Chapter 178: Ancient Earth Tribe

The actions of the five figures were similar. They acted in an orderly formation like five puppets, but they were indeed alive.

Wang Meng rubbed his fists together as he stared with his tiger-like eyes towards these figures with a sneer.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun quietly stood there and observed the five “dwarves” that were wearing black armor. Each of them was only about one meter tall, so their height reached Feng Feiyun’s waist.

“Is it him?”

“That’s him!”

The five dwarves murmured to themselves. Five pairs of eyes shot out glimmers like five sharp golden arrows.

Their eyes were indeed a bit frightening. It dissuaded others from directly staring at them.

“Who are you all?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“Your killers!” The five dwarves spoke at the same time.

“Do you know who you are trying to kill?” Feng Feiyun inquired once more.

“No, and there is no need!” The five simultaneously answered.

Feng Feiyun then understood. So these five were assassins; only assassins would kill without knowing the name of their enemy.

It seems that they were not from the Evil Killing Alliance, but hired assassins coming to kill him.

The five of them attacked with a uniform stance. As they inched forward, the five beast souls with three hundred years of cultivation also pounced out from their bodies. There was a tiger, a panther, and even a mammoth.

The five killed those strange beasts and refined their souls into their bodies to increase their cultivation and power.

All of them were early God Base cultivators, and each of them had a thick murderous air surrounding their body. They were clearly experienced killers who murdered more than one hundred people each. Both their strange movements and killing techniques had reached a high level of mastery.

In the far distance, above a small mound, three young men wearing white scholarly robes gazed forward with an elegant and noble air.

“The brat is indeed heading towards the Wanxiang Pagoda. Murong Zhuo, you guessed correctly this time.” A flame appeared between Luo Shixiong’s hands. There was a sharp glint in his eyes as he spoke.

“To be able to kill eight evil corpses and leave behind a flame that only Treasure Masters could produce — he is clearly a Treasure Master so his destination would surely be the pagoda.” Murong Zhuo slightly smiled and asked: “Do you think the five elders from the Ancient Earth Tribe can kill him?”

These three young ones were three of the seven students from the pagoda that Feng Feiyun had met back at the Trinity County.

Luo Shixiong, Murong Zhuo, and Gu Lianqiu.

They were extremely prideful so they naturally wanted to exact revenge after the humiliation they suffered from Feng Feiyun. To them, Feng Feiyun going to the pagoda right now was akin to seeking his own death.

They spent a huge amount of money to invite five Ancient Earth elders to assassinate Feng Feiyun. For people like them, money was no longer important. Using it to kill people was far better than personally doing the deed.

“Ancient Earth assassins have never failed before. A Wanxiang Pagoda Lord once died in the hands of these assassins. Regarding the art of killing, this tribe could compare to even the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace.” Murong Zhuo laughed and replied.

“Not to mention there are five elders taking action this time. This brat does not look to be sixteen yet, so his cultivation can’t be that high. Today, I want him to know that he should be a bit more humble as a person.”

The beauty dressed in white, Gu Lianqiu, didn’t say anything and only stared at Feng Feiyun from afar to say: “A person without money and status... Yes, he really should keep a low-profile, let alone bluster before us.”

Luo Shixiong and Murong Zhuo both nodded their heads and revealed a cruel smile.

These five elders were all predecessors that had cultivated for more than sixty years. Despite their physical limitations stopping them at the early God Base realm, their beast souls and murderous techniques allowed them to easily kill anyone within the same realm.

Not to mention, the five of them combined together to form a formation that could integrate their power, making it many times stronger. No wonder why Murong Zhuo had so much confidence in them.

The five beast souls became more than ten meters tall like five small mountains. Their beast auras emerged and covered the sky as they pounced forward with a sweeping momentum.

Before the mighty beast souls, Feng Feiyun was like a leaf on a vast river.


Feng Feiyun reached out with a finger. Suddenly, a one-meter thick black beam shot out from it and shattered the five beast souls. Then, his figure shifted like a ghost and appeared behind an elder. Once he was in range, he placed his palm on the elder’s short shoulder.

“Crank crack!”

His entire shoulder and collarbone fractured. Even his ribs almost collapsed from the force.

“Bam!” Feng Feiyun’s eyes were bright and firm; after gravely wounding an elder, he immediately stomped down, rendering the body into a puddle of blood.

In an extremely short amount of time, Feng Feiyun already killed one person.

The four remaining elders were slightly taken aback. How could this teen be so powerful? His cultivation was clearly at early God Base, but he instilled a primal fear into them as if he was a Giant.

“Who asked you to kill me?” Feng Feiyun waved his palm — that was still stained with blood — in the air.

The four elders did not answer and immediately attacked at the same time. Each of them had a weapon that flashed black, yellow, and white lights. They brought together more than ten murderous energies that intertwined together to form a large wave-like brilliance.

“Bam!” Feng Feiyun channeled his Crimson Fire Art and gathered the energy of the flames in the air. Then, he transformed this energy into an inferno to shatter the brilliance that was blotting out the sky.

After many days of practice, Feng Feiyun had cultivated the Dark Water Art to grand completion, and his mastery of the Crimson Fire Art was quite amazing as well. His God Base inside his dantian doubled in size as a result of this, so his cultivation speed became much faster than before.

According to his assessment, if he could reach grand completion with the third art, the Verdant Wood Art, then he would be able to borrow the power of this technique to break through to intermediate God Base.

After reaching the God Base realm, every minor level was extremely difficult to reach, so many peers were trapped in the early level. Many people couldn’t break through a single level even after dozens of years.

Feng Feiyun finally saw the hope of breaking through this level, and with his speed at learning the Minor Change Five Elements Art, this day was not far away.


His speed was as fast as lightning!

Feng Feiyun clasped one of the elder’s neck as his finger created two sharp glints that directly shattered his throat.

This elder clutched his neck as blood continuously spewed out before he finally fell to the ground.

A second elder of the Ancient Earth tribe died to his hand so easily! These smooth killing methods were even better than professional assassins like them!

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