Chapter 187: Fourth-ranked Treasure Seeking Master

Too scary, a thirteen year old boy already looked like a matured man. He simply looked way too old!

Wang Meng cheerfully laughed at Feng Feiyun, then he rushed towards the Martial Tower’s monument and screamed while running: “I also want to sign up, I also want to sign up. I am only thirteen years old, I’m a heaven-defying genius…!”

Ji Xiaonu’s cute little face had yet to return to normal. After a while, she swallowed and finally asked: “Is he really only thirteen years old?”

Feng Feiyun used the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze to analyze him. In the end, he couldn’t continue to reject this reality, so he nodded his head: “No wonder why he doesn’t cultivate any techniques and only needed his powerful body to defeat peak God Base cultivators. So he belongs to the Ancient Jiang tribe! But it seems that there is another strange force flowing inside his blood, this force…”

The age of trees could be projected based on their tree-rings, and the age of men and strange beasts could also be calculated. For example, the bones and blood were different for people of different ages.

Cultivators could estimate a strange beast’s age based on their blood. The greater their age, the purer the spirit energy hidden inside their blood became.

Wang Meng truly was only thirteen years old, but there was a strange power running in his blood that caused Feng Feiyun to feel a little strange.

“It is the power of the grand Witchcraft!” Mao Wugui’s voice resounded in Feng Feiyun’s ear. It was lying on Ji Xiaonu’s shoulder as it created a sound wave that traveled directly into Feng Feiyun’s ear.

Ji Xiaonu and Ji Xinnu couldn’t hear it, and they didn’t know that this little white turtle could speak.

A glint of understanding suddenly flashed in Feng Feiyun’s eyes. So this was the case! The Ancient Jiang tribe not only consisted of natural born warriors, it was also a gathering place for magic.

Each and every bandit at the Huang Feng Ridge all had different pasts. This was the case with Liu Qinsheng, and perhaps it was the same for Wang Meng.

“Oh right, which towers do you two plan on going to?” Feng Feiyun looked at the girls and asked.

Ji Xiaonu answered without any hesitation as she stared at Feng Feiyun: “Isn’t it obvious? We are going to follow you. You took our Eight Arts Volume, so before helping us with our revenge, don’t even think about getting rid of us.”

Feng Feiyun said: “But… but if you don’t pass the examination, you cannot enter the Wanxiang Pagoda.”

“That is your problem. If you cannot take us to the pagoda, then give us back the Eight Arts Volume.” Ji Xiaonu gave him a look as if this was only a matter of course.

Ji Xinnu also stared at him with her almond-like eyes. They were filled with a great expectation and an indescribable emotion as if to say that if Feng Feiyun couldn’t take them inside the Wanxiang Pagoda, then he would be the most impotent of men.

Saying that it was difficult to enter the pagoda would only be an understatement. Although the cultivation of Ji Xinnu and Ji Xiaonu were not bad, they would not necessarily be able to pass the examination.

“Okay, you guys can go participate in the Beastmaster Tower’s examination!” Feng Feiyun glanced at Mao Wugui and suddenly had a plan.

Beastmasters were one of the five mysterious masters; they were very few in number. Most Beastmasters came from the Beastmaster Camp; although the Beastmaster Tower was strong, it was not as old as an ancient tradition like the Beastmaster Camp.

The status of the Beastmaster Camp was also not that much lower than the Wanxiang Pagoda in the cultivation world.

Many of those who were able to communicate with strange beasts and had a talent for beast taming would first pick the Beastmaster Camp. The Beastmaster Tower would be their second choice.

The Martial Tower, the Dao Tower, the Technique Tower… These main sacred grounds had a lot of people, but the examination area for the five mysterious masters were very empty, especially the monument of the Beastmaster Tower; there were not more than twenty people there.

The Beastmaster Tower’s requirements were also relatively low since they wanted to recruit even more talents.

Ji Xiaonu and Ji Xinnu easily passed the first examination since they had an old turtle that had cultivated for several thousand years. Moreover, the revered master from the Beastmaster Pagoda was also quite optimistic about the both of them.

One must also recall that Ji Xiaonu and Ji Xinnu were not humans. As Abnormalities, they had some innate abilities to communicate with beasts, thus they definitely had the potential to become Beastmasters.

Ji Xiaonu and Ji Xinnu were brought into the Primal Beginning Tower for the second examination while Feng Feiyun went before the stone monument of the Spirit Treasure Tower.

The amount of Treasure Seeking Masters was even fewer than Beastmasters. At the moment, there were only four people in line.

“I want to become a Treasure Seeking Master. If I cannot enter the Spirit Treasure Tower to cultivate treasure seeking arts, then how could I be worthy of mother’s hopes and expectations? I have to pass, I definitely have to pass!”

Feng Feiyun heard a voice behind him. He turned around only to find a poor youth wearing peasant clothes. With a firm glare, he was pressing his fists together and talking to himself. Amidst his carelessness, he slightly bumped into Feng Feiyun.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Murong Ta continuously apologized since he was afraid of angering Feng Feiyun.

This young master before him was wearing noble clothes and had an imposing aura. This was someone that he could not afford to offend. If the person became enraged, then he wouldn’t be able to avoid a rough beating.

“It’s all right.” Feng Feiyun replied.

Murong Ta’s age was similar to Feng Feiyun, but he didn’t have the same type of experience that transcended his years. He was more like a young naive lad — a bit thin and seemed to be starving most of the time. Moreover, there were also bruises on his face; clearly, he was beaten very recently.

The reason why Feng Feiyun paid attention to him was because of his pair of eyes that far exceeded his peers — firm and pure. Although he was only at early Spirit Realm, others could feel his resolute heart.

Of course, it was only a passing glance. Feng Feiyun immediately lined up before a woman around the age of twenty to wait for the start of the examination.

The revered master sitting in front of the stone monument was an old man around the age of seventy with bony cheeks and an unkempt beard. His wrinkles were very deep, just like the shell of a walnut.

He wore a white daoist robe with an embroidered cauldron on it. A black Treasure Seeking Order hung around his waist; it was inlaid with four True Mysterious Spirit Stones to show that he was a rank four Treasure Seeking Master.

Before him was a floating stone platform, and beneath the platform was a rank one formation to firmly prop it up.

Including Feng Feiyun and Murong Ta, there were six people in total. The revered master slightly nodded his head and spoke: “I trust that if you guys were able to make it here, then all of you know the high status that we Treasure Seeking Masters have within the cultivation world. As long as one can become a real Treasure Seeking Master, there would be treasures everywhere. Randomly walking around could net you a huge crimson metal. Haha, isn’t that great!? As long as one could become a Treasure Seeking Master, carving your name into the famed annals of the cultivation world would not be a difficult matter.”

This old man patted his Treasure Seeking Order on his waist while revealing a very playful look.

Feng Feiyun had soon become apathetic in the face of such a script, but Murong Ta behind him was excited. His blood was boiling after hearing this and he began to mutter to himself again.

“One must first become a Treasure Seeking Apprentice before becoming a master. There are also nine apprentice levels: spiritual sense, formation, vision, astronomy, spirit vein geography, and many others… All of these things will play a role to decide the level of a Treasure Seeking Master. Becoming a Treasure Seeking Master is a very difficult thing, but becoming an apprentice is not as arduous. As long as you guys reach rank three Treasure Seeking Apprentice, then you have passed the examination.” The old man patted his rank four Treasure Seeking Order by his waist again, creating a clanking sound. This made Feng Feiyun want to go up and give him a kick.

This old man was too much to take.

“Then what are the standards required to become a rank three Treasure Seeking Apprentice?” A person standing before Feng Feiyun quickly asked.

With a slight quirk on his lips and squinted eyes, the old man smiled and said: “It’s very simple. First, your spiritual sense must be three times that of an ordinary man. You must be able to carve a rank one formation, and your vision must also be three times that of an ordinary man. A Treasure Seeking Apprentice only needs these three things. As for the more complex techniques such as the dao treasure gaze, soul calming, changing the heavens and earth, reversing life and death... Apprentices like you guys are still way too lacking! Only great Treasure Seeking Masters and Grand Treasure Seeking Masters would be able to research such things using their entire lives and expending all of their efforts.”

He once again patted the order on his waist as if he was patting a windbell, just in case others didn’t know that he was a rank four Treasure Seeking Master. No, an amazing rank four Treasure Seeking Master.

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