Chapter 195: Meteor Fire Jewel

Ji Feng stood straight in the same place with thirty-seven holes added to his figure. Blood continuously dripped from his body down onto his robe, creating a red puddle on the ground.

Feng Feiyun also stood straight as he slowly withdrew his finger.

Ji Feng’s body was pierced into a sieve as his stomach, chest, hands, and thighs were filled with bloody holes with a dark cold aura stuck around them.

He couldn’t stop the Dark Water Art, but he managed to avoid being hit in vital areas. These wounds did not hurt the important locations.

If it was any other cultivator, they would have died thirty-seven times over!

No one could remain calm since this was too shocking. The unbeatable Ji Feng was beaten to such a mess and filled with wounds. Blood dripped down on the ground, issuing click-clack sounds.

Looking back, they saw Feng Feiyun who was completely spotless while carrying a nonchalant attitude — this contrast was too much for many to take in.

“This young man must have reached grand accomplishment God Base! Otherwise, he would not be so powerful like this.” Many people had this thought. However, if they knew that Feng Feiyun was only an intermediate God Base, then they would be driven mad.

Ji Feng’s gaze became as cold as an eagle as 360 qi cyclones encircled his body from his 360 meridians. They quickly covered the thirty-seven bloody holes as his skin quickly recovered, becoming thirty-seven scars.

In just the blink of an eye, he had recovered back to his peak condition as if he hadn’t been wounded at all.

“All 360 meridians in his body have been opened. This is something only top grand accomplishment God Base cultivators are capable of.”

“He hasn’t opened all 360, he’s only borrowing a strand of power from these meridians to adjust his blood veins and meridians to a new level. Nevertheless, this is already quite impressive to see a peak God Base being able to awaken the power of his meridians.”

“Ji Feng has not used his full strength yet. All of you look, the Full Moon Heavenly Gaze on his forehead still hasn’t opened. This is a real divine gaze with the power to annihilate the earth.”


Ji Feng and Feng Feiyun’s battle attracted a lot of attention from outsiders and drove the spotlight away from the other battle floors. It was not only because of their powerful cultivation, but more so because of their talents and techniques that far exceeded ordinary men.

“In just one night, your cultivation became six times stronger. It seems that you have reached intermediate God Base!” Ji Feng calmly said.

However, his words caused the entire Martial Exhibition Tower to boil in excitement as everyone couldn’t believe their ears.

“What? Intermediate God Base?” An intermediate God Base cultivator wearing a white daoist robe exclaimed.

He couldn’t believe that Feng Feiyun was only an intermediate God Base. He was also one, but their power gap was really too wide.

But this came from Ji Feng, so others had to believe it.

“Intermediate God Base!” Even the great characters among the younger generation had to stand up. They also didn’t believe that an intermediate God Base could have such powerful battle capabilities.

“There is nothing strange about this. The son of the demon had fought against Giants before. Ji Feng losing in his hands is a matter of course.” No one knew who said these words, but many people heard them.

The name of the son of the demon was famous along with the rise of the evil woman. Nearly all the cultivators knew that a young man with demonic blood coursing through his veins had appeared at the Grand Southern Prefecture, and he once fought against Giants and revived the evil woman. He was called the Evil Woman’s envoy, or in a more rough manner, her hound dog.

However, those who had actually seen the son of the demon were too few. Many cultivators thought that he was staying around the Evil Woman to tyrannically massacre all lives — an ugly and ferocious monster.

However, the son of the demon actually appeared in the Wanxiang Pagoda and became its student. Not only was he not ugly and ferocious, he was even a bit handsome. At the very least, all the female cultivators here thought so.

If the son of the demon was normal like this, then maybe he really was only an intermediate God Base. As for fighting against Giants, he must have borrowed the power of the evil woman.

“Losing?” The corners of Ji Feng’s lips curved as he said: “I have never lost before. I came to slay evil, so even the son of the demon must die.”

The entire fourth floor of the tower was suddenly engulfed in a sea of fire. Ji Feng stood in the middle of this fiery sea as he slowly levitated from the earth and hovered nine feet in the air.

Countless flames like fire dragons encircle his body.

“Earlier was just a warm up. Feng Feiyun, the real battle begins now.”

“Five-star Alignment!” Ji Feng’s spine suddenly protruded as five golden jewels flew out from his back. The jewels were only the size of a pill, but after being stimulated by the fire and spirit energy, they turned into the size of a fist that emitted a golden light like five stars.

This was a Spirit Treasure! The five jewels were created from meteors. Each jewel weighed more than ten thousand pounds, but after being refined in a volcano’s magma for eight hundred years, they had turned into pills.

The Ji Clan spent several generations to refine these five Meteor Fire Jewels into a Spirit Treasure, then they sealed five different Earth-flame Serpent souls into the treasure as its spirits.

Ji Feng carried this great treasure from his clan in order to deal with Feng Feiyun’s Spirit Treasure.

The five Meteor Fire Jewels activated the runes of nine formations that were controlled by Ji Feng’s will and were dancing amidst the sea of fire like meteors orbiting around planets.

This battle was becoming more and more astounding since even a Spirit Treasure was taken out. Its power was immeasurable, so many students nearby quickly retreated for fear of being hit by the aftermath.

Even when struck by a strand of a Spirit Treasure’s energy, it was enough to turn someone into smoke.

Feng Feiyun, who was standing on the battle floor, could feel the terrorizing power of the five Meteor Fire Jewels. Despite reaching intermediate God Base, he could not use his bare hands to resist this power. So first, he activated the mysterious runes of the Infinite Spirit Ring and moved them to the top of his head. With this, he was finally able to stop the encroaching jewels.

However, the current Infinite Spirit Ring could only be considered a first rank Spirit Treasure, the lowest rank of all Spirit Treasures. In contrast, each Meteor Fiery Jewel was considered first rank, so their combined strength nearly had the strength to stop a second rank Spirit Treasure. Of course, only when used together would the five jewels carry such power. If separated, their power would greatly weaken.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Ji Feng had cultivated five divine intents and drove the five jewels separately, eventually occupying the space above Feng Feiyun. His continual offense caused Feng Feiyun to retreat repeatedly as he could only use the Infinite Spirit Ring to protect his body; he didn’t have the ability to counterattack.

“Feng Feiyun, I already knew that you have a Spirit Treasure, but do you think you are invincible with it? Today, you will definitely die to the Meteor Fire Jewels, and your Spirit Treasure will be my Ji Clan’s treasure.” Ji Feng floated in the sky with both hands placed arrogantly before his chest. The five divine intents controlled the five jewels like a general capable of controlling the stars.

The sea of fire turned into five gigantic flame serpents with a three-meter diameter and thirty meter length. These were the serpent spirits inside the jewels, and they all slammed into the ring’s defensive perimeter at the same time.


One could no longer see Feng Feiyun’s figure since he was completely encased by the five flame serpents. Soon after, he was engulfed by them.

“Feng Feiyun, this is my real strength. Even if you reach peak God Base, you still aren’t worthy of being my opponent!” Ji Feng had the absolute advantage. In just a short period of time, the five jewels would be able to break the ring’s defense. And then, that would be the time of Feng Feiyun’s demise.

The right to talk would always be in the hands of the victor. Ji Feng was assured of his victory, so he naturally spoke with a winner’s attitude.

Feng Feiyun’s entire body was wrapped in flames, and these flames were not ordinary flames, they were earth flames that were absorbed by the jewels for eight hundred years. Its destructiveness was even more than the First Dark Origin Flame. Although he had the Crimson Fire Art, he was still not able to control these raging flames.

This was not because the art was lacking in power, it was because Feng Feiyun’s cultivation was insufficient to suppress the awesome power of a Spirit Treasure.

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