Chapter 197: Heavily Injured Person

Everyone in the cultivation world knew about the feud between the Evil Killing Alliance and the son of the demon. No one wanted to interfere in someone else’s business at this time since, on one hand, they could offend the majority of the sects in the Grand Southern Prefecture, but on the other hand, they could also offend the Evil Woman.

Feng Feiyun was slightly pale as a string of golden blood dripped from the corner of his lips like a patient suffering from tuberculosis. It was obvious that he was suffering from grave injuries and had difficulty walking, so there was no way he would have the ability to kill someone else.

Li Taia was lying in a pool of blood while Ji Feng was on the verge of death, but both of them had fallen while Feng Feiyun remained standing.

“Feng Feiyun, I have come to end your life.” Another heaven-defying genius from the alliance landed on the floor of the Martial Exhibition Tower. He wore a black cloak and three hundred pound bronze boots while wielding a Nine Rings Soul Slayer that was as tall as his body.

This genius was a disciple of the Grand Development Immortal Gate, someone who had a great temperament and talents. The Nine Rings Soul Slayer in his hand was also a quasi-Spirit Treasure saber.

He did not make the same mistake as Li Taia; although he noticed that Feng Feiyun was on the verge of falling, he still chose to be cautious as he focused on each and every move Feng Feiyun made.

Li Taia underestimated Feng Feiyun so before he could unleash any of his power, his corpse fell to the ground due to Feng Feiyun’s underhanded means.

“Feng Feiyun is seriously injured, will these heaven-defying geniuses still attack him?”“They want to kill him no matter what, so they will not stop until he is dead.”

“Ever since Feng Feiyun stepped onto the battle floor, this conclusion was already decided. All six experts from the alliance had come like six talismans of death.”

“If he wants to live, he must kill all six of them. Alas, given the current situation… Aizz! His life is about to end.”


Although many felt aggrieved at the alliance consecutively sending people out one by one, no one defended Feng Feiyun because they didn’t wish to offend the southern sects.

Not to mention, helping Feng Feiyun could be considered as taking the Evil Woman’s side, and this would result in them being excluded while garnering hostility from others, so who would dare to get involved in such a matter?

Can Feng Feiyun still fight right now?

“Cough!” Feng Feiyun covered his mouth and coughed twice. Blood dripped out again and drenched his sleeves as if he was terminally ill.


The heaven-defying genius with the Soul Slayer snorted as a wave emerged and condensed into a vortex that slammed into Feng Feiyun’s body, causing him to take six steps back.

“Feng Feiyun, weren’t you so amazing earlier? But now you can’t even block a single sonic wave from me.” The heaven-defying genius shouted again. A golden light akin to a huge wave shot out from his mouth and slammed into Feng Feiyun’s body, prompting his retreat with several steps once more.

He didn’t have the strength to fight back nor could he block the opponent’s sonic wave. He could only retreat as his injuries worsened.

Under the continuous aggression from this genius, Feng Feiyun didn’t even have the strength to retort. He could only spew out blood as his body was about to fall. However, when everyone thought that he would meet the ground, he would surprise them by standing proudly once more.

“Hmph, the son of the demon? In my eyes, you are only mere cattle.” Although this genius only had an intermediate God Base cultivation, he was completely suppressing Feng Feiyun at this moment. Every single one of his attacks was deliberately flawed since he wanted to torture Feng Feiyun to death.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun had retreated to the boundary of the fourth level. His bent body had to lean on the huge bronze pillar. He would be met with a fall of several hundred meters with another step. Once one falls from such a height, even a God Base cultivator would become a bloody puddle.


The genius with the saber took his time to approach Feng Feiyun as his blade edge slid on the ground, creating a cascade of sparks while a sneer appeared on his face.

“The son of the demon shall die in my hands.” He raised his saber and slashed down with all of his might to send Feng Feiyun to his maker.

The saber was two meters long and half a foot wide. It dragged out a black energy with an animalistic scream. Not to mention the currently wounded Feng Feiyun, he would have difficulty blocking this attack even when he was in his best condition.

Countless people had expressions of regret. Although he was the son of the demon, he was also a genius. Unfortunately, he was now going to be killed in the cradle before he had his time to shine.

Feng Feiyun struggled to reach out with his finger. He pressed forward with this shaky finger, directly meeting the blade’s edge.


Feng Feiyun was blown away like a leather ball all the way down from the fourth floor of the Martial Tower.

“Crack!” However, the Soul Slayer was also shattered by Feng Feiyun. The blade edge was split into two halves because the recoil was too powerful. The other genius didn’t expect for a quasi-Spirit Treasure to break, thus he couldn’t dodge in time so a broken blade edge directly slashed his neck.


This shattered blade edge was extremely sharp and it flew at an extreme speed, so it directly decapitated this genius as hot blood erupted from his neck, creating an appearance of a sanguine pillar.

“Thud!” The two halves of the saber fell down to the ground at the same time as the genius; his blood was still trickling from his neck and head.

This scene was too unexpected. The genius with all the advantages died under his own blade. This was a bit too comedic, so some spectators couldn’t believe it.

In just a flash, three geniuses from the alliance were now lying in bloody puddles; two were dead and one was seriously injured.

“Cough!” Even more sounds of someone coughing up blood could be heard.

Earlier, Feng Feiyun fell down from the fourth floor, but he did not fall down to the abyss and instead to the third level. At this moment, he struggled to stand there as he turned even paler. He had to hold onto a pillar with his hand just to barely remain standing.

“Feng Feiyun, you are too resilient, we cannot let you live past today.” The fourth heaven-defying genius took action. His body was like an arrow shot from a bow, only leaving behind a white afterimage.

The alliance truly lost all face after losing half of their force. How could top geniuses like them be able to handle such humiliation?

Two beast souls rushed out of this genius’ body. Both of them were five hundred year old beast souls; one was a scaled rhino while the other was an eight-legged centipede.

The two beast souls rushed forward in front of the genius towards Feng Feiyun.

“We’re going to die together with the last of my power!” Feng Feiyun gathered strength out of nowhere and suddenly stood up straight. Then, he recklessly pounced forward.

“Bang, bang!” Golden lights covered his palms as he tore apart the two beast souls, turning them into blue smoke.


Feng Feiyun’s body turned into a golden beam that slammed against the fourth heaven-defying genius that was on his way towards him. The golden and white lights suddenly exploded together like the collision of two huge mountains as everything fell apart.


The explosion and blinding light caused an unparalleled visual stimulus, forcing many spectating pupils to constrict to maintain their vision.


“Crank crack!” The sound of flesh being ground and bones breaking appeared.

One only saw a figure covered in blood, falling down from the sky like an indistinguishable corpse. It fell all the way down to the abyss that was several hundred meters deep.

Did they die together?

“Cough cough!” It was the same coughing sound from earlier.

Feng Feiyun fell back onto the third floor of the Martial Tower as his body was covered in blood. He tried several times, but he couldn’t get up. Eventually, after mustering all of his strength and pushing with both of his arms, he eventually managed to get up while continuously panting.

He still wasn’t dead?

The one who died was the fourth heaven-defying genius?

“I thought they both perished together.”

“Why is he still alive?”

Many people gritted their teeth while looking at Feng Feiyun. He managed to kill three people while being seriously injured — this was a bit too outrageous.

The jaws of a few pagoda students dropped to the ground. Was this guy actually injured? Or was he just pretending to have this near-death appearance in order to entrap the six experts from the alliance…?

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