Chapter 196: Blood Staining The Ground

The Infinite Spirit Ring was initially only a quasi-Spirit Treasure, but Feng Feiyun forcefully sealed the soul of a Crimson Dragon in the ring, allowing it to become a first grade Spirit Treasure.

‘If I could seal an eight hundred year old beast soul in the ring, then maybe it could become a second grade Spirit Treasure.’

Although first and second grade Spirit Treasures were only separated by one level, the difference in power was more than ten-fold. Of course, only fourth level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators could unleash the true power of a second grade Spirit Treasure. Ordinary people would not be able to control its power, so it was more convenient to use first grade Spirit Treasures.

Although these five fire jewels had the power to suppress the Infinite Spirit Ring, they were still not considered a second grade treasure; they could only be considered to be a top class first grade Spirit Treasure.

Despite being trapped by the five jewels, Feng Feiyun did not reveal the slightest sign of panic.

Spirit Treasures were controlled by divine intents. It was indeed difficult to stop the five jewels, but destroying Ji Feng’s five divine intents to sever his connection with the jewels was not a hard feat for Feng Feiyun.

As long as he paid a certain price, it would be possible.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes became serious as he took in a deep breath and forcefully recalled the Infinite Spirit Ring. He became quite tense because victory or defeat would be determined within this very second.

“Rumble!” Without a Spirit Treasure blocking their path, the five Meteor Fire Jewels continuously pounded Feng Feiyun. The five flame serpents crazily rushed forward.


The jewels were indeed Spirit Treasures. Despite Feng Feiyun avoiding them as he dodged back and forth to prevent direct contact, they were still able to glaze his left shoulder. A huge section of his flesh was immediately burnt to a crisp. Luckily, he already attacked with the Crimson Fire Art to control part of the flame so that the Spirit Treasure’s energy could not penetrate his body.

Nevertheless, his blood was churning and he almost lost control of half of his body.

At this exact moment, Feng Feiyun unleashed a palm at the fifth fire jewel.

“Oh heavens! He wants to catch a Spirit Treasure with his bare hand! Does he have a death wish?!” A few cultivators saw that Feng Feiyun was trying to grab a Spirit Treasure like a fool and they all thought that he was suicidal.

Ji Feng was also slightly taken aback, but he then revealed a smile and assumed that Feng Feiyun was at his wit’s end so he wanted to make his last desperate struggle.

“Still not giving up at this moment? He’s truly the son of the demon, aizz!” Ji Feng smiled and sighed. He knew that there was no other choice for Feng Feiyun, so he had to do it.

“No! A Spirit Treasure’s speed is amazing, so before Feng Feiyun’s palm could reach the fifth jewel, it already flew several meters away. The fella didn’t actually want to catch the Spirit Treasure with his bare hand, he simply wanted to sever Ji Feng’s five divine intents. The moment the divine intents are severed, the five jewels would no longer be able to unleash their power.” A flash appeared in Attendant Yu’s eyes as he clicked his tongue.

His insight was far beyond that of an ordinary cultivator, so he had already guessed Feng Feiyun’s intention. However, Ji Feng did not possess the same level of insight.

Severing the divine intent to stop a Spirit Treasure was not a radical theory, but it was very difficult to carry out. Even grand accomplishment God Base cultivators would not dare to do so. It could be said that only one out of one hundred people would be successful at such an attempt, and the ninety-nine that failed only obtained certain death.

Feng Feiyun only dared to try such a thing because of the Evil Woman’s Corpse Palace inside his body. Otherwise, he would not dare to take such a risk.

However, it turned out that this venture was the correct decision.


The five divine intents that were controlling the jewels were severed, so the five jewels suddenly lost control and slammed into the dome of the tower, causing the fifth level to tremble and issue five earth-shattering sounds.

“My turn!” Before Ji Feng could react, Feng Feiyun rushed in front of him and palmed him right on his head, directly blowing him away. His skull was cracked in several places as the flesh on his face seemed to be pulverized.

Despite the injury, Ji Feng immediately got up without a care for his wounds. His blood-stained fingers reached out and touched his temples. Two spiritual lights ran to his brain, then to the currently closed third eye on his forehead.

This was the Full Moon Heavenly Gaze. Despite being shut, it still had a formidable force that was powering up bit by bit.

Feng Feiyun suddenly felt a cold chill all over his body. The air temperature suddenly dropped, and the source was from Ji Feng’s third eye. ‘I absolutely cannot let him open the third eye!’

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun took out the Infinite Spirit Ring and fiercely threw it towards Ji Feng. Ji Feng was once again blown away. A bloody hole the size of a fist replaced the location of his stomach; this attack nearly pierced through his body.

However, there was a vermillion formation carved on his skin, so he didn’t die under the power of the Spirit Treasure and instead was only gravely wounded.

He directly sat down in a meditative pose on the ground and gritted his teeth. He ignored the blood flowing out from his body as his two fingers remained on his temples. A countless amount of spirit energy was pouring into his forehead, and the third eye finally opened up a bit.

A cold brilliance accumulated at the middle of his eyebrows like a full moon emerging from the clouds.

A sensation of death struck Feng Feiyun’s mind as all the blood in his body became frozen.

And not just Feng Feiyun, even the spectating disciples all felt the same thing as a chill ran through their spines with goosebumps on their arms.

A terrifying power was quietly approaching.

Ji Feng’s entire body was shaking as if he had mustered all of his strength. The Full Moon Heavenly Gaze opened a bit more.


Feng Feiyun’s feet were instantly trapped in ice!

I absolutely cannot let him open that terrifying third eye. There were only a few people in this world with natural Full Moon Heavenly Gazes, and all of them went on to become amazing characters!

There was a rumor stating that the Full Moon Heavenly Gaze was a broken piece of the moon in this world. Anyone who had it could borrow the moonlight’s power to increase their battle potential to a frightening level.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun shattered the ice by his feet and channeled all of his energy to unleash nine palm strikes.

“Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom”

Nine palms slammed into Ji Feng consecutively, causing him to spew out blood repeatedly before finally falling powerlessly onto the ground. In the end, the third eye remained shut as the spirit energy fueling it began to dissipate.

“I refuse to accept this!” He was bloodied and lying on the ground while being unable to stand up, but he still managed to utter these unwilling words.

The voice was filled with frustration! He had actually lost and was now without the strength to even stand up. The only thing remained standing was his will to fight.

“If you could open your Full Moon Heavenly Gaze, then I would have definitely lost to you today. However, you still weren’t able to do so in the end, so you can only blame your lack of strength. Many people in this world have died unwilling deaths, but it is unavoidable. No one can escape the fate crafted by the heavens unless they can overcome the heavens itself.”

Feng Feiyun stood before Ji Feng and spoke. A light appeared in his eyes as he aimed to kill this formidable opponent and put him to eternal rest.

“Boom!” A dragon-shaped ancient sword soared through the sky, dragging a long golden tail akin to a dragon’s tail.

Feng Feiyun had no choice but to give up on killing Ji Feng as he had to pull back his fist.

“Swoosh!” The palm print was shattered by the sword qi as this sword tore Feng Feiyun’s sleeve apart, leaving behind a bloodstain on his wrist.

“Rawrrr!” The dragon-shaped sword flew back into the sheath on Li Taia’s back.

Feng Feiyun glanced at his wrist and gravely inquired: “This is a feud between me and Ji Feng, do you wish to interfere?”

“Feng Feiyun, you are mistaken, this is a feud between our Evil Killing Alliance and you. Six of us are here today at the Martial Tower just for the sake of killing you. Today, your blood will cover the floor.” Li Taia landed on the stage and proudly enunciated each word.

Feng Feiyun glanced at the other four heaven-defying geniuses of the alliance in the far distance and then sneered: “Come one, kill one, come six, kill all six!”

“Feng Feiyun, you think too highly of yourself. You have expended nearly all of your energy after the fight with Ji Feng, and you were also gravely wounded by the Meteor Fire Jewels. Although you hid it well, it didn’t escape my eyes. If I make a move right now, you wouldn’t even be able to block one attack....” Li Taia seemed to feel that killing Feng Feiyun was a very glorious matter despite Feng Feiyun being exhausted from his previous battle.


But before he could finish his words, he was quickly blown away by Feng Feiyun. His heart was penetrated by the Dark Water Art, and then it shattered into many little fragments. Blood spewed everywhere as he fell straight onto the ground.

His eyes were opened wide and his mouth was still slightly open. He didn’t know how he died in the hands of Feng Feiyun before it was too late.

“Cough!” Feng Feiyun coughed out blood twice as it stained his entire palm. He truly suffered a severe injury earlier and using all of his strength just now only worsened his injury, causing blood to spill from his lips.

Li Taia was not much weaker than Ji Feng since he was also a heaven-defying genius, but he underestimated his opponent too greatly. This was a mental weakness, thus it was easily exploited with just one attack.

A man who underestimates his opponents does not have long to live.

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