Chapter 218: Divine King

The Immeasurable Tower would only light up when someone breaks into the sixth floor.

Above the towering monument, only two sides initially lit, belonging to the Little Demoness and Shi Yelai. But now, the third side had lit up, startling everyone. This murderous energy caused the whole mirror to turn black.

Even the old guardian was astounded. A cold breeze left his back as he quickly got away from the monument to stare at the third mirror in amazement as well.

“This…” Beiming Tang stared at Feng Feiyun’s demonic appearance in the mirror and couldn’t believe his own eyes. Feng Feiyun managed to reach the sixth level! Moreover, he was suppressed to an indescribable level by the evil energy from Feng Feiyun’s body, causing the rest of his words to be stuck in his throat.

“Is this the demonic blood completely waking up inside Feng Feiyun?” A group of flames was fluttering in the sky, covering the mysterious master. The person’s voice was full of excitement as if they had been waiting for the blood inside Feng Feiyun to awaken all this time so that Feng Feiyun could exert his true power for the master’s banner to oppress an entire generation.

However, the master quickly ruled this out and thought to themself: “No, if the demonic blood had awakened completely, then Feng Feiyun would have directly broke through grand achievement God Base all the way to Heaven’s Mandate, and his current situation does not resemble first level Heaven’s Mandate.”

“In an ancient scroll, in order to completely wake the demon’s blood, one must drink the evil blood. At this moment, the only person qualified for this in the Jin Dynasty is the Evil Woman. It is impossible for him to wake his blood completely. He was only stimulated by something that resulted in a portion of his blood awakening.” Although Beiming Tang was extremely dissatisfied with Feng Feiyun and harbored deep hatred, he was still a disciple of the four great clans as well as the Dao Gate. He had great knowledge and knew a few rumors about the son of the demon.

Only by drinking the evil blood would he be able to completely awaken his demonic blood! In other words, if he wanted to become the true son of the demon, he must drink the Evil Woman’s blood.

However, the Evil Woman was a thousand year old Evil Corpse, and her cultivation was the dao of blood. The evil blood inside her body was extremely precious and required the blood of one million people to gather a single drop. At best, she would only have one thousand drops in her body.

In order to wake up his demonic blood, he would need to drink at least one thousand drops. This meant that in order for the real demon to come out, the Evil Woman must die from bloodloss.

In current times, no one had the strength yet to even cause her to spill a single drop of blood, let alone all of it, so Beiming Tang believed that Feng Feiyun’s demonic blood had not awakened completely and was only slightly stimulated.

“This makes sense. If he had completely awakened, then his appearance should be a lot more terrifying than it is now.” The mysterious master laughed heartily. To the master, the stronger Feng Feiyun was, the better. In the end, he was only a pawn.

With the blood bracelet controlling him, even if he becomes the real demon, he wouldn’t be able to escape his bound fate. Moreover, even if Feng Feiyun could break the seal of the bracelet, the master had other methods to force Feng Feiyun into submission.

Above the high sky, the dragon carriage was hovering like a chariot of the gods.

“The son of the demon’s reputation is well-deserved. Such high talents... To be able to reach the sixth level already...” Attendant Yu gently touched his sleeve while his face wore a dark smile like always. This eunuch stared intensely at the mirror; no one knew what he was thinking at this moment.

“The key is that this is his first time entering the Immeasurable Tower!” The voice of Princess Luofu also came from the chariot with a tone full of implications.

“Yes, it was Shi Yelai’s second time when he reached the sixth level.” Attendant Yu nodded his head in agreement.

After a while, Princess Luofu’s voice came again: “I did some calculations using the Ninestars Ceremonial Plate just now. The demonic blood has begun to awaken, but I can’t figure out what stimulated it.”

All the people outside the tower were clamoring with discussions. In just one day, three geniuses had reached the sixth level. Moreover, two of them were fresh faces since this was their first time at the tower.

“Little Demoness and the treacherous demonic son of the Feng Clan… This clan is indeed heaven-defying... They were able to produce two devilish geniuses like this at the same time. If the Feng Clan Master didn’t expel him, then one hundred years later when both of them are ready, not to mention the Grand Southern Prefecture, even the entire Jin Dynasty would tremble in fear.”

“I’m afraid even the Feng Clan Master didn’t expect that the son of the demon had such potential, but it is too late for regret now.”

“He ordered experts to chase Feng Feiyun everywhere. Once Feng Feiyun is older, I’m afraid the first person he will want to take care of is the Feng Clan Master.”


“Boom!” The Immeasurable Mirror shot out a fourth light. Another had infiltrated the sixth level!

The mirror showed Ji Feng’s figure as the Full Moon Heavenly Gaze on his forehead had opened completely. It was dazzling like the moon itself, giving others a transcendent and lofty feeling.

A natural heavenly gaze was indeed frightening, it could be considered the peak of heaven-defying geniuses’ physiques and was only a little bit weaker than Grand Historical Geniuses.

Another uproar occurred!

The guardian was pleasantly surprised. Of course, it was better to have more geniuses at the pagoda. This meant that a new golden era was coming. He couldn’t wait any longer and sent out ten divine intents throughout the pagoda. Many cultivators of the previous generation in seclusive training were alarmed. Four heavenly geniuses appeared in just one day, and moreover, three of them reached the sixth level at the God Base level! This was no small matter.

“Four extreme talents... It seems this will cause a huge commotion.” Zhang Badao came out from the 72nd floor of the Martial Tower. He had been in seclusive training for 160 years. He was eight feet tall and had a fierce and tough body with the appearance of a middle-aged man in his forties.

For physique focused cultivators, it was quite rare for them to train reclusively for so long. However, Zhang Badao’s cultivation had reached half-step Giant, so he had no choice but to do so. His spirit was quite good since he had just broken through.

“Bam!” He kicked the door of the Primal Cave, and the formation there was shattered by him as well. The one meter thick stone door was split into two halves.

He laughed out loud in an imposing manner before shouting: “Old Geezer Long, you are the previous generation Martial Tower Lord, but our tower had been suppressed by the Technique and Death Towers for too long. This is all because you didn’t train any good disciples! You must take full responsibility ah!”

Long Chuanfeng was meditating in the Primal Cave, facing a stone wall in silence. He was quite elderly and looked to be ninety years old.

There was a heavenly level technique on the wall; he had spent many years trying to understand it, so he couldn’t get up.

“Can you show some respect for your master? Moreover, you are the Martial Tower Lord now. How can you blame me for the tower not having any exceptional disciples?” Long Chuanfeng’s lips slightly moved.

“Haha, Old Geezer Long, when I started the path of cultivation, that was because you tricked me. You said something along the lines of ‘as long as you strive for immortality, then you can eat meat everyday’. Motherfucker, I got tricked by you so hard! Ever since I ate the Five Grains Spirit Stone to reach the Bigu level, I haven’t tasted meat for one hundred years.” [1. Bigu is not having to eat anymore.]

Zhang Badao sat down next to Long Chuanfeng. Although his words were quite crude, he had a lot of respect for Long Chuanfeng deep inside.

Long Chuanfeng was not only once the Martial Tower Lord, he had an even more terrifying identity — the blood uncle of the current Jin Dynasty, an Imperial Uncle and the only Divine King.

Only Long Chuanfeng was bestowed the title of Divine King, the other Imperial Uncles didn’t have such a qualification.

“Hmph, the Martial Tower once stood at the top of the Wanxiang Pagoda’s one hundred towers. Its power was not only at the top, it could even be considered top three in the entire dynasty. We can’t let it decline now. In order for it to rise again, we have to take in all the best geniuses and use an unbeatable battle record to rebuild its prestige!” Zhang Badao seriously stated.

“Yes.” Long Chuanfeng responded.

Zhang Badao gave him a fist and spoke again: “The Immeasurable Tower sent news today. Four geniuses had reached the sixth level, and three of them are all at the God Base level…”

“Oh?” Long Chuanfeng’s expression finally changed a little bit as he said: “To be able to reach the sixth level at the God Base realm, that is indeed brilliant. If they could reach Heaven’s Mandate, then perhaps they could get to the seventh floor. These are indeed geniuses, but are any of them physique cultivators?”

To be considered a genius by Long Chuanfeng was a very high evaluation.

Zhang Badao smiled and said: “Old Geezer, are you interested now? How about we go take a look?”

“You are the Martial Tower Lord so can’t you go yourself?” Long Chuanfeng closed his eyes again.

“Hehe, the four geniuses are not students from our Martial Tower, they are from the other towers. It is best that for this type of poaching to be personally carried out by our great Divine King. Just what is your status? Would anyone dare to say the word ‘no’ to you wishing to take in a disciple even if they knew that it was straight robbery?” Zhang Badao said with certainty.

Zhang Badao smiled again and added: “Moreover, isn’t it your specialty to trick disciples in like this? If I show my face, won’t I only mess it up?”

Long Chuanfeng opened his eyes again and fixed his robes a bit before clearing his throat twice and started to posture a bit: “What did you call me earlier?”

“Great Divine King.”

Long Chuanfeng, after all, was a martial cultivator. Although he was old, his blood still boiled for battle; his blaze would never extinguish.

“Very well! It is time for the resurgence of the Martial Tower! It is time for our inheritor to show up and instill terror to the entire trembling Jin Dynasty. The Divine King’s future disciple shall be invincible. We haven’t shown ourselves in a long time now, so let’s go find a sense of existence. Come! We’ll go to the Immeasurable Tower to see if there are any good seeds or not!”

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