Chapter 180: Little Demoness

When the night descended, the Mysterious Mountain was encompassed in a layer of majestic blue light, making people’s imaginations run wild.

Feng Feiyun looked back and noticed that amidst the faint evening mist, one could see towering pagodas that reached the clouds. Even though he was still one hundred, no, one thousand miles away, he could still sense the cleansing aura that emanated from the Wanxiang Pagoda.

The closest tower was around one hundred and thirty miles away. It reached a lofty height of one thousand meters like a divine mountain and was located amidst the clouds. One could almost see the dark majestic tower with moving glimmers due to formation engravings.

The Wanxiang Pagoda was not just one tower, it was a sacred ground with countless students enrolled in one hundred huge towers that spanned tens of thousands of miles.

One tower was one study hall. This was one out of one hundred, the Meteor Tower!

The Meteor Tower was five hundred and seventy meters high and weighed more than a hundred million pounds. This particular tower was created from a meteorite that fell from space. It was the door to the Wanxiang Pagoda, and it also contained a memorial for all the past wise sages. Anyone who wanted to study at the pagoda or just wanted to check it out as part of their pilgrimage would come to the Meteor Tower to pay their respects.

At the end of the day, under the glow of the red clouds that illuminated a vast and winding road, pilgrims that wore white robes made a line as long as a dragon that spanned from one’s sight to the far horizon.

They had a pious and solemn appearance, and some of them would even kneel down in worship after every step.

These people came from all over the world and were not just limited to the Grand Southern Prefecture nor the Godly Jin Dynasty.

“The pilgrims have come to pay homage to the ancestral sages, and some came to study as well. No less than one hundred thousand would come and go each day.” Feng Feiyun looked at the ancient and deep Meteor Tower and could almost hear the teachings from the old wise sages as rays of light flew out from the pagoda to illuminate the sky.

Feng Feiyun also joined this group of pilgrims and followed the crowd, slowly inching forward.

“The evil woman coming into being caused the Great Southern Prefecture to turn into a land of death. It has only been a month, but two counties had already fallen. Nothing could stop the evil corpse army, so the only peaceful place left is the Wanxiang Pagoda.” Right behind him were several young men with flowery clothing and fine sheep fur coats. They were all riding white stallions that flew in the sky, and each of them had a God Base in their bodies. Their bright eyes and physiques were much stronger than those of ordinary men.

These were all geniuses, and amongst them, two were extremely powerful. This prompted Feng Feiyun to take precautions.

“Many cultivators had escaped to the Wanxiang Pagoda. They want to have the pagoda’s protection in order to escape from the evil woman.” This handsome young man had a third eye right between his brows; this was a natural Full Moon Heavenly Gaze.

Everyone had Full Moon Heavenly Gazes, but they were all hidden beneath the forehead. Only a few heaven-defying geniuses would have this eye open when they were born. A few of them appeared in the ancient era, and all of them became unbelievably great characters.

Although Ji Feng’s third eye was tightly shut, anyone with some cultivation would feel the heaven-destroying power contained in that eye.

Although Feng Feiyun was in front of him, he secretly took note of these young men right behind him and raised his caution. Although they tried to hide their cultivations, they couldn’t escape Feng Feiyun’s senses.

“Right, I heard that not too long ago, a great matter happened to your Ji Clan!” A young man carrying an ancient dragon-shaped sword asked.

“I heard a Giant rushed into your Ji Clan’s mansion and gravely wounded three Heaven’s Mandate elders!” A young girl wearing a hat with a black veil spoke with an innocent and seemingly gloating voice.

This voice belonged to a little girl that was only around the age of eleven or twelve. She wore red shoes that were embroidered with a duck, and a little red dress as well as a crimson ornamented jade belt by her waist.

She was a bit thin in her red clothing and black hat. Her little hands were carrying a tiny cat that was as white as snow, giving her quite a cute appearance.

Although she was the youngest, she walked in front of everyone else. Even Ji Feng and the young man with the dragon sword were extremely cautious of her. Deep in their eyes was a certain dread as they maintained a clear distance.

Although Feng Feiyun did not turn around, he also felt the strangeness from this little girl because he did not feel any spirit energy moving on her body. This made it all the more frightening.

Ji Feng answered: “Not long before, a Giant indeed rushed into the Ji Clan. It was Sha Hangyun, a Supreme from the Yang World who wanted to steal our Yang Soul Divine Trigram. However, he was wounded by my two ancestors and fled back to the Yang World!”

‘Whoa!’ Feng Feiyun’s heart jumped. Sha Hangyun actually went to the Ji Clan, but he became wounded by the Ji Clan’s ancestors. This news actually surprised Feng Feiyun.

“The evil woman is the overlord of the evil corpses. If she actually completes the fifth transformation, then even the Yang King and the Yin Mother would not be her opponent. She would become the new paragon of the Yin and Yang Worlds. The Yang World’s inhabitants are in a great panic, so they want to steal the Yang Soul Divine Trigram in order to deal with the evil woman.” The young man with the dragon sword spoke.

Ji Feng continued on: “These are things for the ancestors to worry about, not us. At this moment, our mission is to kill Feng Feiyun before his demonic blood awakens.”

“One great evil woman is already enough for blood to run like rivers in the cultivation world. If we add in the son of the demon, then the consequences would be disastrous.” The young man with the dragon sword added.

So they were the heaven-defying geniuses of the Evil Killing Alliance! These were the true kings of the younger generation and were much stronger than Qin Zhan and Bu Tianya.

There were six of them, and the weakest was still at intermediate God Base.

Ji Feng and the dragon sword young man actually reached peak God Base. They were only a step away from grand achievement God Base.

“Meow!” The little cat in the hands of the red dress girl let out a cry as its amber eyes stared into Mao Wugui on Ji Xiaonu’s shoulder. It reached out its claw and started scratching in the air.

Mao Wugui, who was sitting on Ji Xiaonu’s shoulder, couldn’t help but turn its white head around to look at the little white cat and revealed a grin.

“Meow!” The white cat let out another cry.

“Good Lil’ Whitey, good Lil’ Whitey, it is only a little turtle, not a male cat. Stop meowing!” The little girl in the red dress rubbed the white cat’s head to soothe it, then she embraced it in her bosom again.

A black line appeared on all the heaven-defying geniuses’ foreheads after they heard the little girl.

“The Evil Killing Alliance is still after me!” Feng Feiyun was not more than ten steps in front of them. The moment he turned around, they would immediately recognize him.

These were the prodigies of the Great Southern Prefecture. Even the weakest was comparable to Bu Tianya. The little girl dressed in red caused Feng Feiyun to feel that she had the power to oppose Heaven’s Mandate experts.

He could not afford to expose his identity at this time!

Wang Meng and the Ji sisters were right behind Feng Feiyun, so they could naturally hear the conversation of those geniuses. They were silent and didn’t dare to say anything as they carefully trod forward in fear of revealing the truth.

“I really hope my cousin can awaken his demonic blood. Then, I would be able to have a good fight against him.” The little girl dressed in red revealed a laughter as sweet and clear as a bell.

This little girl was the number one expert of the Feng Clan’s younger generation, the “Little Demoness”. At the tender age of nine, she was already unbeatable across the entire prefecture, and in the last three years, she had been secretly trained by the Feng ancestor, so her cultivation had reached an incalculable height.

Three heaven-defying geniuses from the Feng Clan had died in the hands of Feng Feiyun while others failed miserably, so the Feng ancestor was forced to let the Little Demoness come out.

The Little Demoness was not yet twelve, and Feng Feiyun technically was her cousin before he was expelled from the clan.

Ji Feng glanced at this little girl once as his heart heavily sank. The evil air on this Little Demoness was countless times thicker than that of Feng Feiyun. No one knew whether the Feng ancestor allowing her to come out was a blessing or a curse.

Many heaven-defying geniuses here believed that once this Little Demoness came out, even Giants from the Feng Clan would not be able to catch her and bring her back home.

This was truly a disaster; a calamity even more destructive than Feng Feiyun.

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