Chapter 211: Archaic Location

The Immeasurable Tower was one of the towers in the Wanxiang Pagoda. Having a higher cultivation did not necessarily mean that the person could reach a higher level. This was meant to be an aptitude test for cultivators. Having greater talents meant that one would be able to reach a higher level.

Almost every cultivator who came to the pagoda would try to climb the Immeasurable Tower at least once. If they could reach the seventh floor, then they would win the attention of the upper echelons. Maybe a character of the Tower Lord level would come out and take them in as a disciple.

Becoming a disciple of a Tower Lord meant that they essentially would no longer need to worry about cultivation manuals and resources. Moreover, their status in the cultivation world would be like a boat rising with a high tide. In the future, they would be respected everywhere they went.

The disciple of a Tower Lord was a status plaque made out of gold.

However, there were very few geniuses who could reach the seventh level; maybe not even one could be found after several years. These people could be described as geniuses among geniuses; they were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

“In the last fifteen days, all of the prodigies under my banner have gone into the Immeasurable Tower, but only six were able to reach the fifth floor. Some even failed after entering the third floor.” The mysterious person’s tone was full of regret. The disappointment towards the other prodigies was clear.

Feng Feiyun had been to the Genius Mansion. At that time, all the young cultivators were rarely found brilliant heroes, but some of them actually failed on the third floor. From this, one could tell just how difficult it was to climb the Immeasurable Tower.

“Not even one managed to reach the sixth floor?” Feng Feiyun was somewhat skeptical of this. At the very least, Beiming Tang and the gray haired man were both heaven-defying geniuses with excellent talents. There was no chance that they couldn’t go past to the sixth floor!

The crimson flame in the air was like a sun hanging in the sky, so even his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze that was at the Profound level could only see a figure and not completely see through it.

“Beiming Tang, Xue Wu, and Lian Yifan are all heaven-defying geniuses, but all of them failed on the fifth floor and couldn’t reach the big gate that is the sixth floor.” The mysterious master replied and gently sighed.

“If even they couldn’t reach the sixth floor, how can I reach the eighth?” Although Feng Feiyun was a bit arrogant, he was not one with a blind ego.

“The eighth floor is only a speculation and also the goal set by me. The truth is that I myself have placed no hope on this, so if you can reach the seventh floor, then you have reached my expectations.” The mysterious master spoke.

Feng Feiyun snorted and said: “If those other guys failed on the fifth floor, then maybe I will also fail at the fifth.” Although he was saying this, Feng Feiyun had a great interest in the Immeasurable Tower and wanted to see what kind of place it was and which floor he could reach.

All young people had a competitive heart — this was a proven fact. Across the years, different generations would always vie for the right to be called king.

“I trust that your talents are greater than theirs and that you will not let me down. If you can reach the seventh floor, then I will give you Xue Wu.” The mysterious chuckled and said. [1. Xue Wu is the Temptress from the brothel.]

Feng Feiyun lifted his brows. As he gazed deeper into the bamboo forest, he saw a supreme beauty standing there. It was unknown when she got there. The red gown fluttering with the wind was especially eye-catching and colorful in the midst of the green bamboo forest.

Xue Wu was the third-ranked beauty at the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, but she was number one in terms of sexiness. Her cultivation was also at the first level of Heaven’s Mandate and was a treasure that any man in this world would desire.

Her figure was beautiful and alluringly slender like a red butterfly gently dancing in the forest.

However, in Feng Feiyun’s eyes, she was more like a red fox demon — truly too tempting. This type of temptation did not feel vulgar and rather carried a touch of purity.

Her hair was black and smooth like a flowing waterfall while her skin was as white as snow. She revealed a charming smile in the distance. Although it was only a slight parting of her lips, it already struck the nerves of people many times more than those vulgar girls from the brothels with their clothes completely off.

“Haha! This gift is indeed precious.” Feng Feiyun responded with a smile.

The mysterious master added: “If you can reach the eighth floor, then there will be an even more valuable gift for you. I guarantee that you will like it very much.” The flame in the sky suddenly disappeared and tranquility returned to the lonely bamboo forest. The mysterious master was gone.

This person’s cultivation was too terrifying. Feng Feiyun actually didn’t sense how he came and went.

Xue Wu slowly approached with an alluring fragrance of a virgin. She stood in front of Feng Feiyun and revealed a natural smile: “If you can reach the seventh floor, then I will be yours.”


This was a monolith that towered one hundred meters right in a valley filled with mist. It had been here for more than a thousand years, and traces of weathering was apparent from being beaten by the wind and rain for a long time.

Immeasurable Tower!

These two characters were carved at the top. After countless generations, the calligraphy style had greatly changed so very few people could recognize them.

However, every cultivator that walked by these characters could feel the domineering intent from these ancient words. This was an eternal law that even time couldn’t erase.

“Where is the Immeasurable Tower?” Feng Feiyun looked at the majestic towering monolith ahead, but he couldn’t see any signs of the tower.

This monolith must weigh thousands of pounds. Although it was in the middle of two mountains, this did not diminish its grand domineering appearance, just like a piece of divine stone standing amidst this earth.

Behind the stone monolith was a valley full of surging and mysterious mist.

“Enter this valley and you can see the Immeasurable Tower.” Xue Wu replied.

The guardian of the tower was an old man who wore a bagua robe. He sat beneath the monolith without moving like a lifeless stone.

People kept on walking past him to enter the valley. They then disappeared into the thick white mist.

Feng Feiyun had been here for less than a minute, but he had already seen more than fifty young men with good talents enter the valley. This old man didn’t stop them or say anything as if it had nothing to do with him.

Xue Wu guessed what Feng Feiyun was thinking and said: “The old guardian is there to open the Immeasurable Mirror once a supreme genius reaches the sixth floor of the tower.”

“Is it really that hard to reach the sixth floor?” Feng Feiyun curiously asked.

Xue Wu slightly nodded and responded: “There are five hundred young geniuses on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List. Any one of these people would be highly sought after by all the great powers after leaving the pagoda, but among this group, not more than fifty will be able to reach the sixth floor.

“Moreover, the majority of them will only reach the sixth floor after entering the Heaven’s Mandate realm. There were only four in total that were able to reach the sixth floor at the God Base realm, so you tell me how difficult this is.”

Although entering the Immeasurable Tower relies on a cultivator’s talents, the cultivation of one also mattered a lot. Nevertheless, it was not the decisive factor. For instance, Xue Wu had reached the first level of Heaven’s Mandate, but she still failed on the fifth floor. This was not to say that her talents were low, it was more indicative of the difficulty of the tower.

“Another failure... I simply cannot pass the fifth floor. This is too abnormally difficult.” Beiming Tang had nine different heavy wounds on his body as blood stained his white scholarly robe.

This was the fourth attempt within this half a month, but he failed completely each time on the fifth floor.

He struggled and limped out of the valley. He then approached after seeing Feng Feiyun and Xue Wu.

“Hmph! Master finally called for you.” Beiming Tang looked at Feng Feiyun with disdain. Although he had lost before to Feng Feiyun, he remained unconvinced and thought that Feng Feiyun only won because of the Spirit Treasure. If they used their real abilities, then he wouldn’t have lost.

Feng Feiyun didn’t expect to see Beiming Tang so gravely wounded like this. Could there be something really terrible on the fifth floor that could break through the Northern Profound Ice Armor on his body?

“The master values you more than anyone, but I think that you are nothing special. I don’t believe that you can get by the fifth floor either.”

Beiming Tang was too clear of the fifth floor’s difficulty. This was simply not something a peak God Base could surpass. Even at grand achievement God Base, he only had a twenty percent chance of beating the fifth floor.

Right now, Feng Feiyun had only reached peak God Base recently so he had no chance of beating the fifth floor. Maybe he didn’t even have the chance to reach the fifth floor in the first place.

Feng Feiyun simply ignored him and continued to walk towards the valley.

The Immeasurable Tower was actually an inverted divine pagoda that extended underground. One floor after another spanned all the way down. After countless years, no one knew who opened this tower, but in an ancient scroll of the Wanxiang Pagoda, it was written that the Immeasurable Tower was one of the few divine towers that appeared the earliest.

The creator, unknown.

The time of creation, unknown.

Origin, unknown.

Feng Feiyun looked at the entrance above ground and noticed that there were ruins everywhere. It was as if a long time ago, there was an archaic-styled tower here that was knocked down by someone from the sky and flew all the way down in an inverted position, eventually piercing deep into the ground.

There were still faint traces of destruction around the door. When one closed their eyes, they could sense an aura that did not belong to this world.

“Could this be a divine tower that fell down from the Immortal World?” Feng Feiyun touched the broken pieces and closed his eyes. Then, he used his phoenix soul to examine this ancient aura. 1000 years, 2000 years, 5000 years, 10,000 years…

Even the phoenix soul couldn’t completely date the time this aura belongs to. It seemed to trace all the way back to the Desolate Era. This was a place comparable to the eight Ancient Ruins.

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