Chapter 207: Peak God Base

Feng Feiyun’s body was as bright as the moon on a river’s surface. He sat cross-legged over there while emitting a transcendent aura. At this time, he gave off the feeling of a deep and unfathomable sea.

However, the inside of his body was not as calm as this. His blood was churning as the God Base inside his dantian burned like a sun. Mist escaped from his pores, creating a strange sensation as if he was a moon hiding behind the mist — mysterious yet illuminating.

A countless amount of mist-like spirit energy gathered at his dantian just like how all the rivers eventually join together at a vast sea. Then, this energy poured into his God Base. A bit of it even went inside the small yet exquisite Corpse Palace.

“Rumble!” The four entrances to the Corpse Palace opened. An ancient and vast aura rolled out from within as if the entrance was jaws of four primordial devils. Wisps of spirit energy rushed and disappeared into the palace entrances like pebbles being thrown into an endless ocean.

A grand heavenly yin dao came out from the Corpse Palace. It was both mysterious and dark, creating a fascinating scene.

Feng Feiyun couldn’t stop his curiosity; he wanted to enter the palace to find out what was inside. He felt that something very important was hidden inside and that it was not just a simple Corpse Palace of the Evil Woman.

However, he couldn’t form a divine intent. Every time, he was always a single step away. After condensing half of a divine intent, it would fail and cause his soul to quiver.

As long as one could form the first divine intent, then they would be at peak God Base. However, he was always lacking when it came to this final step. This meant that he couldn’t use his divine intent to search the Corpse Palace.

A blinding and unstoppable glow came out from one of the entrances. This glow contained an immortal aura along with the heavenly yin dao as if a god from the immortal world was singing.

It was as if one would reach a new vast world just by stepping inside this Corpse Palace.

After hearing this sound, a faint sensation appeared at first, but it also felt very real as if his body was already inside.

“I must form a divine intent to enter this Corpse Palace to make things clear.” Feng Feiyun felt that there was an unknown existence in the Corpse Palace, almost like a divine corpse opening its eyes — that contained endless rivers — and leading his mind inside.

He tried to condense a divine intent once more. After each attempt failed, he could feel his soul being damaged, but he couldn’t give up. Instead, he became even more determined.

Murong Ta and the Tower Lord watched Feng Feiyun intensely and found this gorgeous light shooting out from his body like a celestial light escaping from the immortal world, causing them to be quite confused.

The light that flashed out of his body seemed to have transformed into a piece of spirit stone that was full of wonder.

“Strange, a third rank Dragon Tendrils Pill… Although it can stimulate and increase the spirit energy in his body, it shouldn’t be able to create such a pure spirit river. There surely has to be a great treasure in his body...” The Tower Lord’s eyes shot out two beams; she wanted to see through Feng Feiyun’s dantian, but it was reflected by a blinding light and almost caused her eyes to be injured.

Murong Ta also had a puzzled glimmer in his eyes, but he didn’t dare to look at Feng Feiyun’s dantian like the Tower Lord. Even the Tower Lord was almost wounded, so there was no need to talk about himself.

“Young miss, what is your relationship with Feng Feiyun?” The Tower Lord had seen through Murong Ta and knew that she was not a real man. She only used a secret technique to change her body shape along with many hidden methods to have her current appearance.

Although Feng Feiyun cultivated the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze, Murong Ta was a natural born spiritualist and practiced secret techniques from the “Spirit Treasure Volume” of the Grave Palace Record, so even the Tower Lord was almost fooled by her. Moreover, Feng Feiyun’s Heavenly Phoenix Gaze was only at the elementary level.

A so-called spiritualist had supreme aptitudes and was a dragon among men with spirit bones in their bodies and blood with great consciousness. Moreover, they also had treasure pupils and five perceptive senses.

This type of person was sure to be fated with the heavenly path, and very few people could see through them. Although Feng Feiyun had a keen eyesight, spiritualists could escape his gaze unless he had reached a very high level with it.

“Are you cultivating the Deceive Heaven Method from the Spirit Treasure Volume?” The Tower Lord’s expression sank as she spoke: “Are you a woman from the Ji Clan?”

She was aware that the Spirit Treasure Volume was in the hands of the Ji Clan.

Murong Ta’s aura suddenly became sharp like an unsheathed blade. Her eyes became cold and an unparalleled sword technique condensed at the tip of her fingers. She would dare to fight even the Spirit Treasure Tower Lord.

“Hmph! Junior, even if Ji Lingxuan was here, I still wouldn’t be afraid of her, let alone you!” The Tower Lord spoke with her flawless attire while not putting Murong Ta in her eyes.

Ji Lingxuan was one of the four grand Divine Consorts. Moreover, she also had the Jin Emperor as her backing, yet the Tower Lord still didn’t care for her. Since the Tower Lord was saying such strong words, it was clear that she was not just posturing.

“You know my aunt?” In the end, Murong Ta still had to admit her identity. However, she didn’t take off her disguise and maintained a cold yet cautious attitude towards the Tower Lord.

“I not only know her, I have fought against her no less than ten times.” The Tower Lord spoke.

Not too many people in this world would dare to fight against a Divine Consort. Murong Ta’s mind was very perceptive and she quickly thought about someone. So this Tower Lord must be that person…?

Murong Ta gazed at the Tower Lord carefully and reaffirmed her speculation.

“Feng Feiyun and I had one passionate night together. After that night, he simply left. I painfully followed him just to stay by his side without any other desires.” Murong Ta’s words were only half true. Other people would definitely not be able to deceive the Tower Lord, but she was a natural born spiritualist so even the Tower Lord couldn’t completely see through her.

The Tower Lord was slightly stunned and then shouted right after: “Foolish.”

“He already has someone else in his heart. I know that I am only an outlet for his lust, but I have no regrets.” Murong Ta’s voice became a woman’s voice.

This was indeed Ji Cangyue’s voice; it was as beautiful as the chirping of a sparrow and as clear as a spring.

“Shameless.” The Tower Lord had been tricked by Ji Cangyue. The Tower Lord became slightly angry as she said: “Like master, like disciple. Zuo Qianshou really taught such a good disciple ah!”

“I only wish to quietly stay by his side and do things for him. Please fulfill my wish and do not tell him about this matter.” Murong Ta bowed down with her face nearly touching the ground, but there was only deep hatred in her eyes and a very potent grievance in her heart. ‘Feng Feiyun, just straight up killing you is too much of a favor. You ruined my body so I will make you pay with your emotions until you suffer a fate worse than death, until you are completely heartbroken. Only then can I satiate this hatred.’

The most painful thing in this world was not physical pain, but a tortured soul.

Ji Cangyue believed that there would be a day when Feng Feiyun would suffer such torture. Just thinking about Feng Feiyun’s terrible fate caused her to feel especially excited. The pleasure of revenge while feeling her own pain formed a sharp contrast.

One shouldn’t be afraid of an unsightly woman, just be wary of one with a vicious heart.

“Boom!” Another light rushed out from Feng Feiyun’s body and cleansed the surrounding space. Above his head was a halo the size of a fist; it slowly condensed into the form of a human.

This meant that a divine intent was taking shape; he was near success.

The Tower Lord’s hand deployed another formation to protect Feng Feiyun’s head. She knew very well that he was about to break through to peak God Base, so he couldn’t be disturbed even by a little bit at this moment.

The divine intent was the first pillar of a cultivator. Only when one created a divine intent would they be able to take the first step on the path to the heavenly dao.

When the light above his head completely turned into the form of a human, it immediately wanted to soar into the sky and leave.

“Come back!” Feng Feiyun’s soul roared and called for the fledgling divine intent to come back to his mind.

The first divine intent was successfully created and he had formally entered peak God Base.

“Such a fast cultivation speed!” Murong Ta gazed intensely at Feng Feiyun. He had only broken through intermediate God Base recently, yet he has now stepped into peak God Base. This talent was unheard of.

She began to hesitate and felt that Feng Feiyun was even more unfathomable than what she imagined. He might even be outside of her control.

If she continued to let Feng Feiyun grow, then maybe not too long from now, he would be able to see through her disguise.

Once that happened, the person with a fate worse than death would be her instead!

“Swoosh!” Feng Feiyun suddenly opened his eyes that had two flames burning within like two flying immortal birds. The lucidity of this pair of eyes was truly frightening. It was as if a primordial demon was looking into the future and coincidentally had its gaze set on Murong Ta’s body.

Ji Cangyue slightly shuddered and felt that Feng Feiyun’s eyes were giving birth to a power capable of seeing through time and space. It was as if she herself had been seen through by him.

Her heart started to beat faster and she became nervous to the extreme. Her hand, once again, took on the gesture of a sword technique and if necessary, she would strike first to gain the upper hand.

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