Chapter 200: Secret Sword Technique

Sword techniques were divided into low, intermediate, high, secret, and heavenly levels.

The techniques of the latter levels were more complicated and became increasingly difficult to cultivate. Moreover, only having the willingness to learn was not enough.

Twenty-three years ago, Gu Qing displayed his amazing talents. By reaching peak God Base at the young age of sixteen, he was rewarded with a secret sword technique.

This one technique alone required twenty-three years of training. After increasing his mastery by using the move hundreds of thousands of times, he could finally be considered the strongest under grand accomplishment God Base. At the very least, he would be the one with the most powerful attack.

Even peak God Base cultivators with nine divine intents would not necessarily be able to stop this one sword move.

A sword technique that forced a genius to train for twenty-three years would naturally not be ordinary.

“The first sword from the Seventeen Tales Sword.” A young great character’s eyes shined as he carefully stared at Gu Qing’s technique in order to learn it. However, despite his extremely gifted aptitude and unparalleled cultivation, he immediately forgot what he just saw after one second.

Although it was only one move, it had 108 different variations to harmonize with the celestials in the sky. When he tried to recall the 16th variation, he would forget the first one. When he tried to recall the 17th, he would forget the second.

When he tried to recall the first and second, he would then forget the rest.

Although it was only one move, no one could remember all of its variations. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken Gu Qing twenty-three years of training.

Any great character who was confident with their memory and wanted to forcefully memorize this great technique would find themselves lacking and become defeated.

“Poof!” A peak Immortal Foundation cultivator that wanted to memorize the move was harmed by the sword intent and immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

Princess Luofu, with her supreme talents, moved her slender fingers in the air with a glimmer in her eyes. However, in the end, she could only softly sigh; she could only remember 34 variations at best.

She was the imperial princess favored by all, someone who did not lack secret techniques. However, she simply wanted to test her talents.

If a secret sword technique was so easy to learn, then it would no longer be called a secret technique. Even Heaven’s Mandate cultivators would risk their life just for a single secret sword technique.

Lamentable sighs appeared one after another. Some people couldn’t remember ten variations while others couldn’t even see the sword shadow, let alone attempt to memorize the style.

“A secret sword technique cannot be learned so easily. Even Heaven’s Mandate cultivators would need several months or even several years before understanding this sword intent.”

“Although Gu Qing spent twenty-three years for this one move, it is quite good for his future tribulation. At the very least, his chance of success will increase by 30%.”

“Feng Feiyun actually recalled his Spirit Treasure against this powerful technique, could it be that he truly learned an amazing technique from somewhere?”

“Impossible, absolutely impossible. Feng Feiyun is barely thirteen years old. Without twenty years of harsh training, there is no way that he has a secret technique even if he started training in the womb.”

Gu Qing pointed his sword towards Feng Feiyun. Although the blade’s edge only shifted slightly, its body emitted 108 gentle noises. Of course, this strange noise could only be heard by those with great cultivations.

“Swish!” A sword as fast as lightning soared through the air!

Feng Feiyun’s eyes were fixated on the sword’s tip. In complete seriousness with unblinking eyes, he gathered all of the spirit energy around his body. He then suddenly reached out with his right hand. With his index and middle fingers extended, he gently waved them in the air.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

108 soft sounds also appeared, but the explosions were even more muffled.

Some people noticed Feng Feiyun’s strange movements. Attendant Yu shuddered as he pointed towards Feng Feiyun and exclaimed: “How is he…!”


Feng Feiyun also moved lightning quick and broke through the air. A glint on his fingers took on the shape of a sword, one that also had 108 variations.

“The same sword technique!” At this moment, someone finally realized that something strange was going on.

“Feng Feiyun also knows Gu Qing’s sword technique! Could it be that he had also trained it before?”

“No way, this secret sword technique is considered a top level technique at the pagoda as well, so it wouldn’t be spread outside.”

“Then Feng Feiyun learned it just now?” A cultivator gasped in disbelief.

“That… is even more impossible… But that is also the only explanation.”

It was truly strange. Feng Feiyun actually unleashed a secret level sword technique exactly like Gu Qing. This was like an illusion and no one dared to actually believe it.

However, the truth was before their very eyes, so they had no choice but to face reality!

“Could it be that his talents are actually frightening to this level?” Princess Luofu finally looked at Feng Feiyun seriously for the first time. If Feng Feiyun could learn a secret sword technique in such a short period of time, then his talents could not simply be described as heaven-defying.

Such a character would have a bright and unimaginable future.

“How could this be?” The person who was shocked the most had to be Gu Qing. He spent twenty-three years to learn this technique, but Feng Feiyun was using it right now! This had put quite a dent in his confidence.

He didn’t know that Feng Feiyun had a powerful phoenix soul along with a deep understanding of the heavenly dao. All the sword techniques in this world followed the heavenly dao, so Feng Feiyun unleashing this sword technique was not a difficult matter.

It could be said that Feng Feiyun could learn any secret technique without any difficulty, and in a very short amount of time as well.

This was also why Feng Feiyun could enter the introductory level of an ancient and mystical divine scripture like the Eight Arts Volume within just ten days.

This was not due to the level of his talents, it was because of his resonance with the heavenly dao. This meant that he had no such thing as a bottleneck; the only limiting factor was the accumulation of his spirit energy.

Otherwise, how could he reach intermediate God Base in less than half a year? Even the eight Grand Historical Geniuses would not be able to accomplish such a feat.

The same move with 108 variations along with the same resolution in their strikes. Gu Qing had immersed himself in this move for more than twenty years so he had reached a high degree of mastery with the variations. He swapped his stance, aiming for Feng Feiyun’s dantian with his sword.

“Poof!” The sword’s tip pierced the flesh as blood gushed out from the wound.

“Haha, Feng Feiyun, your dantian has been crushed along with your cultivation. A cripple like you now has no chance for the immortal path! Haha!” Gu Qing crazily laughed after successfully stabbing Feng Feiyun.

“Poof!” His laughter came to an abrupt halt as Feng Feiyun’s finger pointed and pierced through his forehead. Even his brain went flying out of his skull.

“Bam!” Gu Qing fell head first onto the ground as blood flowed out of his forehead alongside white brain tissue.

Another extremely talented genius had died in the hands of Feng Feiyun. Today, four have already died. This would be a grave loss to any immortal gate since this meant that they would lose their future inheritors.

Even at the pagoda where geniuses were as common as the clouds, it was not something trivial. Someone had already gone to inform the tower masters.

“Ouch! It is over, my dantian has been shattered along with my cultivation. I feel my spirit energy depleting...” Feng Feiyun bellowed while holding his stomach as he almost fell to the ground. Luckily, he gathered the remainder of his energy and managed to remain standing.

Everyone saw Gu Qing’s sword pierce Feng Feiyun’s dantian. An ordinary man would not even have the strength to scream. However, this happened to Feng Feiyun of all people. Plus, he was screaming in such an unusual manner that it made people think that he wasn’t crippled at all!

There were people who initially wanted to kill him while he was in this weakened state to become famous, but after hearing his shrill screams, they didn’t dare to take action anymore.

This fucker, Feng Feiyun’s words cannot be trusted ah!

Every time someone wanted to kill him, they would suffer an indignant death, so which person would still dare to take action? Everyone was afraid of being tricked by him again.

There were many bloodied examples right in front of them, causing many to loosen their tightened fists.

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