Chapter 202: A Secret

The duel had been settled. Now, it was the evening with a red sky. Sparkling scarlet lights reflected off the lake, creating a beautiful red surface.

Feng Feiyun crossed the lake and the bamboo mountain all the way to a cave.

He opened the formation and entered.

“Swoosh!” His finger shot out a burning spirit light that turned into the First Dark Origin Flame to light up an oil lamp.

The light of the oil lamp was as small as a bean, and it faintly illuminated the interior of the cave.

There was a stone bed, a stone table with four seats, and nothing else.

On the freezing stone bed was a thin, pale figure. He slowly opened his eyes after hearing the noise and revealed a glimmer of happiness before saying: “You came back alive after all.” His voice was as weak as the sound of a mosquito.

“You managed to stay alive till my return after all.” Feng Feiyun’s voice was also strangely weak. It was as if the words were stuck in his throat.

The person laying on the stone bed was Murong Ta. In order to help Feng Feiyun break through, he traded four pounds of blood for a two thousand year old lingzhi.

Feng Feiyun didn’t have many friends, but he considered Murong Ta to be one of his brothers now.

“Haha…” Murong Ta’s laughter was suddenly interrupted since his feeble body suddenly quivered from a chill.

A person who had lost too much blood would always have this chilling sensation, just like Feng Feiyun’s heart at this moment.

Feng Feiyun took out the eight hundred year old Calamus Root from the third prince of Dashi. It would have extraordinary results when used by someone who had lost a lot of blood.

He pulled off a piece from it and carefully fed it to Murong Ta. Then he left the remaining seven pieces next to Murong Ta’s pillow.

“An eight hundred year old Calamus Root… Its medicinal effect is too strong. If you eat one per day for eight days, you will recover completely.”

Murong Ta’s pitch-black eyes suddenly lit up. This could have been because his eyes used to have a glimmer within them, and now it was strengthened by the Calamus Root. He then said: “Thank you.”

“I should be the one thanking you.” Feng Feiyun silently sat by the stone bed and secretly bit his lips while leaning his body to hide the hand on the location of his dantian.

After half an hour had passed, Murong Ta’s face regained some color. Feng Feiyun then took out the second rank Nature Pill and gave it to him.

This Nature Pill was a great medicine for healing. It immediately melted in Murong Ta’s mouth as his body then became covered with a spiritual light while emitting a strong medicinal scent.

“Bam!” At the same time, Feng Feiyun could no longer bear it and fell straight to the ground, fainting. Blood flowed out of the location of his dantian and stained his clothing.

He was truly wounded earlier, especially during the fight against Gu Qing.

Gu Qing was indeed very powerful. Even if Feng Feiyun used his Spirit Treasure, it wouldn’t have necessarily been able to block that secret sword technique. He could only use a reckless method where both sides got hurt for a chance of victory.

Gu Qing’s one sword pierced his dantian. Although it was blocked by the Evil Woman’s corpse palace, it still hurt Feng Feiyun’s overall energy. It was his powerful will that allowed him to drag himself back here. Otherwise, he would have already died in the Martial Exhibition Tower.

Murong Ta slowly sat up on the stone bed. He stared at the unconscious Feng Feiyun for a long time while his fingers formed a sword gesture. After a long period of hesitation, he eventually put his hand down.

He once again lied down.

The night became a bit dreary and full of unknowns.

When Feng Feiyun woke up, it was the morning of the third day. A warm sunlight from the outside shone into the cave. At this time, he was also lying on top of the stone bed while being treated with medicinal grasses.

The wound over his dantian was cleaned and bandaged. Even the wounds on his shoulder, chest, and thighs were all applied with herbs. Only his thighs still hurt from the pain.

“This Murong Ta fella!” Feng Feiyun shook his head and smiled.

Feng Feiyun cultivated the Immortal Phoenix Physique so his body could recover extremely fast, ten times faster than an ordinary man to be exact. He essentially didn’t need any spirit medicines to aid his recovery.

After two days of rest, his injury was thirty to forty percent healed. In the eyes of ordinary people, this was an extremely terrifying rate of recovery.

He went out of the cave and saw the green lake along with a new Pure Bamboo root growing from the ground. Maybe it had absorbed too much spirit energy, but it was as clear as jade.

After two days of rest and taking in the Calamus Root along with the Nature Pill, Murong Ta was a lot better. He went to the lake to catch several freshwater fish and burned some bamboo leaves to grill them.

On top of the bamboo shoots were an iron rod. There were very simple tools and ingredients that Murong Ta got from who knows where. The smell of grilled fish gently drifted by, causing Feng Feiyun to sniff twice.

It had to be said that Murong Ta really had the style of an accomplished chef!

“Do you always cook at night?” Feng Feiyun slowly came out from the bamboo forest.

Murong Ta was sitting on the ground and answered with a sickly appearance: “I have been used to hunger from an early age. If I don’t go and search for my own food, then I would have starved to death a long time ago.”

He then handed a mat seat made from bamboo leaves to Feng Feiyun.

This seat was finely woven and had three layers. It was very comfortable to sit on.

“Right, I haven’t heard about your home, mind telling me?” Feng Feiyun asked with a smile.

Murong Ta’s expression became a bit forced. He became silent and only focused on eating before finally speaking after a long time: “I don’t have a home.”

“How could a person not have a home?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“Ever since I could remember, everyone had already called me a bastard, including my brothers and father. Even the servants addressed me as such. Only my mom called me Ta’er. Such a home… I have no need for such a home.” Murong Ta gripped his fists and articulated each word. [1. Ta’er = an address showing love/affection.]

“Are you not your father’s own?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“No biological father would call his own son a bastard. Not to mention, he is the famous Heaven Shaking Marquis, Murong Chengde.” Murong Ta answered.

“You are the son of the Heaven Shaking Marquis?” Feng Feiyun’s expression became a bit delighted.

“No, he had never considered me his son, so I have never considered him my father. I only have Mother in my heart, only Mother, never a father…” Murong Ta muttered this phrase repeatedly.

“Is your mother the marquis’ eighth concubine?” Feng Feiyun asked again.

“How did you know?” Murong Ta exclaimed.

Feng Feiyun happily laughed. So this fella was Liu Qinsheng’s biological son. Was this what people called fate?

“Unfortunately, my mother had died from sickness three months ago. Before dying, she wanted me to become someone great, an amazing Treasure Seeking Master. If I couldn’t do so, then I would have let her, who is now in heaven, down.” Murong Ta said.

Feng Feiyun wanted to tell him the truth, that he indeed has a father, but after hearing these words, he decided not to say it. After all, his mother had died recently so he would become even sadder if he knew that his biological father had died as well.

“I will help you.” Feng Feiyun said.

“You can help me fulfill my mother’s wish?” Murong Ta asked.

“You are a natural born spiritualist so it is not difficult to become an amazing Treasure Seeking Master. You are only missing a training manual.” Feng Feiyun slowly took the Eight Arts Manual out from his Boundary Spirit Stone, but he quickly put it back after a second thought.

He felt very regretful about Liu Qinsheng and wanted to make it up with his son. However, at the moment, he couldn’t pass down a divine scripture like the Eight Arts Manual to Murong Ta; he had to wait until the boy’s foundation becomes better.

If only Feng Feiyun knew that the Heaven Shaking Marquis’ eighth concubine did not die from illness, but in Ji Cangyue’s hands instead, how would he feel?

If only Feng Feiyun knew that the real Murong Ta had also died by Ji Cangyue’s hands, how would he feel?

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