Chapter 208: Another Evil Woman?

His pupils were like two burning comets. The cries of a phoenix could be heard from a crimson divine bird that was reincarnating with its flames before finally soaring to the nine heavens.

Are these still a pair of human eyes?

The Heavenly Phoenix Gaze had reached its next step, the Profound Level!

Of course, this was far from the apex of the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze.

Although Ji Cangyue still had the appearance of Murong Ta — pale and unshaven with linen robes, her body had now become tense like a readied bow. Feng Feiyun’s eyes intensely gazed at her, causing her to be nervous. If it wasn’t for the Tower Lord standing right there, she would have already taken the initiative.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes quickly closed and the endless flames disappeared. He then silently sat there in a meditative pose like an eternal statue guarding a palace.

“So he was only cultivating a profound vision.” Ji Cangyue heaved a sigh of relief. Unless it was the worst case scenario, she wouldn’t directly kill Feng Feiyun.

After all, it was easier to kill someone than to torture them.

When Feng Feiyun forcefully threw her into the river, she was humiliated and tortured and wasn’t able to fight back. Even the heavens didn’t answer her cries for help. When Feng Feiyun tore off her clothes and ruthlessly tainted her, this was not simply tearing her hymen, it also slashed a gap in her heart.

At that time, she not only bled from between her legs but from her heart as well.

This was why Feng Feiyun must pay for what he had done. This must be paid back tenfold, no, a hundredfold!

Each time she recalled the river scene under the moonlight, it felt like a nightmare that continued to haunt her, not allowing her to stay calm. In her mind, Feng Feiyun was an apparition that drove her crazy, forcing her to fantasize about eating Feng Feiyun and swallowing his flesh bite after bite to drive away her hatred.

At this minute, Feng Feiyun was lost in a world within his body. After successfully cultivating the first divine intent, it was as if he had another pair of eyes. This divine intent could see everything outside as well as inside his body.

This condensed divine intent was exactly like Feng Feiyun except countless times smaller, like the so-called Nascent Soul in the writings of the daoists.

However, there was also a difference; a divine intent could form as well as dissipate, but the Nascent Soul of a daoist couldn’t dissipate.

The recently formed divine intent swept through his body and finally entered his dantian where it observed the skeletal palace from afar. This was the Evil Woman’s Corpse Palace. Erected by countless bones, it carried a dense and vast corpse energy that was full of evil.

This evil presence penetrated deep into one’s soul, but when one looked beyond the palace’s entrance, they would be able to see an immortal river. It was as if there were infinite auspicious lights along with lush vegetation inside the palace.

And it was because of this auspicious presence, that subdued the evil energy of the Corpse Palace, that prevented Feng Feiyun’s dantian from exploding. After all, his dantian couldn’t accept the vast evil energy from the Corpse Palace.

“Just what is inside?” Feng Feiyun was very curious. His divine intent directly flew into one of the entrances.

A frightening power then rushed right into his face; this was a terrifying force capable of making a coward run away in fear.

Feng Feiyun, however, was unperturbed. After all, this was a divine intent so in the worst case scenario, he would only lose a divine intent and get sent back to intermediate God Base. There was no real risk of death, so what was there to be afraid of?

Entering the entrance was almost like entering another world.

At this very moment, the Evil Woman standing 170,000 miles away also felt a sensation. Her brows furrowed and she suddenly disappeared on the spot before showing up on top of a peak that was surrounded by strange stones everywhere.

With her supreme figure akin to a delicate lotus, she stared towards the Wanxiang Pagoda in the far distance. The boundless murderous intent coming from her body made her seem like an evil sword pointing straight at the nine firmaments.

This was a world full of the unknown. Entering it was the same as entering an immortal and ethereal world with dense and pure spirit energy. Just by standing here, one would feel spirit energy flowing into their body.

“A person!” In the midst of this ethereal scene, Feng Feiyun noticed a figure lying in a stone coffin that was hanging from the sky. This was a corpse, but it was emitting a sacred white light just like a sleeping goddess.

Why was there a female corpse inside the Evil Woman’s Corpse Palace?

This was quite unexpected and went beyond common sense. No one would be able to accept this.

Moreover, the immortal river came from this female corpse’s body. It was truly bizarre to the extreme.

Feng Feiyun was immediately moved by her aura. Step by step, he went closer, but the atmosphere suddenly tensed up. It was as if a cold breeze flew over his spine, accompanied with a gaze that glared at him.

He didn’t even dare to breathe at this moment. Feng Feiyun slowly lifted his head only to see that the female corpse that was initially lying in the stone coffin suddenly sat up. Yes, she was sitting on the edge with her slender jade-like legs swaying in the air without a single piece of cloth on her body. Despite this, she still carried a sacred and immortal aura, making others unable to harbor impure thoughts.

“Xiao Nuolan!” Feng Feiyun thought of himself as a calm person, but after seeing this female corpse, he screamed and nearly jumped up.

This female corpse was clearly Xiao Nuolan. It wasn’t just them having similar appearances, she had to be Xiao Nuolan herself!

The tracing seal on the body of the Evil Woman and this body was the same person, so they absolutely couldn’t be two different people with similar appearances. However, their temperaments were quite different.

One person was completely engulfed in evil energy — cruel and emotionless. A single glare from her eyes was enough to cause corpses to flood thousands of miles.

Before him was also a female corpse, but her body was full of immortal energy without any sense of evil. On the contrary, she even carried a natural and gentle essence along with a hint of playful cuteness.

“She… is laughing… The Evil Woman knows how to laugh?” Feng Feiyun couldn’t accept this scene before him. Xiao Nuolan was actually smiling at him; this smile was very friendly and intimate while her eyes were full of noble and sacred glimmers.

F*ck, is this a joke or what?

Two female corpses, two polarizing extremes. One was a devil and a mass murderer while the other was an immortal without any flaws.

The most crucial part was that this female corpse that was full of good and sacred intentions actually appeared inside the Evil Woman’s Corpse Palace. What kind of situation is this? Is this not just an illusion?

Inside the palace was another Evil Woman, no, an Immortal Woman.

“Clank clank!” Sounds of chains clanking together appeared. It was as if ghosts from hell were clawing their way up, creating a particularly harsh noise.

At this time, Feng Feiyun finally noticed that this completely naked corpse was tied with four iron chains around her arms and legs to the four corners of the stone coffin.

The iron chains were the size of an adult’s arm. They were pitch black and as cold as ice, creating a sharp contrast with the jade-like skin and slender features of the female corpse.

This was a scene that would incite evil thoughts from people. A supreme beauty without a single piece of clothing to hide her body was tied up like this as if this was a pleasure chamber. Any man would be filled with certain thoughts after seeing such a scene.

If this wasn’t the Corpse Palace of the Evil Woman, then Feng Feiyun would have already cursed all eighteen of the previous generations of the person who imprisoned Xiao Nuolan.

“Good corpse, evil corpse, one’s self; slaying the three corpses to test one’s dao. If the evil corpse comes to find you, only the Grand Change Art will be able to stop her.” She was actually able to talk. Her voice was exactly the same as the Evil Woman’s except it was full of goodness and innocence. Even her beautiful eyes were full of pureness and concern.

She was holy and dignified like a fairy who lived on the moon. She calmly sat on the stone coffin despite not wearing anything, revealing her white breasts and alluring tummy along with her cute and slender thighs… Everything was out in the open.

What is this evil corpse?

What is this good corpse?

What is one’s self?

Feng Feiyun didn’t have the chance to ask her about the meaning of these words before he felt a terrifying presence that came from 100,000 miles away. It was the aura of the Evil Woman. It emanated from a distant peak as if it wanted to destroy his soul.

At this time, he couldn’t do anything but forcefully recall his divine intent and leave the Corpse Palace.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!” All four entrances of the Corpse Palace were shut and he came back to reality. That scene from earlier was like a dream and recalling it left him with a surreal sensation.

“Earlier, did I just enter the palace?” Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but murmur. He still felt that earlier was only a dream and that his mind was being affected by something. It seemed that this influence gave birth to the illusion, so he saw something and someone he shouldn’t have seen and that, in fact, from beginning to end, he had never entered the palace.

It was a strange feeling full of unknowns, creating a sense of indescribable dread. He felt that the Evil Woman was much more terrifying than he imagined. With his eyes closed, he felt both his heart and soul were quivering with fear.

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