Chapter 189: Natural Born Spiritualist

Eight times stronger than an ordinary man — just how great was this talent ah?

The surrounding spectators were all frightened by Feng Feiyun’s talent. All of them busily chattered. The six experts of the evil alliance wanted to take action, but they had some hesitation.

“What should we do? We cannot kill in the Wanxiang Pagoda’s territory, so how are we going to deal with him?” Li Taia scowled.

“He wants to join the pagoda, so we will also join the pagoda. As long as we can capture him, killing him would be an easy matter.” Another heaven-defying genius spoke.

“If he wants to enter the Spirit Treasure Tower, then I also want to join the Spirit Treasure Tower!” Ji Feng was a Death Spirit Child of the Ji Clan with a peak God Base cultivation.

Only those from the Ji Clan knew that the Ji Clan was not only a cultivation clan, but also a clan of Treasure Seeking Masters.

Their disciples would cultivate Treasure Seeking manuals at a young age. For example, the Spirit Treasure Volume from the Grave Palace Record was hidden at the Ji Clan. The value of this volume was no less than that of the Eight Arts Volume since it was also one of the orthodox cultivation scriptures of Treasure Seeking Masters.

Ji Feng was one of the most prominent descendants of this generation, and since he was from the Ji Clan, his Treasure Seeking ability was naturally amazing. This was not someone other Treasure Seeking apprentices could compare to. It could even be said that some Treasure Seeking Masters were not his match.

“I also want to enter the pagoda to play a little bit! Haha!” The Little Demoness hugging her white cat and quickly ran towards the Beastmaster Tower. Her style of running was as if she hadn’t learned how to walk since she looked like she could fall down at any moment.

Meanwhile, Ji Feng coldly snorted and directly went behind Feng Feiyun. He lifted up Murong Ta with one hand and threw him back so that he could line up right after Feng Feiyun.

Although Murong Ta felt indignant, he could only hold it in. There was no other choice. The opponent’s cultivation was too strong, and he didn’t even have the ability to fight back.

“Swoosh!” The ninth light flashed! Its tenacity still remained strong; however, the tenth light did not appear.

The old man was already so excited that he quickly spoke the moment Feng Feiyun opened his eyes: “This is only a stone platform used to test the spiritual sense of apprentices. It can only measure a spiritual sense up to nine times that of an ordinary man, so if we want to test your real spiritual sense, we have to enter the Spirit Treasure Tower.”

Feng Feiyun felt that nine times was far from his limit, so he relaxed after he heard this old man. ‘So this was the case.’

Nevertheless, nine fold that of an ordinary man was already quite scary. He could definitely be called an exceptional talent.

“Nine times… There is no need to test your formation and vision. Boy, you are now one of us.” The old man cheerfully smiled at Feng Feiyun like a sex maniac looking at a coy beauty.

No matter the place, geniuses were always welcomed.

“A nine fold spiritual sense is nothing, I am just as strong.” Ji Feng stepped forward from behind Feng Feiyun and gave him a cold glare. Then, he stepped in front of the stone platform and directly placed his hand on top.

In the end, he was still exposed, but Feng Feiyun was not afraid at all. The pagoda forbade killing. Even if people wanted to fight, they would have to go to the Martial Exhibition Tower. Anyone who broke this rule would be killed by the enforcement team.

Although Ji Feng was strong, Feng Feiyun was not afraid. The true source of dread was the Little Demoness. Feng Feiyun looked around and he finally saw her.

The little girl was quietly lining up at the Beastmaster Tower’s examination place while playing with her white cat, revealing an innocent smile. The moment she turned around and met Feng Feiyun’s eyes, he found that it was a crystal clear glance without any murderous intent.

It was as if she was a nice little sister from a neighbor's house.

“Poof!” It was only one glance, but Feng Feiyun’s chest was hit with a grave blow. His throat felt sweet as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He had to take three steps back and was on the verge of falling down.

Murong Ta quickly helped him stabilize as he thought with some surprise: ‘He was clearly fine before, so why did he spit out blood? Is he ill?’

“Big Brother, you okay?” Murong Ta propped up Feng Feiyun by his hands and felt that they were stained with blood. It was flowing from Feng Feiyun’s shoulder.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Feng Feiyun was inexplicably shocked and quickly channeled the God Base inside his body. A vast surging spirit energy quickly went around his body to suppress the injury. Only then was he able to stand up straight.

Feng Feiyun — once again — looked towards the Little Demoness’ direction and noticed that she was also looking at him while revealing a hearty laugh. With her pinky finger placed on her slender face that was as round as an apple, she exuded an indescribable cuteness.

Her harmless look would incite many traffickers to kidnap and sell her away.

“Oh heavens, another genius with nine times the spiritual sense of an ordinary man.”

Feng Feiyun turned around after hearing a loud shout and saw Ji Feng withdrawing his hand from the stone platform with a proud smile.

Ji Feng was also not a spiritualist, but because he cultivated a bit from the Spirit Treasure Volume, he was able to have such a great spiritual sense at a young age.

The Spirit Treasure Volume originally came from the Grave Palace Record, so it naturally had techniques to train one’s spiritual sense. It was not strange for Ji Feng to have a nine fold spiritual sense.

The old man was already laughing silly. With two supreme geniuses, this examination was a big harvest. This time, the Spirit Treasure Tower could stand proud as it put all the other towers to shame.

“Anyone else up for the assessment?” The old man said with a smile.

“I… I… I want to participate!” Murong Ta from behind Feng Feiyun stepped out in a cowardly manner. His skin was yellow and he wore straw sandals; a quick glance was enough to tell that this was a poor peasant.

“I have to pass, I have to pass… I can’t let Mother down, I absolutely can’t.” Murong Ta was very nervous because he was afraid of failure. Sweat poured out from his squeezed hands.

Ji Feng looked at him in disdain and turned away. This type of peasant still wanted to enter the Wanxiang Pagoda — truly a joke.

Feng Feiyun, on the other hand, quite liked the guy so he reminded him: “Don’t be nervous, let go of all your thoughts and focus your mind!”

“Thank you, Big Brother!” Murong Ta was moved to the verge of tears. Although it was only a word of caution, these were the first caring words he had ever heard from someone besides his own mother. Others only knew how to laugh at him, look down on him, or even beat him.

Murong Ta gently pressed his hand on the stone platform.


The stone platform directly exploded into many pieces all over the ground.

Silence! Everyone became stunned as they stared at this boy as if they were staring at a monster.

“Damn it, what day is it today? Not to mention the two supreme geniuses, now there is a monster that actually blew up the testing stone platform.” The old man wiped the sweat off his forehead and couldn’t help but curse.

The initially contemptuous Ji Feng also quickly turned around and stared at Murong Ta in shock. ‘I was wrong, could this guy be a natural born spiritualist?’

Feng Feiyun and Ji Feng were both geniuses with great a spiritual sense, but they were miles off compared to this young man.

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