Chapter 188: Spiritual Sense Examination

Chapter 188: Spiritual Sense Examination

To Treasure Seeking Masters, their spiritual sense was even more important than secret Treasure Seeking techniques. A few people were naturally born with a stronger spiritual sense. This means that they could even detect a slab of gold buried three feet underground. These people were the most suited to become Treasure Seeking Masters.

This was called spiritual sense — an instinctive feeling.

This was also a type of training for apprentices. Doubling the spiritual sense of an ordinary man meant that the apprentice was of the first level; two times that strength meant that the person was a second level apprentice. From this, one could calculate that an apprentice with a spiritual sense nine times greater than an ordinary person was a ninth-level Treasure Seeking Apprentice.

Of course, this was under the assumption that their formation and vision capabilities also reached the corresponding level.

“Your spiritual sense is only two times stronger than average. This can only be considered a second level apprentice, so you are not qualified to enter the Wanxiang Pagoda.” The old man shook his head in disappointment.

The first cultivator failed the examination. As his hand was placed on the stone platform, only two layers flared up, signifying that his spiritual sense was two times stronger than an ordinary man.

This stone platform was the main test to gauge a person’s spiritual sense.

The second cultivator placed their hand on the stone platform, and three layers suddenly lit up.

“Three times of an ordinary man — qualified!” The old man’s eyes slightly opened as he nodded with approval.

Only one out of the first four cultivators passed the spiritual sense test. Now, it was Feng Feiyun’s turn.

The old man only glanced at Feng Feiyun; he didn’t have too much hope for him. There were very few Treasure Seeking Masters, and high ranked Treasure Seeking Masters were even fewer. It was already good to be able to find one student each examination.

Sometimes, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment!

“Place your hand on the stone platform. Let go of all trivial thoughts, and focus with your eyes closed.” The old man opened his eyes a bit, then he closed them again as if he fell asleep.

Feng Feiyun placed his hand on the stone platform and gently closed his eyes. He wanted to test just how strong his spiritual sense was; he was very confident regarding his soul and spiritual sense.

The three failed examinees stood to the side and hoped that Feng Feiyun would also fail so that they could feel better.

After Feng Feiyun placed his hand on the platform, there was no activity. Not a single layer lit up.

“Haha! Such a weak spiritual sense yet you still came to the examination. Did you really think that any dog or cat could become an amazing Treasure Seeking Master!?” The young man who passed the first examination sneered, but his smile immediately became frozen. Suddenly, the first layer of light rushed out from the stone platform. This light was stronger than the light of anyone who went up before. It was like an extremely hot and blinding flame.

Even the cultivators who were participating for the other towers were alarmed at this light and quickly shifted their gazes. All of them were mysterious masters, so they knew that this was a spiritual sense test.

This person’s spiritual sense was a bit too strong!

Even though it was just one layer, it was as powerful as the sun.

Even the old man opened his eyes and stared at the light that erupted from the stone platform in surprise. ‘Damn, how could there be such a powerful light?’ The old man almost jumped up due to shock.

“Swoosh!” The second light also flashed!

The second light was thinner than the first, but it was still as powerful as before, causing others to be unable to look at it directly.

Murong Ta, who was standing right behind Feng Feiyun, stared intensely at the stone platform while shivering. ‘So a person’s spiritual sense could be this powerful. It would be amazing if I also had such a powerful sense!’

The third light flashed!

The third was also weaker than the second, but it was still radiating continuously.

This meant that Feng Feiyun’s spiritual sense was three times stronger than an ordinary person and was qualified to enter the Wanxiang Pagoda. This was not something the average person could do.

The three failed examinees’ chins were on the floor. This guy looked like a teenager, so how could his spiritual sense be so frightening? Could this be a natural born spiritualist?

“Swish!” The fourth light suddenly flashed. It was fainter than before, but this was only when compared to the previous three.

“Swoosh!” The fifth light was also bright like a divine lamp.

All of the cultivators nearby were attracted by this scene. Even a few revered masters of the other sacred grounds glanced over.

In just a second, another light appeared. This was the sixth already.

“A spiritual sense six times of an ordinary man. It seems that the Spirit Treasure Tower had picked up a real jewel this time. Could this be a natural born spiritualist?” The Wisdom Tower’s revered master played with his white beard while murmuring.

A so-called spiritualist was born with a spiritual sense that far exceeded the common man by several times or even dozens of times. This type of person rarely appeared in even a century, and only spiritualists could reach the Grand Treasure Seeking Master level.

Other cultivators with great talents and expended countless efforts could only become a peak Treasure Seeking Master, but absolutely not a Grand Treasure Seeking Master.

Feng Feiyun clearly knew that he was not a spiritualist. Because his body contained the soul of a phoenix, his spiritual sense was also strong.

“Swoosh!” The seventh light activated. His spiritual sense was seven times stronger than an ordinary man.

The commotion became even louder and many people came over.

“Meow, meow.” A girl in a red dress — like a little white lolita — came out from the crowd. She wore a pair of little red shoes that were embroidered with a picture of a duck while carrying a white cat. Her round eyes were like a pair of clear grapes.

The five experts of the Evil Killing Alliance also followed her. Their powerful auras emanated from their bodies, so no one dared to be around them.

“Feng Feiyun! He really came to the Wanxiang Pagoda!” The dragon sword behind Li Taia began to shake and let out a dragon hymn as his eyes became murderous.

A killing intent filled the scene, and it was felt by the revered masters. They all lifted their heads and gazed at Li Taia.

However, it was simply a gaze; they then looked away. This had nothing to do with them. Even if there was a fight, people from the enforcement team would deal with it.

“Fighting is banned during the days of the examination. In the Wanxiang Pagoda, killing is punishable by death.” An enforcement group arrived by flying from the sky. There were nine of them, and they all wielded silver spears. Each and every single one of them rode an eight-meter-long silver bird that hovered over the square.

These nine were extremely powerful. Nine silver auras descended from the sky to suppress the murderous intents from Li Taia’s group.

The enforcement team was composed of the pagoda’s best students, so they all had amazing battle prowess. Even previous generation Heaven’s Mandate seniors had died in the hands of the enforcement team’s experts.

Although Li Taia was a king of the younger generation, he didn’t dare to challenge the enforcement team’s might, so he quickly withdrew his murderous intent with a snort.

All the heaven-defying geniuses of the alliance withdrew their auras. Then, the law enforcement team finally left while riding on their strange birds.

Feng Feiyun was testing his spiritual sense so he naturally couldn’t know that the six experts from the alliance had come.

“Swoosh!” At this time, the eighth light shot out from the stone platform!

“Boom!” Everyone became crazy. A spiritual sense eight times stronger than the ordinary man. This young man’s aptitude was too amazing. Could this really be a spiritualist? That means he could become a Grand Treasure Seeking Master in the future!

Keep in mind that there were only two or three Grand Treasure Seeking Masters throughout the entire Godly Jin Dynasty. They were all elusive dragons, and many great powers’ lords had to ask them for favors.

The old man now rubbed his eyes since he felt that he was in a dream.

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