Chapter 215: Grand Achievement God Base

The Murderless City of Death was vast and quiet.

The entire third floor seemed to be encompassed by this city with its archaic architecture that had withered through numerous years. The old walls along the streets were cracked and the palaces all had their entrances closed while a dangerous aura emanated out from within, deterring all trespassers from approaching.

This underground city was truly too vast, so vast that one couldn’t see the boundaries. Feng Feiyun loitered around inside for a long time; he was still limited to just one corner.

No one told him how to pass the third floor, and he had to find the door to the fourth floor himself as well.

There were no other geniuses who had also entered the tower in sight. No one knew whether these people had reached this city or not. However, even if they were here, it would be difficult to meet each other since this city was really too large; it was like a little world.

“No one in the Jin Dynasty would be able to create the Immeasurable Tower with an independent space like this. Even a great user of the Heaven’s Emergence realm would not be able to.” Feng Feiyun’s body contained the soul of the phoenix so he could faintly feel an indistinct aura coming from underground. It gave him a strange sensation as if the center of the entire tower was focused there.

Although there was no evidence, this feeling was very real, making Feng Feiyun want to see if he could proceed deeper to discern this particular aura.

Feng Feiyun focused his gaze then stopped at a corner of the city. A loud explosion rang above his head, bringing along a frightening presence. A gigantic palace came falling down from above with a clear windy shrill like a huge mountain being down pushed by somebody.

It finally made a move!

Feng Feiyun shot straight up like a sword with a majestic power that directly broke through this palace, then he slowly descended with a suppressive palm.

Seven blue qilins shot out from his palm with a resonating roar like a stampede across the sky.

“Ba!” The inside of the palace had a powerful presence. It destroyed the pieces of falling debris as countless stones and bricks flew everywhere. A sixteen meter long serpent pounced with its jaws open and shot out a black corrosive energy.

Inside that huge palace was a giant serpent with green scales covering it. Pus was flowing from between its scales while it had a pair of black eyes the size of human heads.

Its bright red tongue flicked in and out, creating quite a horrifying scene!

“Xshh Xshh!” Its body’s diameter was even greater than a huge water bucket! It quickly soared in the air and shattered one qilin image. Then, its scales spewed out a red light towards Feng Feiyun.

“Such a poisonous mist!” Feng Feiyun’s sleeve was coated with the mist and was instantly corroded into a black then gray color.

His body fell back down to the ground while the serpent pounced downward towards him. At this moment, its body was covered by a black mist that carried a nauseating stench.

“Boom!” A green palace rolled over next to him, causing dust to fly everywhere. A four meter tall scorpion destroyed a one meter thick wall while pinching its sharp claws before rushing over.

“Ta Ta!” The scorpion crushed the debris on the ground and instantly arrived in front of Feng Feiyun.

“Swoosh!” Feng Feiyun’s body shifted over ten meters horizontally to dodge the attack from both the serpent and the scorpion.

What kind of situation was this? Could each palace in this city contain a poisonous creature? Their strength was no less than a four or five hundred year old strange beast, not to mention the poison on their bodies. Their destructive capabilities were even greater than that of strange beasts.

It was as if they were answering Feng Feiyun’s question; more than ten palaces nearby all started to shake.

“Boom!” More than ten palaces suddenly came for Feng Feiyun. This was a wild spectacle and was especially shocking. It was as if ten small mountains were flying in the sky.

What kind of Murderless City was this? It was full of danger everywhere!

“Dark Water Art!” Feng Feiyun pointed with his finger, and it pierced through a palace. A bloody mist rushed out from inside along with a shrill scream. A lizard was killed by the water art.


With an extremely fast speed, Feng Feiyun dodged past these poisonous creatures while unleashing the water art nonstop. In less than half an hour, thirteen giant corpses could be seen lying on the ground. There were ten meter long serpents, four meter high scorpions, and a centipede with more than one hundred legs…

All of the bodies burst into poisonous clouds then condensed into a mist above Feng Feiyun’s head before coming down with an overwhelming pressure.

“Damn things won’t give up!” Feng Feiyun didn’t want to waste time any longer. His palm gave birth to a crimson lotus, and he shot it to the sky. All the poisonous mist was instantly incinerated.

A spirit boulder then rose up into the sky in a tranquil manner like a flawless moon illuminating thousands of miles.

“Immeasurable Tower’s third floor — passed!”

The light slowly scattered down to Feng Feiyun’s head as another divine intent came into being to become the fourth intent.

Peak God Base was about creating divine intents. Each time a new one was formed, one’s battle power would also increase by a layer, along with their cultivation.


The ground collapsed as a staircase appeared; it went all the way down into the darkness of the underground. This was the pathway to the fourth floor.

Feng Feiyun continued down without any hesitation. The first three levels were all easy and had great rewards on top of that, but the real trial began at the fourth floor.

“Welcome to the fourth floor of the Immeasurable Tower!” This time, the voice did not directly enter Feng Feiyun’s mind. Instead, a girl dressed in black was talking to him.

The fourth floor was completely different from his expectations because this place was very ordinary and fit the characteristics of an old tower. There were paintings along the walls with windows, desks, chairs, and even bookshelves in sight.

It was just like the study of a tower!

Because it was too normal, it became abnormal. There was a distinctive change compared to the first three floors. The floating boulder, iron prison, and murderless city were all dangerous places.

It seemed like the fourth floor was a new boundary altogether!

The girl in black was sitting at a desk and reading a bamboo scroll. She lifted her head and smiled at Feng Feiyun.

“Don’t tell me, are you my opponent for the fourth floor?” Feng Feiyun asked with a smile.

“My name is Gu Yu, grand achievement God Base. If you can beat me, then you will pass the fourth floor.” The girl in black withdrew her friendly smile and spoke seriously: “If you accept defeat now, then I will send you back to the third floor.

The opponent of the fourth floor was a grand achievement God Base cultivator — this was way too unreasonable. This realm was much higher than Feng Feiyun’s! No wonder why many people were defeated at the fourth and couldn’t enter the fifth.

If the fourth was already like this, then the fifth and sixth must be even more devilish.

Feng Feiyun finally understood why Beiming Tang and Xue Wu all failed at the fifth floor and couldn’t enter the sixth. One could already imagine the difficulty of the fifth floor if the fourth was this hard.

Of course, there were also different levels of grand achievement God Base. This girl was the weakest type among them.

Feng Feiyun smiled while shaking his head. He had been wanting to fight against a grand achievement God Base for a while, and today, his wish has been granted, so how could he accept defeat?

“You need to consider well. Once the fight starts, I will not hold back. You might not even have the chance to concede.” The girl in black spoke in a matter-of-course manner while still holding the bamboo scroll.

“Begin.” Feng Feiyun decisively said.

The girl in black was also a puppet condensed from spirit energy, but she was different from the previous opponents. She had a certain amount of intelligence and could communicate in a simple manner with Feng Feiyun.

After seeing this puppet, Feng Feiyun was even more certain that the Immeasurable Tower was not created by the ancestors of the Wanxiang Pagoda. The magicalness of the tower reminded him of the Holy Saint Treasures.

Could this tower be part of a broken Saint treasure? Perhaps it could even be a treasure at the same level as the Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel.

Feng Feiyun didn’t have much time to think since the girl had already made her move. The bamboo scroll was easily snapped in half by her, turning into forty-three sword fragments covered by spirit energy. They shot out from her hand like a rain of swords.

All forty-three had the power to kill a peak God Base cultivator. They sealed all the possible directions that Feng Feiyun could move. A single step in whichever direction would have the danger of these bamboo fragments piercing his body.

Since he couldn’t dodge, he could only block.

A grand achievement God Base would have cultivated ten divine intents. Among the forty-three bamboo shards, ten of them were being controlled by her divine intents, and these were the strongest ones.

“Quite formidable!” Feng Feiyun had this thought in his mind. A flame burned in his eyes as the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze activated to find the ten strongest shards. Feng Feiyun’s body was also taut as he continuously pointed with his fingers ten times. With a speed as fast as lightning, he released ten red flames.

The ten strongest bamboo shards were shattered!

“Boom!” The Infinite Spirit Ring rapidly spun. This was the first time Feng Feiyun used his treasure since entering the Immeasurable Tower. A huge palm seal slowly formed in front of his chest, then it directly shot out to smash all the bamboo swords into smithereens.

Then, he unleashed another palm that was even stronger than the first.

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