Chapter 219: Bloodied

Two beams shot through the sky and descended at the outskirts of the Immeasurable Tower.

Long Chuanfeng, with his arms crossed before his chest, looked like a divine king with an aura that caused others to bow down. Even the Martial Tower Lord, Zhang Badao, stood obediently behind him.

He was old with a bent back but carried a peerless aura. He arched his chest and looked forward.

Outside of the tower, many powerful auras towered to the sky, causing the young disciples to feel extremely pressured. Many experts of the previous generation had come running to the tower. Some were from the Technique Tower, some from the Dao Tower, and some from the Witchcraft Tower… Each of them were real experts. The Wanxiang Pagoda was equivalent to having one hundred sacred grounds together, yet they were still independent in co-existence.

The older experts were all startled to see the Martial Tower Lord and Divine King arrive. They quickly rushed and bowed to greet the king in their most respectful manner. Although they were top experts of the towers, they weren’t much before the king.

Of course, there were also those cursing in the darkness since they perfectly understood what type of characters Zhang Badao and Long Chuanfeng were: “The two biggest bandits of the pagoda are here! They’re clearly here to steal people... Someone is going to be unlucky this time.”

Although everyone knew their goal, they could only secretly mutter it under their breaths as no one dared to say it out loud.

“This servant greets the Divine King!” Attendant Yu also came and prostrated before Long Chuanfeng with his forehead touching the ground.

The person before everyone was the only person bestowed the “Divine King” title in all of the dynasty. He was the uncle of the number one man, the Jin Emperor. Attendant Yu was only an inner court eunuch, so despite his supreme cultivation, he still couldn’t help but prostrate to worship him.

“Luofu greets Imperial Grandfather!” Even the noble Princess Luofu left her dragon carriage. This was also the first time she revealed herself in front of everyone.

Naturally, her disposition was striking. She bore an elegance far beyond that of the daughters from ordinary clans. Just her noble aura alone was enough to cause every other women in the world to bow their heads.

The wind, flower, snow, and moon among the nine floors were not comparable to one glance from Luofu! [1. Idiom for love affair/romance/beauties, specifically one in a brothel or a hostess mansion. It is saying that all the beauties in these places are not equal to one glance from Luofu.]

This was the sentimental phrase uttered by the number one genius of the Sacred Spirit Palace, “Li Xiaonan”, after seeing Princess Luofu two years ago.

And in the Wanxiang Pagoda was a devilish diviner, the “Heaven Calculating Scholar” who composed the “Spirit Treasure List”, “Grand Master List”, “Eight Grand Historical Geniuses”, and the “Heavenly Beauty List”.

And Princess Luofu’s beauty was ranked fourth in the Heavenly Beauty List!

A “mortal” cannot guess the intentions of the “heavens”, but the Heaven Calculating Scholar was the wisest in the land. There was nothing he didn’t know and nothing he couldn’t understand, so the Heavenly Beauty List written by him naturally held the most authority.

Everyone who had seen Princess Luofu’s face lamented as well. The fourth ranked beauty of the Jin Dynasty did not bring shame to her fame. Her noble aura along with her jade-like features caused others to not dare to directly look at her face. Anyone who met her gaze couldn’t help but bow their head.

Her head was as black as a waterfall, covering her snow-white neck that was akin to a proud swan’s. Adorned with a golden dress, she stood like a fairy on the moon. There was no trace of arrogance and willfulness like the other princesses, she was as solemn as a goddess. The smile on her stunning face was enough to shock the hearts of everyone.

One smile to topple to a city, another laugh to topple a kingdom!

The Divine King and Princess Luofu were both descendants of the imperial clan. A single stamp from either of them would cause the entire dynasty to tremble.

Since the Wanxiang Pagoda was the number one sacred ground for learning in the world, any exceptional prodigy from the imperial clan, after reaching a certain age, would be brought here for both training and gaining experience. The first reason was to cultivate good talents for the imperial clan, the second was to have them befriend all the talents in the world.

Even though the imperial clan was the owner of the Jin Dynasty, the dynasty was truly too vast. Some extremely monstrous and old clans exists with enough power to challenge the family.

If the imperial clan wanted to consolidate its power, it must reach a certain threshold of unity, thus requiring the friendship between the those of the younger generation. Ultimately, these young ones would eventually become the masters of the great powers in the cultivation world.

One after another, old cultivators came out and gathered right outside of the tower. They all came to “rob people”. The more sought-after talents were harder to get. Although the four prodigies in the tower had yet to come out, the atmosphere outside was already tense and on the verge of having fights break out.

If someone could break through the sixth floor to reach the seventh, then the atmosphere would be even more nervous.

It wasn’t calm inside the tower either.

“Die!” Feng Feiyun’s entire body exuded an evil and murderous energy. Dragonscales appeared all over his arms; his eyes were as crimson as blood as the blood inside his body surged like an endless river. Both of his hands held gigantic stone blades as he rushed forward on the sixth floor. Where he trod was filled with corpses, causing rivers to run with blood.

“Poof! Poof! Whoosh!” His mind was still extremely clear, but there was a murderous intent rampaging through his body, causing him to lose control. Only this crazed killing would allow him to find endless pleasure.

He naturally knew that there was a negative change in his body. The evil in his blood had awakened along with a trace of demonism. However, when the blade was in his hand and the enemies were to the side, there was no time for him to suppress the evil and demonic energies.

Only by letting go and roaming freely would he be able to retain his sanity.

After passing the fifth level, a sixth divine intent had appeared in his mind. Six tiny lights in the shapes of humans occupied his mind as his cultivation took a leap forward.

It was impossible to cultivate at such a terrifying speed outside of the tower. He would need at least two years to be able to go from two to six divine intents, and it would only get exponentially more difficult.

Even the most miraculous spirit medicine would not allow for one to create four divine intents in one day, yet the Immeasurable Tower was just this magical.

The seventh intent was even harder to procure, but if he could surpass the sixth floor, then perhaps the seventh would actually take shape.

This was an opportunity not to be missed. If missed, then he would have to waste another year of training.

“Boom!” His body was bloodied as his expression became ferocious. The evil mist around his body became denser and denser until it was as thick as ink. His control over his body was continuously weakening. With one slash, he split a peak God Base cultivator in half as blood spurted all over his face.

The sixth floor of the tower was a strange place. Feng Feiyun had entered an ancient city with at least one million inhabitants, and all of them were at the God Base realm.

The moment he appeared, they all attacked him without any warning or reason.

At the same time, the evil and demonic blood in his body was awakening, giving him an extremely bloodthirsty desire. He soared forward into the city where twenty to thirty cultivators already died under his stone saber. Some had their heads cut off while others were split horizontally at the waist… Ultimately, none of the corpses remained intact.

Although the ground was full of corpses, the God Base cultivators kept on rushing at him and trapped him in the middle as they unleashed their powerful attacks that intertwined.

A God Base cultivator could be an elder in a sect, but there were countless such characters here. If this continued, then even a Giant would lose his life.

What was even more crucial was that he didn’t know how to pass this level or understand the method to reach the seventh floor.

The only thing he could do was to kill. If he didn’t kill, then only death awaits him.

Although Feng Feiyun was fierce with his soaring evil energy, his entire body was still wounded. Golden blood dripped down from his shoulders, face, back, and arms… in an unceasing manner.

Despite his great battle prowess, he still felt powerless under the siege of so many experts. He essentially couldn’t kill them all, not to mention that none of them were weak.

Why was it that so many people couldn’t pass the sixth floor? Under such circumstances, many wouldn’t even be able to last one minute before being torn to shreds, let alone successfully passing it.

“Die!” Feng Feiyun screamed again as he swung his blade to kill another man, painting the street with his blood.

He wanted to rush forward, but he couldn’t take a step further because there really were too many enemies. It was already difficult to stay alive, let alone actively fighting back.

The higher the cultivation of a person, the stronger the enemies and the more numerous they would be on the sixth floor…

Feng Feiyun was a peak God Base with six divine intents, so the weakest of his enemies was still early God Base. There were intermediate and peak God Bases as well.

If a first level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator reached the sixth floor, then their enemies would be peak God Base. Some would be grand achievement God Base along with a few first level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators.

This was why having a higher cultivation didn’t necessarily imply success.

“Poof!” One layer of light disappeared from the mirror. One person had narrowly failed among the four geniuses.

It was Ji Feng! He survived for one minute on the sixth floor before being gravely wounded and had to give up.

Although he couldn’t surpass the sixth level, no one made sad comments. On the contrary, they looked at him with reverence as if it was a hero’s return. It was his first time entering the tower, yet he managed to survive for one minute on the sixth floor — this was already an incredible feat!

In the past, Shi Yelai was not as amazing as him! Ji Feng’s talents were above even Shi Yelai’s!

The other three sides of the mirror were still as bright as before since the other supreme geniuses were still undergoing their respective trials.

Everyone outside quickly speculated to see who would be the next to fail. Everyone thought that it would be Feng Feiyun because the previous battle at the Martial Exhibition Tower showed that Feng Feiyun’s talents were only around the same level as Ji Feng.

Since Ji Feng could make it for one minute before retiring due to grave injuries, Feng Feiyun perhaps wouldn’t be much different from him.

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