Chapter 213: Strength Of 60,000 Pounds

“I am the guardian of the Immeasurable Tower’s first floor, Gu Man.”

Suddenly, a flare flashed in the midst of this endless dark space. With this flare, one could then faintly discern the surroundings.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was standing on a boulder that was suspended in the sky. This boulder only consisted of a square area that spanned for three meters. No matter the direction one chose, walking further than three meters would cause them to fall into the abyss.

Below was a foggy nothingness without a discernable bottom. Death was guaranteed once one falls.

“Only by defeating me will you be able to enter the second level. Of course, you can also accept defeat. If not, then I will attack until you die.” A six-meter giant also stood on this narrow boulder. He was the guardian of the first level, Gu Man.

More than half of this boulder was taken up by Gu Man’s huge body, so Feng Feiyun’s activity space was very limited. Gu Man could easily knock Feng Feiyun down into the abyss at any time. He was not a real giant and only a puppet formed by the condensation of spirit energy from a formation.

He was like the soul of a strange beast. Although it was not a real body, it possessed a real offensive power.

This Gu Man’s cultivation was equivalent to peak God Base. One fist could exert a force of one hundred thousand pounds. His body was made from metal as tough as diamond.

The first trial of the tower was to defeat this giant, Gu Man, who had the same cultivation as the testee.

“Start!” Feng Feiyun said.

Gu Man was very close to Feng Feiyun, so his fist that was as large as a grinder immediately reached Feng Feiyun’s head. Despite his sizable stature, his movement was very quick. Moreover, the force of this fist was enough to deform even a man of steel.

“Poof!” Feng Feiyun’s body was like a sword. He penetrated through Gu Man’s body and turned around to reveal his hands that were full of spiritual light. He had focused all of his energy to directly split Gu Man’s body in half. All of his decisive actions were without needless complications.

“Bam! Bam!” The two halves of the body burst into green smoke.

“Immeasurable Tower’s first level — passed.” A voice from the depths came about. Just like before, it did not go to Feng Feiyun’s ears but directly to his brain instead.

The green smoke from Gu Man’s body slowly came together to form a glimmer of light around the size of a pinky. This light directly flew into Feng Feiyun’s chest and entered his body.

After this light went into his body, it directly spread everywhere into his muscles and blood. It was as if he had eaten an extremely nutritious substance as it rebuilt his body once more.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun unleashed a palm into the air. Seven gigantic Qilin images immediately shot out from his palm with a formidable force, giving the sensation of an unstoppable strike.

The images of seven Qilin was a force equivalent to 640,000 pounds.

Before entering this tower, it was impossible for Feng Feiyun to unleash such power. However, after beating the first level, the green light had increased his power by 60,000 pounds, allowing him to unleash seven Qilins.

“So there is a reward for passing through the floors of the tower. I have already gained 60,000 pounds of strength after the first level, what could be the rewards for the second and third floors…” Feng Feiyun finally understood why all the disciples of the pagoda wanted to go up the tower so much, even at the risk of their lives. It turned out that there was such great benefits after completing each floor.

However, were these rewards there from the start, or were they something arranged afterward?

If these rewards were there from the start, then where did all of these cultivational resources come from? This was not something just any immortal sect could afford. However, if these were all already here, then one couldn’t help but reevaluate their impression of the tower. This was definitely not a simple divine tower that was meant for testing one’s aptitude.

“The first floor is to fight a giant with the same cultivation. This means that ordinary cultivators won’t be able to pass the first floor. The proceeding floors must be even more terrifying.” Feng Feiyun thought to himself.

The boulder that hung in the sky suddenly fell, bringing Feng Feiyun on a downward path for one hundred meters before stopping.

Below it was still the vast and endless mist without an end. No one knew how many floors there were in this tower.

“Immeasurable Tower’s second floor — enter.” At this height, one could see ancient words carved on top of a stone wall.

Numerous amounts of spirit energy condensed in the air to turn into a spirit path that hung in the sky to connect this boulder to said stone wall.

It was like a suspension bridge between two mountains that wouldn’t stop moving in the air. A normal human would be blown away while attempting to walk across it.

Feng Feiyun followed this pathway towards the other side. He placed his hand on the black stone wall. This stone wall was like the surface of water, it started to have circular ripples.

“Xshh!” Feng Feiyun directly went through this stone wall.

“Welcome to the second floor of the Immeasurable Tower.” A black figure floating in the air spoke to Feng Feiyun.

It didn’t have a real body and was just like a ghost; its voice contained a dark and harsh aura.

This was a steel prison 30 meter in length that was situated in the air. The four corners consisted of stone pillars the size of fists and were entangled with iron chains that emitted a chilly air.

There was no exit from this steel prison. The outside was also an endless darkness as if it was hanging in space.

Feng Feiyun only knew that after he placed his hand on the stone wall, it suddenly became dark. The moment he could see again, he was already inside this huge steel cage.

“How does one pass the second floor?” Feng Feiyun calmly asked.

The black figure in the sky answered: “Inside the Immeasurable Hell are three soul remnants with the same cultivation as you. As long as you can kill all of them, then you pass the second floor. Of course, you can also accept defeat or else they will continue to attack until you die.”

“Less useless words, start now!” Feng Feiyun activated two divine intents and began to put up his guard.

The second floor was around three times more difficult than the first floor, so if it kept going like this, it would be exponentially harder later on.

No wonder why people like Beiming Tang and Xue Wu couldn’t pass the fifth floor. These trials of this tower were abnormally difficult.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” Three black shadows appeared in the steel cage just like three apparitions. There was no presence of life, not even a divine intent could feel their existence. One could only rely on their sight.

They were all peak God Base! All three attacked at the same time and flew towards Feng Feiyun with speed as fast as three streaks of black lightning. One could no longer see their figures.

“Ba!” But Feng Feiyun was even faster. One fist connected to a figure’s chest and shattered it into five pieces as it turned into a black fog.

Although their cultivation was the same, Feng Feiyun’s battle prowess was extremely devilish.

If it was one on one, then Feng Feiyun could easily slay ordinary cultivators at the same level.

However, after this shadowy figure shattered, it condensed itself and appeared behind Feng Feiyun then unleashed a claw towards his back.

“What? Still not dead?” It could condense to form itself!

Feng Feiyun felt this murderous intent behind his back as a chill ran down his spine. If the claw successfully struck him, then it would definitely crush his spine and pierce his body.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun forced himself to shift to the right and arduously dodged this claw, but the clothing on his back was torn into pieces while a bloody claw mark was left behind.

By the time he stabilized his stance, the other two shadows were already on the way. One was aiming for his head and the other his chest; they moved with a menacing momentum as they sealed all of his escape paths.

The three shadows were connected and meshed together perfectly. They were nothing like three people and instead seemed like one person with three bodies.

“Crimson Fire Art!” If ordinary attacks have no effect, then we’ll try the power of fire.

Feng Feiyun burned up the spirit energy in his body as a red flower of flames condensed on his finger tip. With a reach of this finger, it directly pierced through a shadow as the fire hit its chest then spread out all over its body. This black shadow was slowly burnt into nothingness, inch by inch.

However, during this process, even with a hole the size of a fist on its chest, this shadow did not feel any pain and continued to unleash a bloodthirsty barrage.

Although it didn’t defeat this shadow, it proved that the Crimson Fire Art had a restraining effect on them.

“Swoosh!” Feng Feiyun quickly dodged towards a pillar then propelled himself upward before rushing back down while unleashing a fist with the force of seven Qilins. This power covered the entire steel prison.

Normally, cultivators who had just entered peak God Base could only use five Qilins of force. Experts among the crowd could unleash six while a few grand achievement God Base could even attack with seven.

Even a heaven-defying genius would find it difficult to unleash seven Qilins of force at peak God Base.

The only reason why Feng Feiyun could do so was because he cultivated the Immortal Phoenix Physique and also obtained the reward from the last level.

“Boom, boom, boom!” The three shadows essentially couldn’t withstand this force. They were all shattered into countless pieces like a burst of black fireworks.

But very quickly, these black puffs of smoke gathered together once more.

Feng Feiyun naturally wouldn’t give them a chance to form their bodies again. At this time, he gathered all of his spirit energy and unleashed another Crimson Fire Art that took the shape of a huge fire lotus flower to quell them.

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