Chapter 175: The Flame

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

A blue mist shrouded the surface of the large river while the beautiful moonlight lingered in the sky, creating quite a moving picture.

The sand and mud near the shallow water splashed all over the place.

The tranquil night was disturbed by rhythmic noises, causing the few wolves hiding in the bushes nearby to run away. They felt a terrifying dread from this attacking aura. It was indeed quite horrifying.

Even the beasts from far away were stunned and began to run, but not Ji Cangyue who was accepting it all.

This was indeed a surreal sensation; not only did it hurt straight to the bones, but it was also extremely humiliating. Even someone as cold and ruthless as her shed tears. It would be difficult to forget this moment even for the rest of her life.

Her soft body couldn’t move atop the sand. Her slender and jade-like legs kept on being helplessly assaulted by the waves as well as Feng Feiyun.

It felt as if a hungry wolf pounced on her and was enjoying her flesh one bite at a time!

In the end, she gave up struggling and lied in the sand and water while being short of breath. Her wet hair was mixed together with the sediment, and some of it even stained her white neck in the areas not gripped by Feng Feiyun’s hand. He simply didn’t consider her a woman at all; instead, he only wanted to torture her.

“Ba! Ba! Ba!”

Feng Feiyun’s heart was as heavy as iron. A golden glow covered his skin, revealing his bloodline. He channeled the strength in his entire body for this conquest.

“I… If I do not die… then I will slowly slice your body 100,000 times to repay this humiliation and pain!” Ji Cangyue’s legs were stained by blood as she stared blankly at the bright moon. Her eyes were also filled with strands of blood. It was because Feng Feiyun showed no mercy even to the opposite sex, so her lips were trembling as she tried to speak.

“This is a world where the strong preys on the weak. Today, I was the victor so you had to pay the price, and the one being ravaged on the ground is you. If I was the loser, then I would have been the one sleeping on the ground forever, and you wouldn’t have given me any opportunities to escape.” Feng Feiyun lifted her supremely beautiful face and kissed her like a hungry wolf, causing her already-ragged breathing to become even more difficult.

After a long time, Feng Feiyun seemed to have tasted all of her flavors so he departed from her lips.

“No one can guarantee that they will always win, so with a victory, one must fully enjoy the spoils of war. The moment you lose, no one will sympathize with you. This world is very cruel, but humans are even crueler.” Feng Feiyun’s words pierced straight to the heart, so she was left speechless.

“Ba! Ba! Ba!”

Only the orderly and beautiful tempo remained for a long time along with heavy breathing and painful moans.

“Haha! This wilderness is truly interesting. Not only did I pick up a dead body, but I can also witness such a beautiful scene!” A gruff, raspy voice echoed in the night sky, creating quite a contrast.

“Whoosh!” A branch that skewed a dead body was shot out from the darkness and lodged itself into a century old tree. This bloody body was without a heart.

Under the moonlight, this dead body that hung on the tree was especially horrifying.

This was Bu Tianya’s body. It was initially thrown away in the forest by Ji Cangyue, but someone had picked it up and hung it on this tree.

“Bu Tianya!” Feng Feiyun lifted his head to see Bu Tianya’s glaring eyes. It was as if he was staring at him and Ji Cangyue, but he was already dead. His chest had a terrifying hole, and the dried blood had already turned black.

Feng Feiyun separated from Ji Cangyue’s body and, with a swoop, stood back on the shore with his purple robe adorned. He stared into the far curtain of night in order to find the speaker.

He only felt that there was an ominous presence lurking in the darkness, and it could move at extreme speeds. He couldn’t even catch the enemy’s shadow.

“The son of the demon is quite bold. He dares to even defile Consort Ji Lingxuan’s niece — this is really quite amazing.” The hoarse voice appeared behind Feng Feiyun.


Feng Feiyun suddenly turned around and saw a huge flame hovering over the large boulder by the riverbank. It was a crimson flame floating in the air.

Inside the flame was a strange figure.

The opponent’s speed was too fast. Feng Feiyun couldn’t tell where this person came from; it was as if they were a ghost.

Even his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze could not make out the figure wrapped in flame.

“Haha! I’m sure you are not impressed and instead envious of me!” Feng Feiyun freely put on his belt and revealed quite a leisure look. Even though he had intense battles along with a long sex session, his vitality did not weaken. In fact, he became even more vigorous.

“Miss Ji’s beauty is renowned throughout the Grand Southern Prefecture. Countless prodigies want to see her beauty but cannot do so, so naturally, I am very jealous.” The person wrapped in the flame smiled: “However, I am not as courageous as you. After all, not everyone dares to offend the Ji Clan.”

Feng Feiyun burst out in laughter and said: “Recently, my courage has been quite great!”

“Swish!” While still laughing, Feng Feiyun’s body suddenly turned into a gale. The Dark Water Art condensed on his finger and with a single gesture, it pierced the sky like a streak of lightning.

A carefully groomed Death Spirit Child lost her virginity to the demon’s son — if this news were to be exposed, then the Ji Clan would become enraged. Right now, Feng Feiyun was a bird without the support of the wind, so he naturally would not allow such a thing to happen.

He must kill them to keep it a secret! This person must not be allowed to leave.

“Whew!” The flame shifted more than one hundred meters as if it teleported to escape this move from Feng Feiyun. It then floated by the river’s surface like a fiery wisp from hell.

Such crazy speed!

Feng Feiyun became quite alarmed.

“Brother Feng, you are too impatient and attacked so soon!”

The flame jumped up and down with the same rhythm as Feng Feiyun’s heartbeat. Such precise control was truly too frightening.

Feng Feiyun smilingly said: “I have no other choice ah! Men are inevitably jumpy after doing a bad deed, so it is reasonable for them to become impatient!”

“Haha! Brother Feng is an honest man so I can also honestly tell you. The moment you left Fire Beacon City, I had been following right behind you. Tonight… Every single events had been witnessed by me!”

A threat!

The opponent’s words clearly implied the intention of blackmail!

Feng Feiyun’s heart sank. Even without taking into consideration his amazing hiding technique, the opponent clearly came for him. Who was this person? What is his goal? Why did he sneak to this place?

The opponent seemed to notice the questions in Feng Feiyun’s mind and let out a husky laugh: “We are friends, not enemies. Maybe I will need a favor from you in the future, and I trust that you will surely assist me then, right? Haha!”

“Since you know my weakness, I naturally cannot say no!” Feng Feiyun secretly pinched the Infinite Spirit Ring on his finger and was ready to surprise the person in order to kill them.

Only by killing this person would he regain his peace of mind.

“Brother Feng is not being honest again. I will kindly remind you! Although the power of a Spirit Treasure might be formidable, it is not so easy to kill me.” This person’s senses were too great; they immediately noticed that Feng Feiyun was invoking the formation inside the Spirit Treasure.

Not only was this person’s speed terrifying, his eyesight was not to be laughed at as well.

Feng Feiyun withdrew his hands and shamelessly said: “I have never been a person who liked killing. I am only curious about your identity. Why do you give me a familiar yet strange feeling?”

“Let me show you something!” The floating flame threw out a piece of jade around the size of one’s palm with a golden silk thread hanging from it.

This was not a piece of jade but a supreme Spirit Treasure carved from a “Boundary Spirit Stone”! Even a broken piece of this stone was worth an entire city.

The Boundary Spirit Stone was ranked 14th among the 18 spirit stones; its worth couldn’t be measured with money. This was a stone that was naturally formed by the heavens, and a separate space existed inside.

To dig out a piece of Boundary Spirit Stone was equivalent to having a spatial pouch.

A stone the size of a palm had enough room to fit a large mountain. In the Godly Jin’s cultivation world, this thing could be considered a peak treasure. Since it was extremely rare, its value might even be greater than a Spirit Treasure.

“Are you Young Noble Flawless?” Feng Feiyun had seen this piece of meticulously carved stone before on Young Noble Flawless’ waist. He naturally wouldn’t give such a treasure to someone else, so this could only mean that it was Young Noble Flawless inside the flame.

“Young Noble Flawless? Haha, let me show you something else!” Another item flew out from the flame. In front of Feng Feiyun was a cultivation scroll.

“Northern Profound Divine Art!” Feng Feiyun was slightly surprised.

This was the supreme scripture of the Beiming Clan. Only heaven-defying geniuses from the clan were able to learn it. It could even be described as a peak manual in the cultivation world.

The Beiming Clan was one of the four great clans in the Jin Dynasty — a monstrous existence. It was impossible for this manual to fall into the hands of someone outside of the clan because this was essential for the clan to stay in power.

If this manual was spread, then the Beiming Clan’s prestige would be lost and its overlord status would also be shaken.

Even Young Noble Flawless, as one of the eight Grand Historical Geniuses, would not be able to obtain the Northern Profound Divine Art.

Then who the hell was this person?“Are you an expert from the Beiming Clan?” Feng Feiyun’s eyes narrowed.

“If I were to tell you that Young Noble Flawless knelt down to beg me to take this Boundary Spirit Stone, and this Northern Profound Divine Manual was personally copied by Beiming Tang only to be reluctantly received after begging me for three days, would you believe me?” The voice in the flame was still hoarse like before. It sounded like the noise from scraping stones together, causing others to think of a dried corpse grinding its teeth.

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