Chapter 212: Immeasurable Tower, First Floor

“Feng Feiyun, I didn’t expect to see you here at the Immeasurable Tower!” Ji Feng’s injury had already healed and his aura seemed to have improved along with his cultivation.

“You are still unconvinced after your loss and you want to try again?” Feng Feiyun smiled and responded with his eyes wide open.

“Hmph! I have cultivated seven divine intents now, and this is enough to freely control my Full Moon Heavenly Gaze. My battle power didn’t increase just ten times. If we fight again, I’ll defeat you like you are nothing.” Ji Feng confidently declared.

Half a month ago, he only had five divine intents, but now he had seven. This cultivation speed was extremely fast and was truly even more terrifying than Feng Feiyun’s.

It seemed that he had met a great fortune in this period of time. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to take two steps forward like this.

“Just in time. Since the tower has yet to be opened, why don’t we first fight?” Feng Feiyun’s cultivation had already risen a lot after reaching peak God Base so he was not scared of Ji Feng at all.

“I want nothing more!” Ji Feng had been wanting to fight Feng Feiyun again after he improved his cultivation.

The two of them were top geniuses in this generation, and Ji Feng’s talent was definitely not any weaker than Feng Feiyun’s. Moreover, he still had the five Meteor Fire Jewels that had an even greater power than the Infinite Spirit Ring.

More than one hundred disciples were waiting for the opening of the tower. Suddenly, they felt two chilling auras abruptly being emitted, causing the air to explode several times as if some invisible pieces of ice were slamming into each other.

All eyes then fell on Feng Feiyun and Ji Feng. Just who were these two young people to have such powerful auras emanating their bodies?

“Why don’t you two enter the Immeasurable Tower as a competition. Whoever reaches the highest level is the winner.”

Xue Wu had also entered the valley. Her wondrous figure slowly appeared inside the mist.

She also wanted to enter the Immeasurable Tower once more!

When a temptress like Xue Wu appeared, she immediately attracted all the gazes and more than ten people had nosebleeds. Those who could maintain their calm before this demoness were only Feng Feiyun and Ji Feng.

“Very well, we’ll listen to Xue Wu.” Feng Feiyun also didn’t want to fight at this particular moment because he wanted to save his spirit energy to break through the tower.

“I also had this idea.” Ji Feng said with a deepened tone.

The door of the Immeasurable Tower would automatically open four times each day every six hours. People had to wait before these periods arrived.


Outside of the valley, a group of flames landed from the sky and hovered ten miles away from the Immeasurable Tower. A person was shrouded in this flame — it was that mysterious master.

“Greetings, Master.” Beiming Tang was kneeling on the ground despite his numerous wounds. Just what kind of arrogant person was Beiming Tang? Despite being a heaven-defying genius of the four great clans, he was still kneeling down on one knee while calling this person “master.” If anyone who knew Beiming Tang saw this scene, they wouldn’t believe their own eyes.

“Another failure?” The mysterious master asked in an indifferent manner.

“Yes.” Beiming Tang had an embarrassed expression, one without any trace of arrogance. The only thing he felt was shame for disappointing the master. He even wanted to slap his own face twice.

“Trash!” The master exclaimed without any reservation.

Beiming Tang wanted to respond with: ‘If I am trash, then Feng Feiyun is even more trashy than I am.’ However, these words didn’t leave his mouth since he didn’t dare to oppose this mysterious master.

“Is Master here because of Feng Feiyun?” Beiming Tang asked.

“This is none of your business. It is better if you keep your mouth shut.” The mysterious master then looked over at the Immeasurable Tower with high expectations. ‘Feng Feiyun, do not disappoint me. If you can’t even reach the fifth floor, then you are not worthy of being called the son of the demon.’


On the other side, more people came to the Immeasurable Tower! Two of them were the heaven-defying geniuses of the Feng Clan — Little Demoness and Feng Lingji.

“I’ll tell you now. In a bit, when you enter the tower, you can only rely on yourself, I cannot watch you. If you meet any real danger, then just run away to avoid dying. Do not wait for me to come and save you, got it?” The Little Demoness carried her little white cat and spoke in an innocent voice, but these words carried a sense of guidance towards Feng Lingji. She spoke in a very serious manner, one that didn’t resemble a 12 year old girl at all.

“Little Cousin is right. I will remember it well!” Feng Lingji, who was walking behind her, couldn’t stop nodding his head like a chicken eating grain.

The Little Demoness suddenly stopped and earnestly said: “Feng Lingji, do not take my words lightly. The tower, to me, is only child’s play; it is without any challenge. However, to you, it would be difficult to pass the fourth level. If you can’t do it, then don’t force yourself. Protecting your life is the thing you should keep in mind.”

“How could I take your words lightly? I would never dare to do so even if I had the courage of a bear, ah!” Feng Lingji was caught and wanted to argue, but he didn’t dare to oppose her. Being her older cousin was really too stifling.

It didn’t look like he was her big cousin at all. He seemed more like her little brother!

The Little Demoness had the face of an angel, a face as bright as the moon. She was spirited and carefree, but she also had the heart of a devil. If someone offended her, then not to mention a cousin, she would even kill her own blood brother.

The Little Demoness also came; she was a young girl with devilish talents. At the age of nine, she had already suppressed all the other young prodigies in the Grand Southern Prefecture, and no one knew her present level.


“Rumble!” A light that expanded for miles appeared on the horizon. Eight beams flew forward, carrying a majestic sensation like eight gigantic mountains.

It was the eight inner-palace experts; all of them were grand achievement God Base cultivators. They were the protectors of the Dragon Carriage. Where they went, all cultivators must prostrate on the ground.

Inside this Eight Steps Dragon Carriage was the imperial daughter — Princess Luofu. Seeing her was the same as seeing the Jin Emperor. Only heaven-defying geniuses from great clans could stand, but they still had to bow down while greeting her.

“Even Princess Luofu is here!”

“Do you see who is next to the Dragon Carriage?” A disciple pointed at the sky while aghast.

“That… That is the number one genius of the Heavenly Cloud Prefecture, Shi Yelai.”

The Heavenly Cloud Prefecture was one of the eight grand prefectures of the Godly Jin Dynasty.

“Of course it is him, no wonder why he is so familiar. Shi Yelai had reached the sixth level of the tower half a year ago. He is the fourth supreme prodigy in the last thirty years to be able to reach the sixth level at the God Base level.

“I heard that in this half a year, his cultivation rose a lot all of a sudden and that he is about to undergo the earth tribulation to reach the Heaven’s Mandate realm.

“This is him wanting to reach the seventh level before the Heaven’s Mandate realm, to become the seventh prodigy at God Base to reach the seventh level since the inception of the pagoda.”

The Wanxiang Pagoda had a history of several thousand years, but during this time, only six prodigies at the God Base realm managed to reach the seventh floor. All of them eventually went on to be great characters of their respective generation.

“If Shi Yelai could reach the seventh floor, then this will shock the entire pagoda.” Being able to reach the sixth level at the God Base realm was already quite amazing, so even Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but want to meet this person.

He lifted his head and looked at the sky.

Shi Yelai was riding a white stallion next to the Dragon Carriage. He looked around twenty years old and had a pair of eyes as bright as the stars. Even when several thousand meters away, one could still see the flashing glimmer in his eyes.

“How certain are you of reaching the seventh level?” Princess Luofu’s voice came from the Dragon Carriage.

Shi Yelai was the Chief Retainer of Princess Luofu so she had a lot of hope for him. After knowing that he wanted to go inside the tower again, she personally came to support him.

Just from this, one could tell how much Princess Luofu valued him.

“Thirty percent!” Shi Yelai answered.

“Thirty percent, good. If you can reach the seventh floor, then I shall grant you one Spirit Treasure.” Princess Luofu responded.

Shi Yelai’s heroic disposition became even more apparent; a profound glint appeared deep in his eyes. A Spirit Treasure might be able to easily win someone else, but it was not enough to satisfy him.

He let out a cry and then jumped down from the sky without looking at any other student in the valley. In his eyes, they were mere ants.

Indeed, there were many scared cultivators who bowed their heads due to his inadvertent pressure. They all quietly retreated in fear while a sense of inferiority instinctively appeared as one stood before a true genius.

However, there were a few notable exceptions, such as Feng Feiyun, Ji Feng, and the Little Demoness.


Suddenly, the earth quaked. The gate to the Immeasurable Tower automatically opened. The inside contained a pitch black scene with dark plumes that were completely overwhelming.

Under this presence, everyone held their breaths while carrying a solemn expression. It was as if there was an ancient god staying at the bottom of the tower.

Some dozen heavily wounded cultivators quickly came out. There were some with completely severed arms and destroyed eyes; they were very seriously hurt.

Feng Feiyun felt from them a sense of relief of staying alive after a disaster as well as an unextinguished battle spirit.

Perhaps this tower was not an interesting place. Maybe a bit of carelessness would result in death without anyone being able to gather your corpse. This was a cruel place. If one didn’t know their own strength, then it would be suicidal to enter.

Shi Yelai slightly shook his body and entered the tower. His figure was devoured by the darkness as he disappeared.

It was not the first time for many people to enter the tower. A group scrambled inside, but Feng Feiyun was not in a rush. He stood behind everyone and was the last to enter.

“Bam!” The tower’s gate was closed once more!

Before them was a world of darkness. Everyone else had disappeared as if once inside, everyone had entered a different space.

Suddenly, a voice rang in Feng Feiyun’s head: “Immeasurable Tower, first floor!”

The origin and speaker were unknown. The sound didn’t go through his ears, it directly resounded in his brain.

This was not a voice but rather a divine intent preserved since the ancient times, an intent that would last for an eternity. Anyone who entered the tower would hear this voice inside their head.

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