made it to the fifth.

The Little Demoness held her little finger and pitifully replied: “I’m hurt, this pain is killing me.” Her jet-black eyes were blinking, seemingly on the verge of tears due to the pain. She cried out and kept using her cute mouth to blow on her finger as if she had never suffered such a “heavy” injury before.

“This little girl is too cruel. Can you even call that an injury?” Ji Feng had more than thirty wounds over his body. He was still meditating to recover and couldn’t bear to see the little girl cry. He gritted his teeth in annoyance while his heart bled!

Talents from everywhere who originally planned to enter the Immeasurable Power all felt embarrassed from the blow that came from her actions.

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