Chapter 185: Silk Cloth of Invisibility

A sweet fragrance blew by!

A red shadow suddenly appeared as Xue Wu was now standing before Feng Feiyun. Her white-as-snow skin and red dress akin to a faint mist were visible as the peaceful moonlight shone down.

The wind blew by, lifting the thin red dress on her body, adding to her charm.

The geniuses in the mansion had all left and only Xue Wu was left. She gently smiled at Feng Feiyun with a pair of phoenix-like eyes that were filled with passion.

Feng Feiyun crossed both of his arms before his chest and smilingly asked: “Miss Xue Wu is indeed a person who follows their words and especially followed after me. Do you actually want to make up for that one night at the Supreme Beauty Pavilion?”

“This is not the place to talk, let us go somewhere else.” Xue Wu’s eyes glanced all around and after determining that there was no one, she finally dragged Feng Feiyun and disappeared in the night.

Wang Meng, Ji Xiaonu, and Ji Xinnu naturally followed them as well!

On the third floor of a tower, one could see everyone walking inside the Wanxiang Market with the torches in their hands. The Meteor Tower was still visible in the distance.

Feng Feiyun and Xue Wu sat on the third floor with their own bronze wine cups before them, filled with wine, but they were not drinking at this time.

Wang Meng and the two sisters were waiting at the bottom instead of staying at the top.

After Xue Wu invited Feng Feiyun to this place, she didn’t speak a single word. Instead, she revealed an unprecedented seriousness with a bit of worry in her eyes.

Feng Feiyun tapped the bronze wine cup with his finger to break the silence and spoke: “I am very curious. If Miss Yu Chan came together with you to the Wanxiang Market, why is it that she didn’t leave with you?”

“Because Master wished for her service tonight!” Xue Wu gently shook her head; her supreme beauty could not conceal the bitterness.

Feng Feiyun’s brows furrowed. He became silent for a bit and then drank half of his wine.

“No one can afford not to listen to Master’s commands. Not to mention servicing him, even if he wants our lives, that is a matter as easy as turning his palm. Anyone who opposes him shall die.” Xue Wu hesitated for a moment before biting her lip and continued: “Maybe the one who will have to service him tomorrow night will be me!”

Her translucent eyes no longer resembled those of a beautiful temptress, they were more like ones of a pitiful little girl.

“Even you are not his match with your great cultivation?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“One finger of his is enough to kill me ten times over!” Xue Wu spoke.

“Is he Young Noble Flawless?” Feng Feiyun inquired again.

“Young Noble Flawless had already lost in his hands!” Xue Wu replied.

Feng Feiyun became silent again. He drank the remaining bit of wine in his cup and slowly spoke: “Then who the hell is he?”

The night was a bit cold as the moon had reached its peak. It was already midnight, and one could hear the loud bell emanating nine times from a thousand miles away at the Mysterious Mountain.

This was the Midnight Spirit Bell of the Wanxiang Pagoda that automatically rang to announce that a new day had arrived.

Xue Wu shook her head and said: “I also don’t know who he is. I thought you did? In the end, he valued you more than anyone else.”

“I also don’t know his identity!” Feng Feiyun shook his head as well.

Xue Wu continued: “The reason he gathered so many geniuses was in order to steal a Spirit Treasure in the Wanxiang Pagoda. It’s one of its nine defining treasures.”

“What is it?” Feng Feiyun was startled.

“Silk Cloth of Invisibility!” Xue Wu stated.

A hint of confusion appeared in Feng Feiyun’s eyes. This was the first time he had heard of this Spirit Treasure, so he didn’t know why the mysterious master was trying so hard to seize it.

Xue Wu seemed to see through his confusion, so she continued on: “Rumor has it that during the ancient times, there was a mysterious mountain in the sky named Mount Penglai. There was a type of silkworm that lived on it named the Invisible Worm. The Silk Cloth of Invisibility is woven using this worm’s silk. As long as one wears the clothing made from these worms, then not only would they become invisible, even their aura and presence would be hidden. Even a Giant would not be able to detect someone wearing this Silk Cloth of Invisibility.”

If even a Giant could not detect the wearer, then doesn’t this mean that they could sneak attack Giants and kill them?

If the Silk Cloth of Invisibility really existed in this world, then it would be a supreme divine treasure; a support tool to kill. One would even be able to walk freely in the Godly Jin’s Imperial Palace as if it was no man’s land.

Feng Feiyun spoke: “I don’t believe that this Invisible Worm exists in this world. And even if they do exist, the silk made by them are naturally invisible as well, so how could others weave them into silk cloth?”

Xue Wu explained: “Not just any creature can see the Invisible Worm. Rumor has it that there is one particular creature that feasts on these Invisible Worms.”

All living things had their own nemesis. If a creature could hide itself, then another could see through it. If something could feast on these Invisible Worms, then it could naturally see them.

“Which creature?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“A phoenix. According to ancient teachings, phoenixes have the head of a chicken, the beak of a bird, the neck of a serpent, the back of a turtle, the tail of a fish, and they have five colors. They are the rulers of the demon race, and the eyes of a phoenix could see through all things. Especially their Heavenly Gaze, it was capable of seeing through all illusions in this world. Rumor has it that a phoenix once lived on Mount Penglai. It ate these Invisible Worms and then created the Silk Cloth of Invisibility. Later on, this cloth was lost to the kingdoms of humans. Of course, this was an ancient legend written in an old text about the cloth, so the reliability of this source is questionable.”

“Penglai Island!” Feng Feiyun murmured to himself.

“What did you say?” Xue Wu curiously blinked her bright eyes as she didn’t hear what Feng Feiyun had just said.

“Ahem… I said that even if the Silk Cloth of Invisibility actually exists, only phoenixes could see it. Even if we enter the pagoda and the cloth was in front of our eyes, we would not necessarily be able to detect it.” Feng Feiyun said.

Xue Wu also nodded her head in agreement and sighed. Her alluring features under the effect of alcohol had a layer of blush, causing her to become even more feminine like a red rose in full bloom.

After drinking three cups of wine, Feng Feiyun immediately stood up to leave. Xue Wu looked at him with a pair of sad eyes as if she wanted him to stay. It was an indescribably tempting look as if she wanted to give her first time to Feng Feiyun because she was afraid that she had to serve the mysterious master tomorrow night.

However, Feng Feiyun firmly left without any hesitation.

Feng Feiyun didn’t tell her that he cultivated the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze because he did not trust her. A woman who could survive in the brothel would know how to act. One second, she would be amorous, and the next, she would be delicately lovable — how could one trust such a woman?

Moreover, with someone as proud as Xue Wu, even if she wanted to pick someone for her first time, she would most likely pick the mysterious master and not Feng Feiyun.

This was really too odd!

If a man thought that his charm was powerful enough to make a woman stronger than he fall into his embrace, then sooner or later, he would suffer from this ego.

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