Chapter 181: Mysterious Master

Little Demoness’ notoriety was known to everyone since she reached grand achievement God Base at the age of nine. This caused all of the other young prodigies to accept defeat before her.

Her troublemaking skill was also renowned; she once crippled the legs of the Grand Southern Prefecture’s Governor’s son, she completely robbed all the spirit stones inside the Grand Development Immortal Gate’s treasury, and she even stole a priceless thousand-year-old grass root from the Violet Cloud Grotto…

Each event was a terrible disaster; if it was any other Feng disciple, then they would have been severely punished, but Little Demoness’ aptitude was just too amazing. She could even be deemed as the one with the greatest heaven-defying talent since the formation of the Feng Clan.

Under the protection of the Feng ancestor, he simply brought her away without any punishment. In fact, he actually groomed her with all of their clan’s capabilities so her cultivation became unfathomable. If Feng Feiyun hadn’t been expelled from the Feng Clan, then the Little Demoness and himself would have been the pride of the Feng Clan. Their combined efforts would be unstoppable.

“Meow!” The white cat lifted its head and curiously stared at Mao Wugui since it found this turtle a bit strange.

“I predict that Feng Feiyun has already hidden himself in the Wanxiang Pagoda. We can only enter it as well.” Ji Feng stared at the towering Meteor Tower with the intent to fight. He had heard that the experts in the pagoda were as numerous as the clouds, so all of the heaven-defying experts in his group were eager to try their luck.

By the time they entered the Meteor Tower to pay respects to the wise sages, it had become dark outside. A few pilgrims chose to leave, but some decided to walk on a path towards the Wanxiang Market in order to stay the night.

Some were geniuses and others were masters from the previous generation.

The Wanxiang Pagoda was the number one sacred ground in the world since it had all the cultivation manuals and scrolls. Many cultivators rushed here, but in order to enter, they must pass a stringent test. Only the successful ones would be able to become a member of the pagoda.

Feng Feiyun, Wang Meng, and the Ji sisters managed to avoid the other heaven-defying geniuses. They quickly left using another door since they didn’t want to confront them at this time.

The chilling night breeze caused the leaves on the old trees to rustle.

“Da da!” An exquisite carriage dragged by a white ox slowly arrived from the road. The carriage driver was a middle-aged man around forty. His face was covered with a thick beard. His hands that were as thick as water buckets carried a long whip made out of rhinoceros skin.

The originally soft whip in his hand became straight under his control like a finely crafted wooden stick. This mastery was not something an ordinary people could achieve.

The white ox stopped before Feng Feiyun, and the middle-aged man stepped down. He respectfully bowed before Feng Feiyun to say: “May I ask if you are Young Noble Feng?”

Feng Feiyun was a little surprised as he answered: “My last name is indeed Feng, but I do not know if I am the Young Noble Feng that you are looking for.”

“Then it is correct! My master said that Young Noble Feng is a dragon among men with great gallantry. Although there are many with the last name Feng in this world, only Feng Feiyun carries such an aura.” The bearded man smiled and said.

A golden light was layered on this man’s skin so his physique art had reached the steel-like level. He would enjoy the privileges of an elder at any immortal gate, but he chose to be a servant instead.

Who could his master be?

‘Could it be that person?’ Feng Feiyun thought of a person and quickly asked: “Who is your master?”

“Haha! Master has prepared a feast tonight at the Wanxiang Pagoda for all the heroes around the world. Young Noble Feng is an esteemed guest that Master personally called for this Niu Nu to come greet you.”

This bearded man’s name was Niu Nu. [1. Niu = Ox, Nu = Servant. This is not his real name but a name taken after becoming a servant.]

“One who is unaccountably solicitous will hide evil intentions. Boss, we better not go!” Wang Meng stood forward and played with his fists as big as sandbags; he showed some animosity towards Niu Nu.

Both of these men were brutes with great strength from birth. A stream of aura emanated between them. As the two golden auras struck each other, it created a large explosion that forced both men took a step back.

Wang Meng was aghast since this carriage driver was so strong. This driver’s power no less than his!

However, he did not know that Niu Nu was even more surprised. Even though he was just a carriage driver, he rarely met a worthy opponent. He originally felt that his master was valuing Feng Feiyun too greatly since they actually order him for a personal reception, but after just one bout with Wang Meng, he quickly put this thought away.

The little brother of this person was already so powerful, so the prowess of the person himself would naturally be much greater.

Feng Feiyun lightly smiled and told Wang Meng to step back, then he said: “Will there be many guests tonight at your master’s feast?”

“Indeed, many of them are skilled prodigies that recently came to the Wanxiang pagoda, but there are also many powerful cultivators from the previous generation. Young Noble Feng is definitely one of the few that are greatly valued by Master, so you will definitely sit at the distinguished table.”

“Since your master is so sincere, it would be too presumptuous of me not to accept.” Feng Feiyun stepped into the elegant carriage after saying this.

Tomorrow would be the monthly test to enter the pagoda, so all the cultivators were aggregating around this place tonight.

Since this was the case, it would not be a bad idea to go observe to see which experts were here for the examination.

The Ji sisters were like a pair of young and pretty maids that followed right after Feng Feiyun.

As for Wang Meng, he whistled and called for a great scaled tiger to come from the sky. After it landed with its massive wings, Wang Meng jumped on top of the tiger and followed right after the carriage.

The Wanxiang Pagoda was built on the Mysterious Mountain range and spanned several tens of thousands of miles; there were more than one hundred towers. The Wanxiang Market was the biggest market outside of the pagoda, so any cultivator that wanted to enter would congregate at this place to wait for the assessment day.

Because of the pagoda’s influential status, even though the Wanxiang Market was just a city, its prosperity was no less than a huge ancient city with more than a million cultivator inhabitants.

The carriage traveled for more than one hundred miles, and the initially deserted road became a lot more lively with many carriages and bright lights.

The Wanxiang Market did not have city walls since it was just a large congregation. One could see merchants selling medicines, strange beasts, and slaves everywhere. There were even students of the pagoda opening stores in order to obtain more resources to buy weapons and cultivation manuals.

Almost everyone here were cultivators, and of course, there were traces of mysterious masters with all kinds of professions.

The Wanxiang Pagoda meant that it was all-encompassing; the one hundred towers had all the professions in the contemporary times. As long as one was a master of an art, they could join the pagoda to become a student of a tower despite their personal cultivation.

Across the busy street, the white ox carriage stopped right outside of a mansion. There were two tall men standing right outside of the building; their bodies emitted a red light, and there was a qilin crouched right next to them.

Although qilins were fierce and referred to as beasts of war, they were like two obedient pets before these two men.

With these qilin warriors guarding the mansion’s front gate, the bandits and villains would be frightened from afar so naturally, no one would dare to come and disturb this premises.

It was a bit empty in front of the mansion as there weren’t any pedestrians.

“Sir Niu Nu, you finally found Young Noble Feng! Go in quickly, many contemporary heroes are here and they are only waiting for Young Noble Feng. The banquet will begin right after.” The two qilin warriors respectfully bowed before Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun lifted his head and noticed a golden plaque right above them. It had two words written on it like flying dragons and dancing phoenixes: “Genius Mansion.”

Naturally, only geniuses were allowed to enter the Genius Mansion.

This master truly thought highly of Feng Feiyun; they actually made the other geniuses wait for him before commencing the banquet.

It was apparent that this master considered Feng Feiyun as one of the most distinguished guests.

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