Chapter 174: Surreal Sensation

It was late into the night with the moon as bright as a jade.

The winding river kept on flowing like a silver snake issuing soft roars!

The Grand Wind Banner that initially pierced the large river was no longer there, and the same could be said with Bu Tianya. There was only Ji Cangyue, sitting on the large boulder with her hair resting on her chest like a pure lotus flower blooming next to the riverbank.

She was extremely beautiful. She seemed just like a mermaid waiting for her lover by the river, creating a pitiable scene.

Other couldn’t help but think about a sad love story: “Where is the milky way? The far ocean of mist vaguely sways. I'm afraid a mermaid by the riverbank is watching the moon with tears dripping down her face.” [1. "Quiet Night" by the poet, Guo Moruo.]

This was the feeling the current scene with Ji Cangyue incited. She was not a wicked Death Spirit Child but more like a lamentable mermaid, crying by the river.

Feng Feiyun looked at the blood on the ground that had yet to dry and took a deep breath. His eyes narrowed when he asked: “This is Bu Tianya’s blood, who did this?”

“You won’t be able to guess who.” Ji Cangyue answered as she feebly leaned on the boulder.

Although Feng Feiyun was witty, he really couldn’t guess who it was. His brows furrowed as his eyes became bright when the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze’s flame appeared, allowing him to see more than a thousand miles away.

There was no sign of Bu Tianya in a one thousand mile radius.

Could it be that Bu Tianya’s protector had taken him away already? This was what Feng Feiyun speculated. His gaze fell down onto the puddle of blood on the ground once more and wondered what actually transpired at this place.

He felt that something was strange and so he became slightly wary, but he couldn’t associate it with Ji Cangyue at all.

Just like Bu Tianya, he was also a highly intelligent person, yet Bu Tianya still died in the hands of Ji Cangyue.

Sometimes, smart people would be tricked by their own sense of intelligence. Also, men often instinctively looked down on women, so even if they were fooled by women, they remained lost in the dark.

“You have fallen into my hands again.” Feng Feiyun slowly walked towards Ji Cangyue while staring at her chest that was revealed even more by the large breeze that wanted to escape. Although they were still barely wrapped in clothes, their visibility was for certain.

She was even more beautiful than the moonlight from the sky. Her snow-white skin was covered by the moonlight, resulting in a scintillating layer in the shade of jade.

“Indeed, I have fallen into your hands once more!” Ji Cangyue spoke with a regretful expression.

Feng Feiyun spoke: “Because of you, Liu Qinsheng died. He didn’t even get to see his child’s face. Although you didn’t kill him, he still died because of you.”

“Are you going to announce my crimes now?” With a pale countenance, Ji Cangyue gently spoke with her red lips that were void of any strength.

“A person who suffered an indignant death will always need someone to pay with their own life.” Feng Feiyun stared at Ji Cangyue as if he was staring at a dead person.

He was not a person who liked to kill, but those who offended him must die.

“Then why haven’t you killed me yet?” Ji Cangyue asked.

Feng Feiyun stood there with his hands postured behind his back. His purple robe fluttered as he simply stared at her.

“I see, you still want to know why our Ji Clan wants to capture the Ji sisters. I can answer this for you.” Ji Cangyue said.

The holy embryo was too important to Feng Feiyun, and it was why he wasn’t hasty when it came to killing her.

“You should know that even if you tell me the answer, you will still have to die.” Feng Feiyun did not believe that Ji Cangyue didn’t understand this logic.

“Of course, I am a dead person. I only wish that, before I die, kiss me one time so that I can die without any regrets.” Ji Cangyue’s eyes carried a glimmer of resentment like an abandoned lover.

Feng Feiyun was slightly surprised. He naturally did not believe that she thought highly of him; instead, he felt her hidden murderous intention.

“It is said that a woman who never had sex with a man will be raped by ugly demons in hell — what a sad fate. This is why the hatred and grievances of female ghosts will always be stronger than that of other ghosts.” She added.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes became bigger as he said: “This is indeed very sad. It seems that I have to help you then.”

“You ought to help me. At the very least… you are not ugly.” Ji Cangyue replied.

“I finally believe in that saying.”

“What saying?”

“The last words of dying people are always said with a good intent.” Feng Feiyun spoke.

Slightly taken aback, Ji Cangyue suddenly sneered: “Then why haven’t you come over yet? Could it be just like what that bandit said? That your body cannot satisfy women?” It was still difficult for a surely dead woman to say such words so easily. Plus, these words were also so enticing that no man could resist them.

A glimmer of caution appeared in Feng Feiyun’s heart; he felt that Ji Cangyue was acting a bit strange. Although helping people was a type of joy, at this time, he said while hesitating: “You still haven’t told me why you must capture the Ji sisters.”

“How funny! Feng Feiyun, do you take me as a fool? If I were to tell you, then I would lose my value. Then, you would just immediately kill me and not satisfy my last demand!” Ji Cangyue amorously spoke.

These words enflamed Feng Feiyun’s passion as he smilingly spoke: “Women are truly greedy!”

“Men are even more greedy than women!” Ji Cangyue retorted.

Feng Feiyun slowly walked over and crouched down to look at Ji Cangyue’s alluring breasts under the layer of clothing right in front of him. He gently caressed Ji Cangyue’s face and praised: “I feel like this is too surreal.”

“Don’t you know that surreal things are also the most pleasurable? Do you not want to enjoy this experience?” Ji Cangyue’s cute eyes were initially closed, but now, they slightly peeked out like crescent moons.

She was still a young girl, yet she had the allure of a woman with her voluptuous breasts and delicate curves. She was just like a little lamb waiting to be tasted by Feng Feiyun.


A sense of sudden danger suddenly assaulted Feng Feiyun as if the heaven and earth was about to collapse. He stomped his feet to fly backward, but it was too late. Ji Cangyue’s bloody arms that were hidden behind her back suddenly reached for his chest.

He was already quite cautious, yet he still put himself in a dangerous position.

“Thump!” He forcefully channeled his spirit energy in order to retreat!

Ji Cangyue was like a poisonous serpent chasing her prey. A light emanated from her finger. It was as sharp as a sword, causing Feng Feiyun’s chest to bleed.

Although the prepared Feng Feiyun retreated very quickly, he still couldn’t escape the sword energy from her fingertip. If he was just a bit slower, then her finger would have penetrated him.

“Splash!” Behind him was the large river, so he fell into the water. He became ecstatic once his feet met the river since the presence of water was great news!

Even in the water, Ji Cangyue was still following him like a shadow. Her chilling eyes were accompanied by a murderous intent.

“Dark Water Art!” Feng Feiyun controlled the water from the large river to condense into a huge palm in order to repel Ji Cangyue like a tidal wave.

He then did not back off and instead went on to counterattack. He unleashed his Infinite Spirit Ring with its supreme energy to blow her away. Her slim figure slammed into the riverbank like a pear tree’s petal falling down in the rain.

“It seems like a woman’s words really cannot be trusted.” Feng Feiyun flew to the riverbank and his fingers turned into a claw to grasp Ji Cangyue’s white neck. He dragged her along for more than ten miles before throwing her soft body down from the sky and onto a huge boulder.

“Hmph!” Although she was clasped by the neck and dangled in the sky once more, her arrogance remained undiminished; she was as beautiful as a demon.

Feng Feiyun spoke: “You were still too impatient. If you waited until you and I were inseparable in the act and wait until I was lost in my climax… If you then made your move, I would have surely died.”

“Pah, someone like you is still dreaming about having my body?” Ji Cangyue coldly spat.

Feng Feiyun was silent for a long time while gazing at her, causing her to feel a chilling sense of trepidation.


Feng Feiyun directly threw her to the ground. Then, he grabbed her long hair and dragged her to the large river before hurling her into the water.

“What are you doing!?” Ji Cangyue became soaked as water dripped down her jade-like skin. Her wet clothes stuck to her body, revealing her perfect and tempting figure.

“I wanted to let you have a taste of that surreal sensation!” Feng Feiyun suddenly took off his purple robes and joined her in the river. One hand gripped her long black hair while the other rudely tore off the wet clothes from her body to expose her voluptuous and supple body.

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