Chapter 205: Spirit Treasure Tower Lord

Walking inside a mountain through flights of stairs made from old hard rocks... They had walked for a very long time and traversed countless steps. Eventually, the old guide stopped.

“Tower Lord, they are here.” The old man bowed and said.

“Yes, you may go now!” From within came an old woman’s voice.

The Tower Lord was a woman, and judging from her voice, her age must not be young.

Entering an empty stone room with walls ladened with a faint golden light, one would see a one meter wide True Mysterious Spirit Stone in the middle of the room.

Surely this would be the biggest True Mysterious Spirit Stone anyone would ever see. It emitted a faint white light that caused the entire room to become covered with a layer of silver sparkles.

Feng Feiyun took one step forward and the light on the ground rippled into many waves. When he used his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze, he found that within these ripples were countless formation runes interweaved together.

If anyone dared to trespass, then even a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator would be suppressed by this mighty formation, resulting in death.

Feng Feiyun became even more careful and hid the Evil Woman’s Corpse Palace deeper within his dantian.

“You are the son of the demon?” The Tower Lord sat right below the hanging Spirit Stone with her back to the entrance.

She wore beautiful and extravagant clothing. Her golden silk gown reached to the ground while she sat in a meditative pose on top of a jade chair. It was as if she was researching an ancient manual.

Although her voice was old and coarse, her long hair was still black and carefully groomed; it was even adorned with an ebony hairpin. From just looking at her back, one would think that this was a golden lady only around the age of twenty — someone with an alluring beauty.

While being hundreds of meters apart, Feng Feiyun still managed to sense a powerful divine intent hovering around his body. This Tower Lord had the cultivation of a Giant!

The intensity of her divine intent alone allowed Feng Feiyun to guess her cultivation. An expert of this level was not someone the current him could oppose. Even escaping would be impossible.

In contrast, Murong Ta, who was standing next to him, didn’t have any reaction. He only curiously gauged the sitting Tower Lord then whispered to Feng Feiyun: “Son of the demon... Is she talking about you?”

“Yes.” Feng Feiyun slightly nodded his head as a response to both the Tower Lord and Murong Ta.

The Spirit Treasure Tower Lord who was reading an ancient book suddenly stopped and asked: “What is your purpose for coming to the Wanxiang Pagoda? Did the Evil Woman send you here?”

Although these words had the same level of cadence as before, the atmosphere suddenly became tense as if it had now hardened in contrast to the previously soft air. It was as if time and space itself were frozen, causing Feng Feiyun to be unable to even breathe. His body became heavy as if there was a mountain pressing down on him.

His bones became tense and he knew that the opponent was suppressing him with her pressure. The moment he answered even half a word incorrectly, this power would break him into pieces instantly.

“Respectful Tower… Lord, although I am the son of the demon, this name was forced upon me by others… Moreover, I don’t have any relations to the Evil Woman, and I had also nearly died several times in her hands. Because of this, I ran all the way to the Wanxiang Pagoda to hide from her.” Feng Feiyun struggled to speak; none of his words were lies.

A character of the Tower Lord’s level had a spiritual sense thousands of times greater than an ordinary person. If someone dared to lie in front of her, then her spiritual sense would be able to detect it immediately.

This was the frightening property of Treasure Seeking Masters. Unless their spiritual senses were even, no one would be able to fool her.

Although Feng Feiyun’s soul was powerful, because of his cultivation, his spiritual sense was far from being her match.

“Nonsense! If you are not her messenger, then why did you help revive her?” The Tower Lord exerted her pressure once more. Just a sentence carried boundless power; it was enough to cause a peak God Base to lay flat down on the ground.

Although she didn’t sense that Feng Feiyun was lying, she knew a lot of information. It was enough to determine that Feng Feiyun was indeed the Evil Woman’s lackey and that the two of them had a special relationship.

Feng Feiyun’s entire body trembled. He was already wounded before, and now that he got attacked by this force, it caused his nearly-recovered wounds to worsen.

Nevertheless, Feng Feiyun still clenched his teeth and stood proudly. He essentially did not yield under this pressure. This woman was too unreasonable.

Murong Ta noticed Feng Feiyun’s strange expression and how he was trembling. He then understood that, at this time, Feng Feiyun didn’t even have the power to talk. He also knew that the Tower Lord was secretly maneuvering against Feng Feiyun.

“Tower Lord, please show mercy and spare his life. I believe that he is not lying to you!” Murong Ta quickly prostrated on the ground and begged the Tower Lord.

“Hmph! Scram!” The Tower Lord swung her sleeve and directly sent Murong Ta into the stone wall.

Murong Ta was already suffering from blood loss and his body had not yet completely recovered. After being struck by the Tower Lord, his back almost snapped and his innards began to churn, causing him to spew out blood.

With his slender and feeble body and one knee on the ground, he used his hands to prop himself up while trembling in fear.

“The Evil Woman is ruthless; countless innocent people had died at her hands. All of this was because of Feng Feiyun. Everyone knows that you are the one who revived her, yet you still dare to say that you have no relations with her?” Although the Tower Lord had lived for more than four hundred years, she still despised evil. She then continued on: “Murong Ta, you are a natural born spiritualist. I want to take you in as my disciple, but if you dare to intercede for Feng Feiyun again, you will just be asking for trouble.”

Feng Feiyun was still under great pressure and couldn’t move at all. He only felt that this old grandma before him was too unreasonable. Dying today in her hands would be such injustice!

“I thank you for your grace, but I cannot stop myself from speaking on behalf of Feng Feiyun. Although I had only been around him for several days, I trust that he is someone who has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions and will not trick Tower Lord.” Murong Ta gasped for air while speaking.

His tone was slightly pinched when he said the words “courage to accept the consequences of his actions,” causing Feng Feiyun to feel quite strange. He thought that there was something odd about Murong Ta’s tone.

Murong Ta then dragged his wounded body towards Feng Feiyun while leaving bloody footprints on the floor.

“Bam!” He once again stubbornly prostrated on the ground with a determined gaze fixated on the Tower Lord. He respectfully bowed with his forehead and slammed it onto the ground, creating a loud bang, then a second one, “bang!”...

His forehead was bloodied, causing blood to stain the ground, but he kept on bowing while speaking: “Please give him a chance to explain!”


“Please give him a chance to explain!”


“Please give him a chance to explain!”


At this time, the Tower Lord became silent. Although her finger was gently placed on a page, she didn’t turn it to the next. Despite despising evil the most and having a strong personality, in the end, she was still human, and a woman at that.

Women could not escape from being sentimental and emotional.

“A beauty is hard to find in this world, but a close friend is even harder to obtain.” The Tower Lord gently sighed. Her voice sounded even older as if she was recalling a time when she was younger. Maybe she was recalling a time when she was stubborn and persistent just like Murong Ta right now.

In the end, nothing came of it. Despite this realization, the sentiments were still enough. It was still better than never having these feelings and never trying with such persistence.

Murong Ta’s persistence had moved her!

How could Feng Feiyun not be moved as well? ‘I owe him again!’

If it wasn’t for Murong Ta’s painful beseeching, Feng Feiyun was prepared to release the Evil Woman’s Corpse Palace to risk it all against the Tower Lord. Even if he were to die, he would make her pay a great price. Of course, this was going to be the very last desperate strategy; he wouldn’t resort to this unless there was no other choice.

Feng Feiyun suddenly felt the pressure disappear. As he regained control of his body, he quickly helped Murong Ta up.

At this moment, Murong Ta finally smiled and passed out in Feng Feiyun’s arms.

“Speak! Why did you enter the Wanxiang Pagoda?” The Tower Lord emotionlessly spoke.

Feng Feiyun took out a Treasure Seeking Iron Order from his chest pocket. This order was handed to him by Zuo Qianshou; Zuo Qianshou told him that he could definitely enter the Wanxiang Pagoda with it.

At that time, Zuo Qianshou had already gone to the capital, so this order was first handed over to the Third Boss, then to Feng Feiyun.

Zuo Qianshou was a ninth rank Treasure Seeking Master with unparalleled formation skills. If he said that this iron order would allow entry into the pagoda, then it must be so. It also meant that Zuo Qianshou must have been an important character from the pagoda and that he might also still have some old badass friends in the pagoda.

Ninth rank Treasure Seeking Masters were quite rare. There would not be more than ten across the entire dynasty. If Zuo Qianshou was from the pagoda, then he must have had a very influential position. He might even be a close friend of this Tower Lord.

“To tell you the truth, I am here under my master’s orders. I have something for Tower Lord to see.” Feng Feiyun intended to pose as Zuo Qianshou’s disciple.

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