Chapter 177: Guests from Underground

The Wanxiang Pagoda was located right under the vast and towering Mysterious Mountain that was between the boundary of the Grand Southern Prefecture and the Ancient Jiang Prefecture.

In the eyes of outsiders, the Wanxiang Pagoda was the number one sacred ground for learning. Mysterious grand masters, famed cultivators, kings of the younger generation... Everyone almost always chose to go to the pagoda.

Only by going through the pagoda would one be considered a qualified cultivator.

The Mysterious Mountain stretched for 370,000 miles, almost spanning across the entire Godly Jin Dynasty. There were mountains and valleys everywhere with many strange beasts and numerous spirit veins along with cultivation sects.

Outside of the Wanxiang Pagoda, the famed Dao Gate and Beastmaster Camp were also within the Mysterious Mountain.

No less than one thousand other small sects congregated around this area. However, amidst the prosperity, one could also find widespread killings. After all, a sacred ground of the cultivation world was a very competitive place.


A bronze carriage rolled up a large amount of dust as it quickly headed north.

Feng Feiyun sat on the bronze carriage and put away his Eight Arts Volume as his eyes fell onto the two other treasures — the Boundary Spirit Stone and the Northern Profound Divine Art.

These two were top treasures of the cultivation worlds, but they were also items that could bring about death to their owner. ‘Just who was that person?’

Feng Feiyun’s brows couldn’t relax. Although he had many speculations in his mind, they were all rejected by him in the end. The key was that he couldn’t figure out the opponent’s goal.

Since this was the case, one might as well enjoy it. He had already offended the entire Grand Southern Prefecture so why should he be afraid of offending Young Noble Flawless and the Beiming Clan?


Feng Feiyun took out the Boundary Spirit Stone and touched it with his finger. After going through a layer of faint, white light, his entire hand disappeared inside the stone.

The Boundary Spirit Stone was ranked 14th out of 18th, so it was much more magical than the True Mysterious Spirit Stone, the Five Grains Spirit Stone, and the Dan Spirit Stone. The inside of this stone was a storage space capable of storing valuables; there was enough room to hold half of a mountain!

And this was just the most common type of Boundary Spirit Stone. A few of the rarer Boundary Spirit Stones would have a storage space comparable to a small world. They could even absorb the essence of the heavens and the spirit of the earth in order to nurture strange creatures inside.

“Northern Profound Divine Art!” Feng Feiyun held this manual with some hesitation. His fingers were about to flip the page, but in the end, he decided against it.

Although this art was the supreme scripture of the Beiming Clan and was one of the top techniques in the cultivation world, it definitely couldn’t compare to the Immortal Phoenix Physique nor the Eight Arts Volume. If this was the case, was there really a need to look at it?

Cultivation was about quality, not quantity!

He put the scroll away into the Boundary Spirit Stone. Then, he strapped the stone to his waist and hid it with his robe sleeve.

From beginning to end, the Ji sisters were sitting to the side without saying a word while curiously gazing at Feng Feiyun.

Mao Wugui hunkered down on Ji Xiaonu’s shoulder. With its bean-sized eyes gazing at the Boundary Spirit Stone by Feng Feiyun’s waist, it kept on drooling continuously from his mouth. Just a bit more and it would have leaped to steal it.

At this time, Mao Wugui was very familiar with the sisters since they thought that this was a little turtle brought back by Feng Feiyun from the river. They were delighted and treated it as a pet, so they always had it with them.

“How are you guys?” Feng Feiyun lifted his head and was met by Ji Xiaonu’s big, round eyes.

Mao Wugui suddenly sucked in the dripping drool that almost hit Ji Xiaonu’s shoulder and immediately turned its head away.

Ji Xiaonu was also very blunt and asked Feng Feiyun: “If you killed Bu Tianya, then where is Ji Cangyue?”

This was a question she wanted to ask ten days ago, but the words wouldn’t come out.

When it came to Ji Cangyue, Feng Feiyun’s expression became a bit unnatural. He pretended to cough twice and replied: “She went back home already!”

“Went back home?” Ji Xiaonu did not believe him.

“Why did she go home?” Ji Xinnu was also skeptical.

Only Mao Wugui revealed a strange grin on its turtle face. It wanted to speak and reveal the truth to these two innocent girls, but Feng Feiyun was glaring at it so it had to lower its head.

“Well… This… Ahem… We don’t need to talk about this subject. Oh, right, we should talk about the matter of the Yang Soul Holy Embryo!” Feng Feiyun quickly changed the subject since he couldn’t tell them that he had raped Ji Cangyue. Since this was the truth, they would surely run away after being frightened by these words.

He only felt regret regarding what happened with Ji Cangyue. This was not his style at all. Due to his lack of control over his temperament, it caused him to commit such an act.

Feng Feiyun thought that his will was firm enough. Under normal circumstances, he would have surely killed Ji Cangyue in one blow instead of raping her.

Why did such an abnormal thing occur?

In retrospect, Feng Feiyun felt something was weird about this whole situation.

Feng Feiyun thought about two possibilities. Half of his blood was demonic, and this demonic blood was awakening. Grandpa Liu once said that once this blood woke up, power and disaster will come hand-in-hand. If he couldn’t prevent this disaster, then he might die on this cultivation path.

Could this be the disaster he was talking about?

Of course, that was only the first possibility. The second might be due to the mysterious person doing something to Feng Feiyun and Ji Cangyue?

From start to finish, the mysterious person had been hiding in the darkness. Only after Feng Feiyun assaulted Ji Cangyue did he appear.

This person was extremely suspicious!

Nevertheless, these reasons were only external factors. The real reason was due to his own heart not being strong enough to stop himself from committing such a deed.

“I was really impetuous this time; how could I have made such a stupid mistake?” The most unwise man was the one who starts a relationship with a woman who hates him, regardless of whether it was physical or emotional.

“Boss, we will arrive at the Wanxiang Pagoda in half a day!” Wang Meng’s voice came from outside the carriage.

Feng Feiyun paused his thoughts and wanted to go outside, but a strange aura emanated from the ground. This sensation came and went in an instant, but there was no double that it was real.

Murderous intent!

Instead of standing up, Feng Feiyun suddenly stopped moving as his glare became a bit chilling. His finger produced a mist as the Dark Water Art condensed.

The Ji sisters felt curious. Earlier, Feng Feiyun was clearly ready to stand up, but now, he was just standing there as he converged all of his aura as if he was about to fight.

They were not aware of the aura coming from underground.

Mao Wugui also suddenly lifted its head with a glimmer in its eyes. It clearly also felt this abnormal aura.

“Whew! Whew!”

A few more auras came from afar, crossing the earth!

There was not only one aura, but at least three or more. Were they men or beasts?

Feng Feiyun calmly said with a friendly tone: “This Feng is just on his way to the Wanxiang Pagoda. I wonder if I had offended Fellow Friends before?”

Ji Xiaonu and Ji Xinnu were slightly startled and didn’t know who Feng Feiyun was speaking with.

At this time, the surrounding ground suddenly shattered like a broken mirror. The gaps became wider and wider as if the ground was collapsing.

The bronze carriage began to shake. One of the wheels had already sunk into the ground.

The shaking became more intense as if the carriage was about to fall underground.

“Whoosh!” Feng Feiyun caught the Ji Sisters and flew out of the carriage to land outside. After placing the two on the ground, he immediately stomped the ground and unleashed a golden wave that went straight down below.


The surface collapsed entirely, revealing a pit with a ten meter radius.

“Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish!”

Five shadows rushed out from below. They were all wearing black armor with a beast soul hovering over each of their heads. This group was like five black flags in five different directions, surrounding and besieging Feng Feiyun.

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