Chapter 214: Murderless City Of Death

At peak mastery, the Crimson Fire Art could take any form! It wrapped around the iron prison.

All the numbers in the heaven and earth were part of the Great Change’s numbers. The Crimson Fire Art was a pillar of the Great Change Art, so it could destroy all the demons and apparitions in this world.

The three shadows were suppressed by the fire lotuses and incinerated into nothingness before disappearing completely. They no longer could take shape again.

“Immeasurable Tower’s second floor — passed.” A voice rang in Feng Feiyun’s head.

Everything in front of him suddenly became dark. He, once again, appeared next to the black stone wall above the spirit trail that hung in the sky. His hand was still pressed on the wall, and it could feel its coldness.

“Crash!” The stone wall suddenly collapsed as a countless amount of black energy congregated around Feng Feiyun’s body. This energy rushed inside him and went towards his brain to form a divine intent.

A third divine intent appeared in his mind. The reward of the second floor turned out to be a strand of divine intent!

According to his current cultivation speed, it would take another month at the very least to create a third divine intent, but after emerging victorious from the second floor, the divine intent immediately formed, saving him a month of cultivation.

The more time he spends cultivating, the more difficult it would be to create divine intents. Peak God Base cultivators with seven or eight divine intents all took at least several years or even dozens of years of harsh training.

It would be great if the reward for the third floor was another strand of divine intent!

Feng Feiyun became even more excited and quickly went back to the stone boulder that hung in the sky to get ready to enter the third floor. The difficulty of this level was most likely three times greater than the previous.

After the formation of his third divine intent, Feng Feiyun felt his battle prowess increase by a huge margin. This feeling was very clear. His body was full of power and even his senses were much sharper.

“Rumble!” The boulder that hung in the sky descended another one hundred meters. The temperature of the earth became hotter; although this change was very minuscule, Feng Feiyun could still sense it clearly.

After reaching the third floor, the boulder that hung in the sky finally disappeared. In other words, Feng Feiyun had to proceed by himself from now on, and it would only become more and more difficult.

Feng Feiyun didn’t dare to be careless while walking into the unknown. Keep in mind that many geniuses failed on the third level, including many top experts.

He went into a pitch-black cave with a downward-spiraling stone staircase. The inside was very quiet, and one could only hear their own footsteps.

It was as if this pathway was endless and one was treading into the heart of hell.

Step by step, Feng Feiyun walked down. In the beginning, he was very meticulous, but after going through several hundred steps, he quickened his pace and continuously passed several thousand steps. Nevertheless, he still couldn’t reach the end. It was more like he was walking in the same spot.

“Another formation... There are too many strange formations here.” Feng Feiyun suddenly realized this and halted his steps. He unleashed a palm strike with the power of hundreds of thousands of pounds to the wall to his left.

“Boom!” It was as if he had just struck a mountain. This stone wall was not damaged at all! On the contrary, Feng Feiyun’s hand was quivering from the recoil.

Could this not be a formation and instead a real flight of stairs?

Feng Feiyun slightly frowned and discarded this idea. According to the first two floors, each level should be about one hundred meters high, but earlier, he had just gone down several thousand steps. At the very least, he would be five hundred meters underground, but he had yet to reach a destination — this didn’t make any sense. There must have been many people trapped in this staircase to death, which was why they couldn’t pass the third floor.

Feng Feiyun sat cross-legged on the ground and sent out his divine intent to check everywhere inside these walls.

The more dangerous the situation, the calmer one must be.


Outside of the Immeasurable Tower, a huge chariot with four flying sea beasts locked by iron chains in the front was situated in the sky. This was the Eight Steps Dragon Chariot of Princess Luofu.

Princess Luofu was as pure and noble as a lily flower. She was known as the most beautiful princess in the world and was the most loved daughter of the Jin Emperor.

“Princess, Shi Yelai has reached the sixth level. The Immeasurable Ancient Mirror reflected the first picture!” Attendant Yu, who was standing next to the chariot, spoke with a wide smile: “He only took one hour to reach the sixth floor — this is quite a bit faster than the last time.”

Above the one hundred meter high stone tablet next to the valley, one could find an ancient mirror carved into it. This mirror emitted a bright light as a picture appeared on its surface.

The image was indeed the scene of Shi Yelai powerfully infiltrating the sixth level. He was so strong at such a young age, he could easily pass the first five levels! Others became convinced by his great style.

Although this was due to Shi Yelai having entered the tower many times before, thus becoming used to it, which explained his great speed and record, this was still quite amazing.

Even the old guardian of the tower had to open his eyes and gently nod his head with approval.

Only real prodigies would be able to reach the sixth floor; only by doing so would it make the mirror reflect the scene within the tower.

“Who is that person?” The mysterious master was also watching the light being emitted from the mirror.

Beiming Tang stood behind the master and respectfully replied: “The Chief Retainer under Princess Luofu. He’s the number one genius of the Heavenly Cloud Prefecture, Shi Yelai.”

“Who do you think has higher talents, Feng Feiyun or Shi Yelai?” The mysterious master asked.

“Shi Yelai is almost twenty-one years old. He has reached grand achievement God Base and almost broke through to first level Heaven’s Mandate. Currently, he is ranked 10th on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List and also the only person at grand achievement God Base to be within the top ten. Although he has yet to reach Heaven’s Mandate, he has killed a first level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator before.” Beiming Tang answered.

“What are you trying to say?” The mysterious master inquired.

“If we’re not talking about cultivation and just pure talents, Feng Feiyun is at least three levels below Shi Yelai. In terms of cultivation, he is thousands of miles behind Shi Yelai.” Beiming Tang sneered.

The mysterious master only smiled without giving an opinion. Suddenly, another flash appeared alongside a cold breeze, making it seem like the sobbing scream of lost souls.

“Xshhh!” Another face of the mirror emitted a light!

Someone else had reached the sixth level and was only one step slower than Shi Yelai!

The image of a little girl in a red dress appeared on the mirror. She was hugging a white kitten and slowly entered the sixth level. It was as if she was taking a stroll instead of traversing the dangerous Immeasurable Tower.

Even Shi Yelai, who had entered the tower many times prior, was not as relaxed as her.

“It is the Little Demoness from the Southern Grand Prefecture. Oh god, the Feng Ancestor actually let her out. The Little Demoness is actually here at the Wanxiang Pagoda!” Said a disciple guard outside of the tower who was the heir of a great clan in the Grand Southern Prefecture. He had suffered at the hands of the Little Demoness three years ago. In fact, he almost died because of her; she was only nine years old at that time.

At this minute, he recognized her and had a great sense of dread in his heart.

Within one day, two geniuses actually reached the sixth level. This had a very low probability of occurring, but it had happened.

At this moment, the stone tablets had two different mirror faces. One of them had the image of the Little Demoness while the other showed Shi Yelai. These were two surfaces that represented the two geniuses as bright as stars.

“The Immeasurable Tower is really lively today. Earlier, I saw Ji Feng and Feng Feiyun also enter the tower. Both of them are top geniuses from the Grand Southern Prefecture, so if they also reach the sixth floor, I think even the old geezers of the Tower Lord level will come and watch as well.” Another person stated.

Even the old man hunkered down beneath the tablet was a bit shaken. From his sleeves, he took and shot out eight talismans that turned into eight beams of light. They disappeared into the horizon, sending news to the upper echelons of the pagoda.

It was not a small matter to have two geniuses reach the sixth level at the same time. If there were more miracles to come, then it would be even more impressive!

Everyone waited outside to see if a miracle would happen. It was best to alert some reclusive old geezers from the pagoda. After all, it would be even more lively this way.

Maybe such a miracle will happen. Some people felt that the person to make it happen would be Shi Yelai. In the end, he could injure Heaven’s Mandate cultivators while only being a grand achievement God Base. Not to mention, he was also ranked 10th on the pagoda’s list.

Others felt that the miracle creator would be the Little Demoness. This little girl was very heaven-defying, and no one could see her cultivation level.

There were also those who thought that Feng Feiyun and Ji Feng could do it. One was the son of the demon while the other had the Full Moon Heavenly Gaze. However, they were merely being brought into discussions, many didn’t have too much hope for these two.


Immeasurable Tower, third floor.

At this minute, Feng Feiyun was still sitting in a meditative pose inside this black staircase, and his body was covered by his divine intent.

“Break for me!” Feng Feiyun suddenly shouted as a powerful divine intent shot out from his body and shattered all the stone stairs as well as the walls into pieces. This was a formation, but physical force couldn’t break it. One had to rely on divine intents to solve this formation.

This was why people say that one must rely on intelligence and talents when they enter the tower. One’s cultivation alone won’t cut it to reach a deeper level.

The darkness disappeared and the stairs were gone as well. Feng Feiyun’s body floated down as the scene before him suddenly changed.

He was now standing on top of a red palace.

“Welcome to the Immeasurable Tower’s third floor, the Murderless City of Death.”

The stone pathway earlier was only a test to reach the third level, and now was the real beginning.

This was an independent space. A white circular spirit stone was hovering in the air, a stone with a great radiance that made it seem like a moon in the night curtain. However, while standing on top of the palace, this moon seemed even bigger than the real one in the outside world. It also seemed brighter, creating a serene yet beautiful spectacle.

One would find that while looking down at the old buildings that were entirely black and gray, no signs of life could be seen. It was as if this ancient city had been buried for tens of thousands of years already.

Murderless City... Is it really a city without any killing?

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