Chapter 190: Spirit Treasure Tower

Everyone was shocked, only Murong Ta was scared. He thought that he did not pass the examination so his legs went limp and collapsed on the floor. He bit his lips and murmured: “It is over, over! Mother will be so disappointed!”

He bit his lips so hard that blood began to flow.

At this time, Feng Feiyun was certain that this young man who had outrageous talents was not pretending, so he walked forward and said: “Boy, stand up! You have certainly passed the Wanxiang Pagoda’s examination.”

Murong Ta was sent into a daze. Then, he quickly clung onto Feng Feiyun’s pants and hurriedly asked: “Big Brother, you are not tricking me, right?”

“Shit!” Feng Feiyun sent him flying with a kick. Until now, it had always been him hugging the legs of beauties; this was the first time another man hugged his legs.


“Big Brother, you really didn’t lie to me!”

“Big Brother, what is your name? I am called Murong Ta!”

“Big Brother, my mother said that not answering other people’s questions is impolite.”

An ancient silver ship flew in the sky. It was dragged by three gigantic silver birds towards the Spirit Treasure Tower. These three birds had been cultivating for nearly a century, and their feathers were around a feet long. A flowing silver sheen could be found on the surface of each feather.

Murong Ta sat right next to Feng Feiyun and kept on asking questions with a particularly excited expression.

“My name is Feng Feiyun!” Feng Feiyun had his eyes closed to train, but he couldn’t stand the guy any longer so he had to answer.

This guy spoke way too much nonsense.

“Then I will call you Big Brother Feng. We are both disciples of the Wanxiang Pagoda from now on, so we have to take care of each other.” The jolly Murong Ta spoke.

Ji Feng was also seated on the ship. He was quite a bit away from Feng Feiyun, but his cold gaze was as sharp as a saber.

Feng Feiyun was also very wary of him. If it wasn’t for the old man seated to the side, the two of them would have already battled it out.

The Wanxiang Pagoda was extremely vast and had one hundred old towers. Each of these towers occupied several hundred miles, and they were all surrounded by steep, dangerous mountains. It was as if one hundred sacred cultivation grounds were gathered at the same place.

“We have arrived at the Spirit Treasure Tower!” The old man pointed towards the front.

Feng Feiyun conveniently looked up and saw a peak before them that towered thousands of meters high. The four sides of the peak were all steep cliffs that even monkeys would find difficult to climb. An ordinary human would not be able to accomplish such a task.

Through the thin mist, one could see different cave entrances at the peak. There were no less than one hundred from top to bottom, and they were in an orderly manner. They all emitted dazzling lights — dense and mighty. There were also divine condors and odd-shaped beasts patrolling the area.

This was a peak that took the appearance of a tower. The outside was covered with dense formation arrays while the inside was hollow.

This was the Spirit Treasure Tower. Not only was it the sacred ground for training Treasure Seeking Masters, it was also the treasury of the Wanxiang Pagoda. That’s why there were countless masters protecting it in all four directions.

The top experts of the enforcement team also appeared regularly at this place.

“Rumble!” The silver ship stopped several dozen miles away and did not enter the tower.

“The surrounding five hundred mile radius is the territory of the Spirit Treasure Tower. There are nine big peaks, five great valleys, and three grand lakes. You guys can find a place with enough spirit energy to open a cave. Three days later, I will notify you at this location about the next spiritual sense examination. Then, you all will formally become the tower’s disciples at that time and will obtain cultivation methods. If you perform meritorious deeds, then you could even obtain pills and treasures to increase your strength!”

After telling them this, the old man quickly flew towards the Spirit Treasure Tower and disappeared within the bamboo forest. Clearly, he went to inform the Tower Lord of this great news.

The surrounding thousands of miles were covered with bamboo groves that had more than adequate spirit energy. This spirit energy was three times denser than that of other places.

“Boom!” The moment the old man left, Ji Feng immediately took action. He wanted to restrain Feng Feiyun with a surprise attack.

Feng Feiyun had already been cautious of him. The moment Ji Feng attacked, Feng Feiyun also unleashed a fist. The two fists collided and instantly created a golden shockwave, destroying a large amount of bamboo trees.

“Feng Feiyun, there is no need to pointlessly struggle. Our Evil Killing Alliance have all come to the Wanxiang Pagoda, so there is no use in trying to flee.” A strange, crimson image rose from Ji Feng’s body; he seemed to be a qilin stomping on a sea of fire.

He attacked again with a powerful fist that consisted of seven qilin images.

The force of seven qilins — 640,000 pounds!

Ji Feng’s cultivation was very powerful. Bu Tianya and Qin Zhan essentially couldn’t stop a single one of his move.

Feng Feiyun continuously shot out seven Crimson Fire Arts from his finger while taking seven steps back; one shot per step retreated to painstakingly destroy this power. Meanwhile, seven frightening cracks also appeared on the ground.

Ji Feng gathered his energy and was about to attack again.

“Boom!” A silver lance came from the sky like a silver dragon, directly piercing through Ji Feng’s right shoulder. The bloodstained lance flew in a circle and then returned to the sky.

A mighty aura emanated from the sky as a gigantic silver bird was circling above them. A cold voice suddenly appeared: “Fighting is prohibited at the Wanxiang Pagoda. Those with grievances must fight a life or death battle at the Martial Exhibition Tower. If you dare to breach the rules again, we shall kill without warning.”

This was a supreme expert from the enforcement team!

This power was too mighty. A silver radiance from the sky descended, causing Ji Feng to bleed from his orifices.

“Hmph!” Ji Feng coldly glared at the silver bird in the sky. His battle intent still remained all the same as he declared towards Feng Feiyun: “Do you dare to fight a battle to the death with me tomorrow at the Martial Exhibition Tower?”

“I am not that bored!” Feng Feiyun turned around to leave.

“You were at a disadvantage earlier. Surely, you must be severely wounded. Heroes and beauties gather at the Martial Exhibition Tower to find potential allies; you must be afraid of losing to me in front of everyone, so you do not dare to accept the challenge!” Ji Feng said.

“Me? Afraid of losing to you?” Feng Feiyun suddenly paused, then he slowly spoke without turning around: “Tomorrow, at noon. We shall meet at the Martial Exhibition Tower.”

Finished speaking, Feng Feiyun quickly left and disappeared inside the bamboo forest.

Ji Feng stood tall amidst the disastrous aftermath in the bamboo forest and revealed a content smile as the wind blew across his sleeves.

He had seen through Feng Feiyun’s power after the exchange from earlier, so he chose to issue the challenge.

He also knew that Feng Feiyun had a powerful Spirit Treasure, but the alliance carried along a Spirit Treasure strong enough to fight against the Infinite Spirit Ring in order to deal with Feng Feiyun.

Thus, his victory was assured.

It was one thing if Feng Feiyun chose not to fight, but if he did, then his blood shall be spilled. This was a gap of cultivation, nothing could change it.

“Cough!” A strand of blood flowed from Feng Feiyun’s lips.

Earlier, he was wounded by the Little Demoness’ gaze, and the exchange with Ji Feng only exacerbated the injury.

Ji Feng’s cultivation was indeed frightening; he was not very far from grand achievement God Base. If Feng Feiyun didn’t already reach intermediate God Base, then he wouldn’t be able to block even ten of Ji Feng’s moves.

Both of them were heaven-defying geniuses, but Ji Feng was two minor levels higher than Feng Feiyun. Plus, his battle prowess was even greater than Beiming Tang’s.

The real crisis that Feng Feiyun felt was the Full Moon Heavenly Gaze that was still closed on Ji Feng’s forehead. It appeared to hold a terrifying power inside like a sealed demon. Once he opened that eye, it would have the power to destroy the heaven and earth.

Feng Feiyun paused and showed an unprecedented serious expression. If he wanted to live, then he must break through intermediate God Base tonight. Only then would he have a glimmer of hope tomorrow. If he failed to do so, then his blood would indeed stain the martial tower.

Feng Feiyun could have refused Ji Feng’s challenge and avoid this dangerous situation, but the moment he acquiesced, his mind would have an imperfection. In the future, when met with a similar situation, he would choose to retreat again. If this really became the case, then he would not be able to reach the apex of cultivation.

The path of cultivation was difficult because one could only tread forward and not retreat.

Once one took a step back, one would find that they had fallen into the abyss.

Not to mention, without pushing themselves to a real life or death situation, how could one ignite the true potential within them?

“Big Brother Feng, why did you accept that psycho’s challenge? My mother said that fighting against others is very unwise.” Murong Ta caught up from behind. He was panting constantly and drenched in sweat.

“Your mother says this, your mother says that! Did your mother not tell you that if you don’t compete, you will never gain anything?” Feng Feiyun felt that this young man with outrageous talents was a bit interesting.

“My mother said to leave it all up to fate!” Murong Ta said.

“All up to fate!” Feng Feiyun murmured.

“That’s right, when fate comes, then accept it. When fate is no longer on your side, then it will naturally disappear!” Murong Ta said with a serious expression.

Feng Feiyun deeply nodded his head with two glimmers appearing his eyes and smiled: “You are right.”

The two of them headed deeper into the bamboo forest. They intended to find the place with the densest spirit energy in order to open a cave. Both of them had an amazing spiritual sense, so finding the place would not be a difficult matter.

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