Chapter 193: Who Can Take Him On?

“An extremely gifted genius, Ji Feng of the Ji Clan. I didn’t expect for him to enter the Wanxiang Pagoda, and now he is here at the Martial Tower of all places. Could it be that there is someone worthy of him challenging?” A student from the Grand Southern Prefecture recognized Ji Feng. He had once seen Ji Feng kill four cultivators of the same level as him and became quite shocked at that time.

“Yesterday, I saw several heaven-defying geniuses from the Grand Southern Prefecture enter the pagoda. It seems that the Pagoda’s Hundreds List will have to change.”

“Truly worthy of being called a heaven-defying genius. With such extraordinary battle prowess, Ji Feng could be considered a top genius and unbeatable within the same realm.”

A few great characters became interested in Ji Feng and wanted to recruit him. Although the Ji Clan ruled over the Grand Southern Prefecture, but it was not much in these great characters’ eyes.

“Unbeatable within the same realm? What a joke!”

“He’s only a junior that just entered the pagoda. If I wanted to beat him, I would only need three moves.”

The voices were initially dozens of miles away, but in just a second, the owners of these voices had already pierced through the wind and reached the fourth level of the Battle Tower.

These two were men with extraordinary auras. One wore a golden robe while the other was adorned with a silver one. The most pertinent thing was that both of them had a third eye on their foreheads. One silver and one golden, creating quite a divine glow.

Golden Full Moon Gaze and Silver Full Moon Gaze.

However, their eyes were created from cultivation and were like powerful artifacts, unlike Ji Feng’s natural gaze.

The two men both had peak God Base cultivations and surging momentum along with qi images. Both of them were not weaker than Ji Feng.

“They are… the two monsters from the Technique Tower! They were already at peak God Base nine years ago and could easily kill cultivators of the same level. They trained in isolation for nine years without any contact with the outside world in order to sacrifice a beast soul. I didn’t expect for them to come out today.”

“I’m afraid their cultivations have culminated to a terrifying level after these nine years.”

“They have the foundation to reach grand accomplishment God Base, but in order to fortify their God Base to its strongest level, they choose not to break through.”

Ji Feng finally opened his eyes and gazed outside of the Martial Tower, but he still didn’t find any trace of Feng Feiyun.

There was another hour till noon, so he could still wait.

“This floor is our training ground, so please leave!” The golden robed man suddenly stomped forward, creating a golden wave that turned into shrill howls that rushed forward.

Ji Feng remained motionless. As the golden wave reached his legs, he used his own aura to fiercely counterattack.

“Boom!” The golden robed man snorted and shattered this golden wave.

“If you choose to not be reasonable, then I’ll play with you.” A seven meter tall beast soul flew out from the third eye of the golden robed man. It was a skeletal bird with five hundred years of cultivation.

Among strange beasts, skeletal birds were considered powerful existences, especially one that had cultivated for five hundred years. This golden robed man spent nine years just to refine this soul into his third eye, increasing his power by three fold.

“It is not that I am unreasonable, it is because you are not worthy to be my opponent.” Ji Feng spoke while standing as still as a pine tree.

“You’re courting death!” The golden robed man could easily kill peak God Base cultivators nine years ago. And now, his cultivation was three time stronger, so he believed that he was unbeatable within the same level. Naturally, he didn’t put Ji Feng in his sight.

The combination of the beast soul along with his heavenly gaze emitted an ocean of golden brilliance with countless skeletal birds rushing out.

This was a stunning scene as the fourth level of the Martial Tower was encompassed within this golden light where countless skeletal birds rushed out.

“Boom!” A loud explosion resounded from the tower like thunder as the golden light that filled the sky shattered and all the skeletal birds became dust.

Ji Feng still stood in the same place without any movement. Not even his sleeves fluttered! It was as if he had not moved at all.

The golden robed man had to retreat for a dozen feet as his shirt was torn apart in several places. Even his ornamental headpiece fell to the ground.

“We’ll go together!” The golden robed man and silver robed man attacked at the same time. Another skeletal bird beast soul appeared from the silver robed man, and two oceans of golden and silver lights appeared like a gigantic trigram that aimed for Ji Feng.

Everyone held their breaths as their eyes unblinkingly stared at this scene. The power of this golden and silver trigram was too shocking.

“Boom!” The golden-silver trigram broke into pieces as both the men were blown outside. Their bodies that were still flying in the air suddenly split into two halves, then four halves, then finally eight…

Two peak God Base cultivators were annihilated by one move from Ji Feng as their bodies shattered into 128 pieces. The small remnants of the silver and golden robes fluttered in the air like butterflies stained with blood.

Ji Feng stood still as he wiped the blood from his sleeves and spoke indifferently: “Two losers with unremarkable talents... Killing the two of you stained my hand.” Having said this, he closed his eyes and meditated again.

Shocking, absolutely shocking!

“This… two monsters like this still lost and died to just one move. And Ji Feng even called them unremarkable! Just how strong is Ji Feng? Just who would be worthy for him to fight?”

“No one can compete against his unstoppable force.”


“Princess’ insight is truly amazing. Ji Feng hasn’t even used his full strength but is already number one within the same realm. His future potential is limitless!” Attendant Yu flattered with a smile.

Princess Luofu didn’t say anything and only smiled, causing the two girls who were holding the ceremonial screen to be overwhelmed. She would only smile this beautifully when she saw truly supreme geniuses.

“Just who is Ji Feng waiting for?” Everyone had this question in their minds, even Princess Luofu was no exception.

Right when the sun reached its highest point, Feng Feiyun finally arrived while riding a silver ship. He unhurriedly climbed the peak to look at the Martial Exhibition Tower floating in the sky.

The moment Feng Feiyun’s eyes glanced at the fourth level of the tower, Ji Feng also opened his eyes and shot out two fiery glimmers as if he could sense Feng Feiyun.

The two gazes met!

This wasn’t just a coincidence, it was a connection between true geniuses! Only by having an extraordinary spiritual sense at the level of Feng Feiyun’s and Ji Feng’s would it give rise to such a circumstance.

Ji Feng’s battle intent had been completely stimulated. It was only a split second after seeing Feng Feiyun did a stalwart aura flood through his body.

Feng Feiyun was the same as his battle intent also reached its highest point.

Although the two were still quite far apart, it seemed as if they were next to each other exchanging blows.

The son of the demon who fought against Giants caused Ji Feng’s blood to boil.

Feng Feiyun also saw Ji Feng as an extremely terrifying enemy, so the golden blood inside his body crazily surged like a torrential flood.

“He’s finally here, the person Ji Feng was waiting for is him.” All the cultivators looked back and saw Feng Feiyun standing proudly on a peak like an unsheathed divine blade.

“Does he have the strength to fight against Ji Feng?” Some expressed their doubts. After all, Ji Feng was simply too strong. No one within the same level could even withstand a single one of his blow.

Just when they turned around for a moment, they found that Feng Feiyun’s figure had disappeared without a trace. Could it be that he ran away due to fear?

The moment they shifted their gaze back, they found that Feng Feiyun had already landed on the fourth level of the tower, standing face to face against Ji Feng. The violet brocade robe on his body seemed as if it was made from liquid steel while his hair was also as firm as iron wires. Despite the powerful wind, they could not lift a corner of his sleeve or cause his hair to flutter.

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