Chapter 179: Pagoda’s Hundreds List

This style of murdering is too terrifying. Is this really just a fourteen or fifteen year old boy?

“Go!” The remaining three elders all felt an indescribable chill. As dread started to fill their hearts, they quickly tried to escape. Their feet began to rotate above the ground, then their bodies sank straight down.

“None of you can leave!” Feng Feiyun channeled the Dark Water Art to freeze all of the water vapor in the range of one hundred meters underground. The muddy ground suddenly became harder than even steel while a layer of thick ice began to form.

This art caused Ji Xiaonu to be sent into a daze as she exclaimed: “This is an art from the Eight Arts Volume! This Feng bastard has only cultivated for a few days, yet he has already reached this level?”

“His aptitude is really too high.” Ji Xinnu added.

She was the one who gave Feng Feiyun the Eight Arts Volume. She assumed that even though he had some Treasure Master techniques, it would take him at least three years before he could gain some mastery. However, it hasn’t even been a month and he already understood one section from it; his talents greatly delighted her.

If he would keep his promise and help them take revenge, then it was not outlandish to give him the Yang Soul Holy Embryo — this was the thought running through Ji Xinnu’s mind.


The frosty layer exploded inside the ground, and three bloody corpses were blown right out as bits of flesh and meat scattered everywhere.

All five elders of the Ancient Earth tribe were killed within three minutes.

Luo Shixiong gulped in astonishment and couldn’t believe his eyes. A fourteen year old boy actually managed to kill five elders in such an easy manner.

Murong Zhuo couldn’t laugh any longer and had to take a deep breath: “His method was really cruel!”

A cold breeze came from behind, causing Murong Zhuo to feel a bit chilly. At this second, Feng Feiyun was standing right behind him and whispered to his ear: “Anyone who is cruel to me, I will pay them back double!”

Murong Zhuo lost his composure from fear and quickly jumped three steps away. Then, he turned around to gaze at Feng Feiyun. He felt his body cramping up, unable to move.

This was an instinctive reaction! Although his cultivation was one level higher than Feng Feiyun, but he felt as if he could not oppose this enemy.

Not only him, Luo Shixiong and Gu Lianqiu also retreated as if they had just met their ultimate nemesis.

“Long time no see, ah?” Feng Feiyun smiled and gave them a look.

“You better not mess around. Before us is the Wanxiang Pagoda. Anyone who is courageous enough to kill people in its territory will be dealt with by the law enforcement team.” Murong Zhuo calmed down and spoke as if justice was on his side.

Killing was forbidden inside the pagoda... Anyone who killed in public would be captured by the law enforcement team and be imprisoned. They might even be executed on the spot.

“We are still not in the Wanxiang Pagoda’s territory, right?” Feng Feiyun responded with a smile.

The three immediately changed their calm expressions.

“I am the daughter of the Gu Clan’s master. If you dare to lay a finger on me, it will bring about a deathly disaster.” Gu Lianqiu was really afraid. Although she was a Beastmaster respected in the cultivation world, the gap in battle prowess between the two sides was simple too great.

Feng Feiyun’s earlier demonstration of killing without batting an eye simply made him a devil. It was so frightening that a heaven’s proud daughter who had always lived in luxury — like her — became quite terrified.

“The Grand Southern Prefecture’s Gu Clan?” Feng Feiyun thought this name was familiar. Then, he remembered that this was another great clan who had a good relationship with the Feng Clan. Of course, it was not comparable to an ancient ruling clan like the Feng.

However, it was still considered a top second-tier power.

“Have you not even heard of the Gu Clan?” Gu Lianqiu secretly cursed Feng Feiyun as a peasant without any knowledge, so she added: “Our Gu Clan are great friends with the Feng Clan, the ruling clan of the Grand Southern Prefecture, you cannot afford to mess with them.”

“My master is the master of the third level Dan Pagoda, and his cultivation has reached the Heaven’s Mandate realm. If you touch me, then you will not be able to survive at the pagoda!” Luo Shixiong was a dan master with great aptitude so he was quite confident. They began to introduce themselves out of fear that this young man was a demon who loved to kill. He might even end them here and now.

Although Murong Zhuo was an intermediate God Base, he was also a Blacksmith Master and rarely fought against others. Even till now, he had never personally killed anyone before, so he was frightened by Feng Feiyun’s fight from before. He spoke while stuttering a bit: “I… I am the second young master of the Heaven Shaking Manor. If you touch me, then you will be in big trouble.”

“Haha!” Feng Feiyun felt that this was too funny. He had already offended all the top powers of the Grand Southern Prefecture, so how could he be afraid of their threats?

Wait! Feng Feiyun’s brows perched as he asked with a serious tone: “Did you say that you are the second young master of the Heaven Shaking Manor?”

“Yes, the second young master!” Murong Zhuo was no longer arrogant and affirmingly nodded his head.

“Then is your father’s eighth concubine staying at the Wanxiang Pagoda?” Feng Feiyun eagerly asked.

The three of them stared at Feng Feiyun in amazement with a hint of confusion at the same time.

The first thing he asked was about the Heaven Shaking Marquis’ eighth concubine... This brat not only has a heaven-defying cultivation, but also an unbelievable sexual drive! Of course, they could only keep these words in their minds since they didn’t dare to say it out loud.

Murong Zhuo became even more gloomy and patiently said: “My eighth mother is already forty-two. Plus, she is sickly so her beauty is not what it was before. Not to mention, she already had a kid and…”

Feng Feiyun became slightly flustered; he only wanted to help Liu Qinsheng find information about his kid. He didn’t expect for others to mistake him as an immoral youth with a special fetish.

“Ahem... I only wanted to know if the eighth concubine’s child is at the pagoda or not.” Feng Feiyun elaborated.

“Yes… Yes…” Murong Zhuo said repeatedly.

With his last dying breath, Liu Qinsheng didn’t ask anything else from Feng Feiyun, he only thought about his child. Since Feng Feiyun was going to the pagoda anyway, he might as well check out Qinsheng’s kid to see if he could do anything to help.

Feng Feiyun glared at the three, causing them to continuously retreat. Then, he gave a loud laughter while revealing his white teeth before he snorted and left without killing them.

It wasn’t until Feng Feiyun traveled quite a ways away did the three take in deep breaths. Their white robes were drenched in cold sweat.

“Just let him act all complacent! Once we return to the pagoda, I will have many methods to teach him a lesson.” Luo Shixiong fiercely gazed at Feng Feiyun’s back and spoke.

“He might be strong, but there are as many experts in the pagoda as there are clouds in the sky. Any genius that ranks in the top three hundred can kill him, and I know one of them. He has been cultivating in isolation for twenty-three years and has almost reached grand achievement God Base. Being ranked at 278th on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List, he can kill him like killing a pig.” Murong Zhuo’s anger rose; his earlier display was truly a huge disgrace.

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