Chapter 204: Heaven’s Emergence Cemetery

“Brother Ji Feng, I heard that the Death Spirit Children in your Ji Clan are all heaven-defying geniuses. All of them have an extraordinary cultivation, right?” A little sister wearing a white daoist robe stared at Ji Feng and asked with a soft and delicate voice.

“Of course, our Ji Clan has four Death Spirit Children, I am one of them.” Ji Feng calmly and leisurely responded.

His answer caused a group of apprentices to scream. After all, the Ji Clan was a top tier clan in the Grand Southern Prefecture. Being a Death Spirit Child meant that the person had a chance to become the heir of the clan in the future.

“Click click!” At this time, Feng Feiyun and Murong Ta arrived at the 17th floor and were noticed by the ten apprentices who were pointing at them.

Ji Feng’s expression immediately darkened after seeing Feng Feiyun. If it wasn’t for the fighting restriction within the Spirit Treasure Tower, then he would have already attacked Feng Feiyun.

He was not convinced of his defeat back at the Exhibition Tower.

“They are also disciples who managed to make it through the first examination, I wonder how good their talents are?”

“They are here for a spiritual test as well. Don’t tell me it is that monster with nine times the spiritual sense of an ordinary person?” All of these apprentices were wearing white daoist robes and were very young. The boys were handsome and the girls were pretty. All of them came from prestigious clans.

However, they were not like those maniacal cultivators who always went to the Exhibition Tower to fight and kill. They normally stopped by the Spirit Treasure Tower and focused on formations while honing their spiritual sense. Not until they became first rank Treasure Seeking Masters would they finish their training and travel around the world.

Because of this, their knowledge of the outside world was also outdated; they didn’t know that Feng Feiyun was the son of the demon and that their adored Ji Feng had lost to Feng Feiyun two days prior.

“Stand on top of the platform. Close your eyes and focus, let go of your thoughts.” An old man around the age of fifty inserted a True Mysterious Spirit Stone and a white barrier instantly wrapped around Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun felt as if he was immersed in water with a sense of warmth.

All eyes were on the platform since everyone wanted to know how strong Feng Feiyun’s spiritual sense was.

Ji Feng’s eyes narrowed as he gazed intensely at the white light that wrapped around Feng Feiyun. He was thinking that although Feng Feiyun had the Eight Arts Volume, he would not be able to cultivate his spiritual sense to a strong level in such a short period of time. Feng Feiyun would definitely not be able to compare with him.

Ji Feng suddenly felt a chill from behind him and quickly turned around. He only saw a slender young man watching him — Murong Ta.

Murong Ta gently smiled at him then withdrew his gaze to look at the examination platform instead.

Ji Feng naturally had seen Murong Ta before. He knew that this person might be a natural born spiritualist, but he didn’t believe it. In the end, a spiritualist was too rare, and one wouldn’t be found even in a century.

His sister, Ji Cangyue was a natural born spiritualist, so if this Murong Ta was also a spiritualist, then this so-called spiritualist would be way too common.

“For-Forty-two times the spiritual sense of an ordinary man!” The old man rubbed his eyes with trembling lips as he read the score.


The entire 17th floor exploded. A young man who was barely older than ten actually had forty-two times the spiritual sense of an ordinary person. This was way too much and was even comparable to a second rank Treasure Seeking Master.

If his formations and visions could reach the level of a second rank Treasure Seeking Master, then he would instantly obtain the iron order.

With such an order, he would then be an esteemed guest no matter where he went. No matter which sect he goes to, his status would be even higher than an elder of the Heaven’s Mandate realm.

After all, Treasure Seeking Masters were too rare. If a clan had one master, then they wouldn’t have to worry about cultivation resources. The most frustrating thing for clan masters in the cultivation world was cultivation resources.

Others with talents for treasure-seeking would need thirty to forty years to reach Feng Feiyun’s current spiritual sense level. However, these people would eventually only stop at the first rank Treasure Seeking Master level.

Ji Feng’s expression sank. He snorted before turning around to leave.

Feng Feiyun watched Ji Feng leave and slowly stepped down from the platform with a smirk on his face. ‘This is true talent, you can’t be unconvinced any longer ah!’

The old examiner was quite shaken. He had cultivated for more than eighty years and his spiritual sense had only just reached ninety times the ordinary amount, allowing him to become a third rank Treasure Seeking Master. How old was this young man to have a spiritual sense comparable to a second rank master? This young man’s future was unfathomable ah!

The younger generation will indeed surpass us in time!

“Motherf*cker, a spiritual sense sixty-five times greater than an ordinary person!” This old man could no longer hold back and had to curse. He nearly smashed the entire examination platform with a slap.

This was Murong Ta’s spiritual sense level, and the crowd was frightened once again.

Even though the teachers of the tower had already heard about the incoming three geniuses and were mentally prepared, this result still caused them to become drenched in cold sweat.

Sh*t! This talent was too hurtful towards others.

If Ji Feng’s talents were considered extremely gifted and caused the teachers to be very happy, then Feng Feiyun’s and Murong Ta’s talents disheartened even the teachers, let alone the apprentices. At this time, everyone became dejected and were unable to say a single word.

A twenty-fold spiritual sense was a requirement to become a first rank master; forty-fold was the requirement to become a second rank; eighty-fold was the requirement to become a third rank… It was a multiplicative requirement, so the higher one went, the greater the difficulty.

Feng Feiyun did not find it strange at all. He was already ninety percent certain that Murong Ta was a natural born spiritualist. To a spiritualist, sixty-five times was nothing. Very quickly, a few old geezers heard the news and quickly rushed here, wanting to take Feng Feiyun and Murong Ta as disciples.

All of these old geezers were several hundred years old. Their clothing seemed to have not been changed for dozens of years. Surely they had only left their isolated cultivation for the first time in many decades.

All of them had an extremely high status. Even a few teachers of the tower had to call them "teacher." Feng Feiyun and Murong Ta were almost torn to pieces by them.

An old man came and respectfully bowed his head before telling these old geezers: “Martial Uncles, the tower lord wants to meet Feng Feiyun and Murong Ta.”

“Damn, so cruel. Does the tower lord want a piece as well?” An old man with hair like a chicken nest shouted.

“F*ck it, I’ll go settle it even if it costs my life.” Another old man with a dark complexion took out a knife from his chest as if he wanted to murder the tower lord.

The old messenger wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and slowly explained: “Dear Uncles, the tower lord said that there was some new information. An Immemorial Ice Palace flew out from a Heaven’s Emergence Cemetery in the Trinity County of the Grand Southern Prefecture. It hovered in the sky for nine days without falling and has at least 80,000 years worth of history. A thousand mile radius around this ice palace has been frozen completely. Its cold energy caused snow to fall in August. Among this chaotic snow, you can hear supreme immortal hymns emanating; these hymns have gone on for more than nine days now, attracting more than six million souls. A sacred treasure might be coming out… Ahh... Wait… Uncles… guys… guys, don’t leave so quickly!”

Before this old messenger could finish his sentence, the old geezers that had lived for centuries all stormed out of the tower and went towards the Trinity County.

The Heaven’s Emergence Cemetery was one of the eight ancient ruins in the Godly Jin Dynasty. That place was desolate without any green vegetation in a three thousand mile radius; one could only find black grass covering everything.

But now, an ice palace flew out of this cemetery, causing the old geezers to immediately rush there as soon as possible. Nothing was more tempting than this for powerful Treasure Seeking Masters.

After seeing these old geezers leave, the old messenger finally heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he took a deep look at Feng Feiyun and said: “You two, follow me. The Tower Lord has been waiting for a while.”

Feng Feiyun was already mentally prepared for when his identity as the son of the demon would be exposed. He knew that the upper echelons of the Wanxiang Pagoda would come to find him, but he didn’t expect that the person would be at the level of a tower lord.

He then hurriedly channeled his dantian and used spirit energy to cover the Evil Woman’s Corpse Palace and hid it further inside.

A tower lord’s cultivation was no joke, not to mention that the person was also a powerful Treasure Seeking Master. Both their vision and spiritual sense must have reached a terrifying level. It would be big trouble if the lord found out about the Corpse Palace inside Feng Feiyun’s dantian.

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