Chapter 201: Princess’ Invitation

Even an expert among the top three hundred of the Pagoda’s Hundreds List had died in the hands of Feng Feiyun. This took everyone by surprise.

Heaven-defying geniuses could kill people two small levels higher, but Gu Qing was a peak God Base with eight divine intents; he was far beyond an ordinary peak God Base.

Even a heaven-defying genius would not be able to kill a Giant in the intermediate God Base realm.

The son of the demon truly could not be gauged with common sense!

Although Feng Feiyun claimed that his dantian was shattered right now and that his cultivation was lost, no one dared to make a move against him.

Murong Zhuo, Gu Lianqiu, and Luo Shixiong were already horrified and ran away. They no longer dared to oppose Feng Feiyun. This bastard was not a human; no one could kill him — this was the only thought in their minds right now.

“Young Noble Feng, this is a spirit medicine from my young lord.” A soldier with a battle sword by his waist handed a box that contained a second rank pill to Feng Feiyun.

Inside was a Nature Pill the size of a longan fruit. Opening the box just a tiny bit was already enough for the pill’s fragrance to emanate outside. A second rank pill was nearly priceless.

Feng Feiyun did not accept the box and asked: “Who is your young lord?”

“The oldest son of the Heavenly Tiger Marquis, Li Fengxian.” The soldier had a polite and friendly smile.

This was Li Fengxian’s invitation for Feng Feiyun.

Regardless of his strength and potential or the Evil Woman behind him, Feng Feiyun was someone worthy of recruiting. At the very least, everyone thought that the Evil Woman was his backing.

The Heavenly Tiger Marquis was also one of the eighteen heavenly marquises in the Godly Jin Dynasty, someone with tens of millions of troops under his banner. Li Fengxian was his oldest son, and his talents had reached the top of heaven-defying since he was within the top one hundred of the pagoda’s list. In the future, he would surely become the heir of the marquis.

His influence and status were way above someone like Murong Zhuo.

Each marquis had many wives and concubines with many offspring. Murong Zhuo was not the most talented son of the Heaven Shaking Marquis, so his status and influence were naturally far below Li Fengxian’s.

Each of Li Fengxian’s words was carefully chosen and carried a lot of weight since they practically represented the entire Heavenly Tiger Mansion.

Feng Feiyun looked at the man that wore a dragon and tiger robe in the distant spectating platform. The person also nodded his head and smiled at him. Feng Feiyun withdrew his gaze and pondered for a moment before speaking: “Thank the young marquis on my behalf. Today, this Feng is only a cripple without any cultivation, so I do not want to waste this spirit pill.”

“Haha! Young Noble Feng is being too modest. Our young marquis said that this second rank Nature Pill is only a small token between friends, please don’t think about it too much. This has nothing to do with riches or interests.” The soldier said with a smile.

True noble disciples were all polite with great etiquette and generosity, unlike children from new clans. At the very least, they had to act in this manner on the surface.

Of course, these noble children also misbehaved, but that was a very small minority. In the end, they could satisfy all of their desires easily, so reputation was more important to them than anything else.

Since it came down to this point, only a fool would not take it!

“Then thank the young marquis in my stead!” Feng Feiyun accepted the second rank Nature Pill, but he didn’t eat it and only put it away in his pocket.

The soldier had accomplished his mission so he left with a smile.

“Young Noble Feng, this is our prince’s gift to you, an 800 year old Calamus Root. Although it has not reached the level of spirit grass, it is not far from it. This root is very useful when it comes to recovering the vitality of cultivators. Young Noble Feng had fought many continuous battles and lost too much blood, so you could surely make use of this.” This was a stout man around two and a half meters tall. With a white towel wrapped tightly around his head and a big cloak around his body, he carried this root that emitted a faint brilliance forward.

This root was very close to the spirit grass level and was absolutely not limited to recovery. It could be considered a quasi-spirit grass. If an ordinary person consumed it, they would be able to live for thirty more years.

Cultivators would be able to condense their energy and soothe their meridians afterward. To a grand accomplishment God Base, this grass could even help them open seven or eight new meridian points.

“Who is your prince?” Feng Feiyun naturally couldn’t accept such a precious gift so easily.

“Dashi’s third prince.” Dashi was one of the small countries that acted as a subsidiary of the Godly Jin Dynasty. Although it was a small country, that was only relative to the dynasty. In fact, its population was around 300 million and spanned for tens of thousands of miles. A prince from Dashi was indeed a character with great status.

Also, the princes and princesses from these small countries would come to the dynasty to join powerful sects for their cultivation. On one hand, they could obtain really good cultivation methods and on the other, they could build relationships with influential characters of the younger generation at the dynasty.

“Ah! My cultivation has been completely destroyed...” Feng Feiyun began.

“Our prince said that even if your cultivation is gone, if you ever find yourself cornered, then you can come to Dashi. You will definitely be treated as an esteemed guest. You must accept this Calamus Root no matter what, please.” The man said with a smile.

“All right!” Feng Feiyun helplessly smiled and could only accept this 800 year old Calamus Root.

“Young Noble Feng!” A strange voice appeared behind Feng Feiyun, jolting him with a scare.

This voice was a bit high; as it sounded both like a man and woman, it gave Feng Feiyun the creeps.

It was Attendant Yu, who wore a green dove robe. This eunuch appeared out of nowhere right behind Feng Feiyun like a ghost. His body also emitted a cold air.

“This… How should I address you, Senior?” Feng Feiyun felt this eunuch’s gaze sweeping over his body, causing him to instinctively cover his figure.

Don’t tell me this eunuch had some bad habits!

“Haha!” Attendant Yu revealed a smile and said: “Yu Liubing.”

“What, Yu Liubing!” Feng Feiyun quickly took two steps back. [1]

Motherfucker, a sexual ailment ah!

“No, it is Yu Liubing!” Attendant Yu was still grinning while staring intensely at Feng Feiyun. His gaze was especially fixated towards where his dantian would be.

However, Feng Feiyun felt as if the eunuch was staring at his crotch.

“Attendant Yu, don’t tell me you are here to give me a gift as well?” Feng Feiyun once again retreated while keeping his thighs tightly together.

Attendant Yu then took two steps forward and said with a smile while shaking his head: “My princess wants to invite Young Noble Feng to a trip on a boat to enjoy the Southern Lake’s scenery!”

“Which princess?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“The contemporary Jin Emperor’s daughter, Princess Luofu.” Attendant Yu replied.

Feng Feiyun’s expression slightly changed. If it was a princess from a smaller country inviting him to a trip on a boat, then they might have wanted to befriend or recruit him. However, who was Princess Luofu? Not to mention Feng Feiyun, even a sect master would not necessarily have the qualifications to sit with her side-by-side.

“Haha, this Feng is only a peasant while Princess Luofu is the golden daughter. I am in awe and truly do not dare to go sightseeing with the princess. With this being the case, goodbye then, goodbye…” Feng Feiyun quickly turned around and left.

A member of royalty such as Princess Luofu was not someone that he could mingle with at his current level. Her bodyguards alone were already at the grand accomplishment God Base realm, so this eunuch’s cultivation must be even more unfathomable.

If he stayed next to her, then just the slightest mistake could bring about a calamity.

“Princess, this person is very wily. He’s definitely a cunning fella.” Attendant Yu went back to behind the princess and said with a subtle grin still on his face.

“Just let him be.” Princess Luofu softly said with her sweet voice, causing others to become lost in reverie. She then continued: “After causing such a commotion, the other tower lords will not be able to sit tight. The son of the demon… If he is truly the messenger of the Evil Woman as well, then people of the tower lord level will definitely come and find him.”

“Princess is saying...?” Of course, Attendant Yu clearly knew what the princess was thinking, but he could never say this out loud so he asked with a respectful tone.

This was something a servant needed to know at the very least. [2]

“Wait until he gets out of this difficult situation. Then, I will go and see him in person.” Princess Luofu’s beautiful pair of eyes were very profound at this second. In this brief moment, even a wily old fox like Attendant Yu was not able to guess her thoughts.

1. Bing for the eunuch’s name is fire, but Feng Feiyun misheard it as the character for disease. And the word hua liu bing = a sexual ailment

2. This part is a bit confusing, but my understanding is that a servant must act dumb before their master. For example, a king would never want his subjects to know what was actually on his mind. There was a story when a servant/general/eunuch was killed by a king for knowing too much. Another example is Cao Cao. He had a great advisor who knew that Cao Cao wanted to pull back his army during a campaign, so he told the generals to prepare for it because the generals were quite worried since Cao Cao was sick. Cao Cao indeed had such a thought, but he also executed this advisor for spreading false messages about retreating despite it being his true intent. No one wants someone else to truly understand what was on their mind. So here, the author is comparing the princess to a king, giving her an exalted status. Hence, the eunuch is treating her with caution, fear, and respect

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