Chapter 199: Amazing Technique

Turmoil spread throughout the Martial Exhibition Tower once more. Gu Qing traversing the sky towards the scene caused a big commotion.

Could it be that even Gu Qing wished to kill Feng Feiyun?

“Gu Qing left his isolated cultivation session!”

“At one point in time, he was a rising young genius. At the age of sixteen, he was already at peak God Base and created quite a stir at the Wanxiang Pagoda. Later on, he cultivated in isolation for twenty-three years. People said that he was cultivating an extremely profound sword technique. Now that he is outside, does this mean that his technique has been completed?”

This isolated cultivation style was not one that lasted to death. During the last twenty-three years, he would come out sometimes within the Wanxiang Pagoda’s boundaries.

“Gu Qing’s cultivation is probably at peak God Base with at least seven divine intents. Otherwise, he would not be 278th on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List.

“Anyone in the top 300 of the list would have at least seven divine intents.”

The Pagoda’s Hundreds List was the leaderboard for young experts at the Wanxiang Pagoda. Only those under forty were eligible to be part of this list that had five hundred spots in total.

As long as someone could get into the top five hundred, they would be able to climb the list.

Young prodigies who were on the list were targeted and competed for by the great powers. They were also famous and enjoyed their fandom established by the other young disciples.

Gu Qing rode the eight iron scales and slowly landed on the third floor of the martial tower. With a three-foot jade sword on his back along with a white scholarly robe, he had the appearance of an enigmatic scribe.

Feng Feiyun stood at the boundary of the floor with a blanched expression. The corners of his mouth and sleeves were filled with blood as if his life was not going to last much longer.

“Who are you?” He immediately coughed twice after saying this.

“Gu Qing!” Gu Qing lightly responded.

“I don’t know you.” Feng Feiyun’s gaze then slightly swept towards the group of Murong Zhuo in the spectating platform and knew that this was an expert that they invited.

Feng Feiyun initially had no deep grudges against them so he showed them mercy, but these ungrateful people kept on provoking him.

Are they tired of living?

Gu Qing grinned and said: “I disdain killing injured people, but your life is too valuable so I have no choice but to kill you.”

Feng Feiyun gently nodded and said: “I understand.”

Although he was on the verge of death, Feng Feiyun seemed very calm despite facing a cultivator that had trained for several dozen years.

Gu Qing didn’t expect to see a person with no fear of death. He softly snorted as he reached out with two fingers on his right hand to create a sword sign. The eight hovering scales below his feet quickly soared forward with a speed dozens of times faster than when he was riding them. They then became countless blades that swirled around his body.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Numerous sharp sounds of wind being ripped apart appeared from these dark and chaotic shadows in the air.

Controlling eight objects at the same time was something only a cultivator with eight divine intents could do.

“Princess, do you think we should…” Attendant Yu, who was standing to the side, inquired. His squinted old eyes slightly opened as he looked at the battle floor.

This old eunuch was a wily devil and knew that Princess Luofu was a bit interested in Feng Feiyun as a follower, so he reminded her.

If they lent him a hand at this moment, then he would definitely be grateful and swear allegiance to the princess.

A smile floated on her face as she shook her head and replied: “Gu Qing is powerful, but the son of the demon won’t be killed so easily. Wait a bit longer! Wait until the boy is truly at a dead end, then we will take action. It is more productive this way.”

“Princess is correct.” Attendant Yu bowed his head and responded.

“Fine! I will gather the last of my life-force to die together with you.” Feng Feiyun spoke these words as he wiped the blood from the corners of his lips. He then unleashed nine seals as if he was actually focusing the last bits of his energy.

However, no one believed his words because the last time he said these words, a heaven-defying genius fell into his trap.

“Motherfucker, this son of the demon is too wicked. Each time he says that it is the last time he focuses his energy, but after so many times, he still isn’t done doing it.”

“Only an idiot would believe that he is gathering the last bits of his energy!” Many cultivators were cursing at Feng Feiyun’s treachery.

The eight iron scales flew forward, carrying an aggressive and murderous air that encompassed this entire space like a meat grinder. Dangers were everywhere.

“Swish, swish, swish.”

Feng Feiyun finally gathered the last of his energy and struggled to take out the Infinite Spirit Ring. The black light shot all the way to the sky as six diagrams appeared. The first picture was the “Eight Trigrams Mysterious Language.” It soared up high and started to spin with sixteen different runes floating around it. No one understood what the sixteen runes were, but there was a monstrous energy contained within.

The second picture was the “Four Yang Ancient Cauldron.” This was a mysterious cauldron floating in the sky. The four legs of the cauldron were like four gigantic and fortified pillars.

The third was the “Netherworld Spirit Pagoda,” the fourth was the “Heavenly Flying King,” the fifth was the “Hundred Ghosts Banquet,” and the sixth was the “Ten Thousand Lights.”

In addition to the “Dragon Horse River Diagram” on the Evil Woman’s body, there were seven diagrams in total. Each of them contained an ancient and profound dao wisdom. One would be lost in their strange charms, but none would be able to understand them.

The six diagrams that were initially carved on the ring had never shown up so clearly before. It was as if they had morphed into real existence in this world.

Even Feng Feiyun revealed a glint of surprise at this time, but he didn’t have time to look into it. He directly attacked with the ring. All six ancient diagrams managed to push the eight scales back.

This was the power of a Spirit Treasure, only other Spirit Treasures could compete with it!

“You actually have a Spirit Treasure!” Gu Qing was shocked. He didn’t know that Feng Feiyun had such a divine weapon before Feng Feiyun made his move.

Feng Feiyun, with the ring in his hand, quickly went on the offensive. He used the ring to destroy half of the scales. Step by step, he pushed on and didn’t let Gu Qing have a chance to attack.

Gu Qing’s spirit energy was quite strong alongside his divine intents. He had to unleash several secret techniques to barely stop the suppression of the Spirit Treasure.

“Are you not gravely injured!” Gu Qing had to take three steps back and unleashed seven qilin’s of force with both his hands before finally regaining his balance.

“Of course… I am wounded. However, I have gathered the last bits of my energy to die together with you!” Feng Feiyun became even more fierce as he went on and tore apart the force of seven qilins. A spirit beam shot by Gu Qing’s neck and almost pierced his throat completely.

“Your sister!” Gu Qing was full of regret. At this time, Feng Feiyun didn’t feel like an injured person at all, he was more like an enraged bull.


The Infinite Spirit Ring, along with the six ancient diagrams, encompassed the entire third floor as if it wanted to crush Gu Qing to death.

“Woosh!” A white beam rushed out of the Spirit Treasure’s barrier like an unstoppable pillar and made its way towards Gu Qing.

“You are not invincible just because you have a Spirit Treasure. Feng Feiyun, you haven’t cultivated a divine intent and can’t even unleash 1% of the Spirit Treasure’s power. Defeating you is not a difficult task.” The white sword on his back rushed out like a white dragon and broke through the barrier of the Spirit Treasure.

He was right. Although Feng Feiyun had a Spirit Treasure at this moment, it didn’t enhance his combat potential to an absurd level so it was possible for Gu Qing to fight back.

“I trained for twenty-three years to create a master level sword technique. As long as it is not a grand accomplishment God Base cultivator, I will be invincible. My sword is enough to defeat a Spirit Treasure.”

Gu Qing didn’t want to reveal his ultimate attack. In the end, it was better for everyone to hide one or two secret attacks for a life or death crisis. At that time, they would have a one hit kill effect.

But today, under the watchful gaze of so many spectators, if he lost to someone with an inferior cultivation and age, then how could he stay at the pagoda any longer? Therefore, he had to reveal even his secret move.

“I also have a technique that I trained several thousand years for. Recently, after reaching intermediate God Base, I can finally use it. You shall be the first to taste it.” Feng Feiyun recalled his Infinite Spirit Ring and wore it on his thumb.

“Bullshit, this swindler Feng Feiyun is lying again. No one would believe that he had trained a technique for several thousand years.”

Even Princess Luofu and the other great characters frowned. This person was boasting way too much.

Although Feng Feiyun would have an illustrious battle record after this from killing several heaven-defying geniuses, no one would remember his strength. They would only remember one truth, and that was that one should never, ever trust Feng Feiyun’s words!

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