Chapter 183: Blood Seal Bracelet

Feng Feiyun gently bit the tip of his tongue to remain calm before revealing a natural smile: “That day at Fire Beacon City, I had to leave early and didn’t have time to enjoy a night with Miss Xue Wu. It was truly a great loss.”

“It is not too late to make it up tonight!” Xue Wu let out a smile that could bring spring back to the earth. Many male cultivators who were watching began to have nosebleeds. They quickly turned around to wipe it away with their sleeves; otherwise, it would become quite embarrassing.

However, this was indicative of just how seductive this worldly beauty was. Even a cultivator with a firm willpower could not withstand her.

Feng Feiyun dryly laughed and quickly turned around, not daring to look at her while cursing her as a demoness in his mind. If it was before, then Feng Feiyun would naturally not be retreating so much from her teasing. But now, his demonic blood was slowly awakening. He could feel it attacking his willpower bit by bit. This was an extremely frightening matter, and he didn’t dare to risk it.

More than one hundred young and pretty maids that wore silk dresses carried golden trays from outside. They came in a line and placed the finest wines onto the tables of the cultivators, and then they quickly poured each of them a full cup.

At this time, the feast had formally begun, but the mysterious master still had yet to show up.

“The feast has begun so why has this master not showed up? What does he want!? Inviting all of us here and then acting all mysterious... Is he just messing with us?” A man with a faint pale expression suddenly slammed the table and stood up in anger. Several more people followed suit and stood up as well, revealing an outraged look of wanting to leave.

Beiming Tang, who was sitting at the honored section, finished drinking a cup and smilingly said: “This Young Noble Feng knows the master here the most, so I’m afraid Young Noble Feng will need to give all of us an explanation.”

Everyone heard his words and felt that it made sense. In the end, this mysterious master showed the utmost respect towards Feng Feiyun, so if Feng Feiyun didn’t know, no one else here would.

The pale man came out from the group and walked to the middle of the grand hall. Then, he pointed at Feng Feiyun with fury in his eyes: “Young Noble Feng, you best give us an explanation. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Feng Feiyun sneered. This matter initially had nothing to do with him, but now the spear was pointed at him. This move from Beiming Tang was indeed vicious.

Nevertheless, Feng Feiyun was not afraid at all. How could he be frightened by these people? This was simply a joke.

Many people were already annoyed at Feng Feiyun, so they all walked forward at this time. Two of them were early God Base cultivators that belonged to some great clans.

There were nine in total that wanted to make things difficult for Feng Feiyun and chase him out of the seat of honor.

Beiming Tang revealed a sinister grin. All of these people were talents with great backgrounds. Once you provoked them, then it was the same as provoking several great powers. Haha, Feng Feiyun, I want to see just how you will take care of this!

“Boom!” Suddenly, in the middle of the hall, a flame appeared and then quickly turned into a sea of crimson fire. A figure shifted inside this sea of fire like a flying flame dragon and unleashed nine consecutive palms to directly knock these nine cultivators away.

“Poof! Poof! Poof!”

These cultivators got blown away in midair, and their bodies immediately exploded into a mist of blood before they reached the ground. Then, the residue was burnt into a green smoke by the sea of fire.

Nine powerful geniuses suffered a miserable death in a flash. Even ashes could not be found.

Everyone in the hall was startled and became breathless, including Beiming Tang.

“Daring to offend my honored guest... You all are courting death!” The sea of fire converged into a fiery figure and flew towards the highest seat of the hall.

The mysterious master finally appeared and showed their might to these cultivators, causing those who were unconvinced to give in.

Of course, the ones who were unconvinced were only a small part in the crowd. Many people here had seen the mysterious master and had pledged their allegiance; this was why they were here at the feast.

‘It really is him.’ Feng Feiyun gazed towards the person that was encompassed in flames. Early, he had felt the power of this person, but he never saw them take action. He didn’t expect for him to defeat nine strong cultivators in just one move. Feng Feiyun admitted that he was not able to do it with such ease.


The candlelights were flickering in the air. The hall became quiet again. One could only hear the sounds of a pleasant zither behind the white curtain, creating a beautiful atmosphere as if this place was an ancient city — a land of immortals. This was an illusion created by the music, and only someone with extreme finesse of the zither could reach this level.

Not more than ten people were at this level within the Godly Jin Dynasty. They were all contemporary masters, and one of their tunes could cost countless fortunes.

This zither player not only had an elegant playing style, but their cultivation must also be very strong.

Feng Feiyun lightly glanced at Xue Wu who was sitting by him. At this time, Xue Wu also turned her delicately crafted face towards him and leisurely smiled to confirm Feng Feiyun’s speculation.

That’s right, the person playing the zither was the ninth beauty of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, and Feng Feiyun had heard her playing before.

Her talents were the one and only of its kind, and her zither was unparalleled in this world.

Yu Chan and Xue Wu both came to the pagoda! Moreover, they both showed up at this hall — this was a strange sign.

“Those who are here tonight surely know the purpose, correct?” The voice of the mysterious master was deep and coarse, but it clearly reached everyone’s ears. With an irrefutable force, it sounded like an emperor issuing his decree.

The majority of the cultivators here nodded their heads, but ten people — including Feng Feiyun — were a bit confused. Clearly, they didn’t know this person’s goal before coming here.

The gathering of everyone here was a monstrous force.

The mysterious master could gather so many contemporary talents as well as experts from the previous generation, this was a demonstration of their great abilities. What did this master do to pull this off?

These people did not lack money nor status, but they all listened to the words of this master. His abilities caused chills to run through Feng Feiyun.

“Tomorrow is the monthly examination of the Wanxiang Pagoda, and only those who successfully pass are allowed to go in. All of you must pass this examination tomorrow, and then I will tell you what you must do once you are inside.” The mysterious master spoke again.

A person finally asked the question that was on his mind: “The Wanxiang Pagoda’s examination is extremely strict, and only a few hundred out of one hundred thousand examinees pass each time. Although we are all talented, I’m afraid there will not be more than fifty of us at the top.”

“Then it will be up to all of your own abilities. Those who are incapable are not worthy of working for me.” The mysterious master slightly waved as a powerful energy flew forward. Then, a small black light came out from the flame and fell before the eyes of everyone.

It was a black jade bracelet with three lines of blood and nine formations that emitted a dark glimmer.

“This is… a Blood Seal Bracelet!” A young man who knew a thing or two about blacksmithing shouted.

Everyone here was extraordinary, so they had all heard of the name “Blood Seal Bracelet”. Once one wore this bracelet, one would no longer be able to take it off unless they chopped off their own hand or have the master of the bracelet personally drip their blood onto it.

If the wearer didn’t listen to the bracelet master’s command, then this bracelet would not only crush the wrist of the wearer but also their hearts. This was the most frightening thing about it!

Everyone’s expressions quickly changed!

The mysterious master wanted to control them. They were all prodigies with great backgrounds. They might work for him under threats, but they definitely did not want to be under his control.

The atmosphere inside the hall became heavy. A few cultivators who were cultivating with their eyes closed suddenly opened their eyes as they secretly channeled their arts in their palms in preparation.

Feng Feiyun sat at his seat of honor without flinching and stared at the other nine honored guests. These nine were all nonchalant and calm as if they had already known about the Blood Seal Bracelet.

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