Chapter 184: Ability

“Boom!” A young cultivator with steel headwear suddenly stood up and summoned a three-meter wide carpet. Then, he stepped on it to fly right outside the main entrance of the hall to escape to the outside.

This young cultivator, who was dressed in black, was a peak God Base and had his own divine intent; he could use it to control energy in order to fly in the sky with treasures.

This cultivation was already extremely high among the cultivators present tonight, so he disappeared in an instant into the night sky.

“Hmph, you want to escape?” The ominous silver-haired young man turned into black lightning and also flew out of the hall into the night.

“Boom!” A great battle in the sky loomed over the hall. A white light shot straight to the sky in the form of a fist like thunder, destroying the tranquility and alarming all the cultivators at the Wanxiang Market.

It was only one move!

Blood rained down from the sky with beads of blood dripping down leaves!


The black light descended from the sky and turned back into the white-haired young man, still cloaked in lightning. His fist was stained with blood as he leisurely walked back into the hall and once again sat in his chair of honor.

Killing a peak God Base cultivator with just one move — this was truly a god of death. Everyone dispelled the spirit energy they channeled in their hands as they felt a sort of primal fear.

No one dared to act recklessly with a god of death like this present.

“Is there anyone else who doesn’t want to wear the Blood Seal Bracelet?” The silver-haired young man spoke with dark eyes and blood-colored runes moving on his face. No one dared to look him in the eyes!

Everyone became silent and felt a pressure as great as a mountain crushing down on them. If they dared to say no, then they would be killed on the spot.

“We should feel proud to be able to work for Master. As long as we complete our task this time around, then not only will Master unlock the Blood Seal Bracelet, but the person with the greatest merits will also be rewarded.” Beiming Tang spoke. Then, he wore the bracelet on his wrist and was the first to do so. After putting it on, the bracelet became tight as it latched onto his skin. It looked like a dark ring around his wrist, something incapable of being taken off.

Shortly thereafter, the silver-haired young man and Xue Wu also put on the Blood Seal Bracelets. The remaining people did not want to do so, but under this current development, they chose to yield and put on the bracelets.

Beiming Tang wore a triumphant smile on his face. He was the first to wear the bracelet so he surely won the master’s affection. He glanced over at Feng Feiyun and found that a bracelet was still placed before him; he did not put it on.

In the hall, only Feng Feiyun didn’t wear the bracelet so, all of a sudden, all gazes were on him.

“Young Noble Feng, how come you still haven’t put on the Blood Seal Bracelet? Do you not want to give Master any face?” Beiming Tang revealed a wicked grin.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense. The silver-haired young man’s eyes were also fixated on Feng Feiyun as he revealed a cruel smile. His fingers caressed the four draco-serpents that were coiled around his body as strands of lightning began to gather.

Feng Feiyun got up from his chair. Then, he turned around to look at the mysterious master and spoke in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing: “This Feng doesn’t intend to not give you any face, but I have never been a fan of restriction. I will say my goodbye right now, and naturally, I will not speak a word of the matters tonight to anyone. I hope that you will not be someone who forces others.”

The person wrapped in flames was silent for a long time. At this point, everyone felt that Feng Feiyun was courting death. The master began to speak in their usual coarse voice with a smile: “Brother Feng is my friend so of course I will not make it awkward for you. All of you listen up, Brother Feng wants to leave. Anyone who dares to stop him will die an unsightly death by my hands.”

Feng Feiyun was already prepared to fight a desperate battle, so he didn’t expect the opponent to say such things at all.

‘This is a person who cannot be read!’ Feng Feiyun slightly bowed to return the gesture before leaving in a cool manner. However, once he reached the door, the sound of wind parting continuously appeared right outside of the Genius Mansion. Six lights came from the sky and descended right outside.

Five murderous intents shot high into the sky and immediately created a layer of ice on the ground.

Ji Feng took a step forward with his eyes wide open and shot out two crimson glints, lighting up the night sky as he coldly said: “Feng Feiyun, come out and accept your fate!”

“Boom!” The dragon sword that was wielded by the young man suddenly soared to the sky and loudly crashed into the front gate of the Genius Mansion. A dragon was drifting on the sword’s edge as a sword energy sealed the sky.

“Today, I have come here to kill you!” Li Taia then stepped on his sword as he became one with the weapon and awe-inspiringly spoke.

The six great experts of the Evil Killing Alliance had come and were right outside of the Genius Mansion! There were six fierce people with legendary experiences; each of them was able to reign over a domain by themselves.

Ji Feng and Li Taia were experts among experts with magnificent auras. Even those inside the hall several hundred feet away still felt the terrifying auras of the two.

Feng Feiyun stood before the entrance of the hall. He looked at the five auras right outside and furrowed his brows. Even though there were only five qi images, he knew that there were six, and the last one was the little girl dressed in red — the Little Demoness of the Feng Clan.

How did these six know that he was here?

This was too much of a coincidence!

He slightly turned around to look at the mysterious master wrapped in flames and suddenly realized something. No wonder why he came so late, it was all because he purposely led the six experts of the alliance to this place.

“It seems that Brother Feng is in trouble. Do you need me to lend you a hand and chase these people away?” The mysterious master slightly smiled and said.

Feng Feiyun turned around and once again sat in his seat of honor. He put the Blood Seal Bracelet on his wrist without any hesitation and said: “Your plan is too clever, I am very impressed!”

“Haha! I don’t understand Brother Feng’s words!” After seeing Feng Feiyun wearing the bracelet, the mysterious master cheerfully laughed as if he had already known that Feng Feiyun would do so.

“Brother Feng is now one of us. Elder Ji, go ask the six heaven-defying geniuses outside to leave.” The mysterious master commanded.

The old man that sat in a seat of honor stood up and bowed to the mysterious master, then he immediately went outside.

“Ji Feng, what are you all doing here?” The old man asked.

“Eighth grandpa, why are you here?” Ji Feng respectfully bowed.

“This place is a mansion for my quiet cultivation!” The old man lightly said.

“But we have received some news that the son of the demon was inside.” Ji Feng continued.

“You were fooled by the son of the demon.” The old man replied.


Not long after, the six heaven-defying geniuses from the alliance all left. The old man came back to the hall to sit in his seat of honor and began cultivation again with his eyes closed once more.

Wow! All eyes were on his figure with a bent back.

This old man was clearly a predecessor from the Ji Clan! No wonder why he could sit at a seat of honor; the backgrounds of the other five old men must be just as great as this Ji fella.

Feng Feiyun felt even more unsettled. Even a famous predecessor from the Ji Clan was willing to be controlled, so this mysterious master became even more frightening to him.

“Tomorrow is the Wanxiang Pagoda’s examination day, and there will be many heroes. Anyone who becomes a student of the Wanxiang Pagoda might have a chance to see my true appearance.” The mysterious master gave everyone a toast, but all the cultivators were not in the mood to drink. After three rounds of wine, they quickly gave their salutations and left.

When Feng Feiyun left the Genius Mansion, he could not stay calm. According to his spirit sense, the mysterious master was not older than twenty-five. However, with such a powerful cultivation and terrifying scheming abilities that could make even supreme experts from the previous generation happily follow their orders, could this person be one of the eight Grand Historical Geniuses?

Even one of the eight Grand Historical Geniuses would not necessarily have such great abilities, ah!

Feng Feiyun touched the Blood Seal Bracelet on his wrist and observed it with a focused gaze. The most crucial thing right now was to remove this bracelet; otherwise, someone else would be in complete control of him.

“Young Noble Feng!” A charming and sweet voice came from behind him. The person was next to Feng Feiyun’s ear in just a second.

A seductive aroma suddenly filled Feng Feiyun’s nose.

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